I’ll never forget you!!..You stay on my mind all time I hate I can’t just pick up my phone and call you,I have my moments where all I think about our time together you also helped me our beautiful amazing daughter Brinklee that was the most precious and beautiful thing I have in this. I world. What took you outta this world your free from now Brandon I hate it took away but now you can be fully free from it. Baby July 12 you just don’t know how big of knot I had in my throat and didn’t know how to tell our or approach our daughter and tell her that her daddy was gone when I called her she said mommy I have a new Guardian Angel its my daddy. Brandon you was one of a kind I loved you so much even I’ll never let go of our times and make sure I tell Brinklee everything about you Brandon. Me and you was one of a kind you was my best friend,my love,the other person that helped me create our Brinklee you knew me and how I was and everything about me I couldn’t ever imagine how I would feel if I lost you just crazy because it hurts real bad . My Pain,and Grieve for you is different so different than mine for my mom I can’t say time will heal because I know personally first hand that it does not. I love and Miss you for Infinity Brandon if you can just walk beside me and help guide me threw life and Brinklee’s Guardian Angel. I love you so much and miss you I miss the sound of your voice I love you Brandon ❤

October 11, 2021