Condolences for William Irvine Johnson

Jennifer Rushton posted on 2/27/17

I was at the Sea Vista this weekend doing some work on my unit. I was so saddened to hear of Bill's passing. Bill could sometimes be cold, but there isn't anything he wouldn't do or try to do for the owners of the Sea Vista. When my husband passed away in April of 2015, He was very helpful and full of advice. I am so greatful for his wisdom and compassion. I always enjoyed conversations. He will be missed.


Jack Cothran posted on 2/15/17

I always considered Bill a good friend. He always asked if he could do anything for you, and always did what you asked if he could. He had his own ways and we did not always see eye to eye, but he always had the best interest of the owners and the motels employees at heart. I am so sorry that his last days at the motel were so difficult and wished he had reached out more to his friends and all the people who knew him. He will be missed.


Rebecca Allen posted on 2/15/17

Mr. Bill was a very private man, when I first started at Sea Vista he was difficult at times to work with. But over the years I began to see the softer side of Mr. Bill. I will miss the inside office jokes and the talks about our "younger" days. This last year, I truly saw a side of Mr. Bill, I wish most could have seen. He truly cared about the Sea Vista workers, owners, and guests. You will be missed by us all. -- Rebecca Allen , Stan Allen, Sarah Johnson, William Johnson, Kaelynn Allen and Amanda Allen.


Martha Alexander posted on 2/14/17

Bill and I were good friends. I feel that we, the Board of Directors of the Sea Vista added to the stress of his last days, but unfortunately we did not know the extent of hiss illness. Bill was a very private person and did not want to burden others with his problems, which is probably why we did not know the real extent of his illness. My heart goes out to all of his family and I want to say that they are all in my thoughts and prayers


Charles & Carolyn Robrecht posted on 2/14/17

Carolyn and I have known Bill seventeen years. We met him when he first joined the Sea Vista Motel in 2001. He was instrumental in establishing a coordinated business system for the motel. We have known Bill to be dedicated to his job, responsive to the needs of both customers of the motel and owners of the rooms. Bill had his difficulties adjusting to the pace and customs of doing business in coastal Carolina, but somehow found a way to coexist. He was an asset to the business he served. In the later years he found increasing difficulty in coping with his responsibilities, much like all of us who are of a certain age! Bill did not seem to have an easy life, but he found a way to accept what he could not change. We will miss his easy acceptance of things as they are, embodied in a phrase he frequently used, "It is what it is". God bless him!



Gail Morrah posted on 2/14/17

You will be missed! Gail & Ed Morrah