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Helen &Jim Hollingsworth posted on 9/18/21

I knew Kim for 40 years she was a great and caring lady.she loved her family and her life.she will be missed.


Travis Hannon posted on 9/18/21

My sweet sweet dearest Kristin. You weee my EVERYTHING!!!! I fell in love with you many months before we actually became a couple. Once we shared our stories and after the first cosmic connection, I knew that we were meant for each other. So many times we finished each. Others thoughts. We can feel each other’s existence no matter the distance between us due to quantum entanglement. Kristin I love you so incredibly much, for so many reasons but the first one I should say is because you believed in me and gave me a chance. I didn’t believe in myself, but you did and you saw something in me that has allowed me to start believing in myself! You are one of the most amazing women I have ever known. You are so loving, so caring, so empathetic, so unselfish, and the list could go on to infinity I know our paths were meant to cross on this plane of existence, and I am convinced that we will meet again in the next realm. Your time is not done, just need it in another dimension. I do hope that in that dimension you’ll be riding a unicorn instead of driving a vehicle because that would be pretty bad ass! And if that’s thee case I hope that there is a pixie flittering along beside you as your side kick. Christian you have magical powers you’re on your own understanding. Do you make magic happens every time you open your heart and mind and mouth. You do things that others only wish they could do. I can only hope that I gave you a happy and peaceful year. You certainly have given me the most amazing time in my life. Nothing, no one, and nowhere will compare to the experiences that I have had with you! My sweetest dearest ANGEL, fly high with eagles, post up in a tree and be a wise, And every now and then just for shits and giggles, become a cigar and shit on a tourist head for feeding them on the beach! Baby I love you so much and I can feel your presence beside me all the time. I wish I could reach out and touch you, but I’ll just have toWait for you to reach out to me. If you try and hurt me please only do it in funny ways, because you know I’m already a scaredy-cat! Kristin JENNINGS I love you with all my heart. In my mind you will always be Kristin Hannah nowYou are an amazing woman on this earth, and you will be an amazing woman on any plane of existence that you exist in. I love you my sweet angel! ItgYou are an amazing woman on this earth, and you will be an amazing woman on any plane of existence that you exist in. I love you my sweet angel! Today tomorrow forever!!! Today tomorrow forever and always❤️❤️❤️


Diane Brosnan posted on 9/18/21

The first day I walked into coastal horizons, you were the first person I gravitated towards and called my friend. I'm shocked at the thought that such a beautiful person could have such an early end to their life and that more people won't have the joy of knowing you.. I could tell that you got something out of helping others rather than it being a job and you will never know how much you really helped me better myself but just know that you are truly missed and you'll always being in my heart and in my thoughts Kristin.


Michael Ross posted on 9/18/21

Steve I just learned from Bill about Tricias passing. I am so saddened for you and family about your loss. I was just talking to my wife a few days ago about what a beautiful wedding you two had. Our love and prayers are with.


Dorothy Creech posted on 9/18/21

I miss you Kristin. This world lost a beautiful soul but heaven has gained her. Thank you for everything, thank you for genuinely caring about myself and others. I am so lucky to have met you and I will remember all the advice You gave me as well as your encouraging words. You will be missed, your beautiful smile, sweet voice and your genuinely caring heart. We love you Kristin The world is a duller place without you but you Left your mark on so many hearts you will never be forgotten. Rest in paradise sweetheart.


Monda Baldwin posted on 9/18/21

Your the one of the best nurses we've had and you will be missed brung light to our cared about us and really cared.we love you for actually caring and not turning away from this time we are seriously hurting and this will take time to heal but we know you would want us to keep pushing for the best out of life.and do good. And for you will do.i thank you and appreciate you and all you've you Kristin u sincerely.may God be with your family .


Michele Allure posted on 9/18/21

I just recently met Kristin at her place of employment. She was so helpful and was always so positive. She was such a sweet person , with a beautiful soul . I am so sorry for her family/friends on your loss. I overheard the patients this morning talking of her , and how kind and great she was as a nurse and person . She impacted many people — including myself . Sending prayers


Tammy Bishop posted on 9/18/21

Kristen was like a "breath of fresh air" meeting her at her place of employment. She uplifted me (as well as my brother) each and every time we spoke. She made me feel as if I had known her forever. What a loss for this world; but, she left her mark! She definitely left me with the desire to spread kindness. Love & Peace to her Family and Friends.


Georgia Varnum posted on 9/18/21

RiP Steve. You were like a brother to me.. we will all miss you. I will see you again. Who knows mabey we'll have a spaghetti dinner again. Love you.


Patty Francis (Tinga) posted on 9/18/21

Kris and I went to nursing school together and became very good friends; my journey would not have been the same without her. After graduation we worked our 1st four jobs together; unfortunately we lost touch when she moved. She had the most amazing smile and was always a joy to be around. Never had a negative thing to say about anyone and always ready to lend a hand to someone in need. She was just a beautiful person inside and out. My life was truly made better by knowing her, I was blessed to call her my friend. I am so deeply sorry for your loss, I know how much she loved you and was loved so much by you. I loved her too and will miss her


Lorna Thomas posted on 9/18/21

Carol - I enjoyed Ron’s comments in the newspaper. He was very involved, including delivering meals to those in need. Know that your “mermaids” are here for you, Carol.


Clare T. Nadolski posted on 9/18/21

Mary Louise, Ed, Bill, Patrick, Colin and Kate. I send you warm thoughts and special prayers on the passing of your mom and my “Auntie Lou”. Although I chose to attend Kindergarten instead of their wedding, she soon forgave me as we enjoyed good times at family gatherings in Worcester, summer vacations at Hampton Beach and as I got older, long phone calls at night to “catch up on the rels” or hear about the latest trip to the “Old Sod”. Those phone calls always included stories of each of you as she spoke with such pride of your latest accomplishments and adventures. My wish for you all is that memories of those fun times together with your mom/grandmother will remain in your hearts forever and pop out and bring a smile to your face when you need it most. God Bless! Hugs, Clare Tee



Elliott posted on 9/17/21

Rest In Peace Patrick. We’ll never forget you


jJim L. Ingram "Doc" posted on 9/17/21

"for he who sheds his blood with me this day, shall be my Brother forever..." Mac, Semper Fi.



Margaret Jazayeri posted on 9/17/21

The loss of Kristin cannot be put into say the least, it is utterly heart-wrenching. If only you had that one last moment to tell her how much you thought of her and give her that big hug! I saw and spoke to her every day of work for over the last year and she was one of my go to people whenever I needed help getting something just right for a patient! She never said no and was always smiling even at 6am with all the whirlwinds amongst us! Her spirit will live on forever but her loving person will missed terrible!!!!!



Philip&Betty Bowden posted on 9/17/21

My heartfelt sympathy goes out to all the Fowler family, we will continue to keep you all in our prayers



Adrienne Kennedy posted on 9/17/21

A true friend and great colleague to work with .Truly you will be missed and I will recall the good times we had at coastal horizons !


Ramona Davis posted on 9/17/21

I had the honor of working with Hoogie, really sad to hear of his passing. My condolences to his family you're in my thoughts and prayers.


Chris Hackenbrack posted on 9/17/21

Best Polka dancer ever!!!! Even if you didn't know how to polka, he would almost lift you off the floor as he lead you around the dance floor. He once bought me a book "How to Watch Sports on TV" because I asked too many questions during a hockey game we were watching in the basement at the old house. Love you Uncle Vinco, the world has lost a great Brach player and a really sweet guy.


Marie & Johnnie Eason posted on 9/17/21

So sorry for your loss Faye. I know how much you will miss her. But we will see her again. I sure miss those yellow rose, country music days. They were the best. Prayers for you and your family. Love ya.


Faye Harrison Pierce posted on 9/17/21

Me and my Sister,Miss Queen Butterfly,Hilda Grace would talk 5,6 times a day,and some times more,if nothing else just to say what are you doing,or how do you feel today.We would call and tell each other that our favorite show was on.I would always check on her to find out how her night was or if she had eaten anything .When a storm was coming we would call and tell each other how scared we were.We use to go dancing at the yellow Rose and Country Music all the time.I loved and miss her so,so much.Life is and will never be the same.God got a Special,sweet Angel and the best of the best.Love you,Miss Queen Butterfly,Hilda Grace Harrison.


Tammy Pruden posted on 9/17/21

May the God of all hope, love, and peace surround the Johnson and Lancaster families today as we celebrate the life of one of the most caring and hard-working individuals in our lives. Ginny lived and loved well and we are all better because we knew him. We love you all and know that Kenny will live on in and through you.


Hudson posted on 9/17/21

She was an absolutely wonderful and loving friend and person. She will be greatly missed and forever remembered!


Amy Scruggs posted on 9/17/21

Sue and Aaron, my heartfelt condolences to you and the family during this time of sorrow. Joel was indeed an outstanding individual who touched the lives of many in his professional and personal life. I am thankful and honored to have known him and to have called him a friend. You all are in my thoughts and prayers.


Brenda Harrell posted on 9/17/21

Susanna I am so sorry for your loss I can imagine your brother was as nice as you are my condolences to you and your family



Helen Daniels posted on 9/17/21

Kristen was a very sweet person. Kristen you will be missed!


Helen Daniels posted on 9/17/21

My deepest condolences to you and your family ❤️


Virginia Wright-Frierson posted on 9/17/21

We are thinking of you Sue and Aaron with love and sympathy at this sad time. Ginny and Dargan


Tom Leasure posted on 9/17/21

Tom and I are so sorry for your loss! Please let us know if you need anything! Your neighbors,Tom and Tammy


Stanley and Denise Goble posted on 9/17/21

We are so very sorry for your loss. Sending lots of love.


Stephanie Panzarino posted on 9/17/21

I first met Mody (Rosie) at the age of 15. Both of our families had homes in Chadwick beach. It took awhile for us to warm up to each other, but eventually we became good friends. We drifted in & out of each other’s lives as we got older. If you didn’t understand her dry, dark at times humor, she left you wondering for sure. We reconnected over the years. It made me feel so helpless when she lost Bill & then Finn. There were no words to comfort her. She was so distraught over these losses. I miss her sarcasm the most, she was a master. We built so many fond memories in our favorite place, Chadwick Beach. We had free reign of the beach & surrounding beaches & when we were all together, there was nothing we couldn’t do. So many fond memories. We were lucky kids. I have pictures of us on the beach, too young to have a care & yet so many teenage stresses. I hope you are finally at peace & not suffering any longer. I will miss our late night messenger texts. You were salty right to the end. I’m sorry you were suffering. I hope it’s summer all the time wherever you are. I miss you. XOXO


Brian Bray posted on 9/17/21

I met Mike when he came back to work Johnnie Mercer’s pier. We would swap fishing stories and just talk almost every Friday and Saturday night. I had texted Mike last week without a response and this morning found out he had passed away. My condolences to his wife and son, he spoke about you both with great pride during every conversation. I will keep his family in prayer and will surely miss my friend.


Glinda Willetts Keppert posted on 9/17/21

We will sure miss him, he was loved by all. Our fond memories of him was coming to get our Mom and he and Doris would stay gone for hours and talking about yesteryears. He knew everyone and no one was a stranger to him.


Leila Tabatabai posted on 9/17/21

I’ve known Rosemary aka “Rosie” for many years now as a Tider resident. Not many people udersterood Rosie- I mean who the heck does? But me, being from the outskirts of Philly always got it. I didn’t just think she was full of shit, I knew it! And that there is why and how we became friends. I miss you Rosie. I’m sad Rosie - so damn sad. RIP MY FRIEND ☘️


Peggy Kishton posted on 9/17/21

Sue, I am so sorry for your loss. May your memories bring you comfort and peace. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.


Bill Goodrich posted on 9/17/21

Sorry to hear about Tricia. Been thinking of you guys lately. She will be missed. Keeping you in our thoughts


Karen Hill posted on 9/17/21

Sue, many heart felt condolences to you and your family. Memories are eternal. -karen


Amanda Bakies posted on 9/17/21

U were my 1st friend, have known u since we were 4 yrs old. I know we lost touch over the yrs, but I still remember all the times we shared growing up. U will be missed


Karen Shafer posted on 9/17/21

Sue, Tom and I were very saddened to learn of Joel’s death. We have happy memories of spending time with you two. You, Aaron and the family are in our prayers for comfort during this difficult time. Karen & Tom Shafer


Anne Seawell posted on 9/17/21

Kenny was a wonderful young man - so loving and caring about his mother, his wife Libby and family and his church. He will be missed.


Megan posted on 9/16/21

You were one of the few people I truly missed seeing regularly when I left Wilmington. Glad you were happy for me with the change in job and I’m glad we stayed in touch for most of it. I still can’t process it.


Ellen Donovan posted on 9/16/21

Brian was my neighbor here in Wilmington. I’m so sorry to hear of his passing. Nice guy. He loved the pool and that’s where we’d always catch up. May he Rest In Peace. My condolences to the Coyle Family.



Crystal montgomery posted on 9/16/21

I'll miss you peyton..I still can't believe your gone...


Sherri Batson posted on 9/16/21

Thinking of your family during this time of loss. Not only was I a colleague but also had Dr. Mintzes as a professor. So sorry for your loss.


judy foster posted on 9/16/21



Ellie Griffin posted on 9/16/21

Mack you will be missed for great talks and our time rockin on the porch and visits in charlotte and by your sister may you rest in peace and ty for your service


Katie Meyers posted on 9/16/21

Kate, I am without words – just flooded with emotions. I am just so sorry for your family and will keep you all in my prayers.


Bryan Reim posted on 9/16/21

Rest In Peace My brother. We will meet again. Panzerfaust39


Linda & Rick Wadhams posted on 9/16/21

Carol, may you & your family take comfort in knowing that Ron is resting in the arms of Jesus.


Joan Wazybok posted on 9/16/21

Our deepest sympathies to the entire Spolarich family. Love, the Wazyboks



Angelia Reid-Griffin posted on 9/16/21

Joel was a wonderful scholar and I was honored to reference his work in my own teaching and scholarship. You will be missed and prayers to your family.


GERALDINE TELLIER posted on 9/16/21

so sorry for your loss Christie. Your work family sends their deepest condolences to your and your family during this time. sending our thoughts and prayers.


Jennifer Reska Georgulis posted on 9/16/21

Carol, Jennifer and Jeffrey. My deepest sympathy. I am so saddened by this news. I will always be grateful that Ron and I got to see each other after such a long time apart. Keeping all of you in my prayers.



Connie posted on 9/16/21

You will be greatly missed


Sharon Roetger posted on 9/16/21

Aaron and Sue, May your wonderful memories of Joel carry you through his sad passing. Know I am thinking of you both at this difficult time.


Logan Thompson posted on 9/16/21

Patrick cared more deeply for his students than most. I was lucky to spend time with him, both related to assisting students in financial emergencies, along with setting up a new scholarship for his program. He was an absolute joy to speak with, a kind soul, and truly one-of-a-kind person. I feel lucky to have known him for the short time I did.


Rodger and Brenda Bennett posted on 9/16/21

Lindsay, we have you guys in our prayers. So sorry for your loss.


Pam Browne posted on 9/16/21

We wish you love and comfort during this difficult time. Love the Browne’s. Brian, Pam, Julia, Ciara and Ava


Ray Tompkins posted on 9/16/21

Words cannot express the sorrow I feel for your loss. Patrick is a special person & I was privileged to see him grow & mature into the one we will miss so much. May God comfort you all.


Eleanor "Ellie" Krassen Covan posted on 9/16/21

Joel was one of my first friends when I arrived to teach medical sociology at UNCW in 1985. He remained a friend to me and my family through the university and the B'Nai Israel communities. May his memory continue to be a blessing to Sue and Aaron and to all who cherished his keen sense of humor.


Jason Chaffin posted on 9/16/21

Patrick was the embodiment of dedication as a father, husband, educator, and colleague. He was truly committed to supporting the success and advancement of everyone around him, and he gave his all to every endeavor he undertook. Patrick’s work ethic, commitment to excellence, and personal integrity made him an exceptional program director, and he modeled these attributes for his students and colleagues with a quiet strength. Those of us fortunate enough to have known and worked with Patrick will remember him always with the deepest respect and sincerest admiration. May time bring to Kate and the boys the peace and light that Patrick would wish for them.


Jerry Kunath posted on 9/16/21

I only knew Peyton through a fellow friend, Josh Tyler. He spoke highly of him, and always had good things to say. A tragic loss.


Joshua Tyler posted on 9/16/21

Peyton will be remembered as the best grocery manager HT has ever seen (a competition we had between me and him) but more importantly I will remember him as a great friend. My life will not be the same without him in it.



Kristen Busalachi Tackett posted on 9/16/21

I have some fond teenage memories which include Mebane, Suzanna, and Peyton. You guys were quite entertaining when you all got together. Our family is praying for all of you and keeping you in our thoughts. You have a bond very few families are blessed with having. Fly high Peyton!


Kristen Tackett posted on 9/16/21

Praying for you all and keeping you and your family our thoughts.


Pamela “Carol” Culler posted on 9/16/21

I will miss my Brother Robert with all that is in me. We will meet again and I will get as many hugs as I can. My heart breaks knowing that I can’t see you right now but I will one day I’ll be crying glory at the feet of Jesus with you in one accord. Just don’t give all my hugs away... You made it home to that mansion up on a hill! Glory Hallelujah! I love you Brother Robert! ❤️


Vicki Reynolds posted on 9/16/21

Suzanna, Thoughts and prayers for you and your family. God bless you all. Just know that Peyton is in a good place.


Woody Crocker posted on 9/16/21

I have worked with Patrick for the past 19ish years. He has always been a great friend and coworker. I have never met anyone as passionate about his work and even more about his family. Kate, you and the boys are in our thoughts and prayers. He is already deeply missed.


Samantha and Wilmington Funeral & Cremation Family posted on 9/16/21

My sincerest condolences to Sarah and Stephen, as well as all those that were blessed to know Jerry.



Kim Longbottom posted on 9/15/21

John was a good friend to me and my daughter. We loved him very much. We had a running joke about my cat. I had a note on my back door, “don’t let the cat out!”- and every time he came to spray, he never saw the cat!! He’d always leave a note saying as much, even questioning if there was one! He will be dearly missed in our lives.



Rickie Dennis posted on 9/15/21

A man who loved people. He will surely be missed by all who knew him.


Melissa posted on 9/15/21

Thinking of Ken today.


Cynthia J Justice posted on 9/15/21

Words cannot express how much I cared and he will be greatly missed. He was faithful in everything he did. He always wanted to help others and do things around the church. He loved the Lord and God gave him a beautiful voice to sing. I feel lost without him but I know I will see him again. My prayers are with his family, they feel like my family too. Sorry I couldn't be there but due to medical reasons is the only reason why. He would do anything for you and you know it came from his heart ❤. Love you always my brother Robert.


Cynthia J Justice posted on 9/15/21

Words can not express how


Cynthia J Justice posted on 9/15/21

Cynthia Justice is


Eric Dietrich posted on 9/15/21

Mack - I wish I would have had more of a chance to get to know you. The few times we did get together you were very open and welcoming. We did get a few hands of poker in, but it should have been more. Thank you for your service to the country. I will do my best to care for your daughter and be a supporting family member. RIP.


Wes, Lori, and Noah DeBruhl posted on 9/15/21

We are sending our deepest sympathy and prayers to all of the Freeland family. Patrick is and will always be missed by his co-workers at CFCC. He was a dedicated, passionate, and an excellent instructor. I know he loved his family very much as he always mentioned you during our conversations. Keeping you in our thoughts and prayers, Wes, Lori, and Noah


Harris Teeter #162 posted on 9/15/21

Keeping all the family in our thoughts and prayers.


DeLana Adkins posted on 9/15/21

I remember Peyton from when we were all much younger - and he was full of life even then. I’m so incredibly sorry for this loss for the Berg family. Sending tons of love, lots of light, and the biggest virtual hugs I can to you all. May you all be blessed and surrounded by God’s love.


Kirk & Denise Drake posted on 9/15/21

God bless him. Thoughts and prayer’s to Charles and family. One empty chair at the dinner table is one too many. Love you all



Susan Foster McClain posted on 9/15/21

What a wonderful service for a well deserved husband, Father, Grandfather, Great-Grandfather, my surrogate Daddy, Friend and Patriot. I love you Daddy Perry and only sickness kept me from being there, tears poured down my cheeks and into my lap as I watched. To my surrogate brothers and sisters I love you all. I know they’re dancing in the sky finally together again. God speed Perry into the arms of Jesus and Joyce . I love you with my whole heart always. Susan ♥️


Marilyn Kroth-Baca (Roy Kroth’s third daughter) posted on 9/15/21

I love that his grandchildren called him dziadzio! Rest in paradise Ron.


J.B. Cobb III posted on 9/15/21

Patrick Freeland will be greatly missed at CFCC. He was a great instructor and advocate for his students and program. I hope the Freeland family can find peace and solace during this tough time!


Larry Cahoon posted on 9/15/21

Sue and Aaron, I am so sorry to learn of Joel's passing. Joel was my first mentor at UNCW - I taught a section of BIO 105, with him as lead. And I recall Aaron being in our wedding.


Debbie Melton and Brian Culver posted on 9/15/21

He will be missed by all who knew him. He always made me laugh and was such a fun person to hang around. His smile could light up a room.


Anne Taft posted on 9/15/21

Shannon and family, We are saddened to hear of your loss. I hope you find some comfort in knowing what a great man Mack was. I have so many fond memories of his time in Mass. All the bike rides we took, lunches, cookouts and my two favorites, how we drank milkshakes on the front porch and me trying to convince him it wouldn't snow in July. Thank you for your service Mack, we will miss you and since the day you left to go back home, you are always in our thoughts. Charlie and Anne Taft A&C Motorcycles


Larry Jolly posted on 9/15/21

How do you say goodbye to a lifetime best friend ? someone who has been in your life for 62 years? All the thousands of memories that are there, all our adventures from grade school through our teenage years,our westside Neighborhood, our early dating years, through our time in the military, where we spent time together in the same unit in California and Japan and even Vietnam! We worked at the same place when we got out of service! and then you met Diane ! and then you were married !and then shortly after you and Diane introduced me to the most precious woman in my life! Barbara ! She was a blessing to me for 42 years of marriage before we lost her on that most terrible day of my life ! I told you a few years ago that for that act of thoughtfulness and kindness alone God would reserve A place for you in heaven and I’m sure he has! I wish I had visited you more often! I wish we could have more conversations ! I so loved our visits to your apartment in Wilmington ,where you and I and Ellie would sit and talk for hours! You have been My lifetime friend and as close as a brother to me! And i love you as a brother ! We have always stayed in touch and we were always interested in each others lives! Your loss from my life is almost unbearable! I will Suffer this until I am gone! And yes, Praise God, we will all meet again ! I pray for all of us that have lost you from our lives ! Your family and your friends ! For all of those whose lives you have touched! I pray for comforting and peace of mind! Thank you Mack for your lifetime of friendship ! I love you brother !!!!!!!


Kelly posted on 9/15/21

Love and prayers to you Steve and family


Bud posted on 9/15/21

Prayers and love for Patrick. Thinking of Katie and boys. With you in Sprit.


Ed Hess posted on 9/15/21

So many good times. Wednesday night card games, taking you shopping and we always had to go to lunch afterwards. I will truly miss you my friend and your sence of humor. RIP Old Buddy you will be missed by me and so many others.



Wanda G. Yopp posted on 9/15/21

Dear “Sweet “ Eddie & family, I just found out about your mama’s passing, my Aunt, during the weekend via a phone call from Deleon’s wife, Beth. At that time, she didn’t have any facts but she called me again about an hour ago & told me her memorial service was to be held this coming Friday. I had tried to look up her obituary the other day but it wasn’t posted on line; but I just found it under Wilmington Funeral & Cremation. You & your wife (I feel she may have helped) did a wonderful write-up honoring Aunt Barbara Jane. I surely wish that I could have talked (I did try to call her many times but never an answer) with her just 1 more time or had seen her!! We were very close when we were younger. Allen (my husband) & I would go down & visit them when she & your dad (& you) lived at Seagate….we always had a good time together! Your daddy was a very kind, sweet & gentle man; my dear brother, Deleon & I (along with our spouses) always enjoyed your parents company!! I’ve been told that I resemble your mama some & had some actions alike….that’s a compliment! Yes I deed, you were your mama’s “little man”…Eddie, you were loved so very much by your parents; you have always been such a wonderful young man growing up. I know you will miss her greatly but she is now in the presence of her Heavenly Father & Jesus Christ, her Savior & Lord; she’s also with your daddy & some other family members…she is celebrating now & is no longer having any pain or suffering! I certainly hope & pray that I’ll be able (if my MS allows my body to do so) to attend her service. Please take care & remember that you are lived, even though we may not get to see each other! -Wanda


William Wright posted on 9/15/21

Sue and Steven- I am so sorry for your loss. Jerry was a kind and true gentleman. He will be deeply missed. All my beat, William


Tommy and Melissa Rocchietti (sis) posted on 9/14/21

Sis , you are loved and missed very dearly. We still cannot fathom life without you in this world. You have always been there for us, give Jack and my Dad a hug for me and Mom. We love you!!!


Mark Reingold posted on 9/14/21

My condolences to the Frye family .. Rest Easy My Friend ❤❤


Lori Christie posted on 9/14/21

You were an amazing friend. I'll never forget our card games and all the other great memories we shared.I love you Mack fly high my buddy


Helen Stevens posted on 9/14/21

We are saddened to learn of Dr. Lewis' passing. We met him as he was a dear friend/masonic brother of my late father, Wilber D. Ward. Kelly and I took his Parks & Recreation class as an elective our Senior year at UNCW. Dr. Lewis was so entertaining and made the class a lot of fun! In speaking about his many travel adventures, he always mentioned a pub that he visited on his trip which made us laugh to this day. When Kelly made a 100% on a mid-term exam, Dr. Lewis made a big deal about it, stating it was the first 100% ever achieved in his Parks and Rec class. That was 1984 so I am sure, there have been more! Kelly later connected with him thru Cape Fear Council Boy Scouts before he moved away. He will always hold a special place in our hearts! Sincerely, Helen & Kelly Stevens


Pam sullivan posted on 9/14/21

So Sorry for your loss, Tommy was a great Fatjer and Husband and a great friend You will be missed and Loved.


Linda Beall posted on 9/14/21

So, so sorry to hear about Mac. It must be really hard for everyone. Just want you to know that you all are in my thoughts and prayers at this difficult time.



Sheree and Aaron posted on 9/14/21

Things are never the same here after you leave and now the world will experience this as well. You are missed and loved. Until next time Lady


Paul Winberg posted on 9/14/21

You made such an impact on all who met you. In your short time in Massachusetts you made many friends. We enjoyed your company , your kindness and always looked forward to seeing you again. You became like family to us. We have missed you so much these last years when you went back to NC but always had you in our hearts. You have made a lasting impact on me my friend. I will never forget you Mac. RIP


Dian Ross posted on 9/14/21

You were my first and only man I was in love with and I love you still, threw all our time we were married. Time to rest now and be with your family in Heaven!


BrendaWolff posted on 9/14/21

Remembering Jerry as a loyal family man who loved to share his talents with others, especially blue bird houses that he made! May he Rest In Peace! My love to Sarah and Stephen Chisenhall❤️


Mr. D. L. Hamrick posted on 9/14/21

What a great national treasure. So honored to know that Mr. M. Pat Hingle served our nation during WWII. He was one of the greatest generation. 2021 is a year in which we focus on our struggles. He was a devoted actor and I am sure the family survivors think of him daily. My father also died of cancer in 2009 and people are not aware of how indebted we are to these men who fought in WWII for our liberty. UNCW is a very wonderful school for the youth of America to study acting. Sorry that I had not heard of his passing for such a long time. Rest in peace, Pat Hingle



Carolyn and Gary Morrison posted on 9/14/21

RIP Bubba we love you and will miss you.



Davie Vanzant posted on 9/13/21

Patrick was a very good friend and just a great person to be around. I have thought of him often since I moved back home to the foothills. He will be missed by many. RIP, Patrick.



Jessie Stringfellow posted on 9/13/21

Was a great nurse of my whenind when I was in the hospital twice and she was my Mother's several times. She will be missed.



Jessie Stringfellow posted on 9/13/21

She e


Rene'Midgett James posted on 9/13/21

Daddy I just wanted to tell you I love you. With all my heart. And I will miss you foreve. You We're The 1st man I ever loved my Hero and best friend. And all of the hugs and kisses you would give me. I don't know how to do life without you. Our early morning chats and laugher and our late afternoon Facetimes. You're pretty blue eyes and your big smiles Smiling at me. And our funny face's We made at each other everyday. It is going to be so very hard to live without you. I know with God I will. I still pick my phone up in the morning time to call you and to face time you in the afternoon. I keep getting Sweet little surprises on my phone with you singing and talking to me everyday. You were loved by so many. Its going to be hard walking through The days and not seeing you. But I will look up to the heavens and I know where you are Daddy. I love you to the moon and back and beyond infinity and more. I will see you again till we meet in heaven. I love you, your daughter Rene'


Robert A Rivenbark posted on 9/13/21

I only knew Jerry at work, DuPont, but he was always very pleasant, courteous and helpful. He was one to never say no, even when asked for help outside his area of responsibility, he would just say "let me see what I can do ". His passing will also be considered a great loss by his DuPont family. Mat the mercies of GOD be with all the family at this time.


Johnny Johnson posted on 9/13/21

Cindy, Murl and Family, my condolences on the passing of Mr. Gary.


John Schmidling posted on 9/13/21

Patrick Freelant family Is my prayers my condolences


Larry Lynn posted on 9/13/21

So very sorry for your loss. May God comfort Ms Edith, Marsha, Cindy, Mary Jane and all of Gary's family,


Holly Potter posted on 9/13/21

Mr. Billy (Othelia, his son will get this) has been on my heart lately and i just found out that he had passed. He was one of my all time favorites and I'm going to miss him so much! We had some comical conversations and good laughs together, to say the least! My mind is saddened by his passing but I know he's enjoying his eternal home now. <3


Laurie Smith posted on 9/13/21

Alvin you will be greatly missed by me & Eddie! We love you like our own family! Until we meet again my friend!


Angela Hansley posted on 9/13/21

Kate, words cannot describe how very sad and how my heart hurts for you and the boys. I know you and Patrick were a wonderful couple and he loved his family so much. I pray that God gives you comfort through this very difficult time.


William J Maney posted on 9/13/21

Many many good memories of work and friendly relationships. Jerry was one of my favorite people !



Mark Wallace posted on 9/13/21

Patrick was a great instructor who cared for the best interest of his students. I knew Patrick for a short few years but in that time I can attest to his desire to help students understand and grow in the Diesel profession. He will be missed greatly by those who knew him and those who did not get enough time with him. Gone to soon but made such an impact on so many!


Pamela Stewart-Thomas posted on 9/13/21

Kate, I know there is nothing I can write here that will ease the pain for you, your sweet boys, and Patrick's family/friends. But I know you are a Believer and God has you all in His hands. I didn't know Patrick that well, (but I knew him before I knew you thru CFCC) and the one thing I did know about him is that he loved his family. You all are in my prayers and in my heart. Sending Love, Hugs, and Paryers to you all from Pam, Hezekiah, and Isiah


Emily Bridgman posted on 9/13/21

I'm so sorry for your loss. Prayers and love for the Bass family.


Volt Center posted on 9/13/21

Patrick was a very instrumental part in helping the Volt Center. When ever he would come down he would always share stories about his family and Cape Fear CC. He was a very nice person. He will be missed. Your family are in our thoughts and Prayers


Jim and Erin VanSlyck posted on 9/12/21

To Michele and the entire LeBlanc Family - love and prayers, Rest In Peace Doris. All your good deeds through your faith and church have prepared you for this … wishing you love and laughter ever after..



Diane Geary posted on 9/12/21

Jason and Ben, your Dad is in heaven now with Mr Cal...just think of all the the things they have to talk about ! Love you, Dear Ones. May God comfort you and your precious Mom and keep you in His loving arms.


Les Crawford Cape Fear Community College posted on 9/12/21

It is with great sorrow that I am writing this for Patrick will be greatly missed. I met Patrick shortly after he moved to the Wilmington area many years ago. He became a great friend and I remember his excitement when he came to work at CFCC.



Les Crawford Cape Fear Community College posted on 9/12/21

Patrick and Family are in our prayers


Floyd Palmer posted on 9/12/21

I worked for Jerry in the Powerhouse in the seventies. I will never forget our long talks about life and overcoming obstacles. Also, the positive comments Sarah always made about my son. My prayers and condolences to Sarah and the family.


Charles (Chuck) Campbell posted on 9/12/21

I worked with Jerry at DuPont and he frequently would come to our area. He was always smiling and his happiness rubbed off on everyone. Prayers and Peace be with you and family.


Moorad & Mary Alexanian posted on 9/12/21

We just read of the death of Charles Lewis in the Star News. Charles and I were colleagues at UNCW albeit in different departments. My wife Mary played bridge with Helga and I occasionally saw Charles on campus always with a wide smile on his face. Our condolences to Helga and her family. God bless and comfort them.


Huda Peevy posted on 9/12/21

I’ve interacted with Rebecca once during the soft opening of Burlington. She was such a sweet and kind woman and a great addition to her team as I remember telling her how amazing she was and the future success of the business is because of employees like her. Her passing away struck me with great sadness. My heart goes out to her family and May her memory be eternal


Paul T. Sarno posted on 9/12/21

OUR VERY SPECIAL FRIEND It was that smile when you knew something was up the laughter she brought when the shift was going rough The always open ear calm and ready her fairway drives straight and steady? Her knowledge her gift, her profession Our Unit Teacher who shares her lesson A Best Friend through thick and thin How do describe Trish? How do you begin? It's the times in West Roxbury sitting on her deck the time on our floor hearing "Oh Sh- -"! It's seeing her in the PACU the best part of the day someone incredible in every possible way She is a friend forever who is now in the heavens Tricia, our love our very special blessing Paul (Sarno)


Joe & Kristi Cartwright posted on 9/12/21

Please know our prayers are with you all at this time. So sorry for the loss you’re experiencing. (Camden friends of the Lundsford arm of the family) —Joe & Kristi Cartwright



Sara posted on 9/12/21

You will be missed Heike. In the short time I knew you working at Quality Chemical Labs, you were always a joy to talk to and a smiling face I looked forward to! Thank you for always making sure the lab was taken care of, you were the best housekeeper! Rest peacefully and enjoy your life ever after.


Stephanie Fett posted on 9/11/21

You will be missed. Sending loving thoughts and prayers


Bill Skipper posted on 9/11/21

Neighbor and good friend I thank God for John's friend I amy blessed to have had a neighbor such as John and Pat. May God bless and comfort Pat, Dottie and family.


Monica from Wawa on Lacosta posted on 9/11/21

My favorite Wawa customer..You will forever be remembered! Always coming in cracking jokes and making me smile ! Making me laugh! Always a good time when you came in and visited. Enjoy your unlimited milkshakes,smoothies and delicious Hoagies up in Heaven love! My prayers go out to your family You will always be remembered ✨ Please guys stay safe!


Kathleen Cooney Mazzio RN posted on 9/11/21

Dear Steven. We are so saddened to hear about Tricia’s passing. Tricia was the quintessential nurse. She was a mentor, a teacher, a role model to many of us as new nurses on Five Feldberg at Beth Israel Hospital. We looked up to Tricia for her support, guidance, knowledge, calmness in chaos, humor, professionalism, and friendship. We cherished all she was and who she was. Even as an older nurse, I still consider Tricia my mentor. She influenced good on all who knew her. May God always hold Tricia in the Palm of His Hands. We will always remember and honor our beloved Tricia Petell Brodhead RN. Steven you are in our thoughts and prayers. Love Kathy Cooney Mazzio and the Sunday Club of Five Feldberg Beth Israel Hospital.


Amy Simpson posted on 9/11/21

I LOVE YOU. We lived together. You even helped in taking care of my mom. You were a Wonderful person.


Wes Corder posted on 9/11/21

I feel blessed to have known him. Always a smiling face and pleasure to be around. He will be missed.


John Benson posted on 9/11/21

Tommy Fowler was one of the finest men I've ever known. There was no click at Green Hill Hunt Club, he made sure everyone had a fair chance. Does it matter what financial wealth one achieves here on this earth; I think not , the only lasting thing we can hope to do is touch someone else's life in a positive way and show them love. Tommy did a lot of that. Like so many others; I'm going to miss my friend; I've had many buddies , but very few friends.Trent ,Hunter you guys, my thoughts and prayers are with you.


Pam Wenning posted on 9/11/21

Sending all of my love and prayers for peace and comfort to Byron’s family. I am so very sorry for your tremendous loss. It is my hope that through the wonderful memories you will find solace and comfort.


Bernadette Beauchamp posted on 9/11/21

Tina and I met in high school, and she once called me her best friend. I am so honored and blessed to have called you my best friend too. May you find blessings in the next life, my friend, as I was in this one by knowing you. I pray that God wraps His loving arms around Tina’s family and friends.


Ali Mangkang posted on 9/11/21

May uncle Milty be welcomed at that grand table in the hereafter where dinner is never, ever late. He was loved for who he was, cause he sure wasn’t gonna be anyone else! May he live long in our hearts.



Margaret Shoulars Bass posted on 9/11/21

I just heard of your loss. I am so sad to hear of Johns passing. He was one of the most genuine person that I had the honor of calling a friend. I will miss John!!


Tim Harris posted on 9/10/21

To the memory of John


Donna Morrison posted on 9/10/21

Doris was a gift from God! We would visit her often after mass on Sundays. Life was crazy with my four kids and her house full but she was to me a rock. Keep Calm and carry on was how I saw her. When we left after each visit I would think”I can do this”! My deepest sympathy to all her children and grands.


Heidi McNally posted on 9/10/21

Cory, Although I never did meet your mom, she gave you life and raised you to be the gentleman and awesome person I know. She will be with you always in many, many ways that you will see more and more each day. Hold her in your heart always and continue to make her proud as you always have. May she rest in peace.


Charles & Margie Cheatham posted on 9/10/21

Sarah and Steven, We are so sorry in your loss of Jerry and your Dad. Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this time.


Austin Kuklinski posted on 9/10/21

George will forever be my hero. Every single time I visited Helen and him, he was always there, smiling. He has done so much and I will never forget him. I will miss him so much.


Kathleen Ann Barberio posted on 9/10/21

Dear Dad, despite the spatial distance between us, I always felt close to you. I wish we'd had more time together. I love you, Dad, and I miss you so much. Rest in peace.


Jo Merritt posted on 9/10/21

Miss Alma was a very special women. The world has lost one of a kind. May she rest in peace . Praying for family. Love you Miss Alma and will miss you.


Wanda & Rickie Sarvis posted on 9/10/21

Our deepest sympathies go out to all of Tommy’s family during this time. He will be missed by many, so glad TaTa had the time he did with his grandchildren. Those will be special memories for them. Wanda, may you and the children be comforted knowing he is at peace, painless and flying with the angels. Love you all, continued prayers always.


Grisel Brambier posted on 9/10/21

Cory so sorry for your loss my condolences. Praying for the entire family as you go through this most difficult time.


Sue Riggs posted on 9/10/21

I am so sorry to hear of Mr. Chisenhall's passing. You and your family are in my prayers at this most difficult time.



Janet Langston Odom posted on 9/10/21

Lots of Hugs, Love, and Prayers.


John A. Boone, DEA Retired posted on 9/10/21

It’s an honor to have known and worked with RC Henderson. He was my sergeant, my mentor and my friend. He was a fun-loving but competitive guy, whether on the golf course, fishing, playing cards or catching burglars. I remember him trapping a burglar single-handed on my beat (unassisted by an alarm call) where RC blocked the rear exit door with his patrol car while he covered the front until I arrived. I was, and still am, impressed! What great memories of a superb policeman, who always treated people fairly. My sincerest condolences to the family.


Jim Varrone posted on 9/10/21

RC was my Lieutenant. He was always a gentleman. RIP.


Cyndie Ragan posted on 9/10/21

I worked with Tina at Lutheran Hospital for many years and then she convinced me to work at Anthem with her. I always admired her as she was so smart and everyone loved her. She rose to lead positions easily. She was a hoot to work with. Tina absolutely loved her family and talked about you all frequently. I met Casey at Lutheran - my heart goes out to you and all the family. She was very proud of you all. She will be incredibly missed. Memories of Tina are close to my heart.


Imer smith posted on 9/10/21

Ms. Alma was very dear to my mom at college acres church . Praying for the family and remembering her kindness to all .


Brandon Stevens posted on 9/9/21

John was good to my grandma and always could count on him for a smile everytime I seen him , Rest In Peace until we meet again ❤️


Sadie Reels posted on 9/9/21

Sending my condolences to Joey and the family. Rest easy Byron ❤️


Lisa Griffin Evenson posted on 9/9/21

Jack and family, so sorry to hear about Jim. Those were the good ole days at the Fun Place! So long ago but so dear to my heart. Wishing you peace and praying for your family.


Charles Justice posted on 9/9/21

“The boy would argue with a sign post!”, as Uncle Rush used to say about Milton. I love and miss you Uncle Milty. May you rest in eternal loving peace from your brother and friend Charles


Charles Justice posted on 9/9/21

The boy would argue with a sign post as Uncle Rush used to say about Uncle Milty ! Uncle Milty was such a part of our family! Rest in eternal peace my brother, my friend!


Denise Bass Williford posted on 9/9/21

Rest In Peace Aunt Alma.... you were a very sweet and wonderful person! ❤️



Savoury Family posted on 9/9/21

Miss you



Renee posted on 9/9/21

I remember when I ran that store in War beside the apartments where we lived. He was always happy kind an had a smile on his face. Prayers going up for his sweet beautiful wife Freida an her family!! Ive know Freida all my life


Bill Maultsby posted on 9/9/21

I mowed RC's yard as a teenager and later worked with him for many years as a police officer. He was always professional and expected the same of those who worked for him. I had the opportunity to fish with him on several occasions and will say that was when he was most competitive. May he rest in peace.


Bill Maultsby posted on 9/9/21

I mowed RC's grass as a teenager, and then later worked for him during my time at WPD. We also enjoyed fishing together on several occasions. I will say he didn't like to be out fished and seldom was. He was a great law-enforcement officer and served the community well. Best wishes to the family.


Carol J MacFarland posted on 9/9/21

Words just can't express the enormity of losing your Mom. Your family and friends are here to give you love and support to help you grieve and share all the wonderful memories that we hold dear in our hearts of your Mom. Those of us who were lucky to have shared our lifetime with her will forever be changed and heartbroken for losing her. Rest in peace my dearly beloved Cuz.


Bill and Amy Zorn posted on 9/9/21

Zach: Our deepest condolances to you and your family on the loss of your Grandmother. Amy and I will be praying for you and your family.


Beth P Williamson posted on 9/9/21

RC was a fine man, good supervisor and awesome police officer. He was my lieutenant for a few of years at the Wilmington Police Department. We would always exchange jokes. Most of his were ‘appropriate’ and most were usually funny or at least silly. He had a great personality and sense of humor. After his retirement, I rarely saw him. Until one day…I saw someone I thought I recognized at the ReStore in Ogden. It had been several years since I last saw the Lt. I wasn’t sure it was him, so I stalked him around the store until I got close enough to hear his voice, then I knew it was him. What a great reunion! From then on, every time, no matter what time or day I went to the ReStore, he was there. When my husband met him (in the ReStore, of course) they were like kindred spirits. My husband also collects old tools and they would show each other what they had found and talk tools. It was always good to see him. I miss him. Rest in Peace, Lt.


edward byrne posted on 9/9/21

Each year at the end of the month of June, we had to scour the whole parish for some workers for .the parish festival. I was so happy to see Doris as the adult volunteer willing to guide a teen for several hours in one of the game booths. She was our "hawk-eye" steady helper for years. There was no cheating while she supervised


Judy Sanford & Arthur Bougas posted on 9/9/21

We are so sorry to hear of Tricia’s passing. Lots of fond memories of our times at Norfie. Steve, please accept our condolences.


Ashli & Mckenlee posted on 9/9/21

We want to say we are so sorry for your loss. Mckenlee Loved her Tata! I am so grateful for that little girl to have known you, and got to grow with you.. You and Mimi have been by her side since day one. Mr. Tommy you had such a bright spirit and loving heart. You would do anything for us. It will never be goodbye. We will forever miss and love you


Jody Burge-Buchanan posted on 9/9/21

Milton was always joking around with all the "kids" and never failed to greet me with a hug and his gentle kindness. He will be missed dearly.


Roberto Torres Cruz posted on 9/9/21

My deepest condolences for my (KRO) shipmate Cory and the whole family.


Susan Jones posted on 9/9/21

OMG! I'm so sorry for your loss! Tina was my great and loving friend all through all through nursing school and beyond. Even though we lived far apart, we talked together on facebook. She consoled me when I lost my husband a few months ago. God Bless her sole and my thoughts and prayers to your entire family!



Tammie Stevens posted on 9/9/21

John made my mother smile and laugh every day! You will be greatly missed but thankful that you are not in pain now!


Diane Griffin Piersma posted on 9/9/21

I haven't seen any of the Carters in many years. All my memories of Jim are of his sweet smile. Thinking about his family.


Ernie & Nida Langston posted on 9/9/21

Lee & family, Our prayer is that God’s peace will surround you & guide you during this time! We will see our loved ones again one day with Jesus!


George Aguila posted on 9/9/21

Cory, my heartfelt condolences to you and your family. May your mom Rest In Peace and smile upon you from heaven.


R W TODD posted on 9/9/21

We are so lucky to be raised in a GOD loving family my thoughts and prayers are for all of Tommys family love you all s family


Janet Bass Toedt posted on 9/9/21

I loved you dearly, Aunt Alma! You were my last connection to the Bass family. Rest in peace sweet lady.


Sherry Hall Spivey posted on 9/9/21

Tommy was a great man who loved my sister wanda and her kids he will be missed. Im sure him and daddy are together once again my daddy. (Billy Ray Hall)sure loved Tommy. Daddy always said Said you couldnt find a better man than Tomny. No words can help what yall are going through. And feeling but i do love yall and am definitely praying for yall


Sherry Hall Spivey posted on 9/9/21

I am so sorry to hear about Tommy he was a great man .he definitely loved his kids and my sister Wanda i know him and daddy Billy ray Hall are together once again (my daddy sure loved Tommy ) and they both watching over us all ..wanda no words can stop what you and the kids are going through. But i do love yall and i am definitely praying for yall.


Sandra Cayton posted on 9/9/21

I count John as a friend, he was my Bug man for alot of years. We had many talks about God, Jesus and Holy Spirit both of us being Christians. He was such a good man and always a caring gentleman. ❤ to his family please know I feel your pain. My husband died 3 years ago at age 64 from ALS. I am so sorry but I know John is exactly where he wanted to be, his forever home with his Lord and Savior. RIP John I'll see you soon. Till then thank you and miss you.


Gary and Faye Huffman posted on 9/9/21

Praying for the family! Tommy will be missed by all who knew him! Fly high!


Mary Butler posted on 9/9/21

I am so very sorry for your loss and pray God's comfort over you and your family at this difficult time!


Tony Romano posted on 9/9/21

RIP Big John


Neil & Judie McLaughlin posted on 9/8/21

From playing softball to working with my husband Tommy was always a ray of sunshine. A sweet soul and great friend. Prayers for all.



Grant and Anna posted on 9/8/21

Love you Granny B


Bill & Joan posted on 9/8/21

A sweet lady, we served many years alongside her in church and will miss her greatly.


Peggy Phillips Singleton posted on 9/8/21

Alma, was a sweet lady! Always smiling. She will be missed here on earth, but her reward is heaven!!! Alma, has two sweet sisters, I was fortunate to live by Elizabeth (Lib) for over 50years.


Cookie Hackney Tilghman posted on 9/8/21

Condolences to family. So many good memories from 1st grade until our last conversation a few months ago.


Jabron Mansour posted on 9/8/21

I’m going to miss you my brother. We haven’t seen or spoke to one another in ages but, I still remember all the great times we had here in Jersey. I’m still in shock that you left us. God had a better purpose for you my brother. I will always have you in my heart. Allah yir hamak and inshallah you enter the highest level of paradise. I’m sorry I couldn’t attend your funeral. Ever since that sad moment came to my attention. I automatically heard your laugh in my mind and seen your smile in a daze. Rest easy Habibi love you broski !!



Ramona Andrews posted on 9/8/21

Bryon began working with Thomson Corder in early March of this year. He always had a smile face on face and something positive to say "good morning" or "have a good evening" well wish whenever he you saw him. He loved his job and driving trucks. He will be missed and sending prayers to Joseph, Donna and the rest of the family as they walk thru this valley together.


Deborah A. Lancaster posted on 9/8/21

Although I never served on RC's platoon at the Wilmington Police Department, I often worked overtime for him during the early 1980's. Unlike other Sergeant's, RC always thanked me at the end of the shift. I never heard anyone say a bad thing about him. RIP, Lt. Henderson.



Barbara Hoover posted on 9/8/21

I only knew you, Byron for a short time but the times we spent together will never be forgotten, only cherished. We spent the weekend with you and Donna only two days before The Lord called you to your final home. We reminisced about the family gathering and how much you enjoyed yourself and eating the delicious food especially the chicken wings we cooked. We talked about getting together again soon but you're now eating big at The Masters table. Rest in peace brother in law!! I'll take care of your brother Chris and your mom to the best of my ability. We love and miss you so much!!


Karen Corbett posted on 9/8/21

A beautiful person inside and out. I was so lucky to have met her and her family.


Jonathan Dennis posted on 9/8/21

Hey Peyton I came by here to show that you're still being carried in my mind and thoughts fly high


Joy Williams posted on 9/8/21

Wanda I am so sorry for your loss. Praying for you and your family.



EMMA POWELL posted on 9/8/21

My husband and my best friend, you will always be in my heart forever. I love you and miss you so much! I will see you one day in heaven!


Pamela Stallings-Gallaway posted on 9/8/21

A wonderful woman to have known. You will be missed. Rest Well Brenda !


Anna Clark posted on 9/8/21

My Great Grandmother was a one of a kind. She was always caring and loving others and she loved everyone equally! She is my idol and someone I look up to. I will continue her legacy as nurse and make her proud. Her smile and compassion will never go extinct. Her heart will always be with us.


Ruth Halls posted on 9/8/21

Absent from the body. Present with his Lord. Peace and grace to his family.


Jesus Ramos posted on 9/8/21

Cory, my most sincere condolences to you and your family. The thoughts of many are with you.


Aland Clark posted on 9/8/21

Cory, My condolences to you and your family for your loss. May God grant you all the strength and courage to overcome your grief while still being able to enjoy the cherished memories you will all have forever.



Lena Pate posted on 9/8/21


Ricki Clark posted on 9/8/21

the kindness man I have ever known,he had so much love for evey,one always ended converstations i love you,or love you,would do anything for you,he was my protector,will miss him,but he is without pain and walking with jesus God Bless


Wes Young posted on 9/8/21

It's time you will be missed by everyone that knew you every time I see you we talk about hunting and you treated me like family it was a pleasure meeting you and I'm glad I had the chance to meet you anyways keep watching over us don't run too many big bucks in the sky


Kim Wilkins posted on 9/8/21

I am so sorry Wanda and family for your loss ! It is so hard to believe that he has gone to heaven. We all had some good times at the ball field laughing and and hollering behind the fence. He will truly be missed ! Please tell Colby and Hunter that they are in my prayers !



Linda Nalley Al-Jabere posted on 9/8/21

God bless, be with, and hold close all of Gary's family during this time and always.


RaeVen posted on 9/8/21

Wanda I am very sorry for your loss. No words can describe this feeling. I pray for you and your family.


Donna and Mark Cronin posted on 9/8/21

Dear Steve, so sorry to hear of Tricia's passing. Although we did not know both of you very well, we were touched when we were welcomed to join you at the Christmas party when we first arrived and knew no one. Tricia and I shared stories of long nursing careers in the Boston area. She was a fun and sweet person. So sorry for your loss. Take care of yourself.


Barry Cokes posted on 9/8/21

Such a sweet lady.loved her smile.


Barry Cokes posted on 9/8/21

Such a sweet lady loved her smile.


Patricia R posted on 9/8/21

Sleep in peace my friend and work mom. You are already missed.


Patricia R posted on 9/8/21

Sleep in peace my friend and my work mom. You are already missed.


Sandy Siligato posted on 9/8/21

Dear Debbie and family, Your Mom and Pastor Gus were a big part of our lives when we first moved here in 2004. Vince helped Pastor Gus with the Hispanic Ministry at Leland FB Church and the four of us spent a lot of time together. I will miss your Mom. She was a good friend and a sweet, Christian lady. You all have my deepest sympathy.


Ray and Linda Mills posted on 9/7/21

So sorry for your loss. He will be greatly missed. Rest in Peace Uncle Irvin


Laura Hart posted on 9/7/21

Such a lovely lady and such a strong Christian. She used to greet all of the people at College Acres Baptist Church as we came in on Sundays, always with a hug. She used to look for me when I worked at Walmart and give me hugs there too. Miss Alma will be greatly missed.


Michael Scott posted on 9/7/21

Marybeth, my heartfelt condolences to you and your family, your mom was such a special friend to me and my family for more years than I can count! Her laugh was infectious, her wit, style, and kind heart are irreplaceable. I’ve posted a picture that I took in 2015, showing you, your mom and Carol. It was always a delight to be around your mom, and I’m sure we has a fabulous evening that night!! She will be missed by the many people whose lives she touched! I’m honored to have been one of them!


Uncle Dusty and Aunt Deb posted on 9/7/21

Tina, I’m so glad we got to talk to you when we did, you had us in stitches! We love you so much just like we told you when we talked but now we’re going to miss you forever. Tami, Corey and Casey I’m so sorry yous are going through this, try to stay strong and remember all the beautiful memories you have. I’m so sorry we can’t be there to give you a hug but know we will be thinking of you all. Tell Stan again how sorry we are. We love you guys ❤️❤️❤️


Pastor Bobby Wilson posted on 9/7/21

Greg you will be missed. It was a great Honor to be your Pastor. Having such a great man of God in my life meant so much to me. We will miss you tremendously. Will be praying for Sister Emma. RIP


Sandi Young potter posted on 9/7/21

Tina was a classmate of mine and a really sweet girl. Many prayers did her and the family.


EJ Matregrano posted on 9/7/21

My condolences to all family and friends. I’m a good friend of her son Cory.



Marilyn Costen posted on 9/7/21

Rest in Peace with John and Michael. I am happy to have known you Brenda. Enjoyed our chats in your office. Hugs to MaryBeth and Jeff and the rest of your family.


Janet and Daniel Klein posted on 9/7/21

Dan and I are so sorry for your loss. You and your family are in our thoughts!!



Bill and Lana Pickett posted on 9/7/21

Chinquapin High School Class Mate of RC. So Sorry, Prayers for Family.


Michele Sfakianos posted on 9/7/21

Tina was a good friend and mentor to me. As a graduate nurse she took me under her wing and taught me so much about nursing. She was always such a good friend and fun to be around. She will be dearly missed


Dana Brooks posted on 9/7/21

Tina I will miss you so much you were a great big sister,Tami,Cory Casey Love you 3 be strong!


Janice posted on 9/7/21

So many great memories on that porch!! Phil always made myself, and my family and friends, feel welcome and important. I treasure the times and will hold them in my heart forever. Safe journey Phil.


Patty Kinston posted on 9/7/21

I wanted to share my deep condolences with the family during this difficult time. I know it’s hard to accept that someone we all loved has passed away. I will truly miss my dear friend. She was a jewel and will always be in my heart along with your Dad. I will cherish all of the sweet memories we had..sitting on the porch talking, long conversations on the phone, visiting her in the hospital and our favorite…eating lunch at the Olive Garden which we thoroughly enjoyed. Rest In Peace my friend. I will close with this quote by Mitch Albom, “Life has to end. Love doesn’t.” Please let me know if there’s anything I can do. May God bless you and I’m sorry for your loss.


Dan Harris posted on 9/7/21

Prayers for your family. We lost a brother far too soon.


Zach Evans posted on 9/7/21

Had the pleasure to know and work with Byron. He had a wonderful presence, and he could always lift spirits when he was around. He will be truly missed.


Lisa M. Iezzi posted on 9/7/21

The lives of those who were lucky enough to know your mother are forever changed for the better. My heart goes out to you and your family.


Janice Lewis Parker posted on 9/7/21

Helen & Family, Our thoughts & Prayers are with all of you in the loss of Irvin. You have lost your Soul Mate. He will be greatly missed by all. One thing we know , Our Lord will never leave us or forsake us. He is always with us. May He continue to Bless all of you. Friends, Janice Lewis Parker , Carolyn Little Baker & Charles B. Smith



Janice Lewis Parker posted on 9/7/21

Helen & Family, Our thoughts & Prayers are with all of you in the loss of Irvin. . You have lost your Soul Mate. I know he will be greatly missed by all. We know that our Lord will never leave us. . We look forward to the Great Reunion in HEAVEN. May the Lord continue to comfort your heart. Friends,, Janice Lewis Parker , Carolyn Little Baker & Charles B. Smith



Janice Lewis Parker posted on 9/7/21


Kevin Milliken posted on 9/7/21

Byron it's awesome fella. I had to pleasure and honor working with him at Thomson and Corder. He was always full of life always had something positive to say and I would definitely miss him my friend rest in peace. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family. God bless


Linda T Smith posted on 9/7/21

Really going to miss you! RIP Brenda!


Brian Bocnuk posted on 9/7/21

Rest well Brenda!


K.F.Richards posted on 9/7/21

Ms. Brenda welcomed FISHER & I with open arms. We both have missed her smile & laughter. She was a wonderful sight @ the Department. My condolences, she was wonderful.



Larry, Tracey and family posted on 9/7/21

Rest in Peace. God Bless


tommy cavenaugh posted on 9/7/21

Mary I am so sorry to hear about your loss. I grew up on Evans Street. I remember him very well at Calvary Baptist Church. He and my sister were very good friends.His daddy was my Sunday School teacher.


Lisa Hall posted on 9/7/21

Her spunky, vibrant personality was unforgettable! MaryBeth I am so sorry . Losing parents is the worst. Take it day by day and memory by memory. She was an incredible woman. Love and hugs your way.


Sandy Powell posted on 9/6/21

I loved hair appointment days with Ms. Brenda. She always laughed and had great stories to tell. I will miss her so much. Prayers and hugs to all of the family.


Kelly Redenbaugh posted on 9/6/21

Mary Beth, I am so sorry for your loss. We definitely have missed Brenda and her feistiness! Sending love and prayers to you and your family.


Rose McGrath posted on 9/6/21

Gregory Powell was a good man inside and out. He was loved by a lot of people..He was the best brother in law..I have ever known...R.I.P God's child


Kathi Heslin posted on 9/6/21

Brenda was a dear friend. Over the years along with Mary John we fought the good fight for our staff. We shared many laughs and a few tears. I am devastated by her passing and will forever miss her. Prayers for your family will continue


Rose posted on 9/6/21 the most best brother in law are already missed were a good husband and father and grandpa too. We all love you.


Marie Croom Natali posted on 9/6/21

May you Rest In Peace dear Cousin, joyful in being reunited with all your loved ones. We shared many, many family memories, especially when we were young on our Grandmother Crooms farm, and at Aunt Beulahs, or when you all would come to New Jersey. Our fathers being brothers were always such a joy to watch as they so treasured time together. I’m grateful for the beautiful family memories, and for the sweet, loving cousin you were. Blessings and Peace!! Your cousin - Marie


Bobby and Donna Jo Reaves posted on 9/6/21

Helen, we are so sorry to hear of the passing of Irvin. You and your family are in our prayers.


JOYCE SUMMERS posted on 9/6/21

Oh my, my thoughts and prayers are with both the family of Bedford and his deceased lovely wife Lisa Staten Baker. I was privileged to have worked with Lisa at the Division of Rehabilitation Service in Beckley, West Virginia for several years. I missed her when she moved to SC. Lisa and Bedford will be missed by many.



Cookie Clineman Shuffield posted on 9/6/21

Hey Georgi, we all had our differences, however, you were still family, we had alot of good times, alot of sad times, but now there memories...Rest In Peace


Pat Greene posted on 9/6/21

So sorry to hear about Irvin. Praying for all of you. May God give you peace and comfort.



Ricky Meeks posted on 9/6/21

My prayers with Byron family. In Loving Remembrance



Janice Estep posted on 9/6/21

Nancy was and always will be a fantastic friend my kids went to the camp and had a amazing time always taking care of anybody a friend to all the campers welcomes every child to camp my kids was Adam Aaron Abigail we thought alot of her she always had a smile on her face I had some talks with Nancy and she keep it between us and prayed for some stuff we talk about. She will be greatly missed. We all loved Nancy I thank the Lord for Nancy and a friendship we had. The camp was magnificent Abigail loved singing on stage meeting everybody. Rest in peace Nancy fellowship with my parents ardell and nona lewis. I know she in a better place with the Lord and all the christians she would give the kids a hug with a smile and she loved all of the them. Thank you Nancy for you have done and thank you for being my friend toe and all my family god bless you love you Janice estep and family



Penny Long posted on 9/6/21

Nancy was loved and will be missed


Mike Campbell posted on 9/6/21

God Bless you brother. Hold me a tee time and a place at the poker table for 12.5 and 38 in Valhalla.


Charles and Judy Powell posted on 9/6/21

Sister Mary and Family we'er so sorry to hear of your loss.Tommys gone home to be with His Lord and Savior and his earthly father. I know their praising God together.We have God's promisethat one day we'll all be reunited with those who have gone on before us to our Heavenly home. Prayers going up for the Family



Tonya Johnson posted on 9/6/21

To The Evans Family, May God continue to bless you all and comfort you all through this time. Pastor Nancy was an awesome Woman of God! I will truly miss her! I am grateful for having the opportunity of knowing her! And my grandson Khaza, of whom she loved so dearly, will miss her as well. Much love for all, Tonya Johnson and Family


Debbie Tew posted on 9/6/21

Brenda I am so sorry to hear about RC. I am praying for you. I am finding out that each family member we loose it is a different pain each time. Praying for God’s inner peace and love that only he can provide. Love you ❤️


Janet Martin Heatherly posted on 9/6/21

Praying for the family.


Bob Harris posted on 9/6/21

R.C.. was a one of a kind nice guy and a great supervisor......knew him thru. 30 yrs of work at WPD.... We had good times and we had bad times....



Connie Mathis posted on 9/6/21

Always so cheerful and kind at church


Zachery powell posted on 9/6/21

I love you Uncle Greg, after granddaddy passed you were who I was able to go to for advise. You always listened to me and gave me great advise. Josh and Pat are extremely blessed to of had a great dad like you. You will always be in my heart. I know one day we will see each other again. I love you Uncle Greg.



John Croom posted on 9/6/21

Soon we will play roller bat again


Patti Graber posted on 9/6/21

Gary, although I’ve only been a part of your family for a few years i feel I’ve known you much longer. We hit it off right from the start and was so blessed for the time i was able to call you brother. I will miss your gentle and kind spirit and your many stories. You are so very loved.


Patti Graber posted on 9/6/21

Gary, although I’ve been in the family a few years i feel like I’ve known you for a much longer time. I thank our Lord that I’ve had the pleasure of calling you brother. We hit it off right from the start. Will miss your gentle and kind spirit and your many stories. So blessed to have known you


Eva and Alex Congleton posted on 9/6/21

Condolences to family and friends of Byron.


Jeff and Debbie Fisher posted on 9/5/21

Always a very gracious man with lots of wisdom


Bill Tucker posted on 9/5/21

RC was my Sergeant for 5 years and it was a pleasure working with him. He was always a professional policeman and an ever present friend. We also enjoyed many hours off duty around a card table. Rest In Peace my friend.


Larry White posted on 9/5/21

Nelli, we are so saddened to hear of your loss! We always loved our encounters with you and Charlie when the 4 of us were out shopping! We love you! Larry and Beth White


Landis McDowell posted on 9/5/21

When I first met your dad, and then your mother, I knew almost instantly that they were God's children. Captain Branch was my training officer at Winter Park Volunteer Fire Dept, and your mother always helped with our fund raising projects back in the 1970's and 80's. Both were giving, expecting nothing in return. They were the salt of the earth.


JOHN BRYAN posted on 9/5/21

i worked with RC and he was a good friend....after retirement he and i drove for dealerships transporting cars...we had many good memories while driving together..he was proud of his family and he often spoke of them.RC, Roger and i went to see the tarheels play a few times , thanks to his daughter,she was a student at unc at the all of his family i wish the best...i know it is a sad time for all...RC was a good man and i will miss him we had many phone conversations in the past...GOD BLESS HIS FAMILY AND MAY HE REST IN PEACE...


Colin Coleman posted on 9/5/21

Very sorry to hear of Tricia's passing. She was a wonderful person. Steve, please accept my sincere condolences.



Brandy Baxley Glymph posted on 9/5/21

Rest in peace My Cousin you will Be truly missed


Pat Austin posted on 9/5/21

Thank you so much for the notes and cards, we've shared over the years. Thank you for watching over Susan and Lynda. Condolences to your family and many thanks for their love and support.


Alton "Al" Watkins posted on 9/5/21

Seems like the Lord is calling the best and loyal children home on a regular basis these days. Brother John, ran his race, fought his fight, and sang his song. I'll miss John and his encouragement. Prayers are with the family, and church. Praise God, we'll see him again...


James and DJ Keene ( Lillington, NC) posted on 9/5/21

Brenda and family you are in our thoughts and prayers. May God be with each of you in the days to come and provide you comfort during this time.


Terry A Snyder posted on 9/5/21

Mr. Ragan, was a very good fellow, I always enjoyed talking to him about our Navy days. He was a skimmer sailor and I was a submarine sailor. I sure am going to miss him, I was thinking about him just a day or two ago.


Cyndy Autry posted on 9/5/21

Bro. Midgett was so much more than a friend. He was like a father to me. He took me into his life and loved me as his own. I have special memories of going fishing to his “secret spot”. After a period of fishing he would let me jump in the water and splash around. He always made sure I had a way to church and I spent many hours in his home with his precious family. I will miss his contagious smile and bear hugs added with his kiss on my forehead. He loved everyone and he was not ashamed to show it. Bro. Midgett made this crazy world just a little better because of him. I will miss him sorely.


Robert Grimsley jr posted on 9/4/21

Greg was such a great friend and guidance.. he will be missed so much


Patricia Croom Bolleia posted on 9/4/21

I will miss my dear and ever sweet cousin, Gladys, so much. We kept in touch on the phone being I live in Jersey. I always looked forward to seeing her even though it was very seldom in the past years. She brought me much joy. I treasure all the beautiful memories, especially our childhood.


Barbara & Joe posted on 9/4/21

Steve, we are so heartbroken for your loss. “ There are some who bring a light so great to the world that even after they have gone the light remains.” That was Tricia, friendly, fun and she always had a smile.


Barbara & Joe posted on 9/4/21

Steve, we are so heartbroken for your loss. “ There are some who bring a light so great to the world that even after they have gone the light remains”. That was Tricia, friendly, fun and she always had a smile.


Barbara & Joe posted on 9/4/21

Patricia Brodhead


Rob and Terry Scafati posted on 9/4/21

Steve, we are so saddened to hear about Tricia. She was always so happy and fun to be around. You are in our thoughts and prayers.


Dick Bowie posted on 9/4/21

RC was a fine man and officer, it was my pleasure to work for him when he was A platoon Sgt. RIP RC



Susan Stevens posted on 9/4/21

RIP....Love you


Thomas Weaver posted on 9/4/21

Sorry for your loss. Praying for understanding and comfort for you all


Julian & Mary Mills posted on 9/4/21

Loved him on earth, see him in Heaven. Praying comfort for his wonderful family.


THOMAS P. MCCUSKER JR. posted on 9/4/21

Lovely Lady


Terri L Turner posted on 9/4/21

So sorry for your loss. I will pray for peace and comfort for all who knew and loved him.


Jerry and Linda Register posted on 9/4/21

Jerry and I will always miss seeing Irvin at church. Such a faithful soldier. Prayers for his sweet family.


Lynda Willis posted on 9/4/21

Sending my deepest condolence.


Jimmy & Meresa Mercer posted on 9/4/21

Praying for all the family.



Jimmy & Meresa Mercer posted on 9/4/21

Go rest high!


Dave & Denyse Kmiec posted on 9/4/21

Ron was a great co-worker and friend. He will be sorely missed by everyone. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family.


steven t maillard posted on 9/4/21

I have very fond memories of RC when I was a young Officer. Fair winds and Following seas my Brother.


Pamela Price posted on 9/4/21

Rebecca was one of my best customers at my Painting With A Twist studio in Orlando. She loved art and was always trying to better her skills. She became friends to many of us at the studio and would always stay well after a class was over to help us clean up and talk. She was so funny, entertaining and a joy to have in our studio. She has been taken from all of us too soon and will be sadly missed. My heart goes out to her daughters and family at this most difficult time.


Connie and Ken posted on 9/4/21

Steve, We are heartbroken to hear of Tricia’s passing. She is at peace now.


Jonathan Steiger posted on 9/4/21

You were a beautiful soul. Very loving and caring. May you rest in eternal peace.


Cheryl Stevens posted on 9/4/21

A week later I'm still having a hard time wrapping my brain around the fact that my friend who was so full of life is gone! Michigan Football kicks off their season today and though Rebecca would not have been at the watch party here in FL... I just know that we would have been texting each other today about the game. She was a DIE HARD Michigan Football fan and I'm so glad that she found our club's watch party 6 years ago and that I introduced myself and welcomed her into the group. Who knew that day that we would become such good friends!! I'll think of her everytime I hear Bohemian Rhapsody, at every Michigan football watch party, whenever I'm playing trivia, while watching BBT, the list goes on. RIP Rebecca. Enjoy watching UM football with Bo!! My sincere condolences to Lily, Aine, your parents and all who loved you!!


Mary Murphy posted on 9/4/21

So sorry to hear of the passing of Bedford. He was such a wonderful person. You and your family will be in our thoughts and prayers.


Brenda Leonardi posted on 9/4/21

Uncle Fred..My thoughts and prayers go out to u and your family.. I am so deeply sorry for the loss of your son. May god help u through this terrible time through live and prayer


Krista Rodriguez posted on 9/4/21

We are sending many prayers to all her family and friends. We've only know Nancy a few years, but we are certainly glad God choose our paths to cross! A huge thank you for all you did, a the teaching you provide. Rest in Peace sweet soul.


Debra Baggett posted on 9/4/21

My heart hurts so much tonight. I lived Nancy like my mom. She was always there if you needed her with her asthma open in love for you...not just me but everyone. Nancy and Leroy married Mark and I 30 years ago on September 7th....My dear Nancy I know you are rejoicing tonight with Laura and Leroy...Eric is there too he loved you so much like we do give him a hug for us. I strive to be just half the women you were. I'll never forget what you instilled in my life being the example of God before us. See you soon precious angel.


Barb Clark posted on 9/4/21

You will always be in my heart Uncle Ron love you forever,



Alan Graber posted on 9/4/21

It’s hard to believe your gone Gary ,you had made a very big impact on my life growing up ,I’ll always remember when you took me over the road in the truck and I wound up following right in your foot steps driving the big rigs ,all the stories we shared about driving and always a phone call away just to say hi ,I am proud to have had you as my brother,my friend and someone who was always there for me , Your kind and gentle ways had touched our hearts and I will forever be grateful for all you have done for ,Rest in Peace my brother Love You Always


Roland & Princess Clark posted on 9/3/21

We are so very sorry to hear of Nancy's passing. What a Great Woman of God she was and loved everyone she met. She will be missed by many!



Judy Powell posted on 9/3/21

Pastor Nancy will be truly missed by children and adults that knew her She was a true servant of the Lord who she served from her heart I know she’s dancing at the feet of Jesus along with her beautiful daughter


Ed Thorpe posted on 9/3/21

I am very sorry to hear about RC's passing. While I have not seen him but a few times since his retirement, it was always a pleasure to see and talk to to him whenever our paths crossed. I know Brenda and the rest of his family will miss him immensely.


Mike and Sue Droulette posted on 9/3/21

Steve, our hearts are broken over the loss of Tricia. After knowing you and Tricia for over 40 years and going on over 30 trips together, we will miss her terribly. We had so much fun looking together for the perfect place to retire, and once we found it, we only wish we had more time to enjoy it with Tricia and you. Tricia was such a warm and funny person and she will be greatly missed by everyone who knew her. Love, Mike and Sue


Mark Reingold posted on 9/3/21

Rest Easy Bobby ❤


Gordon J Wilkie posted on 9/3/21

So sorry to hear of RC's Passing . He was such a great guy,friend and Cop. We spent several nights over the years playing cards.We hunted some together also. My thoughts and prayers go out to his friends and family. RIP my brother!


Anna Sartin posted on 9/3/21

Condolences to your family! Bedford was a great guy. Hugs to you all.


Perfect Cut Landscaping Inc/Hudson Valley Trucking - Tom Sanchez Sr. posted on 9/3/21

Please accept our deepest condolences on the loss of your beloved mother. You & your family are in our prayers.



Hanna Barnes posted on 9/3/21

So shocked and recasted by this news. Sister Nancy was a huge role model and light to every one around. My deepest condolences from all of our family.


Martha King posted on 9/3/21



Lynda Gregory posted on 9/3/21

Pastor Nancy was a very special person in my life I miss her so very much She is a great woman of God


Donna Price posted on 9/3/21

Words always seem in adequate at a time like this. Mr Midgett was a dear friend to me and my family. I truly love this man. We met while I was having coffee at a restaurant in Wilmington many many years ago and have stayed in touch every sense. I never saw him that he did not have a smile on his face and something cheerful to say. I will miss you so much. I am sure the reuniting of you and your wife was a wonderful day in heaven. Sending much love and hugs.


April Warren posted on 9/3/21

My condolences to her family. I had the greatest gift when I met Rev. Nancy and her beautiful family and friends she was as they say the life of the party she loved and taught so many people the amazing love for God and his son Jesus. She knew how just to be a light in a dark world we are living in but her beams will shine down on her family and be there guiding light in there time of grieving


Nettie & Robert Salazar posted on 9/3/21

I thank God for you Daddy Perry, you were the 2nd daddy to me and my siblings because our parents were Best friends since before I was born .I seemed like our families were joined at the hip, everytime my daddy upped and moved us for another job we would always end up together. To my sweet Siblings Vada, Robbie, Rene, Bruce and Jeanette , words cannot express how I love you all and my heart is broken for the of your natural father and my second daddy . Fred (my daddy Bobby Foster Sr)and Barney are reunited with Betty ( momma Joyce) and they are awaiting Wilma( my mom Maynell.) She sends her love and condolences to all of you. Daddy Perry was a gentle ,kind , loving and a Godly man that I loved very much and will miss very much. Till we meet again Daddy Perry , I love you.


Manuel and Luzaura Najar posted on 9/3/21

We will miss you pastor Nancy..


Staci Hayes posted on 9/3/21

My deepest condolences to the dear family. I had the pleasure of meeting her through her grand-daughter Hannah, and it was such a blessing and she made such an impact on soo many. My son was able to attend the merging in christ youth camp free of charge for two years and it was one of the best experiences for him and our family as well.. Nancy touched soo many families and so many more will be touched through these amazing kids at this awesome camp. She was a wonderful lady who brightened everyone's day daily. Her passion was her grand kids and family and her light will forever shine through them. Much love and prayer


Susan Witz posted on 9/3/21

I’m so very sorry for your loss. Tricia is an angel now watching over the family. Love, Susan Witz


Linda Perkins Medaris posted on 9/3/21

Melody, I am so, so sorry to learn you have lost your dad. I remember him as such a beautiful person. May God surround you with His arms of love.


Amanda Ross posted on 9/3/21

Today Bug in. Rug treated the home where I work. I learned that Mr. John is in the arms of Jesus. I want to extend my condolences to his coworkers and his family. Also his extended Church family and friends. I want to let you all know that Mr. John did not just spray for bugs, he took a job that would put him in peoples homes where he would have the opportunity to witness. (GREAT marketing for Jesus there John!) and I am here to tell you that is what he did. He shared his love of GOD and invited me to his Church. Already a Christian I thanked him for sharing his testimony. I was so sad to hear of his passing. But so glad to know he is in Heaven ! See ya there Mr. John.



Judy Powell posted on 9/3/21

Pastor John we’re going to miss you more than you can imagine.We loved you very much.I know you’re dancing at Jesus feet and rejoicing in the love of The Father the Son and The Holy Spirit Rest In Peace


Jon Ruppert posted on 9/3/21

Steve We are so sad and heartbroken for you. Trish was such a warm and wonderful person who always had aa hug, smile and something nice to say to everyone. Our Wine Club has missed Trish and it will never be quite the same without her. I am sure all our golfers will say the same thing. We have lost a gem. It is heavens gain and our earthly loss that she now rest peacefully and painlessly with our Father in heaven. Constance and Jon


Jan McCloskey posted on 9/3/21

Trishy was the absolute best. Kind, compassionate, a great friend and a lot of fun. She enjoyed life and shared that with others. It was my privilege to be her friend. She will be missed beyond words.


ROBERT TRENT posted on 9/3/21

You are in our thoughts and prayers and may faith, family and friends help you through this difficult time.



Alicia Barberio posted on 9/3/21

I miss you grandpa…♥️ I'm so happy that I wrote this letter to you, three years ago.. and even tho I’ve never had the chance to meet you in person and to hug you, will I keep all your loving words in my heart. I love you and will miss you forever.


Charles & Wendy Clark posted on 9/3/21

We extend our deepest sympathies to you and your family. May the soul of your father be at peace with our GOD in heaven.


Charles & Wendy Clark posted on 9/3/21

we extend my deepest sympathies to you and your family. May the soul of your father be at peace with our GOD in heaven.


Diane and Richard Holmes posted on 9/3/21

Ed was our nephew. He was a very kind and caring young man. Ed had a huge heart and a great sense of humor. He will be greatly ,missed.. A big thanks to all his friends for the love and support shown to Ed during his life's journey.


Roland & Princess Clark posted on 9/3/21

So very sorry to hear of John's passing. He was a wonderful Christian and Pastor. We will be praying for ALL the family, church family and friends during this difficult time!


Debbie Townsend posted on 9/3/21

My heart is hurting. You’ve been my sis for some 40 years. We have had so lots of laughter , dried each other’s tears, we have shared much . I’m going to miss you. To Mike… Thanks for making her so happy. To the children… she loved you all so very much. To her grandchildren …. You all were her shinning stars. Keep her love with you. Love you all


Mikayla posted on 9/3/21

Mrs. Sidds was my first teacher when I moved to the Nordonia school district. Her passion for teaching reflected throughout her classroom, during indoor recess she taught us how to knit and we all had the opportunity to make scarves for the winter. Sidds believed that lifesavers was the remedy for a sore throat, it's something I still believe today. She will truly be missed, I am grateful for the opportunity to have been her student.


Michael Thompson posted on 9/3/21

I am sorry to hear about your Grandfather Chris. Janice and I are thinking of you and your family.


Gail Kane posted on 9/3/21

Trish was by far the most peaceful and gracious people I had the opportunity to know. She was kind and a good sport, I was so glad to know her and Steve, they were partners in every way. Tricia will be missed and a legend in her own right.


Alan posted on 9/3/21

I like Trish a lot. And, she knows that too. I invited Steve & Trish to play golf with Marilou(wife) & I. To make a long story short, I missed a four-footer putt whereas, Marilou made a shorter putt. Trish blurted it out, “Marilou, aren’t you glad someone in your family can make a putt?”. I knew then I like Trish. I will miss you Trish, your smile! Stevie, we are here for you!!


Lorrie Beaumont posted on 9/2/21

My heart is absolutely broken. We shared so very many wonderful times on vacation, golfing, going to dinner or just hanging around. I will miss my friend dearly and will always remember her with great fondness and much love in my heart. Rest In Peace my friend.


Ann Odom Hust posted on 9/2/21

I am so sorry for you loss. I wish I could have known her more. I live in Ms. I didnt know that my sister Sue was named after her.


Mary & Dennis posted on 9/2/21

We (Mary & Dennis) met the Sweetest Craziness person namely Rebecca at a job interview for the New Store Opening (Burlington in Wilmington) This girl was so much fun I Wanted to Work for her hands down!! I went thru training and when I was done that afternoon I stayed to talk with her and all she could do was talk about her daughters and how special they were. she loved them so. We talked about my children and grandchildren and made plans to get together. I loved this woman so much I wanted to make her proud for giving me and Dennis an opportunity to work with her..Rebecca was full of energy, had a crazy sense about her which we Loved, and a laugh that was contagious!! also her singing and dancing was outstanding !! We will truly miss her!!


Loretta Kocik posted on 9/2/21

Tricia will always be in my heart with fond memories of many great times. I can't begin to drscribe how sad I am for Steven and all the Petell family. Much love, prayers and sympathy to all.


Bob Levesque posted on 9/2/21

No one can ever replace the amazing person that Georgi was.,(so loving, caring giving, funny, and full of life) My thoughts and prays are with My brother Mike, and the Families during this time, I will Miss her Tremendously,


Graham Davis posted on 9/2/21

I worked with Ron ( The Governor ) at GE. What a great guy to know and work with. My condolences to the family.



Cassandra vosper posted on 9/2/21

R.I.P uncle John I love u now go sing and dance with the angels


Manuel and Luzaura Najar posted on 9/2/21

Pastor John, Manuel and I, we will truly miss you. You were our friend, pastor, mentor, and treated us like your own kids. Thank you for everything!



Gwen Emmons posted on 9/2/21

I love you Aunty rest in peace. You were a good Aunt to me you will be remembered and missed


Lisa Butler posted on 9/2/21

I’m going to miss you Georgianna, my heart is so broken, you were my one very dear friend to me, Im already missing our Monday morning phone calls to catch up and all our laughs we shared. Buddy is going to miss his girlfriend, the only other person her actually loved. Fly high my sweet angel. You will always have a special place in my heart.


Marilyn Cookson posted on 9/2/21

We were blessed to have you in our lives Uncle will never be forgotten.


Jessica Slayman posted on 9/2/21

My husband and I met Rebecca when we started attending the U of M alumni game watches in Orlando. She was an absolute blast, so much energy and spirit! She was the life of the the party and the game, always including everyone and loved to meet people and make new friends. We loved having her with us for all of the games! She always had stories and had a keen sense of humor and a way of making us all laugh. She has an amazing heart and soul and will be missed.



Lynn Conklin posted on 9/2/21

I'm so glad we moved to NC in 2017. It gave us the opportunity to spend 3 years together. Good times, sad times, regardless.. We built a strong bond and Im so very thankful for those memories. I love you and I'll miss you so much. Till we're together again.. ❤


Renee Gibson posted on 9/2/21

He will be missed by so many. Our prayers are with the family.


Penny Smith posted on 9/2/21

I just saw this today. I did not know about the memorial and funeral. I would have attended. Al was a bright ray of sunshine to be friends with. I meet him and worked with him at network. His smile us one I will forever remember.


Phillio Culler posted on 9/2/21

Going to miss your laughter your Smile and your Beautiful Voice when you sang



Carolyn Bennett Humphreys posted on 9/2/21

RIP Bedord


kennia Alfaro posted on 9/2/21

My heartfelt sorrow to family, end strength; to accept the will of God . Rest in peace


Tammy Featherbay posted on 9/2/21

You were one of a kind❣️ I only hope your in a better place. I'm so sorry Vena. Prayers, ♥️


Your Friends at Phoenix EnviroCorp posted on 9/2/21

Our heartfelt condolences to you and your Family Mr. Mike. We pray that your wonderful memories of your Beloved Wife will keep you going in the next days and weeks to come.


Tina Mikitis posted on 9/2/21

I'm am so sorry for your loss .I pray that the Lord would bless you and your family with peace, and strength ,and comfort at this time. Thoughts and prayers will be lifted up for you and his family.



Helen Brown posted on 9/2/21

Georgianne was a very special Freind to me I loved her very much so much I had included her as part of my family will love you allways


Tina Lovingood posted on 9/2/21

Ed was a very polite young man that I enjoyed working with and talking with about his fishing trips. He will be truly missed in our work family. My thoughts and prayer go out to you and your family.


Valerie Stanton posted on 9/2/21

A beautiful soul gone way too soon. Rest In Peace Georgianna. Your laughter will be missed. Love, Valerie and Jeremy


Heather Primeau posted on 9/2/21

So sorry for the great loss. She was a very special person.


Lynette Salma posted on 9/2/21

I’m so sad you are gone but the memories we’ve had will be with us forever!! Heaven has gained another angel.


Jane McClellan posted on 9/2/21

I met Rebecca when I started going to the U of M game watch gatherings. She made me feel so welcomed and was so enthusiastic. No one was ever a stranger or alone if she was around.



Tonya Johnson posted on 9/2/21

To The Midget Family, Sending prayers and love for you all. May God continue to comfort and give you strength during this time. He will be greatly missed. Definitely his smile. Just a very loving person. Love, Tonya, Khaza and Family


Amanda Torres posted on 9/2/21

You had such a great heart you will truly be missed by many. Me John And The Kids Love You And We Will Miss You


Tonya Johnson posted on 9/2/21

To The Butler Family, Sending my love and condolences. May God keep you all and send His comforting Angels to protect you and give you strength during this time. He will all so be truly missed, but his legacy shall live on within our hearts. Love, Tonya Johnson, Khaza, and Family



Tonya (Gibson) Hill and Family posted on 9/2/21

So very saddened by the loss of such a great, kindhearted man. He will be missed by all.


Leah Colvin posted on 9/2/21

Working with her in receiving……she would sing. She rapped along to Hamilton. She was funny, caring, and I loved her! Enjoyed spending the day with y’all and going to Bonefish Grill in Wilmington. She will truly be missed!


Trevor Campbell posted on 9/2/21

I met Rebecca many years back when she moved to Orlando and joined our U of M alumni club for our football game watches. She quickly became one of our favorite regulars and despite not being an alumni, also became one of our most active members. Rebecca came with me on a club leader workshop trip to Ann Arbor and it was such an awesome time with her. I managed to get us upgraded to first class on the flight and I vividly remember her being so excited because she has never sat up there before. She also became part of a regular group of club members that played trivia in Orlando which eventually led to her becoming a host. I don’t know that I’ll ever be able to watch a U of M game or go to a trivia night without her at least crossing my mind for a brief moment. I hope they serve Irish Nachos in heaven. Save me a plate.


CT Cadle posted on 9/2/21

Condolences to Bedford's family and friends.


Jeffery Walsh posted on 9/2/21

So many great memories of growing up in Walden and the VanOrden's were as much a part of our family as you could be without actually being born into it. We celebrated my Mother's birthday today and i was just informed, needless to say this was not the news i would have expected. Rest in Peace Georgianna, you will be missed y all of us...


Cristina Thibeault posted on 9/2/21

My family and I met Rebecca at East Coast Wings in Orlando. She was the host for Trivia. We went there every Tuesday because we truly enjoyed trivia with her. She was amazing. I have a painting that she did for my second daughter of an elephant. She brought it to the hospital when I had her and she also made sure to bring my favorite chocolate muffin. She was the sweetest and will be missed dearly. Forever in our hearts. Lily we are always here if you need anything. I remember seeing you at trivia with her too. I’m pretty sure you also played Pokémon while you were there, maybe. It’s been awhile.


Missy posted on 9/1/21

Our Deepest Sympathy, hope you all heal your hearts and find peace.


Barbara Steiger (Levesque) posted on 9/1/21

Georgianna was the best sister-in-law anyone could ever have. She had a heart of gold she was very giving very helpful Andvery passionate about her family. She loved my brother Mike very very much and took very good care of him. I will miss her deeply rest in peace my sweet sister-in-law❤️❤️


Jessica Jaunet posted on 9/1/21

I remember when I first met Rebecca at Firehouse subs in Pensacola when I was 19. We were even roommates when Lily was about 2. We had wild and crazy adventures. She was my go to for so much. Always honest wether you wanted her to be or not lol. There are so many memories that it could feel an entire book of shenanigans. I am gonna miss her smile and her quick ass comments and jokes. Love you Becca.. ❤️❤️❤️


Debbie, joe, Kasey, jenkofsky posted on 9/1/21

We will miss you, we will miss your laugh, always had a good time with you and Mike love you


Sharon Vitrone posted on 9/1/21

Lilly I loved your mom's smile and how she could make me laugh while we worked together. I will miss her always.


Jeff Fite posted on 9/1/21

Debbie and family I’m so sorry for your loss. I will always remember your mother and a great lady she was. My prayers will be with you.


Jim Bower posted on 9/1/21

Bedford was a wonderful friend. Sincere condolences to his family


Vena posted on 9/1/21

Love and miss you aunt George !!!!!


Bobby and Rosa Reyes posted on 9/1/21

Sorry for your loss... prayers for the family...


Lily A Griffin posted on 9/1/21

I'm Rebecca's youngest daughter and she was such a hard worker, even making time while she was highly ill to put in hard work to support us both and I will miss her with all my heart and I am glad she's not suffering anymore, I love you mama and me and Aine both miss you dearly <3


Gayle Roy posted on 9/1/21

My prayers and condolences to the family. May Ed rest in the arms of his mother. God bless him.


Raymond Reed jr posted on 9/1/21

Bedford and I we’re lifelong friends I consider him my best friend. The pain I feel cannot be explained only God can heal the pain for me and his family



Spencer Mitchem posted on 9/1/21

Hope that I'm lucky enough to see you again someday man.



Alice Penland posted on 9/1/21

Phil was a wonderful kind person. I worked with him at UNCW.


Jeanie Knapp Slonaker posted on 9/1/21

My sincere sympathy to Perry and all family members. I remember Bedford from AHS as he was two classes ahead of me, He served honorable in the marines and WV in the state police.



Denise & Mike Marano posted on 9/1/21

Uncle Ronny will surely be missed but never forgotten


Keith posted on 9/1/21

Gary, I am truly sorry for your loss. I know what it is like to lose a Mother. My family will keep you, Ruth, and your family in our thoughts and prayers during this time. I am here for you friend!


Toni Richard posted on 9/1/21

Ed was a very humble kind Man. I pray that the Lord will give you all the strength and comfort through your time of sorrow. " To Be Absent From The Body Is To Be Present With The Lord" 2 Corinthians 5;6


Chris Clayton posted on 9/1/21

To Ed's father and family our prayers are with you in this very difficult time. We would like for you to know that Ed was a great part of our team and very well like and respected . We will miss talking to him about fishing and having a great time in the outdoors. We are very sorry for you loss.



Nicole posted on 9/1/21

Rest in peace


Thomas Brown posted on 9/1/21

May the MOST HIGH comfort you in your time of need. RIP Ed.


JohnOrmond posted on 9/1/21

LIZ, I love you and I have for all these years since first we met. You have been my helper, my partner, my confidante my encourager, my partner in prayer, my beloved friend. I was already missing you ....


Julia LaBombard posted on 9/1/21

I am so very sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this difficult time.


Wayne Scott posted on 9/1/21

Jean, Please accept my deepest sympathy for your loss. At work I ran into Alan almost everyday. Alan was always very helpful, had a pleasant smile & a calm gentle voice. My thoughts & prayers are with you & family.


Kellie Miller posted on 9/1/21

I’m so very sorry to hear about your son, Ed. I was a patient and friend of Robin his mother. She told so many stories about visiting her beloved son and his love of fishing and the Crystal Coast. My family, CJKelsie and I (Kellie Miller) are praying for your family.


Sara Warmuth posted on 9/1/21

To Ed's father, sister, and family, words cannot describe how sorry I am for your loss. Ed will be greatly missed by the New Hanover County team. I am honored to have worked and served alongside him. Please take care during these difficult times.


Kay and Dean Jamison posted on 9/1/21

Dean and I both send our love and condolences Al was such a great Christian person who always had time to help you and bring a smile to your day.


Justin Batton posted on 9/1/21

Ed was a remarkable fisherman, electrician, and person. It was a pleasure working with him since he moved to Wilmington several years ago. He was an integral part of our team at New Hanover County and I'm proud to have supervised him during his year here. I will miss his positive attitude, jokes, and massive fish pictures greatly.


Wayne & Sandra Dew posted on 9/1/21

The world has lost a good man. He will truly be missed by all who knew him. He was a wonderful husband, father, grandfather, coworker and friend. Always a gentleman. He was an avid Steelers fan snd passed that on to his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. The family is in our thoughts and prayers.


Gene and Patsy Connors posted on 8/31/21

We will miss you Al,our neighbor and buddy. Glad I got to see you in the hospital, didn't know it would be the last. Thank you for your friendship.



Ronald R & Nancy A. Moore posted on 8/31/21

The good times we had with our names. Good memories. RIP brother!


Kimberly Brown posted on 8/31/21

I know this is late but I just found out about my cherished friend. It has been many years but he has been in my heart always. I am terribly saddened. Thoughts go out to his children, sister, and mom. Rest now George until we meet again


Birgit Condon posted on 8/31/21

My sincere condolences. She was a lovely lady.


Barbara Wicker posted on 8/31/21

Liz was extremely organized, efficient, brilliant, ambitious, energetic, AND truly caring&sharing of her many talents. She was productive in organizing PEO chapterCX Hampstead. She will be forever be missed.


Warren Smith posted on 8/31/21

My thoughts and prayers are with the entire family. I have fond memories of times in the Sappenfield home during my youth in Clarksville. May God provide each of you the comfort that only He can provide during this extremely difficult time.


Caroline Godwin, PHS Principal posted on 8/31/21

The Pender High School family has you all in our thoughts and prayers.


Scott Gordon posted on 8/31/21

I am so sorry for your unexpected loss. Ed was a valued member of our department and New Hanover County. My heart goes out to you and your family.


Javier Mory posted on 8/31/21

I am so sorry to hear about Liz. I will certainly miss her always very cheerful and friendly attitude when we she, Gary, and I worked together for years in various temporary projects. We are all quite saddened about the news at MI, and I’m sure she will stay in the memories of everybody that knew her.


Bubba Judy posted on 8/31/21

So glad your journey on Earth took you, Gary and your family thru Clarksville VA My life and many others were blessed by your presence there. The Judy family loves y’all. God Bless



Gray posted on 8/31/21

Thinking of you so much right now.


Kathy R. Benson posted on 8/30/21

Bob was always kind to us. He was such a good sport and enjoyed a good laugh. He loved making barbershop music and performing for an appreciative audience. He had such a pleasant stage presence. I was glad to be his friend over the last 30 years.


Ed and Bobbi Wooten ~ Lexington, NC posted on 8/30/21

"Mr. Phil" was our son's neighbor at Final Landing. We were honored to meet him and heard many wonderful stories about his interesting life. God speed, Mr. Smith. Yours was a life well lived.


Leslie Belsick posted on 8/30/21

Mrs. Bradford, Kim, Danny, I am so sorry for your loss. My prayers are with you all.


Dick Mack posted on 8/30/21

Jean, I am so very sorry to hear of Alan's passing! He was a terrific Engineer - very knowledgeable, with a positive attitude and a soft spoken but effective demeanor. Truly a respected and likable guy!


Matthew McNeill posted on 8/30/21

Our thoughts and prayers are with you all in this time of grieving. Uncle Danny will always hold a place in our hearts for keeping us laughing and sharing his interest in cars (which sparked an interest for all of us). We love y'all! We're praying for you. Love, Matt McNeill and family


Debi Bell posted on 8/30/21

Mrs. Bradford, Kim and Family. I wish peace and comfort for your loss in deepest sympathy. Thoughts and prayers are with you always.


Laura McCabe posted on 8/30/21

I am so sorry for your loss. I had the privilege of working with Alan as an AARP Tax-Aide Volunteer, and I will miss his patient calm approach.


David C Wade posted on 8/30/21

Liz was a lovely lady. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Sincerely David and Cind Wade


David C Wade posted on 8/30/21

Liz was a lovely lady! I shall remember her fondly. You all are in my prayers. Sincerely David abs Cindy Wade


JODIANN HINSON posted on 8/29/21

Aunt Mary Jeremy and I and the kids send our love in these times of need we love you noth. I know ots hard right now but he is in heaven partying with mom and listening to Kenny play his guitar he is not suffering no more. We love you very much.


Doris Garrett posted on 8/29/21

Mary, Dan was more than a brother-in-law to me. He was my big brother. I remember all the crazy things you & I did when you two were dating; the walk from Wrightsville Sound to Princess Place Dr & getting into the North 17 drive-in movie theater where Dan was working. The time after little Danny was born and you were so sick & I had to take care of him, at age maybe 15, I sure did not know what to do with a baby. The many times you both helped me, over the years, during some of the bad times of my marriage. I will never be able to repay you two. I love you both with all my heart. Your sis Doris



Leslie posted on 8/29/21

JW was a people person and was always welcoming and caring. He was such a loving and caring father and family man. He will be greatly missed! He endured so much in the last few years physically and emotionally-yet he continued to show strength and fought so hard! Rest In Peace!


Louis Sawyer posted on 8/29/21

I worked with Alan for many years. He was a true professional and a fine man. I am saddened to hear of his passing. Go with God old friend.


Darin Bailey posted on 8/29/21

I didn't know that it already been so long sense he past away


Jim Howard posted on 8/29/21

Jean, I'm so sorry to hear of Alan's passing. Prayers for you and the family.


John Mallard posted on 8/29/21

Wonderful man. Could not asked for a better boss's.


Kathy Mueller posted on 8/29/21

Jay will be missed but the memories he left behind will remain. Jay was fun to be with and had many friends and family in Greene. I had the pleasure of graduating with Jay in 1966. Jay, Tom Breck, Hal Mondore were buds in school. Jay was a gifted musician and so talented. His heart always remained in Greene even when he settled in Wilmington where he raised his two girls! Being a grandfather was a gift and one that he cherished.


Kevin O’Grady posted on 8/29/21

I value all the years we worked together helping people with their taxes. Alan was a steady, valuable volunteer and a great person. I will miss our time together each year.


Scott Hewett posted on 8/29/21

Jerry You were definitely one of a kind. Please don’t talk our Lords ear off as He has other things to do. Till we meet again my Brother from another Mother. Also I haven’t forgot that You still owe me a Christmas present.


Danny Erskine Jr posted on 8/29/21

He was always smiling ,even when we were not having a good time at work. He just made things better and the world has lost one of the good ones.


Kelly Crumpler Pure Country Farms posted on 8/29/21

Im still in disbelief. We sure had ourselves a good run! Ill never forget all the things we did over the years. I will always have the stories that start; "Remember that time me and Randy......" Thank You for looking after me all those years. If you could keep that up from heaven I would appreciate it!! I told you I was gonna keep you till the end. I just thought it would be much much longer. Rest easy my friend. Your job is complete. I love you Brother!


Joey and Melissa Burgette posted on 8/29/21

Randy no matter the years since Joey and I have seen you our memories will last forever from skiing to bond fires to squeeze cheese fights to convincing you to wear a “monkey suit” in our wedding. You meant so much to us. We pray for peace and strength for your family and friends. You were a “you get what you see” kinda guy and everyone loved you for it. One of a kind. Rest In Peace our friend



Lynn pender posted on 8/28/21

Although I never meet u personally I knew u was a great man and u will be missed by so many people,especially ur babygirl harley


Anita Strickland Baldwin posted on 8/28/21

We in the grill at Clear Run will miss you!! Much Love to all the family!! One of a kind!!!



Donald R. Hufham posted on 8/28/21

Gary, Blessings Be With You And Each of the Children and Family.



Beth Polera posted on 8/28/21

I was very sorry to hear that Mrs. Tanksley passed away. I knew the Tanksley family from Our Lady of Assumption School as I was in the same class as Sheila and Mrs. Tanksley worked there. They were always so friendly and nice - a lovely family. In later years Mrs. Tanksley and I kept in touch as we had a mutual friend and a love of animals - especially cats. Deepest sympathy to her family from me and my family. May she Rest In Peace.


Gary & Wendy Dennis posted on 8/28/21

Meagan and Jonathan, We are thinking of you and praying for your family during this very difficult time. Sending our condolences. With love Gary and Wendy


AF posted on 8/28/21

I’m sorry to hear about Chuck - he seemed like a great guy and I’m glad he was a friend to the animals. I hope one of his family members can take in Honey. It would be a lovely memorial to Chuck and help you and Honey with the grieving process.


Gary & Lisa Mantz posted on 8/28/21

Mr. Schnur was a great biology at Canastota High School. Matt officiated our wedding and baptized our two oldest children before moving to North Carolina. We have many happy memories sharing a meal with you.


Steve Blackburn posted on 8/28/21

Mary, I am so sorry for your loss. Dan was an inspiration for all who were fortunate to know him professionally as well as personally. May God embrace you and give you comfort in the days ahead.


Charles N Reavis. posted on 8/28/21

I worked with Ed for the county. Very smart electrician, awesome fisherman, stood on his on two feet. He was pursuing efforts to get his unlimited electrical license to further his career. I will miss him greatly. GOD BLESS you and your family.


Monica Imboden posted on 8/28/21

Liz was a very special friend to me.The first time I met her I knew that I was blessed to have her in my life.I will miss her wittiness and positivity in everything we spoke about. My prayers go out to her wonderful family that she so loved.The Lord has a special angel.


Harley Powell ingram posted on 8/28/21

I will love and miss you everyday intill the sun does shine bright anymore you were my happiness my hero and above all my father you were the light to my days and then dark of my night and I'm glad to call you my dad but intill I see you again I love you


Crystin Brewer posted on 8/28/21

I’m sending so much love and prayer for everyone mourning Jay’s passing. He leaves behind a beautiful legacy that will live on in the hearts of all who loved him.


Yvonne peak posted on 8/28/21

A beautiful lady I miss her very prayers are with her family.


Kimberly George posted on 8/28/21

I am so very sorry to hear of Bobby's passing prayers and thoughts are with the family



Kelly posted on 8/28/21

We will be planning a Celebration of Life gathering in honor of my father in the future. All friends, family and former co- workers are invited to attend. Details will follow


Nora Barnes posted on 8/28/21

Sincere love and sympathy to Gary, the children and Isabella.


Nora Barnes posted on 8/28/21

My love and sympathy to the family. My prayers for comforting!


Freddie Ray posted on 8/28/21

So sorry to hear about Shuney . Many fond memories of him.


Bryan Foxbower posted on 8/28/21

We will miss you at Larry’s Tire Service


Veronica A Fennell posted on 8/28/21

Randy I will truly miss you. You won this race. Keep your eye on those young ladies of yours. Rest in Heavenly peace. Forever in my heart Veronica Fennell


Cathy Martin posted on 8/27/21

Liz was a very special person. I met her 20 years ago. through those years she has taught me in ladies' bible study groups, assisted me with health appointments, guided me through difficult times in my family and helped me to find a doctor I could trust. I will miss her positive attitude, her helpfulness and friendship. She was a beautiful person inside and out. I know she is with the Lord and rejoicing.


Elizabeth Kranstuber posted on 8/27/21

Liz was such a sweet loving person who always helped me with my appointments at The Center. I appreciated always being greeted by Liz’s beautiful smile and gentle spirit. We always compared notes on our most recent Bible Studies. She was an excellent example of Christian love for everyone whom she met. I miss seeing her and I will pray for you all to be comforted by The Lord, Especially her children granddaughter and Gary.


Gene ikner posted on 8/27/21

I had the pleasure of knowing chuck and honey (his dog ) . He will be missed . Our prayers go out to Barbara and Eddie and the rest of the family.


Carol langer posted on 8/27/21

Liz was a light to the staff and clients of The Center Blessing to her family and friends. Heaven is a lovelier place now.


Dennis and Mary Lou Gershowitz posted on 8/27/21

Our friend Liz will be missed, but we know she is on a beautiful journey to a beautiful place. We will always hold special memories of her in our hearts. We send our deepest sympathies to Gary and the family. May you always remember the wonderful smile, humor, times and great homemade jellies. We were all blessed to have Liz in our lives, especially the family. Know that she is in a better place and waiting for you with a smile on her face. Lots of love, Dennis and Mary Lou


Gracious posted on 8/27/21

I will always love you Mama.


Gail Robinson posted on 8/27/21

Ray was a dear, sweet friend. I have not seen him in years and was was sorry to hear of his passing. He never met a stranger and was a true Southern Gentleman who was always willing to help or listen to everyone. He loved his family and was so proud of them and will be sorely missed. Thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends for peace, comfort and understanding. May he RIP.


Jessica Burbank posted on 8/27/21


Mary Frances & Horace Watkins posted on 8/27/21

Connie we are so sorry for the loss of Shuney and he will be greatly missed, Prayers for you and your family


Toni Estep posted on 8/27/21

So loved, by so many. A wonderful lady. Blessed to have her in my life so many years . Sending my love to you, always, Toni and Marty Estep


Bonnie Hales posted on 8/27/21

Met Ray going to breakfast at Saltworks II about 13 years ago. Always a kindly gentle man without a mean bone in his body. He treated my husband to a dozen flounder rigs he had tied himself. Our breakfast paths crossed frequently at Jimbo’s in recent years. Always a joy to chat with. A friendly breakfast diner where a person can get their day started surrounded by kindness… I swear that’s a little bit of heaven on earth. Thank you, Ray, for getting so many of our mornings started, right. You are a Ray of light. -Bonnie and Jason


Brent Morton posted on 8/27/21

Jerry, Joy and family. I am truly sorry to hear of your son Jerry’s passing. Please accept my condolences to you all.May God comfort you all as only he can as you try to make sense out of his passing. Stay safe and well.


Brenda Stophel posted on 8/26/21

Our prayers are with Rebekah and the rest of the family, words cannot heal your grief but your memories will remain in your hearts forever.


Brenda Stophel posted on 8/26/21

Philip and Faye Stophel


Connie Williamson posted on 8/26/21

Sherry, I can still remember the day I got saved and became a member of Eula Church. I remember my eyes locking in on your beautiful smile. Ever time I came to church you had a way of making me seem at ease. I don't think you met a stranger. May your family feel blessed knowing another Angel received her wings. God Bless


Marsha Williams posted on 8/26/21

Sherry was an amazing person. She was a good friend. I will miss her beyond belief. She was the most loving grandmother to our granddaughter Kalysta. I will always love her. Rest In Peace sweet lady and friend in mine.


Patricia Reilly posted on 8/26/21

My condolences and prayers for the LeBlanc family. Remember Mrs. LeBlanc walking down Ellis Place to St. Ann's. Beautiful lady RIP.


Nikisha Dixon-Nesmith posted on 8/26/21

Sending prayers and hugs during this difficult time. Love, The Nesmith's


Patricia Reilly posted on 8/26/21

My condolences to the LeBlanc family. Always remember her walking down Ellis Place to St. Ann's. Beautiful person. RIP


Toni Fodor posted on 8/26/21

Our love and prayers to the family…RIP Doris


Michele Collins posted on 8/26/21

Prayers for peace and healing for the family and for his brothers and sisters in the fire service.


Mike and Jackee Lally posted on 8/26/21

Our condolences thoughts and prayers go with all


odette mallais from NB CANADA. posted on 8/26/21

sympathy to all the family



Kelli and Justin posted on 8/26/21

We loved getting to know Doris through Chris and Marie. We could often hear her laughter from our backyard, and we enjoyed watching her walk the streets in the neighborhood. She had a beautiful smile.


Keelie Cioccke posted on 8/26/21

Gone but not forgotten, you were like a Grandfather to me, you treated me with kindness.. and always made me laugh. Watching our crime shows together. Lol. Love you pops, you'll always be in my heart. Love Keelie


Linda P Watkins posted on 8/26/21

I worked with Alan directly and he was one of the nicest, kindest and humble people I've ever known. I'm so sorry he was taken away so soon. Jean, my thoughts and prayers are with you and the family. May God comfort you in this sad time.


Keith B Burnett posted on 8/26/21

I'll never forget our dance we had a Roger's wedding you mean the world to me and I miss you rest in peace


char porter posted on 8/26/21

Doris and I were members of the Laetare Bible Study group from Immaculate Conception Catholic Church. For years, we discussed living Jesus. She did it! Even in the years after she moved from her home, we met with the "Bible Girls". Breakfast at the Sawmill was a Sunday after church ritual, coming to Dean and my oyster roasts was an every December event, which Rose and Doris loved. She was a good friend for 20+ years and I'll miss her; she's watching me try to live Jesus, and smiling her magnificent smile with her dancing blue eyes. Blessed.


Beverly & Anthony Cameron posted on 8/26/21

Keeping you in prayers. She was a beautiful person. Always had a beautiful smile.


Christa Picciano Daniello posted on 8/26/21

I’m so sorry about her passing, sending prayers to the entire family, remembering her spunk, tough spirit and love for her family


Christa Picciano Daniello posted on 8/26/21

I am so sorry to Hear about her passing, I remember her tough spirit and her love for her family! Sending prayers to The entire family. Your in my prayers


Laura Fasnacht posted on 8/26/21

Mrs Sherry you were so wonderful to me and my kids... You watched my three sons grow up, from my youngest that was in my belly, to who he is now, and my middle son who was still in diapers, to my oldest graduating high school. You have made a major impact in my life... We will miss you... FASNACHT Laura, Hunter, Bryson, Joshua


Linda Fredrickson Anthony posted on 8/26/21

I really enjoyed working with (and for) Alan. I attended the wedding celebration and was SO happy for him and Jean! I can only offer sincere condolences and prayers for the family.


Deb Morrison Walter posted on 8/26/21

So many memories of a no nonsense, strong woman. I was fortunate enough to have her as a Godmother. So grateful to her, especially when my mom so sick. Rest In Peace, love you.


Lisa Mccauley posted on 8/26/21

A Great Man , A very good friend and we loved him very very much, my heart goes out to his family.. his beloved Wife and his adoring Sister and his daughter. And the rest of the family. He was like a Grampa to my son and I'll never forget that kindness or this man. Love Lisa & Jahthias Fly high my friend


Lisa Boyd posted on 8/26/21

Sherry was a beautiful, kind and loving person. She will be missed.


Jeannie Carbone & Joel Rumm posted on 8/25/21

My heart hurts hearing we lost this beautiful woman, we cared for her dogs for years, and they couldn’t have had better parents than Robin & Bill. Our thoughts are with Bill and entire family


John and Nancy Battista posted on 8/25/21

To the LeBlanc Family we our so sorry for your loss. Our condolences and prayers to you all.


Amanda McCluskey posted on 8/25/21

Sherry was a beautiful soul who made you feel like you had known her your whole life. You could see the love she had for her family and the Lord. Praying for the family and friends as they miss her earthly presence.


Joey Upchurch posted on 8/25/21

One of the sweetest people I’ve ever known.


Sheila posted on 8/25/21

Sherry was a beautiful soul she loved everyone she willbe missed by everyone


Jonelle Grabenstein posted on 8/25/21

Great guy, always positive. Proud to have been his friend.


Taylor posted on 8/25/21

Anytime Harper was around, I knew I could count on smiling. He offered such great wisdom and kindness, sprinkled with humor. I will never forget his commitment to a good joke. It was impossible to dislike him, and I am grateful to have met him. He made the world a greater place, and for that, he is incredibly missed.


Richard Jewell and Debbie JewelL posted on 8/25/21

Our prays and thoughts are with you. Alan was a great guy and he will be missed by his friends and family.


Linda Lindsey posted on 8/25/21

Sue Walker, sister to Charles, is my neighbor in Sevierville. I've been praying for Charles and his wife for some time now. Was so sorry when Sue called to let me know that he had passed away. your family will continue to be in my prayers.


Helen King posted on 8/25/21

Bob I’m sorry I will not be able to attend services for Sherry. I still have open wounds and the doctor doesn’t want me in crowds. I loved Sherry like a sister. She was always kind and supportive. She was always working for the Lord. those in WMU group know the laughter she brought and .fun we had working for the Lord. I will never forget her.


Joanne B Elkins posted on 8/25/21

I will not forget your love and generosity to Jamin and Lloyd when they were establishing a home together, and when their son Zachariah came along. Thank you so much, Sherry. May God comfort and strengthen your loved ones, and may you find great joy in His loving presence!


Gabby D’Amico posted on 8/25/21

“Aunt Sherry” was such a sweet, humble, kind, and selfless woman. I spent many days at her house with her niece and my best friend at the time, Elizabeth. We drove her crazy with our obnoxious teenage shenanigans, but there was nothing she wouldn’t do for us. I am thankful to have known Sherry and will always remember her. My deepest condolences go to Elizabeth, Camden, Mrs. Angie, Bob, Kalysta and the rest of Sherry’s family and friends whose lives she touched. You all will be in my prayers.


Carolyn S Williams posted on 8/25/21

Charles and his family were my next door neighbors in Sevierville. I remember his humor and intellect. He was my birthday brother because we shared a birthday. Many in Sevierville have fond memories of Charles.


JASON FAIELLA posted on 8/25/21



Michael Stafford posted on 8/25/21

I remember the date very clearly. In was April 8th 1986. After returning home from work around 4AM I saw Mrs. LeBlanc walking in front of my home on Eastern Avenue. We talked a bit about her family and watched Haley's Comet cross the dark sky. I will always remember this.


Liz G posted on 8/25/21

I'm so sorry for your loss. Please take care and know you are not alone. You will be in my thoughts and prayers.


Sallie Rochelle posted on 8/25/21

Alan was a great guy! Always had a smile! My thoughts and prayers for comfort are with you Jean and family.


Nikolina Boskovic posted on 8/25/21

Meeting Harper at App State and being privy to his energy, kindness, and sweet nature was a gift. Harper had a way of making people, myself included, feel seen, heard, and profoundly understood. His humor was unlike any other and his ability to say the right thing every single time was incredible. I feel this loss so heavily and my condolences are with the family and each person who had the joy of having Harper in their life.


Steve Excell posted on 8/25/21

Jane and family, My heart and prayers goes out to you guys. I remember all great hunting trips we had together and I am very proud of my cousin Jay as a hero, Patriot and person. God Bless..


Wallace Gray posted on 8/25/21

Jay was an exceptional individual. I was VP and then President of CWA Local 3615 in Wilmington back in the early 70's. As President I was building a strong Job Steward base to represent each department in Southern Bell at the time. Jay was a smart, aggressive and strong in our Union beliefs. He stood out above others and I appointed him as a Job Steward. He was ferrous and relentless in his representation of a wronged employee.Management knew there was a tiger in Jay when he would walk into the room. He is surely missed. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you.


larry g edens posted on 8/25/21

Billy was a true friend - God be with you Peggy


larry g edens posted on 8/25/21

One super individual plus great friend


larry g edens posted on 8/25/21

lots of great memories that will always be there - God be with you Connie


BILL YOUNG posted on 8/25/21




Michael Stophel posted on 8/25/21

RIP in Peace Nephew in Law


Gail Brady posted on 8/25/21

Thoughts and prayers for you and your families


Marisa posted on 8/25/21

Jane, Lyndsey, Alison and family, my heart goes out to you all. I have the most wonderful memories with this family that I will always cherish. From beach house trips every summer, DEMON WARP and just practically living at their house. Losing Jay is like losing a dad for the second time.


Scott posted on 8/24/21

One of the things I always looked forward to when we went to Kure was getting together with the North Carolina Excells. It always led to good times and laughter. It's hard to accept that he's gone. Our condolences to Jane, Allison, Lyndsey, and the rest of the family. Jay will be missed.


Jesua Ragin posted on 8/24/21

I had the pleasure of being one of Ms.Doris’s caretakers during her stay at Trinity Grove. She was a sweet soul and was so strong especially during her final days. My prayers are with her family during this difficult time.



Jesua Ragin posted on 8/24/21

I had the pleasure of being one of Ms Leblanc’s caretakers during her stay at Trinity Grove. she was such a sweet soul and she was so strong even in her final days, my prayers are with her family during this difficult time.


Sue Crook posted on 8/24/21

I just learned the news and am so sorry to hear. I had the pleasure of working with Bob back in the late 90s. I remember he didn't talk much at first but, then 6 months in he came out of his office and told a funny joke, we all laughed and he officially became "one of us at acoustics". He was a funny coworker and a great boss. My deepest condolences to the family.



Mayra Negron posted on 8/24/21

Matt, I just wanted to send my sincerest thoughts and prayers to you and your family during this difficult time of the loss of your brother. May he rest in peace.


Matthew Baum posted on 8/24/21

The Family would like you to consider making a donation to the following charity


Lorraine Weckerle posted on 8/24/21

So so sorry to hear this I will miss her ❤❤



Paul e Hann posted on 8/24/21

top of the top always took the high road great friend


Rebecca Gurganus posted on 8/24/21

With deepest sympathy to the family in your loss. Rebecca and Kenny Gurganus


Wills Maxwell Jr. posted on 8/24/21

Harper is one of the funniest people I’ve ever had the pleasure to know. I wish he knew how often he had me cracking up looking at my phone or computer. He was a sweet person and a talented writer. I’m very sorry for your loss. Harper was a light.


Karrie, Malia & Billy posted on 8/24/21

Jane, rest assured Jay and Bill are playing music in heaven.


Jeffrey M. Pettit HMCS USN RET posted on 8/24/21

Alex was one of the inspirations for my career and adult life. As a young boy he became a mentor and educator to me that was unsurpassed. His love of life and desire to learn were what exemplified people of the greatest generation. My memories include a family that included me and nurtured my youth. Semper Fi Marine. May Fare Winds and Following Seas always be with you in this next journey. Respectfully, Jeff



Billie Shelton posted on 8/24/21

May this candle flicker with love and gentleness for the soul who has his wings in Heaven!


Billie Shelton posted on 8/24/21

Loved Billy like a brother. He was kind, generous, humble and always smiling. He will be greatly missed by all who knew him. May Father God bring comfort and strength to Billy's family.



Raye Reichelderfer posted on 8/24/21

What a loss!! When he spoke, people listened. Condolences to family. He will really be missed .I'm glad our paths crossed in this life.


Carson Schubert posted on 8/24/21

I have nothing but fond memories of Harper, a wonderful cousin and even better person. The world is a worse place without him here, but I know he is making others smile in the next world.


Doreen Mullen Yackel posted on 8/24/21

Sorry to hear about my cousins passing. Will always remember the time we spent at our grandparent. The memories will last a life time. Rest In Peace Rick


Shirley Fowler posted on 8/24/21

So very sorry for your lose, just read the obit. She was a great lady and a good friend.


Don Mullen posted on 8/24/21

It was a shock to hear about my cousin Rick’s death. Remembering good times we had at my Grandparents house on Seneca river with Rick. We were born the same year but his birthday was 4 days before mine.


Susan Wilcox posted on 8/23/21

I know the pain you feel. My Jay passed away in Feb of 2020. These guys worked together back when the Bell system was a real telephone company. I will be praying for you and your family. Life will be different, but it will be ok because you have your memories. The love you shared will live on.


Kathleen posted on 8/23/21

Ricky, Trisha & Maria, thinking of you guys and sending hugs! When I think of uncle Rick, I think of great music and big speakers! He always enjoyed music. Xxxooo your cousin Kathy


Deborah Lewis posted on 8/23/21

This is heartbreaking Thank you for your service Jay, thank you for your friendship, thank you for standing up for others when they were ready to give up , thank you for challenging my mind and making me a better person. You left this world a better place Your family was your life and I can only imagine the pain they feel, my prayers go out to Jane, his beautiful daughters and grandkids


Jody posted on 8/23/21

No words can say enough. I feel like our family has lost its bright star. But what we have lost, Heaven has gained. He will live in my heart forever. Sending my love to all of you.


Julie Fisher posted on 8/23/21

Kelly. So very sorry to hear about your son Harper. Sounds like he was such a great guy and loved by all. My heart breaks for you .. please know you are in my thoughts and prayers. Julie Fisher (Crystal’s class)


Lois A. Basiliere posted on 8/23/21

John F. Golden seemed to enjoy meals at my place with his wife Sharon and family. John helped those in need and had a sense of humor. Prayers to Sharon and their family.


Lois A. Basiliere posted on 8/23/21

John F. Golden seemed to enjoy dining at my place with Sharon and family. John helped others when in need. My prayers go to him and his family.


Beth Trice posted on 8/23/21

Kelly, I am so sorry to hear of your sons' passing. Please know you and your family are in our prayers during this difficult time. Sending hugs from your YMCA friend.


Mary Murray posted on 8/23/21

I am so sorry to hear of Jay's passing. My prayers are with all of you.


Catherine Padgett posted on 8/23/21

My deepest sympathies to Angie, I know how close she and her mother were. Condolences to Angie,. Chris, Marisa, and Joe and the rest of the family.


Diane Goddard posted on 8/23/21

Dear Patsy and family, I am sadden to read of Alex's passing. He was such a gentleman and gifted in so many ways. I was a neighbor when Alex and Patsy lived on Seaborne Dr in Yarmouth. I would admire his thriving vegetable garden and all the different kinds of birds he would attract to his yard. My hope for you all is that you will find peace and comfort in the memories you hold. Bless you.


Maggie Dixon posted on 8/23/21

Lisa was a special friend and co-worker at Rehab Services, Beckley, WV. I will cherish her friendship and remember her with great fondness. RIP sweet Lisa!


Derry Monks posted on 8/23/21

Oliver Monks and family sends all our love and light... I'm so sorry Kelly.....


Nicholas Edward Williams posted on 8/23/21

My dad would talk to me a lot on the phone, as he sold things he finds, as he was good guy, as he love You-tube and he was Trump fan, as he would talk to me about what when on about thing around the world


Nicholas Edward Williams posted on 8/23/21

my dad was man who wanted to be left along as he had hard time and good time as he was good guy who done a lot for other as he was good guy



Susan Meyland Andrews posted on 8/23/21

So sorry for the loss of Mr Potter. Prayers for the family during this time.


Virginia Reed posted on 8/23/21

I met Harper at Appalachian State - he was part of the Rotten Appal founding team as we started an online satire magazine. Mostly, the club was just an excuse for all of us to goof off and make each other laugh. Harper was always the best at the latter. A lot of people in my life, including myself, are loud. People who want to get the last word, or who will use as many words as it takes to get their point across. Harper didn't mince words. He was quiet, thoughtful, and didn't open his mouth unless he knew what he was about to say was perfect - and it always was. Harper kept us all in stitches, and as he and I fell out of regular communication, his online presence brought a smile to my face more often than not. It had been a while since I spoke with Harper, but I was still gutted to learn that he had passed. That's the kind of impact that Harper had on people. To know him was to love him. He was unfailingly kind, curious, thoughtful, loyal, and funny, and he is gone too soon. My thoughts are with all of you and all who knew and loved him.


Bonnie and Ron Klaus posted on 8/23/21

So sorry for your loss. I know heaven is a brighter place now with Harper there


Gregory Wilson posted on 8/23/21

So sorry to hear of Chunky's passing. He once lived across the street from us in Halifax, VT. He was a great neighbor. My kids loved him. So filled with stories. He will be missed


Karrie Morgan posted on 8/23/21

Jane, My heart break for you. My prayers are with you and your family


Michael Rudman posted on 8/23/21

Harper was one of the most positive people I have ever met in my life. He had a huge heart and was very kind to everyone. He will be deeply missed, my prayers and thoughts go out to his family.


Tracey Kruger posted on 8/23/21

Kelly, Dan, and Nathan, I was so sorry to hear about Harper. You are all in my prayers.


June Bigford posted on 8/23/21

He was a blessing to Riegelwood Federal Credit Union and precious friendship along the way. He will truly be missed. We pray for comfort and peace for Mrs. Connie and her family during the this time of loss.


Paul Hugenberg posted on 8/23/21

I will miss Charles. As a neighbor and fellow veteran I hope he is in a wonderful place. Nelli, Please let me know if I can do anything for you


Melanie Wells posted on 8/23/21

Remembering you will be easy. So many great memories were made. The Bugs Bunny one liners that would crack us both up when I was little and nights fishing at the beach... so many more come to mind. All those thoughts will always keep you close to me. Being my father's daughter is the very best compliment. You were anamazing Dad to me, Pops... love you, Mel


Sean Haste posted on 8/23/21

Ms. Libby always had a smile on her face when I saw her and seemed happy to be at work never complaining . She will be missed. Prayers for the family for the support they need.


Vinny posted on 8/23/21

RIP Harpoon You were and will continue to be a light in this world. Love you bro


Toni Shields posted on 8/23/21

May her family rest in peace knowing that she is with God and watching over her family.


Nicole Lancaster posted on 8/23/21

Kelly, Dan, Nathan, and family, I am sending you deep love. Harper was such a sensitive and beautiful-hearted young man. Please know that your family will remain in my prayers in the coming days. May you be strengthened and comforted. So much love to you all.


Sandy Zabriskie posted on 8/22/21

Libby made all who knew her, have a better day. Always smiling, always Grateful. An angel on earth. She will be well remembered and truly missed. Prayers and love for comfort and healing for the family.


Lou Sorrentino posted on 8/22/21

May you rest in peace. We will always remember you and "Doc". Spending condolences and love from the entire Sorrentino family.


Cindy Mintz posted on 8/22/21

Jane, Lyndsey & Family, Allison & Family plus all the other Family members. So very sorry for your loss. Jay truly loved his Family. I saw that personally. It’s never easy when your Husband, Father, Grandfather, Brother, Uncle & good Friend leaves such a huge void. Love, thoughts & prayers to all!!


Lou Sorrentino posted on 8/22/21

May you rest in peace. We will always remember you and "Doc". Sending condolences and love from the entire Sorrentino family.


Ashley & Jimmy Nelson posted on 8/22/21

Charles was avery special man.He was very interesting in so many different things. He loved to read, an the Bible was his favorite book of all. Yes Charlie will be missed by many, but will never be forgotten. God bless his wife Nelli,keep her in your prayers


Carol Bradley posted on 8/22/21

Joan was a great friend to me when I moved to NH. She also taught me to be a Labor and Delivery nurse in the most caring ways. Living next door to her was a priviledge


Dom and Sandy (Notarione) Sette posted on 8/22/21

Please accept our deepest sympathy. Our thoughts and prayers are with you in your time of grief.



John Jr. posted on 8/22/21

I will miss you Dad. You were the strongest man I’ve ever known. Love you.


Debbie Sebastian posted on 8/22/21

Our sweet Aunt Libby will be missed so much. She had such a great, sassy, fiery personality! I will always remember her stories and laugh. My love and sympathies are with Angie and Sherry, their husband's and children.


Dana Boudreault posted on 8/22/21

Gene, your Mom sounds like she was one awesome person! I didn’t know her but it is evident how she shaped you as person you are, who in turn touched my life as my very first flight instructor, and now as someone I am proud to call a friend. So thank you, Joan, for that! My parents have lived in Fort Myers since the mid-90’s, and I am wondering if they spent time in Lee Memorial when your Mom was working there.


Jeffrey Seeley posted on 8/22/21

Gene, so sorry to hear this news. Wishing you and your family strength during this difficult time.


Nelli Walker posted on 8/22/21

Connie, I'm sending loads of love to you and the family. I was so sorry to read of Shuney's passing. Love you sweet lady


Kathie FAGAN posted on 8/22/21

Aunt Joan was so full of life And love..She was a giving devoted nurse not just at her job but continuingly throughout her life ... She had sparkle and zest and love to laugh she devoted her life to family and others... I don’t ever remember too many times when she wasn’t laughing or having a smile on her face oh welcoming people into her home... I remember a story when she was living in Florida and there was a hurricane approaching and there was an older tenant and one of the other units it was all alone...Before the storm approached she invited him in to her unit which was in a safer location so that he would be OK..I’m sure she invited half the complex I don’t think they all came but that’s how she was..Growing up we all spent time at Great East lake with competitive board games boat rides skiing swimming cookouts and many celebrations..It’s quite sad that she has passed but she joins her mom and dad and her sisters Annette Leona Barbara And Marilyn and I’m sure they have welcomed her with open loving arms... We all love and miss you auntie rest in the peace that you deserve ❤️❤️


Suzanne Neblett posted on 8/22/21

I’m so sad to hear about sweet Ms. Libby. Sending big hugs and love to Angie, Chris, and the whole family.


Cameron Spearman posted on 8/22/21

The employees of Walker Taylor at The Davis Community would like to offer our condolences and our thanks to the family. Mrs.Joan was a sweet, caring, and loving person that made sure we knew she was thankful for all who cared for her. Sometimes on the days that seems the hardest, her kind words were enough to help you get through the day. We thank the family for allowing and trusting us to care for Mrs. Joan, and we cherish the time we had with her.


Davidson-Pattishall Family posted on 8/22/21

Our family grieves for yours. May the love and light that was Harper’s carry your sweet family through these dark days. Heartfelt condolences from the Davidson-Pattishall family.


Bob Haley posted on 8/22/21

I was thinking about Mr Lackey this morning for some reason. I was in band with him. I graduated from Enka High in 1980. We moved to Candler from Michigan in July 1977. I remember hearing that my new band director was a drill sergeant in the Corps and he takes no crap . Though it is true, Mr Lackey had limits to his patience like anyone does, he was always a kind, decent human being to me. He always got my respect. I was living back in Michigan, working in R&D for Dow Chemical when I heard he passed away. Truth be told, I don't know of any of his students having less than good thoughts of John Lackey. He expected the best from people. What higher praise for your fellow human being could you have than to want to see the best from them. One day we will get to see him again. May Christ keep us so that may happen.


Martha M Mullins posted on 8/22/21

I'm holding you all close to my heart and lifting you before the Lord. I know that the Lord is very near to all of you, and pray that this service will be deeply honoring to Harper, to the Lord, and to all of you, and a deep comfort. I wish I was there to be with you and embrace each of you, but know that it is so in spirit. Much love to a very dear and special family. Martha Mullins


Jamie Garrett Parker, Maxcy and Tracie Garrett posted on 8/22/21

Ms.Clements had such a wonderful laugh! Whenever I think of her I hear her laugh. Praying for Angie, Sherry and the family!


Tom George III posted on 8/22/21

Alex was one of the nicest people I have ever known. Right now, I can’t think of anyone nicer. For Alex, Everyone else came first. Alex and I have a special connection. He told me many times how much I looked like his roommate in college.


Tom George III posted on 8/22/21

Alex was one of the nicest people I have ever known. Right now, I can’t think of anyone nicer. For Alex, Everyone else came first. Alex and I have a special connection. He told me many times how much I looked like his roommate in college. For good or for bad.


Tom Keaton posted on 8/22/21

So sorry for you loss. The Keaton’s


The Orbich family posted on 8/22/21

Deepest sympathies and prayers of peace and comfort to the family, especially Sherri, Duane, Audrey & Olivia ~ May the angels lead Mrs. Libby home ❤️❤️


Kathy & Bob Snyder, Shirley Cox posted on 8/22/21

Heartfelt condolences to Lisa's family. We're so sorry for the loss of your sister, Tammy. This has been such a difficult couple of years for you and the family. We're thinking of you and lifting prayers on your behalf for comfort and healing.


Chad Hollar posted on 8/22/21

An absolutely wonderful person! Mrs. Clements always had time for her Patrol Deputies. She would always have time to listen and offer some advice when someone was having a rough day. She will be greatly missed. I also remember that, like clockwork, you could always find a birthday card in your mailbox at work on the appropriate day...she remembered them all, and it meant alot.


Irene Stankiewicz Matz posted on 8/22/21

My deepest sympathy. May warm memories bring comfort.


Mike Lowry posted on 8/22/21

My heart goes out to Bedford, Michael, and Robert and all their extended families. Rest in Peace Cousin


Timothy Kuryla posted on 8/22/21

Fred, i am sorry to learn of the loss of your son. Academy 1960


Timothy Kuryla posted on 8/22/21

Fred, I am sorry to learn of the loss of your son, Buddy. Academy 1960


John W. Cowand, Jr. posted on 8/21/21

Connie, I was so sorry to hear of Shuney's death. He was a great work companion and he was a perfect partner in the duck blind in Arkansas.


Chance Michael posted on 8/21/21

Harper wuz there 4 mi wren no 1 elsa wuz.


Mariann posted on 8/21/21

Harper was such a genuinely kind soul. During a recent chat with him, he spoke about how he cared for his community and peers. That, along with his sense of humor, was my favorite thing about Harper; his ability to make those around him feel seen and cared for. His presence will be deeply missed.


Chalmer and Linda Wilkins posted on 8/21/21

Our prayers and thoughts are with the entire Turek family. We are so saddened to hear of Harper's death. Our deepest sympathies and love to all of you.


Philip Arthur Jackson posted on 8/21/21

After reading several of the condolences, I am very sorry that I did not know Harper or ever had the privilege of meeting him. He seemed to be such a kind and individual. I am so sorry for your loss and cannot imagine your grief at this time. Kelly and family, I will pray for your comfort and peace...from the ONE who gives it best.


John Donohue posted on 8/21/21

The Echo family joins with me in sending our condolences. Take strength in having him with you for 27 years.


Chrissy Turley posted on 8/21/21

I was deeply saddened to hear about Harper. Harper was a wonderful person. He had the hugest heart and always made others happy with his presence. He truly cared for his peers and was always there to help us out. I always loved when he showed me his funny tweets and hearing him talk about stuff that excited him. He will be greatly missed.


Kat posted on 8/21/21

What a kind and gentle soul. Full of laughter and wit. He will be missed around here. Prayers are being sent for the family.


Amber posted on 8/21/21

Harper will be dearly missed! I have nothing but wonderful memories of him. The way he cared for his peers was like no other I have seen. The energy he had was uplifting, supportive, and comforting. Harper was hilarious with that dry sense of humor and he was impossible to not like. Losing such a wonderful kid has been devastating and my heart hurts so much for his family. I know there is nothing that will take the pain away but I pray for the universe to provide the comfort and strength needed to get through such a tragic loss.


Keenan Cromshaw posted on 8/21/21

Even though I didn’t see Harper as much as Nathan, I could never forget his radiant laugh and smile. My deepest condolences and you are in my thoughts and prayers.


Katie Franzer posted on 8/21/21

Harper was the sweetest and most genuine person I've met. He cared so much for others and always checked in with friends. He opened up and brought laughter and joy to every person he encountered. He was and always will be someone who impacted my life greatly.


Lynne Deflumeri posted on 8/21/21

What a lovely man❤️❤️❤️


Laurent Delly posted on 8/21/21

My deepest sympathy to Annie and the rest of the Gaynor family!


Polly Justice posted on 8/21/21

Connie, I am so sorry, he was a good fiend and always cheered me up. I will miss him. I am praying for you and your family. Love you. C


Jane Croom posted on 8/21/21

Prayers for you Connie and all your family!!


Rev. Christopher Haywood posted on 8/21/21

Thank You Sam for the life lessons and kindness. My sincere condolences to the Ingram family. Prayers of love and comfort.


Carmalyn Miller posted on 8/21/21

So sorry for your loss Connie! May God surround with His peace and love. Hugs and prayers!


Lynnda Hutchins posted on 8/21/21

I am so sorry to hear of Harper’s passing. He was a nice young man and always smiling. I’m very saddened. Prayers for his family for comfort and strength.


Gil Cromshaw posted on 8/21/21

I have nothing but wonderful recollections of Harper as he and Nathan grew up with Keenan; such a wonderful, tender soul. Heaven is richer with his presence. My very deepest condolences to my longtime fantastic neighbors;. Keenan and I love you guys very much


Lena Anderson posted on 8/21/21

Mom today is 11 yrs an it gets no easier for me I miss you so much I know you dancing in the heavenly choir, I love you always your appy


Marie Anderson posted on 8/21/21

Memaw I love an miss you so much , I’ll never forget you telling mom a bushel an a peck an a hug around the neck . I loved hearing you say that I remember how many times you said I was your favorite grand daughter fly high memaw gone but never forgotten


Jessica Holshouser posted on 8/21/21

I remember Alex took me on my first date, we went to the fair and rode the Farris wheel… he was sweet, kind, and always funny. He had great talent as an artist, and I will forever hold a spot in my heart for him…


Peter Jurasik posted on 8/21/21

"Sweet Memories of Harper as a boy and later as a kind young man who cared about others. Dan, Kelly and Nathan have our most sincere sympathies and support in this troubled time and always. Rest in Peace, Harper P, B & Ben"


Shannon Mansfield posted on 8/21/21

Love and Prayers for the Turek family. Thinking of you Kelly.


Ellen Poisson posted on 8/21/21

I am so sorry for your loss. I will be praying for your family.


Elizabeth Highsmith posted on 8/21/21

My love and condolences to Jerry’s family including Pops and best friend Jason Cain. We miss you. I hope the angels know what they have


Kasey Valente posted on 8/20/21

Our family is devastated to hear this news. We first met Harper and the amazing Turek clan at Parents’ Community Preschool, where Harper stole our hearts. Many years later, our daughter Jo, caught back up with him and we learned what a wonderful, smart, funny young man he had become. Rest at peace sweet man!


Maria Age posted on 8/20/21

Harper was such as joy when he stopped by to the office at MGCS. He always brought a smile to my face and had some interesting tidbit of information to share with me. He was a kind and gentle soul an will be missed. Praying for your comfort as you go through this time.


Gary Smith posted on 8/20/21

Kelly, I am very sorry for your loss. May the Lord comfort you. Gary Smith


Cam posted on 8/20/21

The most genuine and kind hearted person I knew always brightened everyone’s day and was hilarious!!!! Praying for the family


Sherrie Hiatt posted on 8/20/21

Harper brought such joy to us at CCHS. As a freshman he seemed quiet and a little lost…trying to find himself. Spring of his sophomore year he wandered into my classroom, at the end of the day, at the beginning of musical practice, GodSpell. I asked him to stay and join us. Tentatively, he did. He wasn’t in the chorus, but, he sang the best he could. (He had the potential to have a great voice.) Although he had a minor role, he helped out anyway he could with a humble, giving spirit. The first night of the musical, he awkwardly took the stage following the lead of the experienced performers and blending well with the cast. The afternoon before the second night of the musical, we received word that one of our principal players would be out due to illness. No one could fill, Paul Hatch’s shoes. Desperately, I went to Harper and asked him to fill in. I told him we would make cue cards and get him excused from all afternoon classes so that he could prepare. He sweetly agreed. But, he told me, “I’m terrified, not sure I can do this, and you may not get what you’re expecting.” Moments before curtain call, with trepidation we turned to God. We all laid hands on Harper during our production “circle time”. (After the prayer, he kind of glowed. He had found his school family.) But! He was right. His first few lines were spoken shakily, it looked like he might not be able to handle the pressure. Then, the students on stage…his new family grinned at him and he took a deep breath and Harper SHONE! He took the lines given to them and put comedic expression to them. The crowd laughed, and laughed, and laughed. (I’m pretty certain those lines were not supposed to be comedic.) But, that was Harper! From that point on, Harper was a hit at CCHS. We all wanted to be around him and have his sweet spirit with us. The grief I now feel…can’t be expressed. But, I thank God for giving all of us those special times with him. Turek family, you are in my prayers, I grieve your loss, yet, rejoice in the memories. May God keep you all under the shadow of His wing. May the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, bring you into the fruit of God’s Spirit. May you know the fullness of God’s peace and love. Amen.


Courtney Scholz posted on 8/20/21

While I only met Harper a handful of times he left a last impression on me. His contagious smile will be permanently engraved in my brain. My love and support and continious prayers go to his amazing family.


Catheryn Thomas posted on 8/20/21

My heart aches for your family! Harper was truly a gently and lovely soul. He will be missed!


Kathi Hibbs posted on 8/20/21

Oh dear Kelly, my heart hurts for you. I am so sorry for your loss. Know that you are held in prayer and so much love.


Grace Stewart posted on 8/20/21

Benjie and I are sending love and prayers to your family! We celebrate Harper’s beautiful life and welcome listening to and enjoying stories about his time on this earth! Much love


J. R. “Ted” and Judith Tate posted on 8/20/21

So sorry to hear of Alex’s passing. Alex and Patsy were our next door neighbors at the Marine Corps base at Quantico, VA, in 1961. My wife, Judith, and I shared many experiences with Alex and Patsy while we attended Basic School and Artillery School there, and subsequently when we were posted to Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. As young lieutenants, we shared cookie jar change to get milk money for Patty and our son, Kelly, when money got tight before the next paycheck. Sadly, we went our separate ways when Alex finished his Marine Corps career, but we managed to stay in touch. We had the wonderful experience to visit them in Yarmouth in 1990 when we traveled through the area. His passing leaves a hole in our hearts, but the memories ease the sorrow.


Bill Sutton posted on 8/20/21

What a pleasure & joyful addition to life and to Wilmington and to our family- Harper was one of a kind in his kindness, gentleness and hilariousness. His loss is immeasurable indeed So heartbreaking and prayers/ love for Kelly, Dan, Nathan and all…


Kirk Nielsen posted on 8/20/21

Harper was a kind and funny person and a student who was a delight to be around. I still have one of the music videos that Coach Scheffel produced with his film class with Frank the Pirate entitles “Student Life.” Harper took some foil and put it on his front teeth as his “grill” and did a rap–I think he was one scene he was on one of the modulars. This would have been at the original CCHS campus on George Anderson Dr. My prayers are with the Turek family with a grateful heart that I was allowed to be a part of Harper’s life while at Coastal. Peace!


Alekxi Drakon posted on 8/20/21

I knew Harper during high school and he was the kindest person. He took the time to get to know everyone around him. I was fortunate to have been a part of some theatrical plays with him and shared many good times. You will be missed my friend


Elmore family posted on 8/20/21

Harper probably did not know how much he was loved by all of his classmates during middle and high school, but he surely was. He made everyone laugh and feel good about themselves. Harper accepted everyone for who they were and was always there for them. He was a great friend to my daughter and they loved running cross country together. His mom and dad were always present at school supporting him in all he did. Such a wonderful family and young man who will be missed dearly.


Mark Gilmer AKA Stan Gribbles posted on 8/20/21

I remember first meeting Harper as a wee baby boy at JDC, where I worked. So fragile, but bubbly. As he grew up, he (barely) tolerated Dan and I casting him to act in our small screen epics, reluctantly stealing the scene. His face always made me smile, every time I saw him. Very few people have done the same. His wit was intelligent, razor sharp, funny, but always kind. Such a gentle soul, he just felt good to be around. I will miss him dearly, but his far-reaching ripple effects will continue to ebb out.


Chris moseley posted on 8/20/21

I’m so sorry for your loss Dan. I miss you buddy hope to see you soon. Prayers for you and your family


Kristen Breyfogle, Lily and Carson posted on 8/20/21

Harper’s kindness and wit were a joy to experience. Sending our sincerest condolences and love to your beautiful family.


Rachel Mangum posted on 8/20/21

My sincerest condolences to the Turek family. I remember when he came to visit on the set of The Conjuring and he was such a beautiful soul. The world is a little less bright without him here.


Christy Register posted on 8/20/21

I remember Harper as a tiny little guy in the nursery at Bible study and then as a student at MGCS. He was a delightful child- I am so very sorry for this huge loss. Will be praying for you Kelly and your entire family and Harper’s many friends.


Macie Sueuga posted on 8/20/21

One of the wittiest humans I’ve ever known! He brought such laughter to Coastal with his morning weather reports. It was hard not to smile around Harper! He will be greatly missed.


Lee and John posted on 8/20/21

Anyone who loves cats and dogs so much is a friend to all mankind. He took the joy they gave him and spread it to the rest of the world.


Darrell Sheldon posted on 8/20/21

Colleen and I send our love to your entire family. The grief is immeasurable but the loving memories will last a lifetime. He is embraced by his creator and is joined by many greats of this world. He and Robin Williams are having a time. Hugs to you.


Cat F Leatherwood posted on 8/20/21

Rest easy Harper. I didn’t know you personally, but you’re apart of a big family. I hope the Turek family can find peace.


Kristen Martin Faust posted on 8/20/21

I’m devastated writing this… yet I want to contribute towards commemorate him. What a gift to have Harper on this earth…even for the too-short time we did. The lad was hilarious – coming from such a stellar parental team. I remember his sweet little boy voice and kind friendships…and humour. Discovering his sharp wit and legacy… My heart to my friends who mourn an unimaginable loss… he lives in US. Peace be with you.


Ellen Kiernan- posted on 8/20/21

We send Kelly, Dan and Nathan, as well as their extended families our deepest sympathies and prayers for peace. Your loss is immeasurable. Harper’s wit made all he touched laugh and appreciate him. He will be missed by his all in his Y soccer family.


Heather posted on 8/20/21

Harper made people laugh wherever he went. He was such a gift to this world. Much love to all of you. You are in our hearts. With love, Adam, Heather, Yumi, Thomas, and Zachary Alphin


Jose Melendez posted on 8/20/21

I remember the first time I was leaving town for a convention trip and had Harper with us, he was the most clever, witty and funniest gentleman I have ever had the pleasure to be friends with. I will always cherish our times together and keep him in my heart and prayers.


Colin posted on 8/20/21

You will be missed


Amy sutton posted on 8/20/21

Not a funnier, wittier, kinder fella have I ever known! His friendship to everyone will be a lasting treasure for all of us. Prayers for the Turek Family being sent by everyone!


Stephen Deck posted on 8/20/21

Harper was one of my best friends from college. He always made me laugh, and I miss him terribly already.


Savannah Kerr posted on 8/20/21

Harper is deeply missed by his friends. We carry him with us now and always.


Joe D’Alessandro posted on 8/20/21

Harper was a bright light. Happy, funny and caring. We will miss you but you will be forever remembered in our hearts and minds. Love, Joe – (aka Mister Joe) Barb and Giancarlo D’Alessandro


Jerry and Susan Coleman posted on 8/20/21

Harper’s dry, witty, wonderful sense of humor will stay with us forever.


Ginger and Mike Shehan posted on 8/20/21

What a wonderful, sweet young man he must have been! Mike and I are praying for all of you fervently during this horrific time. May God hover over each family member and cradle them in His merciful arms. We love you all.


Shannon Hart posted on 8/20/21

I’m so sorry for your loss! He sounds as if he was a joy to know. Praying God’s mighty strength and comfort from His Holy Spirit for you today and in the days to come.


Beautiful smile and laugh posted on 8/20/21

Beautiful smile and laugh


Mike Sexton posted on 8/20/21



Denise Sexton Nevels posted on 8/20/21

Very special Lady and Aunt. My thoughts and prayers with all family. She will be missed


Glen & Theresa Greenwood posted on 8/20/21

We will miss her dissertations and pointed accuracy.


Lynn McClellan posted on 8/20/21

Such a special lady.


Missy posted on 8/20/21

Deb, I am saddened to read this. Your mom was such a delight!! Prayers for you and your dad!!


Matt “Moses” Limone posted on 8/20/21

We met on the trail about 200 miles in and hiked the rest of it together. He was an awesome hiking companion because he could talk for hours about Whitey Bulger or any of the New England sports teams. He was always quick with a favor and his signature contagious laugh. I will miss him greatly.


Jenn Viane Riese posted on 8/20/21

I was lucky enough to meet Tom in college at SCU. We instantly hit it off as I spend my early years in Boston. He was such a fun and funny friend – we always had a good time together. I send my deepest heartfelt condolences to all of you, especially Mr and Mrs Casey.


Steven Vincent posted on 8/20/21

Very very nice lady♥️


Wanda Robinson Galey posted on 8/20/21

Sorry to hear about Terry’s passing. He was a geat guy. Condolences to his family.


Karen McCarthy posted on 8/20/21

Terry was a beautiful soul whose courage, strength of character and love brought him through many tough and painful moments. He is fondly remembered.


Karen Talbott posted on 8/20/21

Terry was a great guy. He and his family were neighbors of ours in Cadiz and Terry and I were in the CHS Class of 1965. Sincere sympathies to his entire family and may fond memories of him be yours to treasure forever.


Juanita Greer Sullivan posted on 8/20/21

Aunt Sue you will be miss. I know you will be watching over Uncle Jimmy but we will help you. Give Rex a hug for me. Love Juanita Greer Sullivan


Mary Young posted on 8/20/21

Robin was our parents next door neighbor. She & Bill were a great support to both of our parents. My husband and I went to one of Robin’s exhibits at the Long Beach VA showcasing local veterans art work. Robin was such a wonderful and positive lady. She will be greatly missed.


LYDIA MOORE posted on 8/20/21

I am so very sorry Dottie ❤️


Pat Mims posted on 8/20/21

Amanda and family I am so sorry to hear Nicole’s passing. My prayers are with you. She was a sweet lady and always had that lovely smile on her faced. I know that she will be greatly missed.


Amanda Johnson posted on 8/20/21

Mrs. Nicole was the first teacher I worked with at LCA, she taught me so much. The kids loved her and I enjoyed the time I had with her. She will be greatly missed, but I know she is loving her new home. We are praying for you all.


Amanda McCluskey posted on 8/20/21

Amber and Family, I’m so incredibly sorry for your loss. Your mother was such a sweet lady and I’m praying for peace for you all. ❤️


Randy& Annette (Stanley) Hewett posted on 8/20/21

So sorry to hear of your loss, we will be praying for you


Randy& Annette (Stanley) Hewett posted on 8/20/21

So sorry to hear of your loss, we will be praying for you.


Pauline Orpen posted on 8/20/21

Deepest sympathy to the Gaynor family on the sad passing of Mike.He was a true gentleman with a great sense of humor. My thoughts and prayers are with all his family.


Donal, Kevin & Helen O’ Sullivan. posted on 8/20/21

Deepest sympathy to all the Gaynor Family. Our prayers and thoughts are wilt you during this sad time. Peace to his gentle soul.


Flutie posted on 8/20/21

Deepest condolences to all the Gaynor family. Rest in Peace Mike.


Gerry gibbons posted on 8/20/21

My sincere condolences may he rest in peace


Angela OHaire posted on 8/20/21

Mike was a well known and loved member of rhe Sunnyside Community. God Bless you Mike, God speed, Rest in Peace, The O’Haire’s in Sunnyside.


Vicki Miller posted on 8/20/21

You were a bright light in your mom’s life and you will be missed by all


Connie Williamson posted on 8/20/21

May your Light, light up the world.


Connie Williamson posted on 8/20/21

Michael, I have not seen you in years but you grew up to be a handsome young man. I remember when I would babysit you and feed you grits and eggs. Lol. Something unheard of up North. You will be missed by so many, but you finally got your wings, fly high babe and I know along with my Mom and me and first in line your sister and brothers will be here to confront your Mom. (Dawn) one beautiful women with a soul that matches. Prayers going out to your family and all your friends which I couldn’t even mention being you never met a stranger.


Patti Hartsfield posted on 8/20/21

Extending my deepest sympathy to MaryBeth’s children and brothers. I loved MaryBeth and learned so much from her about Nursing and life in general. She was a selfless and caring person, always doing for others, and she loved her children and her dogs. I feel so blessed to have known MaryBeth and to have been her friend for over 45+ years. I will miss her.


John & Andrea Belletti posted on 8/20/21

Our heartfelt condolences to the family.


Holly Barfield posted on 8/20/21

Kristin was such a sweet person. I am so sorry about her passing! I will be praying for all her family and friends.


Katherine (Cottle) Howard posted on 8/20/21

CLASS OF 1990 Kristy was such a beautiful person and shared her love for animals (2 or 4- Legged) in every way. Heaven gained an Angel! RIP!


Ashley Bailey posted on 8/20/21

Thoughts, love, and prayers for the family!


Reginald Moore posted on 8/20/21

PHS Class of 1990.


Reginald Moore posted on 8/20/21

Class of 1990


Nicoletta Williams posted on 8/20/21

My prayers and condolences to the family of this absolute beauty. She was a beloved classmate and will definitely be missed.


Pender High Class of 1990 posted on 8/20/21

Our class will forever remember your bright light which shined so bright. Our prayers are with your husband and your entire family. You will NEVER be forgotten. Love never dies


Ken Martin posted on 8/20/21

Kristie was always such a positive, bubbly, gentle person who would brighten anyone’s day she came in contact with. Prayers for her family ‘s strength and comfort. She will be missed.


Amanda Matthews posted on 8/20/21

Kristie was an absolutely beautiful woman inside and out. She was an amazing childhood friend and I am so lucky to have known her. My deepest condolences to her entire family. Love to you all. This world is not as bright without her in it.


Doc K. Wright posted on 8/20/21

My heart goes out to the family. Rip Kristy..


Kit Jones posted on 8/20/21

Jesus has you now. Prayers for Danny and the kids.


Connie Williamson posted on 8/20/21

So sorry to hear about Joyce’s passing.She was a very sweet person who took pride in looking in on her brother and sister. You could not ask for a sweeter neighbor never got in others business unless asked. Wish others were more like her. She finally got her wings and will be forever missed. May God be with you Stan in this time of need.


Gail Rouse posted on 8/20/21

So sorry for your loss. Joyce was a sweet and caring person. Fun loving and kind. She was called away to soon. She loved her family and was always talking about them. Now she is with her family in heaven for sure. Please know I have your family in my thoughts and prayers. May God be with you during this difficult time.


Lydia Horne posted on 8/20/21

Joyce was one of my most cherished friends. We would talk most days on my ride home from work. She was so kind and loving and I miss her so much but I take comfort in knowing she is at her forever home. Sending prayers and comfort to her family whom she adored.


Jamie Saffo posted on 8/20/21

I was completely shocked to have just learned of Joyce passing! She has been a friend of my family’s since she was a kid! We are all heartbroken! Joyce was always such a kind person and was a barrel of fun! She will be greatly missed and we all pray for peace and comfort for all that knew and loved her!


Sandra Cayton posted on 8/20/21

I just wanted to tell Joyce’s family I’m so sorry. I feel your pain having gone thru the death of my husband but I’m glad her struggle is over. I pray you will be comforted in knowing she loved yall and was proud of you. Gone to soon no matter how much time you had her. Praying for yall.


Skip Bickar posted on 8/20/21

So very sorry to learn of your loss Stan.I am thinking of you during this terrible time.I know she is resting comfortably in Gods arms and eating bon-bons.May she rest in peace.


Judy Upton posted on 8/20/21

Dearest Laura……we at Gulfstream Steel send you all our Love and Support.


Jerrie Olinger posted on 8/20/21

Many wonderful memories at the farm, such a gentle giant ! Always made everybody feel welcomed and loved, will truly be missed! My love and prayers goes out to the family and please boys let me know when the celebration of life will be.


Donna Soro and John Wooten posted on 8/20/21

Spending times with you picking pecans and persimmons, laughing, visiting and always looking forward to our next date. We will miss you and lift a glass each time for you my friend


Tammy Conn posted on 8/20/21

I had the pleasure of meeting John in February of 2020. Even though I didn’t know him for a very long time he treated me as if we had know each other for years. He always had a smile on and made you feel special. He was a wonderful man and he will be greatly missed.


Monique Searls posted on 8/20/21

John was always a happy soul! I’m sure he is in heaven sitting on a beach enjoying the warm sand on his feet and the ocean spray on his body!


Jim Bell posted on 8/20/21

"Boy, did we have some adventures growing up. Some I remember. some I don’t! John had a heart and would do anything to help someone. was a great friend. So sorry he is gone but he is in a much better place. Love ya buddy!"


Donna Bost Mabry posted on 8/20/21

He lived in my neighborhood when we were growing up. Always a great guy.


Maureen Rickard posted on 8/20/21

I am so very sorry for your loss. John was a true gentleman and the kindest soul I’ve ever known. We are heartbroken at his loss, and we will love him and miss him forever.


Paul Wolf posted on 8/20/21

Thanks, Sherrill Calloway. I will never forget the time John Efird, helped me free my three left middle fingers from the passenger door of a pickup as we were building an ASHS bonfire He drove me home very quickly in his Corvette? I passed out once during the ride and again when I got home from the pain. He was always a Good Samaritan in my book❤️


Kevin Booker posted on 8/20/21

In loving memory of Jody Lopez, You will be missed more than you could have ever imagined. If the measure of a person’s life is how they impacted others and raised the spirits of those around them then you lived a exemplary life. I’ve never met someone who cared and loved so hard as you did and it inspires me every single day. You taught me the true meaning of love and loyalty even through all our hardships. I love you so deeply and I’ll be with you save a seat for me next to you beautiful!


Bob Harvey posted on 8/20/21

I met Buddy in Camp LeJeune when he was a junior in HS and I was in first grade. I would hang out at the high school football practices at the Junior high. Buddy played catch with me everyday, let me carry and wear his helmet and taught me a ton about sportsmanship etc. The team took me on the bus to away games for two years. I never forgot how I was treated and often thought of Buddy as I played and coached sports throughout my life. So sorry to hear of Buddy’s passing. RIP Buddy, you were a wonderful role model and mentor to me. I will always cherish those memories!


GEORGE J MILLHOUSE posted on 8/20/21

Wish we had more time to catch up in our lives. Dad, you were wiser than you were given credit for. I’m proud to have been your son. Watch over me from heaven.


Christy Batson posted on 8/20/21

What a wonderful man! Geno, I will miss that smile and your stories. May peace be with the hearts of the family. He was so loved


Donna Doyle posted on 8/20/21

"“There are no coincidences” Maybe I start there – I learned that phrase from Miss Anne and since her passing I have repeated this phrase many times. Her words give me comfort. I met Anne almost 27 years ago when we were both pregnant in Branford. She moved away when Eugene and Brad were 4 years old and Ali was a baby. We spoke almost weekly for 23 years never skipping a beat supporting each other from a far. It is true good friends do survive long distance and time. So maybe that is what I will say here – even though Anne seems so far away from us when we see her again “time” and distance between will just melt away because love and friendship does endure. As for coincidences Anne brought me and Ali and all of Anne’s support system together especially Barbara and for that I am grateful. They all love Anne and now I love them. It is true there are no coincidences – Anne l love you and I miss you.❤️"


Susan Voss posted on 8/20/21

My cousin Darlene, so beautiful.


Melissa Mintz posted on 8/20/21

I have so many memories with Scott over the 40 year. From my childhood friend to the father of my beautiful daughter Danielle . I love you Scott .


Sonya Heustess posted on 8/20/21

Oh the many memories of you .I will never forget all the inspirational things you would tell me when I wanted to give up. Thank you so much for all the times you let me consider you as my brother..Rest in peace and tell Ellen I miss her …


Brendan McCaffrey posted on 8/20/21

"Catherine was literally one of my first friends. Period. Whether it was kickball at the end of the street, chasing lightning bugs in the summer…chasing down the slushy man (which happened a lot) or sleepovers watching the late 80s/early 90s pre-teen classics… Catherine was a part of it. Walking home from the bus stop together for years taught me a lot about the kind of friend you wanted at that age and Catherine was it! Naturally, we grew apart as we got older. We made new friends, went on with life, etc. Yet, through it all, Catherine was still that person—clearly, to many. I will always remember her this way. Rest well, Catherine. Be troubled no more. I know Mr. Bob is welcoming you with the pipes as we speak…"


Jason Barton posted on 8/20/21

Buddy was a great football teammate who made me feel better just seeing him in the huddle and he was one of the only juniors to be out there starting with us seniors! I always felt like I could trust him on and off the field. I had not seen Buddy in years but he was always very kind and respectful to me and everyone else. He will not be forgotten anytime soon! RIP Buddy.


Angie Williams posted on 8/20/21

He will be greatly missed by all who knew him. Love and prayers to Amanda, his girls, and his family.


Pat Chernicky posted on 8/20/21

My husband loved coaching Ball with you in Edinboro. Rest in peace Buddy.


Gail Ellison posted on 8/20/21

Our prayers are with Buddy’s Family. He will be missed. His bowling buddies at Ten Pin Alley.


Toni DeSanto Hudacky posted on 8/20/21

Too many memories to even begin naming them and even with all of the reminiscence I could share, they’re still aren’t nearly enough of them. I am grateful for the to me we did get but we all wanted more, Bud. I know you did too. We are here to watch over your girls. I will always be here for them… Just like you were for me. Rest easy, my dear friend. All my Love, Toni


Tim and Lisa DeLuca posted on 8/20/21

Thinking of you with loving hearts and deepest sympathy. If you need anything ., please know we are here ..Tim and Lisa DeLuca


Donna Davis posted on 8/20/21

Without you is hard. I wake up every morning with your beautiful face in my mind and can’t believe you’re gone. You were my first son oh how I loved you. You were my joy, you gave me such happiness when you were growing up. You were my earth angel and no one could ever know the emptiness I have without you son. You were my reason to keep going. I miss you so much it hurts so much. I love you son and I hope you knew that, I hope you felt my love. I have flashbacks of all the good times, smiles and laughter we had. Thank you for being with me, your Mom, that last week you were here with me. It was a wonderful, fun week that will never be forgotten. You will never be forgotten for you have a special place in my heart. Until we see each other again baby. I love you, MOM


Jane morgan posted on 8/20/21

Rest in peace


Joan Britton posted on 8/20/21

I was truly sad to hear that Alex has died. My memories of him start back about 60 years ago to when he and Patsy were our neighbors in Freeport. He has always been good about staying in touch. I will very much miss his Christmas letters. I have so many memories… He and Patsy were so supportive during a difficult time in my life. Alex was an unusually gifted photographer. My first acquaintance with his work was when he did a black and white series featuring my CKC spaniels, but my favorite one of these was the one he took of them with one of our cats shoving to the front to take prime position (Alex had quite a sense of humor)! The last ones he showed me before he left Maine were some beautiful colored ones of flowers. Alex made so many lives richer.


Lisa MacLaren posted on 8/20/21

Oh my goodness, no. I have just spent the last 45 minutes trying to find his phone number knowing he had moved to NC. I have wanted to have a long, overdue chat and have been thinking about him this last week. I am his second cousin and grew up with his family in Philadelphia. His mother and my mother were very close first cousins all their lives – I adored Cousin Patty and Guido. My daughter and I visited Alex and Patsy in Maine perhaps 5 years ago and had a very fun time reminiscing about Philadelphia life. I also visited Rita in Rome and have been eager to have news of her as well. My heart goes out to you all. He was a lovely, kind, delightful man and I will always miss him.


Ann and Denny Hoag posted on 8/20/21

Alex was Denny’s college roommate at Trinity College and we have stayed in touch all these years. We have shared many special times over the years, especially when we would go to Maine for visits. Most recently, we were in Wilmington in November of 2019 and were so happy to be with Alex and Pats one more time.


Hazel Soule posted on 8/20/21

To the Family of Alex Fava. So sorry for your loss , Wife Pat’s , Son Ted and Daughter Patty and their families.. He was so nice and will be missed. Love you all.


Christal Lanier posted on 8/20/21



Lisa Dean posted on 8/20/21

I’m so sorry to hear about your passing. You will be missed.


Christy lanier posted on 8/20/21



Wendy Hartwig posted on 8/11/21

My heart goes out to you and your family.


Michael N Pridgen posted on 8/11/21

Rosemary will forever have a place in my heart . She was a kind and caring person who never had a cross word for anyone. She was for many years my other mother and treated me like one of her own. We will all miss her terribly.


Bob Grass posted on 8/11/21

Dear Franklin and family, We sorrow but not without hope. Our hearts are heavy for you, but we rejoice that Kristi is with her Savior, Jesus, and that she has been made completely whole. We are praying for you often! Love in Christ, Living Word Bible Church


Virginia Woodard Connell posted on 8/11/21

Dear precious family, so very sorry for the loss of Kristin, she was always very kind to us. Our love and prayers to each every one of you.


Erin Courtney posted on 8/11/21

Anne was a special person and will be fondly remembered by the Food Bank family. We loved to see Anne come shop at the Food Bank on behalf of YWCA Parent Support Network. She will be dearly missed!


Jane and Niall Mulligan, Monaghan posted on 8/11/21

Thoughts and prayers are with you all at this very sad time may Mike's gentle soul rest in peace.


Teresa Sneeden posted on 8/10/21

My heart is heavy with the loss of such a sweet soul. I lawns my love and prayers for the entire Faircloth family, may the Lord put his healing hand upon you all to give you strength through this journey. She is a bright light that will truly be missed on this earth.


Michelle Kibble Curry posted on 8/10/21

My deepest sympathy to Terry’s family! What an amazing life he led. My you memories bring you comfort during this difficult time.


Bernadette Morgan Barrett posted on 8/10/21

So sorry to hear of the passing of Terry. He was a great guy. Condolences to all his family and friends.


Jeanne Criscuolo posted on 8/10/21

I enjoyed conversations with Jean at Thalian Hall, where she was a long time volunteer. She was always interesting and fun and I will miss her


Greta Michelle posted on 8/10/21

I’m at loss for words. I’m really gonna miss your sweet voice. You were one AMAZING LADY who I loved and will miss dearly. I just said I was gonna go see you last week and I never got the chance to. I hope to see you again! Tell Michelle I really miss her and love her .. love you SueBug and I will miss you!!


Marcia Huntsman Merritt posted on 8/10/21

Terry grew up on McCready Ave., in Cadiz, Ohio where there were so many families with children in similar ages as Terry. I was one of them, a little older, but still remember him so well. He was so cute. I treasure all those memories with the families and all the things we did together and sharing our lives. Terry's entire family were friends and I have many memories of all of us together growing up. Blessings to each of those who are grieving the loss of Terry. May God give you strength as you endure this painful time in your lives. Terry will be waiting in Heaven for each of you to join him when you are called. Treasure your memories.


Susan & Stephen Stanko posted on 8/10/21

Our deepest sympathy to dear Annie and all the Gaynor family on the loss of Mike, beloved brother and son.


Patricia Brunelle posted on 8/9/21

Best day ever… he beat Dennis at golf! “ Finally “ ( he said). Going to miss you Terry…


Randy Waters posted on 8/9/21

Rest in Peace my friend. It was a pleasure knowing you and going to school with you.


GEORGE D MILLER posted on 8/9/21

The fun times at football and track practice, coaches Joe Proseck, Bill Farms and Fremo... CHS Class of 1965


George Coffland posted on 8/9/21

My condolences to the Conrad family


George Coffland posted on 8/9/21

My condolences to the Conrad family. I remember Living next to the Conrad family years ago. Prayers for the family


Ellen Anderson posted on 8/9/21

Such a sophisticated lady with a zinger once in awhile just to keep you on your toes. She will be missed but always remembered. Hugs.


RANDALL DAVIS posted on 8/9/21



Martha McGinnis (Welch) Odonnell posted on 8/9/21

Lisa, I just found about your Mother--know I'm thinking of you. Hadn't talked to her since your grandmother died. Hope you are doing well


Carole Padezanin posted on 8/9/21

Goodbye good friend. I have many wonderful memories of our cruises and nights just hanging out together. You will be missed. RIP


Catherine Remi posted on 8/9/21

Mom coming up on 8.20 I love and miss you dearly...



Katherine Albert Cardwell posted on 8/9/21

Prayer for a fellow Devilpup . You are missed by so many because of your loving work and love for other's! May all of his dear family and friends remember His laughter and his deepest thoughts. With love a younger Devilpup ♥️


Rick Mier posted on 8/9/21

Dave 'placed' me in 1983 at Serv-A-Portion, and it was the beginning of a long and wonderful friendship. In later years we only spoke a few times per year, but it was like 1983 all over again. Rest Well my good friend, you have earned a 'special place' in heaven.


Rick Mier posted on 8/9/21

Dave 'placed' me in 1983 with Serv-A-Portion and it was the beginning of a long and wonderful friendship. We only spoke a few times per year, but it was like 1983 all over again! Rest well my friend, you have earned a 'special place' in heaven!


Scott Stilwell posted on 8/9/21

Chief Burton, I am sorry to hear the news of your wife's passing. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.


Theresa Lominac posted on 8/9/21

Jo and I taught Spanish together in Wilmington for several years. She was an amazing woman, a talented teacher and a beautiful, sweet friend.


Nancy Turner Newton posted on 8/9/21

Went to school with Buddy at Lejeune and really enjoyed knowing him, and watching him play football. He had a wonderful attitude about life and I knew he would leave his mark on this world. RIP dear Buddy and Thank You for your service.


Sara Franken posted on 8/9/21

Lockey, I've known you since middle school. I have so many great memories about us, all the good times, not so good times, crazy things we would get into. Hands down one of the funniest people I've ever met. Your heart was always so big, I can't think of a time where a friend was in need and you didn't come to their aide. You got dealt a crappy hand with your injuries, and it just opened a door you could never seem to shut. All of my love goes to your family, your daughter, those that loved you and those that have lost you. I loved you girl. I'm just glad I didn't love you to death. ~tell Joshy i said what up~


Ron Williams posted on 8/8/21

Cat. What a joy to know .. In the short time I knew you , You were the joy, not only to me , but the smile of any room .The few things we did together was such a special time .Such a special person ...You will alway be in my heart .. Rip. I love you ....


Tammy Moser posted on 8/8/21

Mama Sue, You will surely be missed! You were always a blessing to me when I was younger and you always made me feel like your daughter when I was around… I will remember the best times you gave me. And the time you came to my rescue when I was in juvenile center. I love you always and I know your up in Heaven with my mother and y’all are laughing. Rest In Peace beautiful lady!!!!


Susan Adams posted on 8/8/21

Benito was a talented man who had many skill sets with maintenance of homes. Benito, his wife Bertha and thier team members completed excellent painting; repair work at our home for years. He was always smiling every time I spoke to him. You could see the love and light in his eyes. He has a beautiful family to continue his light to all that meet them.


Matthew Ian Lockey posted on 8/8/21

Cat was our family. She wanted that more than anything, togetherness and family, love and respect, although she was barely given a fighting chance until it was far too late and she feeling far too separated. Bobby would have known how to give her the help she needed. We had a few heart to hearts these last couple years that made me look at everything through rose-colored glasses. I am grateful for Catherine's presence in my life. Through it all I mostly wish i could have been there for her more.



Mickey Sreoud posted on 8/8/21

May you Rest In Peace, Buddy.


Fred Malloy posted on 8/8/21

Catherine was a sweet person I had some delivery times with her she was all smiles and nice she was a people person she always will be remembered Rest In Paradise Catherine


Kent Timbrook posted on 8/7/21

Remembering all the conversations we had while camping and the few times we all shared a meal together. You were delightful and fun to be around. I'll miss your upbeat personality. Rest in peace Babygirl.


Demarkeis McInnis posted on 8/7/21

In living memory of you from not only being a coworker, but as part of a family where we worked together at. The others will never forget you and the laughs and smiles you gave and put on us when we seen you. Much love and respect, Rest In Power - Demarkeis


Michelle posted on 8/7/21

What a wonderful lady! Full of spunk and so kind to Dupree and Isabella in their youth.Grateful for our time we got to spend together. I will always remember her "Oh Fudge!" Loved her. She is missed.


Maggie McMorrow posted on 8/7/21

Rest In Peace Mikey


Mike Nowell posted on 8/7/21

Buddy will be missed. One heck of a football player in high school and a good friend.



Linda Brewster Pratt posted on 8/7/21

I went to high school with Buddy I was sorry to hear of his passing Praying for his family


Ashley parsons (Nikki) posted on 8/7/21

Rest easy aunt sue, you will be deeply missed. I have many memories of when I came to NC when I was little. I always was at your house. We used to just talk and talk.. I will cherish those memories forever! Sending love and prayers from OHIO!


Judy Sullivan Faircloth posted on 8/7/21

May God be your comfort in this time of loss I am truly sorry for your loss. Cherish the parent/parents you have left when they are gone there is no more time to say the things you should have or could have said, I know I would give anything for one more minute with mine.


Judy Sullivan Faircloth posted on 8/7/21

I am truly sorry for your loss. No one will ever fill the place in your heart that your Mother does. Time lessen’s the pain but it never goes away. Cherish the parent/ parents you have with you once they are it is too late I know from personal experience I would give anything for 1 more minute with mine. I am praying for you all. May God be your comfort.


James McAndrew posted on 8/7/21

Condolences to the Gaynor family. Mike is a true gentleman. I lived with Mike in 2015 and I felt like I was at home in Ireland he made me feel so welcome. I always enjoyed the few drinks we had together and the great stories you had to tell. Thanks Mike for your generosity and your hospitality you will never be forgotten.



Teresa and Flan Murtagh posted on 8/7/21

Our Deepest Sympathies to all Mike's Family. May he rest in peace.



Ty graham posted on 8/7/21

She was a joy to work with and had a beautiful heart She would give her last to help the next person out She will be truly missed in this world We needed a angel like her flaws and all I wish miss you cat


Sherrie kramer posted on 8/7/21

Shane was the brother I never had I loved Shane so deeply.i will always cherish our talks and watching videos of 30doors down together Shane was my roomie for a while and we got along so well.shane could ALWAYS put a on my face no matter what.he will always hold a piece of my heart.shane was the first to help anyone in know Shane was to love him, he was so irrestile it's been a long sad sad 3yrs without him..I do miss and think of him daily.i know Shane was a sear near to god he is a wingman.robin and Shannon my thoughts and prayers are forever with u.if u read this Robin plz contact me 910 352 8740.I would love to reconnect I don't have your number or anything and I see where Shane got his compassion and huge heart from.i just miss my Shane so much daily ,it hurts.I know Shane is in a better spot for real and he no longer suffers daily with pain and seizures.It was very traumatic to watch OMG I am glad Shane isn't around to see this pandemic.i wonder just how he would react Robinthank u for the gift of Shane he was such an awesome. Person I will keep a piece of him in my heart till my deathbed.I am a much better person sharing my life with my best friend may his soul rest in piece


Loretta Pierce Ritter posted on 8/7/21

Danny was a sweetheart! As kids he helped us catch fireflies down in the woods behind the Daniels house. He also made sure we would all get a turn cranking the ice cream maker! He would always beep and wave when driving down Cheyenne… But years later, when I was walking my bike from a broken chain it was Danny who stopped his car on his way home from the high school. He flipped over my bike and tightened the chain within minutes. I was thrilled and told him so and he just shrugged like no biggie and patted my head; he always patted me on the head like his father did! The big guy is now in a great place!


Loretta Pierce Ritter posted on 8/7/21

Danny was a sweetheart! As kids he helped us catch fireflies down in the woods behind the Daniels house. He also made sure we would all get a turn cranking the ice cream maker! He would always beep and wave when driving down Cheyenne… But years later, when I was walking my bike from a broken chain it was Danny who stopped his car on his way home from the high school. He flipped over my bike and tightened the chain within minutes. I was thrilled and told him so and he just shrugged like no biggie and patted my head; he always patted me on the head like his father did! The big guy is now in a great place!


Kenneth Fore posted on 8/6/21

Although I only knew Cat for only a few months it did not take long to see that she had a heart of gold. She was always putting others before herself. She had a smile that could light up a room and a spirit that was full of life. I wanted nothing more than for her to succeed. We had many conversations about God and staying on the right path in life. I was heart broken when I found out that she had passed but I know that all her struggles have now been resolved and she can enjoy eternal happiness with our Lord in heaven. We will miss you Cat.


Marianna Maranzano posted on 8/6/21

Oh Anne, Nick and I are so very sorry to hear this very sad news about your dear brother Michael Gabriel. Sending you hugs, prayers and our deepest and heartfelt condolences to you and all your dear family! May Michael’s soul rest in eternal peace. God be with you to give you strength during this very difficult time. We will continue to keep him and your family in our prayers.❤️


Marianna posted on 8/6/21

Oh Anne, Nick and I are so very sorry to hear this very sad news about your dear brother Michael Gabriel. Sending you hugs, prayers and our deepest and heartfelt condolences to you and all your dear family! May Michael’s soul rest in eternal peace. God be with you to give you strength during this very difficult time. We will continue to keep him and your family in our prayers. ❤️



Tanya Williams posted on 8/6/21

A beautiful person taken too soon. Love and light to all those who love you.


Linda Faulkner posted on 8/6/21

Catherine, Jim and I are so sad and our hearts are broken. We love you so much and miss you terribly. You brought so much happiness to our lives with your kindness and sweet disposition. I will always feel like your Grandma. I wish your life could have been happier. We all tried to help you find your way by taking you into our lives and giving you the love that you so desperately needed. You would have never been thrown away by our family. I know that you're looking down at all of us and you know that you will forever live on in our hearts and minds. I also know that you're in a place of pure love and your pain and suffering is over. Jim and l will always love our sweet Catherine. Rest in peace beautiful girl! Love, "Grandma" Linda


Glenn Pittman posted on 8/6/21

Just a Few weeks ago we were Cruising around town with the top down blasting music just like it was yesterday i already miss you and i dont even still believe it.. I will always cherish the time i did spend with you Fly high Catherine and when you See those Beautiful Clouds Beneath you Smile Baby Girl Because ill Be looking up for you!


Sandy Lockey posted on 8/6/21

My sweet, sweet Catherine. I miss you and love you so much. Thanks for making the last year of my life so fulfilling. Thanks for the great times we shared. I’m so glad you got to have a great Christmas and Birthday this past year. You were the kindest and sweetest person I have known. Always thinking of yourself before others. I wish I could have saved you. I tried my best. I know how bad you wanted to see your daughter. But people held your past against you and just wouldn’t let it happen. Rest In Peace my my sweet girl. Your demons will no longer haunt you. I know your with your dad now and you and he are having a grand time! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


John Ginnelly posted on 8/6/21

Sincere condolences to Mikes Mother and all his family Mike was 1 of the best May he Rest in Peace John Ginnelly and Mary Lally


Matt Connolly posted on 8/6/21

Sincere condolences to the Gaynor family . Mike was one of the best . Rest easy Mike . RIP


Kristin Sullivan posted on 8/6/21

Words cannot describe the lose of an amazing strong woman I will truly miss you ma♥️


Miranda Wilkerson posted on 8/6/21

Rest easy grandma! You will be missed dearly. We love you!


Brandon & Jessica Sullivan posted on 8/6/21

There is no night without a dawning No winter without a spring And beyond the dark horizon Our hearts will once more sing… For those who leave us for a while Have only gone away Out of a restless, care worn world Into a brighter day.


Patrick/Twila Sullivan posted on 8/6/21

Fly high beautiful. Love you mom. Rest easy!


Michael Magnano posted on 8/6/21

Thank you for being such a great uncle and role model for me. My mom and myself were honored and blessed to be there alongside your children for your final moments. Rest peacefully Uncle Buddy. You will be missed and in our hearts forever ❤️


Tanya Sloan posted on 8/6/21

Will always remember you as a sweet and kind friend. Class of 1983 PHS


Roman Zurutuza posted on 8/6/21

Peter was a very friendly and very kind classmate. My condolences to Peter’s loved ones.


Stephanie Hall posted on 8/6/21

Anne was a precious soul. I met her through SNA and was drawn to her sweet personality. I'm so sorry. Your family is in my prayers.


Helen Moran posted on 8/6/21

Deepest sympathy to the Gaynor family on this terrible loss.. mike will be missed by all who knew him. He was a gentleman ... Rest in peace my friend...



Terry Adams posted on 8/6/21

Dal, Tracie and Family Praying for Gods strength to carry you through this truly difficult time..Will always have fond memories of Diane at ball games cheering on the boys. I will continue to keep you all close on thought and prayer Terry .. Russell and Chris Adams



Jonathan D. Simpson posted on 8/6/21

Holy Mary OUr HeaVenly CREATOR & Jesus OUr Lord, is with YOU...


Keating Mandel posted on 8/6/21

I am deeply sorry to hear of the passing of my dear friend. Although I haven’t seen him in quite some time, I will always remember how much I enjoyed his company and friendship. We certainly had some great times together. Thinking of Janet and the family in their time of loss.


Philip rafferty posted on 8/5/21

RIP Mike a true gentleman.


Janie Kennedy posted on 8/5/21

I am so very sorry for your loss.


Janie Kennedy posted on 8/5/21

I am so sorry for your loss.


Julia Dudley Ellis posted on 8/5/21

Colleen, I am so incredibly saddened upon learning of your recent loss. My prayers are with you and your family. You are an amazing mother and have given Michael an incredible life full of love and opportunity that he may not have experienced in any other home. As a mother, I can only imagine your grief. You will remain in my prayers. Much love to you.


Markhamill posted on 8/5/21

Rip mike we enjoyed the crack with you over the past few years until we meet again..


JIM BYRD posted on 8/5/21

To the Farmer Family, I'm very,very sorry to hear about the news of Bob's passing . Please know you all are in my thoughts and prayers. Jim Byrd


Kristin Locke posted on 8/5/21

Dear Janet, Hannah, and Emma, My family and I send our deepest condolences. We are praying for you. ❤️❤️❤️.


Stephanie Sumner posted on 8/5/21

Bob was such a sweet man. We met at CrossFit. He always had a smile and was so kind. I am so sorry for your loss. My dad passed the same way in March and the shock hasn’t worn off. You all will be in our prayers.


Nancy Jones posted on 8/5/21

Thinking of you and wishing you moments of peace and comfort. Please accept my warmest condolences. Peace Be With You Colleen. I love you.



Carrie OBrien posted on 8/5/21

My prayers are with you at this difficult time.


Mike Burke posted on 8/5/21

Condolences to the Gaynor family I spent many evenings in the rose restraunt we had some good laughs you will be missed my friend Rest In Peace mike



Gracie Barfoot posted on 8/5/21

Brandon and my Sister Katie Diggs were close friends. The way I met Brandon was in a strange way- I was living in Kinston and he had come there to see some friends at the home in which I was living. Somehow my sisters name was brought up and my boyfriend said to Brandon well “ I’m dating Katie’s sister.,Gracie.” From that noment on we were instant friends and sometimes in my darkest hours of missing my sister Brandon and I would talk and share memories of her and laugh. I only wish I could of been there for him like he was for me in his darkest hours . Thank You Jesus! Brandon is totally healed now., and maybe he and my sister are walking the streets of Gold and he was telling her I missed her terribly too- But by the Grace of God they are both Happy,Healed andHome Love you Brandon


Peter o malley posted on 8/5/21

So sorry to hear about mikes passing we had great years at school in ballinrobe cbs school rest in peace mike till me meet again


Rose Moloney posted on 8/5/21

Condolences to the Gaynor family - thoughts and prayers at this difficult time Rip Mike


Kieran McAndrew posted on 8/5/21

Condolences to the Gaynor family - so many great memories with Mike - looking through old messages “ are you going for the duck egg?” Great man to be up early to meet for breakfast - helped so many young Irish people get started in NY - a true friend to so many


Lorraine Culleton posted on 8/4/21

Our deepest sympathy to Patty, Teresa and family of the very sad passing of Mike. He was such a lovely gentleman and well be sorely missed. Lorraine and George Culleton née Cleary Hollymount


Creighton McDonald posted on 8/4/21

Well Cuz, I can only say that I’m deeply saddened by your departure. From T-P until the very end we kept in contact. Every time we ended a conversation it never really ended. But rather we paused the conversation with I love you brother. To the family, please accept my heartfelt condolences. To Peter (Kid), we shall meet again. I love you brother.


Mary Anne & Peadar Jennings posted on 8/4/21

Our deepest sympathy to Patti & all the Gaynor family at this sad & difficult time. May Mike R.I.P.


Mandi Logan posted on 8/4/21

I am overwhelmed with Thanksgiving for knowing and having such a sweet and special friend as Amy King. I am also deeply saddened to loose such a friend while still here on earth. She was a beautiful woman with a heart for God and great love for her husband and children !! I love you sweet friend and can’t wait to rejoice with you around our Saviors throne.


Elliot McVann posted on 8/4/21

Rest in peace Mike


SKI posted on 8/4/21

Myself and Peter played varsity soccer together and lived on each other's dorm our senior year. Peter was a southern gentleman and knew how to give to a Yankee from Pennsylvania. Great man!! Miss you my friend.


Eamonn and Caroline Conroy posted on 8/4/21

Sincere sympathies to you all at this sad time. May Mike rest in peace


Willie & Ciara Dempsey posted on 8/4/21

Sincere condolences to Mike’s family and friends at this time. Such a lovely man. May he Rest In Peace.


Peter Paul Conway posted on 8/4/21

My sincere condolences to all Mike's family and friends, may he rest in peace


Skip buckbee '92 posted on 8/4/21

My family is saddened to hear the passing of Peter. Our thoughts are with Peter's family at this time.


Mike Garvey posted on 8/4/21

Deepest Sympathies to the Gaynor family


Jean-Claude Governale posted on 8/4/21

I was one of Pete's classmates, I have fond memories of him being a fun loving, genuine good hearted person. Our sincerest condolences to his family and friends.


Tommy Jennings Ballinrobe/New York posted on 8/4/21

Condolences to Anne, Noel and all the Gaynor Family. R.I.P Mike


ned reade posted on 8/4/21

I was Peter's Varsity Soccer coach and so fondly remember his smile, energy, and his speed. He could fly like the wind and drove opposing defenses crazy trying to keep tabs on him. I loved his positivity and his easy way with his peers. I have just retired but he will always be one of my most memorable players and great young man!


Scott M. Lang posted on 8/4/21

My deepest sympathies to you Great Uncle Rudy. I wish I could have spent more time getting to know you and Aunt Doris more. My family will keep you all in our prayers. Please feel free to contact me. My number is 315 776 1455


Nancy Gunter posted on 8/4/21

Janet, Hannah and Emma, I am so sorry for your loss. You all in my thoughts and prayers. May GOD carry you through this sad time and bring you peace.


Michael and Hayley Connaughton posted on 8/4/21

Sincerest condolences to all the Gaynor family on the sad passing of Mike. He was a lovely man and will be missed by many.. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends, May he Rest in Peace.


Mary Hickman posted on 8/4/21

So sorry for your loss


Deborah posted on 8/4/21

Anne was my neighbor. She was a kind spirit and baked the best cookies.


Maryflannery02@icloud posted on 8/4/21

Sincere Sympathy to Noel, Anne,Mike’s Mother, Brothers, and sisters on Mike’s passing Rest In Peace. I knew Mike from Sunnyside, and we had great, and great laughs. Mike you were one in a million, and you will never be forgotten. Sincerely Mary Flannery, Cangort Park, Shinrone, Birr,Co Offaly,and formally New York.


Maryflannery02@icloud posted on 8/4/21

Mary Flannery


Mary Flannery posted on 8/4/21



Charles Seaton posted on 8/4/21

CD and Family, Melissa and Charles Seaton pray for the gift of healing in your lives and may god give you peace in this difficult time.


Laura Smalley Zygmunt posted on 8/4/21

Pam, I am so sorry for your loss of Tom. You are in my thoughts and prayers.


Teresa Joyce Marren posted on 8/4/21

Sincere condolesences to all the Gaynor family on the sad passing of Mike. A kind, gentle & caring gentleman with the best laugh. Lots of happy memories of good times in sunnsside & woodside. A life cut too short. May you rest in peace.


Teresa Joyce Marren posted on 8/4/21




Rita Ann Busbee-Chapman posted on 8/4/21

May the Lord's new found angel enfold you in his precious wings and hold you forever safe until you are reunited once again!!! Im so very sorry! May he now Rest in heavenly peace!! <3


Janice Ganey posted on 8/4/21

Sweet Janet, I'm so sorry for your loss. You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers.


Mike and Mags Roche posted on 8/4/21

Our deepest sympathy to the Gaynor family on the loss of Mike . May he rest he peace.


Brendan Hegarty posted on 8/4/21

Rest In Peace Mike


Eddie Callaghan posted on 8/4/21

God's speed with you Mike RIP


Jackie (Cascio) Giannakoulis posted on 8/4/21

I am so very saddened to hear about Tom’s passing. Tom’s beautiful spirit, laughter, and kindness will never be forgotten. I knew Tom from high school where he made learning fun. Even after high school, I remember seeing him in Maine when I vacationed with my family. He always shared his latest adventures. May strength and beautiful memories help your family navigate the road ahead. Sending lots of love and deepest sympathies to the Casey family.


Jim and Ann Barry posted on 8/4/21

Deepest sympathy to Mike's family during this very sad time. May he rest in peace.


Mary Hennelly Tiernan & Tom, Ballinrobe, Co. Mayo, Ireland posted on 8/4/21

Sincere sympathy to Michael's mother Patricia (Patti), all the Gaynor Family, Relatives and Friends, may Michael Gabriel's kind and gentle soul Rest in Heavenly Peace with all those gone ahead.


Anne Connor and family, Kilmaine posted on 8/4/21

Our sincerest condolences to Patty and all the Gaynor family on the sad passing of Mike. We are thinking of you all at this time, may he rest in peace.


Nancy Gunter posted on 8/4/21

Janet, Hannah and Emma, I am so sorry for your loss. I will be keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers. May GOD carry you through this sad time and bring you peace.


Donna Naughton Kemp & family. Galway posted on 8/4/21

Sincere sympathy to all Mikes family. We had many a good laugh in the Breffini Bar in Sunnyside and in the famous Butcher Block. Mike will be greatly missed and May he rest in peace.


Micky & Lucy Quinn posted on 8/4/21

Deepest sympathy to Mike's mother, brothers & sisters. Mike was a true gentleman,funny & generous. We all met in woodside many years ago, we moved home in 1995,returned a few times,last time we visited we had a 'gathering' hadn't seen each other for years and it was like walking into the same pub 25 years later, the laughs we had, that's what happens when you live away ,your friends are your family !! Thinking of all Mike's friends who will miss him dearly. May you rest in heavenly peace Mike until we meet again. Micky & Lucy Cushendall Co.Antrim ☘


Anne Daly Walsh (née Conroy) posted on 8/4/21

Deep sympathies to Patty & all the Gaynor family on the death of Michael. So sad for all of you at this truly difficult time. My memory of Michael is playing games around our house when we were children. May Michael rest in peace. Sincerely, Anne


Mary & Mike Langan posted on 8/4/21

Sincere sympathies to the Gaynor family on the passing of Mike. He was a good friend to many people & always enjoyed the craic. May he rest in peace.


John Nuala & Sean Connor, Boston posted on 8/4/21

Our Deepest Heartfelt Condolences to Aunt Patty and all the Gaynor Family on your great loss. You are in our thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. We have fond memories of our times together with Mike in Boston, New York and Mayo ~ he was one in a Million, great sense of humor, plenty of laughter and the craic having Mike around. Mike we will miss you terribly. Our Love and Blessings go with you, thank you for the good times. May you Rest in Peace in God's Loving Care.


Gerry & rosaleen Gaughan posted on 8/4/21

Our deepest sympathy to the gaynor family on the passing of Mike a true gentle man may his gentle soul rest in peace


Michael and Bridie O'Donnell, connemara posted on 8/4/21

Condolences to all the family


Imer smith posted on 8/4/21

Anne you were strong until the end , taking notes with the best pens. Thanks for making cinnamon buns and Stromboli for the office . You always knew what to say to people to make them feel better or had a book close by to share words of wisdom. Thanks for the memories



Dal Burton posted on 8/4/21

“ The Love of my Life”


Sherry posted on 8/4/21

Ronnie heaven got another angle yesterday I can just see your face when Bonnie came through that gate.I am missing you so so much tonight it has just been a sad day today you went home 4 months tomorrow and my heart feels like it is never going to stop hurting I will never stop missing you or stop loving you


Martin Reilly and family posted on 8/4/21

Deepest condolences to the Gaynor family God bless Rip amen


Anna Lisa Leal posted on 8/3/21

Anne and Family....My deepest sympathy to you all in this time of loss.. Sending comfort and peace.


Victoria Gaynor posted on 8/3/21

My deepest and heartfelt condolences to all of the family.


Tina , Kathy, and Brett Holden posted on 8/3/21

Deep condolences and prayers to the Gaynor family and friends , may Mike rest in perfect peace ❤️


Noreen Armstrong posted on 8/3/21

May Mike rest in peace. He was a kind man with a quiet wit and humor. He was the host and his presence in his Diner was a pleasure and he always served a generous hearty meal. Fond memories of Mike and my condolences to his family.


Gerry blake posted on 8/3/21

Condolences to the Gaynor family


Billy OQuinn posted on 8/3/21

Dal, so sorry to hear of your loss. My prayers are with you and your family.


Trey Gilbert posted on 8/3/21

I was so very sorry to learn of the passing of Mrs. Burton. I would like to send my condolences to her entire family, especially Mr. Burton. You all are in my thoughts and prayers.---Trey


Teresa & Jimmy Moran, Brize Mayo posted on 8/3/21

Our sincerest condolences to Your Mom (Patty) your sister Annie,& all you sisters & brothers! Met you in Manhattan & all I can say Mike you were a nice gentleman! Our thoughts and prayers are with you & all your family at this difficult time! May your gentle Soul rest in Eternal Peace Amen!


Helen McDonnell posted on 8/3/21

RIP Mike a gentleman gone before his time



Victor Lindsey Sr. posted on 8/3/21

This is my brother who I love so much words can not explain how I’m feeling right about now I work with him for so many years an if I ever need anything he was always there for me he touched my life in so many ways I can not start to say how much I’m going to miss him, do too life changes I didn’t get to see him and the family as much as I would have like to Bob I’m going to really miss you buddy but don’t worry I’ll see you again.


Timothy Foley posted on 8/3/21

Rest in peace mike you will be missed in sunnyside


SIMON MC VANN posted on 8/3/21

Sincere sympathy to mikes mother patricia,brothers ,sisters and all his extended family and friends..Mike was an extremely kind and helpful person ,and was also an exceptionally good friend.RIP MIKE,you will be missed, Simon Mc Vann ,Cloonacool,Co. Sligo


Ann Aves - Wickham posted on 8/3/21

Deepest sympathy to you Anne and all your family , so sorry for your loss


Marsha Caulder posted on 8/3/21

Valarie, baby girl, I am so sorry about Steve. My prayers and love are with you and your family. Take peace and comfort knowing he is in the arms of Jesus. No more hurting or pain, he has gained his wings. “FLY HIGH STEVE! “. RIP.


Martin Kelly posted on 8/3/21

Rest In Peace Mike. A pleasure to have known and work with you. At Dheis De go raibh a anam.


Anne Collins posted on 8/3/21

Tom and Alice and family, Sympathy on the sudden death of Tom. Prayers and thoughts with you at this difficult time.


Geraldine Moloney posted on 8/3/21

My deepest sympathy.


Dustin posted on 8/3/21

I briefly worked with Tom for a few years and he was one of the most enjoyable coworkers I have ever had. Each shift was a new experience for me hearing all of his stories. There was always something new! He will be missed and cherished in my memories.


Angela Gaynord Sale posted on 8/3/21

To My Father's Beautiful Family & mine, I write this with the the deepest sympathy, sorry for your lost. R.I.P Michael. Thinking of you All Angela & David sale xxxxxxx


Angela Gaynord Sale posted on 8/3/21


Ciaran campbell posted on 8/3/21

Rest In Peace my friend. Another good man gone. Not be forgotten


John O Connor Kerry posted on 8/3/21

My condolences to all of Mike’s family and friends. Mike was very kind to me when I visited NY in summer 09. A true Gent. May he Rest in Peace


Shane Connolly posted on 8/3/21

I meet Mike shortly after I moved to new York he was my friend and a gentleman and give his hand of friendship and the would give the shirt of his Is back I so proud of meeting Mike and never forget him rest in peace


Paul & Joan Walsh Kiltannon House Tulla Co Clare posted on 8/3/21

Sincere condolences to Anne and all the Gaynor family at this sad time . Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.


Kieran Murray posted on 8/3/21

An Unassuming man, Mike helped so many young Irish people get set up in NY. A huge loss to the neighborhood and to the Gaynor family. Ar dheis Dé go raibh a anam.


Angela Oliver posted on 8/3/21

Mikey was so funny and had a witty sense of humor that fit mine. We could make each other laugh and laugh. And a few times we had a tiff but we always made up. Because we loved each other. I learned a lot from taking care of mikey. I will keep him close to my heart as I continue my career in nursing. At first he was unsure of how his paralysis would change his life and was scared. Most people react to this when a new medical diagnosis turns their world upside down. Then as he learned more and was cared for he came around and realized he could live his best life he could zooming around in his motorized wheelchair ! To his friends in NY that steel beam lift system is awesome! To see Mikey smile and laugh was the most rewarding part. Fairwell Mikey my friend


William & Marguerite Culkeen Ballinrobe ,Co..Mayo Ireland posted on 8/3/21

Our deepest sympathy to The Gaynor Family on the sad passing of Michael, may he Rest in peace ..


Micheàl O Connell, cahirsiveen co Kerry and previously N. Y. posted on 8/3/21

Deepest sympathy to All The Gaynor family on the sad passing of Michael. He was a gentle man to know . May he Rest in peace.


Maura & Joe Flynn, Galway posted on 8/3/21

Our deepest sympathy to all the Gaynor family on the sad death of Michael.Our hearts go out to all of you at this sad time.May God comfort you in your grief.May Michael's gentle soul rest in peace..Maura &, Joe Flynn..Galway


Patricia Walsh posted on 8/3/21

My sympathy and best wishes to the Gaynor family


Mairtin and Martina Walsh, Limerick city posted on 8/3/21

Our sympathies to all the Gaynor family.


Colette Riney posted on 8/3/21

Deepest sympathy to the Gaynor family. Our thoughts and prayers are with ye at this hard time. Rineys Sneem


Liam McDonnell posted on 8/3/21

A great friend


Michele and Tony Carcirieri posted on 8/3/21

Dear Alice and Tom, In reading all of the condolences there is a common and dominant theme to all, Tom’s kindness, his laugh, and his generosity. I never knew your son but I know what wonderful people you both are so it does not surprise me to read all these heartfelt condolences. May he now Rest In Peace in God’s arms.


betsy posted on 8/3/21

Because I could not stop for death-He kindly stopped for me. The carriage held but just ourselves and immortality


Michelle M. Jacobs posted on 8/3/21

Dal, Tracie and Family May all the beautiful memories of Diane help to see you through the days ahead. Know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.


Jimmy and Sue Atkinson posted on 8/3/21

Dal and family, We were sadden to learn of Diane’s passing. She was a great lady with great taste. She will be missed by friends and family. We know Carly will miss her but is comforted by the fact that Ashley greeted her with open arms. We are praying for you all!


Jimmy and Sue Atkinson posted on 8/3/21

Becky, Katherine and Brett, We are sadden to learn of Brother Danny’s passing. He certainly stepped into a better place as God welcomed him home. He was a wonderful servant and one who was faithful and trustworthy. We think of our many CWT visits together and have to chuckle at the experiences we shared. He may not have known it, but he always brightened our day when in his presence. May God’s comfort and peace be upon you all during this times. Love and prayers.


Jerry & Maryetta Wells posted on 8/3/21

Dal and family: Our deepest sympathy to you all. Diane was a dear friend. Know that our prayers and love are with you during this very difficult time.


Aileen & Mike Daley posted on 8/3/21

Alice, Tom and Ally, We were so sorry to hear of Tommy’s passing. We remember him fondly from the neighborhood. He was always kind to our sons. Such a devastating loss. Our sincere condolences.


Bob Cunningham posted on 8/3/21

Such an honor to have known this beautiful will be greatly missed.


Bob Cunningham posted on 8/3/21

Such an honor to know this beautiful will be greatly missed Diane


MARTHA EASON WATSON posted on 8/3/21

Dal, and family....I was sorry to hear about Diane. My heart breaks for you and your family. I just went thru this 16 months ago. I wish there was something I could do or say to make this better, but there is nothing.


Dempsey and Sheryl Howard posted on 8/3/21

Our Thoughts and Prayers are with you.


Stephanie Michalowicz posted on 8/3/21

My apologies!!! I mean in the loss of Danny(not kiss). God bless!!


Marsha Edens Caulder posted on 8/3/21

Dal and Donna, We girls raised up in Wrightsboro, we all went thru Wrightsboro school together and on thru JR High (as we called it back then) and we graduated NHHS in 1965. We used to sit in church together and giggle like silly little girls would do. Diane was a wonderful friend , she had such beautiful eyes and infectious smile. Donna I know you will miss her, you two were such buddies. Please accept my condolences and know that she is now resting in God’s care. She will always be God’s Angel.


Michael & Dee Dee Mincey posted on 8/3/21

So sorry to hear of Diane’s passing. May GOD’S love and grace be with all tha family during this time and always



Donna Cunningham posted on 8/3/21

You have been my best friend all my life and I will miss you so very much! You will always live in my heart and in the beautiful memories I am so blessed to have. I love you


Linda and Douglas Milton posted on 8/3/21

We were Brenda’s “across the street” neighbors and friends on Ebbtide Lane! Brenda was one of the kindest and smart people that we knew! There are so very many Brenda and the kids stories that we continue to enjoy telling. Brenda managed to establish wonderful relationships of each and everyone in our family. What a Blessing! We will always remember Brenda’s kindness and will continue to pray for Peter, Diana, Stephanie, Alan and the rest of Brenda’s family. Love.


Linda and Douglas Milton posted on 8/3/21

We were Brenda’s “across the street” neighbors and friends on Ebbtide Lane. What a joy to know Brenda who was one of the kindest and smartest people that we knew! Our children were friends and grew up together! She truly loved Peter, Diana and Stephanie! There are so many Brenda and the kids stories that we fondly recall! The news of her passing saddens us beyond measure. She built great relationships with every single member of our family and we will continue to pray for her family.


Stephanie Michalowicz posted on 8/2/21

My very deepest condolences to all of you, in the kiss of Danny!! His smile & enthusiasm will be missed! My heart goes our to you!! May God’su abiding love & love of friends & family help during this time & days to come!! Stephanie Michalowicz


Melinda Hales posted on 8/2/21

Dal, I am sorry to hearing about Diane’s death. It was my best intention to call her this week. See was one of my oldest friends from grade school through graduation. Please sure to tell Donna how sorry I am. God Bless you all. Melinda Holladay Hales


Liz Vieira Carvalho posted on 8/2/21

Very sad. Tom was very loved. Great high school memories of him and his family.


Frances Suarez posted on 8/2/21

Wow...I honestly have no words....I am shocked yet deeply sadden...Tom wow so many memories, so many laugh....such a beautiful soul and an awesome many high school memories with you Tom...always with your awesome smile....I am condolences to your will never be forgotten ❤


Adrian posted on 8/2/21

Miss you brother. RIP


Carol Davis (Sutton) posted on 8/2/21

My condolences for you. Tom was a fun loving friend of my son Jason. He also helped me when I moved to Wilmington.


Dave and Judy O’Shea posted on 8/1/21

Dear Alice and Tom, We were so saddened to hear of the loss of your precious son. Our deepest sympathy.. Judy and Dave O’Shea


Mandy Gay posted on 8/1/21

Uncle Danny! I can’t believe you are gone. I have such fond memories of being at the house at Sneads Ferry and Nana would give me, Corey, and Carter a pitcher of ice water to use to wake you and Uncle Donnie up so y’all could take us out on the boat. All of my best childhood memories are on Stone’s bay and they would not be possible without the variety of water craft you supplied (some operational, some not). I imagine you sailing off into the enteral sunset in a boat that will never breakdown on you! I promise to stop on the highway and help the next motorist in trouble I see in your honor!


Mandy Gay posted on 8/1/21

Uncle Danny! I can’t believe you are gone. I hold close to my heart all the memories of Sneads Ferry. Nana would give me Corey and Carter a pitcher of ice water to go into your room and wake you up in the morning so you could take us out one the boat. Growing up on on Stones Bay with you and the variety of motor crazy you had was the best!! Miss you!


David. Prince posted on 8/1/21

Becky my prayers are with you and family sorry to hear about Danny he was a great man I did not know about this until Sat. he will be missed by everyone


Hope Hagmann posted on 8/1/21

Darleene was a treasured coworker who encouraged, assisted and entertained whenever possible to keep a hectic surgical schedule running as smoothly as possible. I missed her so much when she retired but was so happy she was headed to her coastal home and more time with her beloved family and dogs! My sincere condolences to her family.


Connie Tatum posted on 8/1/21

I am so sorry for your loss I went to school with him.


Matt Kearney posted on 8/1/21

Sorry for the loss. To many memories to even start.


Angel Justice posted on 8/1/21

Mr Carlos was a wonderful man. Good christian man with a heart of gold. I have know him most of my life. I will never forget him. I love this family. My love and prayers go out to you all. May God continue to give peace and comfort for the many days ahead.


Marlene & Elaine posted on 8/1/21

To the wonderful Family of Uncle Carlos: Many wonderful memories of Uncle Carlos & Aunt Estey working in tobacco, riding horses and just being around a wonderful Family. Our prayers will continue to be with you all in the days ahead. We love you all so much. Elaine & Marlene


Eddie Elliott posted on 8/1/21

Tom, the world has prematurely lost a kind, highly intelligent, and decent human being. My condolences to all the Caseys and know that your son made a positive impact on myself and many others who knew him.


Rebecca posted on 8/1/21

I’m so sorry for your loss. Although we lost touch over the years I remember Tom from the tennis team and umass Lowell summer programs the most. He was a funny guy. He will be missed.


Joshua Hinkle posted on 8/1/21

I very much enjoyed all my moments on the AT and after with Kackle, I will remember those memories and him fondly


Debbie Cruz posted on 8/1/21

My most heartfelt condolences to the family. I’ll always remember Tom’s smile & laughter as we walked the halls of LHS. He was smart & kind. May he Rest In Peace. God Bless.


Leo Lam posted on 8/1/21

I attended high school with Tom. Tom was quite a character, my condolences for your loss.


Bryan & Beverly Ouellette posted on 8/1/21

Dear Tom and Alice, so, so sorry to hear about Tom’s passing. Our prayers and thoughts are with you and your family during this difficult time.


Grace Fortune posted on 7/31/21

Tom and I were kayak guides at Carolina Beach. We developed photos together and shot people with water guns!


Jane Crowder posted on 7/31/21

Mrs Patsy and family, please accept our condolences in the passing of your brother and Rev Jerome in the loss of his father. God be with you all and engulf you all with his love. John and Jane Crowder. Leland NC


susan ward posted on 7/31/21

If this world was full of people like Carlos, this would be a wonderful world. Great man. Prayers for the family.


Larry LaPointe posted on 7/31/21

Dear Tom & Alice we have fond memories of Tommy growing up and his visits to Astor. You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers. Love Larry, Cheryl and family


Christine Adams posted on 7/31/21

Im so thankful for the short time I knew you. Always smiling. Late nights at the Waffle House. I will miss you being in this world.


Jane Limone-Rollins posted on 7/31/21

Tom and Alice, I’m pretty sure you know that “Cackle” meant a great deal to our whole family. Sending you ♥️&☮️.


Wendy Crocker-Roberge posted on 7/31/21

Tom was a great high school friend. We had many laughs while he served as yearbook editor and shared the honor of “Most Ambitious” together. He gave my husband and I a beautiful black and white photo of the Ayer Mill Clock for our wedding that we have displayed in our home 22 years later. We are so saddened by the news of his passing and will remember his kind, gentle, and humorous ways.


Jennie Mojica posted on 7/31/21

We went to High school together. He was funny and kind. Sending his family my condolences.


Kevin Wicker posted on 7/31/21

Just so awful. Such a wonderful guy gone way too soon. Thanks for the laughs Tom and generosity.


Dilsa Toribio-Guerrero posted on 7/31/21

My deepest condolences to the Casey family. Although we lost contact, I have the best memories of Tom during our high school years. He was the kindest and sweetest soul. I’ll never forget his laugh and his eagerness to learn Spanish. May he Rest In Peace.


Rick & Pat LaPointe & family posted on 7/31/21

Dear Alice, Tom & family. Your Tommy’s tribute was so appreciated. We have been praying for you and will continue as promised. Tommy’s life though all too short touched so many family and friends. He will be remembered in our thoughts and hearts always.Love, Rick, Pat, & family


Kris Decker posted on 7/31/21

So sorry to learn of Tom’s passing. Though we lost touch over the years, I’ve always considered Tom a good friend from my LHS days. May you Rest In Peace. My condolences to the Casey family


Debbie Blanchette posted on 7/31/21

I’m so very sorry to hear this. My heart breaks for you. I offer my sincere condolences and prayers for God’s blessing upon you. May He grant you peace somehow. Much love!



Teresa Krawczyk Jones (niece) posted on 7/31/21

Aunt Mary- out matriarch of the family forever memories of dinners at your house, your 2 scotties and BBQs in your back yard when I was young God bless always and to all the family condolences


Esmeralda Jerez posted on 7/31/21

I’m so sorry for your loss. I went to high school with Tom and he was the kindest ,funniest, and smartest soul. I will always remember him from our times hanging out and having a laugh. I pray for solace for your family!


Catherine farrell posted on 7/31/21

Alice & Tom, Thinking of you - nothing I can say or do can take away the heartbreak of Tommy's passing. Praying for God's blessings to somehow ease the pain & give you the strength you need, Sending love, Cathy


Josh Brigman a.k.a. Country posted on 7/31/21

Tom was an amazing friend, he was there anytime you needed anything. I worked with him, and for him, he will be missed more than I can say. He was larger than life kind of guy I can still hear his laugh that cackle! Rest In Peace my friend I will see you again for another game of Farkle.


Carlos Dominguez posted on 7/31/21

Deeply saddened for your lost I graduated high school with him and always was a good guy my thoughts and prayers are with the family.


Roselle Margolis posted on 7/31/21

May the memory of Bobbie Jo be for a blessing. I have known Bobbie Jo professionally and as a friend since 1977. We were part of the Founding Mother's of what became Domestic Violence Shelter and Services, Inc. I worked with her to develop the Women's Resource Center and empower women in the area. My son attend the YWCA after school program in-part out of my respect for Bobbie Jo's zeal and care for the YWCA. Our paths often crossed and Bobbie Jo was a strong independent woman. She often talked about the love of her extended family and friends. During her decline in health she kept her faith, concern of others and dignity. Bobbie Jo, I will miss you, rest in peace.


DAVID OLIVEIRA posted on 7/31/21

Rest in peace, little one. I'm so sorry.


Brenda Griffin posted on 7/31/21

My deepest sympathy to all of Darlene’s family. She was a special person who loved her family dearly and a wonderful coworker who was gracious to all. My prayers for the family at this time.


Don and Mary Ellen Pelletier posted on 7/31/21

31/21 Sorry Tom and Alice You are in our thoughts and prayers.


Susan Spalj posted on 7/31/21

Tom worked for me as a bartender at Shakespeare’s in Iowa City, Iowa and was one to remember after all these years. Sorry for your loss- he was a very kind and compassionate person and will be missed!


Jolanta Mickiewicz - Krawczyk posted on 7/31/21

My heart goes out to you in your time of sorrow. My Condolences... She was the last living from the Sztukowski family frome my grandmother side, now the book is closed ...


RuthAnne (Mrs. Craig) Henley posted on 7/31/21

Our prayers are with the King family today and in the hard days to come. May you always feel the comfort of your faith and be immersed in the grace that surrounds Amy's imprint on your lives. Peace of Christ to you.


Ronald Russ posted on 7/31/21

Our prayers are with this wonderful family who walk before us showing the love of Christ, Ronnie & Sherrie Russ


john Fiumano posted on 7/31/21

You were the greatest brother anyone could ever ask for. I'll always miss and think of you all the time . As tears fall from my eyes. I'll see you one day in heaven. Love your brother John.


Cathy Robie posted on 7/31/21

You are in my thoughts and prayers. God Bless You



Donna Branson posted on 7/31/21



Donna Branson posted on 7/31/21

Michael was my big brother. When we were kids, me and my little brother were the youngest in our neighborhood. So of course, we were always picked on, especially me. One big memory is when he showed up with a bb gun and ran the bigger girls up a tree after they had poured salt in my hair. We argued but we laughed a whole lot more. If I missed an exit, we laughed til we cried. If I fell over the chair after a little too much wine, he fell over the other chair laughing at me. My big brother made me laugh more than anyone on the planet when its hard sometimes to laugh at all. Everything was somehow funny.. If nothing else is remembered about Michael, his sons, Anthony and Nickie, were his life. They were always the first thing on his mind. He was a father, like all of us who made mistakes, but it was over as soon as it happened. The first thing he talked about was Ant and Nick, his boys. Michael was never afraid to say "I love you, Sis." When he loved you he would tell you. He was loyal even to people who had hurt him. I will truly miss him and always love him. More than the world!


Edward Kirkpatrick posted on 7/31/21

It won’t be the same to attend a Reardon family event and not have Tommy’s voice and laugh there. Always ready with a quick joke or great story. We are so sorry for your loss Aunt Alice, Uncle Tom, and Ally.



Fairfax family posted on 7/31/21

Praying peace over the family


Sarah Calla posted on 7/31/21

Uncle Tom, Aunt Alice, and Ally: I can't imagine the pain, anger, loss, and sadness you are feeling. Thomas was my cousin and my friend. I am fortunate to have spent so much time with Tommy and your entire family. Thinking of you and sending love your way. -Sarah


Larice White posted on 7/31/21

Love you Nana❤️ Joe, Larice, Cyd, Carly and Curtis


Lori DeLeo posted on 7/30/21

My family would like to extend our sincere condolences to the entire Bullard family. Becky, know that we are thinking and praying for you and your at this time.


Patricia OLoughlin posted on 7/30/21

Dear Alice and Tom, You guys are the sweetest people I know and my heart hurts for you. There are never enough words to express our deep sorrow. However, we want you to know that you are always in our prayers and thoughts.



janice e gordon posted on 7/30/21

As a former YWCA Board President and a long time friend,i am deeply saden to hear of her her death. My condolences to her family.



DAVID & BOIINE NARRON posted on 7/30/21



Kyle & Linda Crawford posted on 7/30/21

Bullard Family, We are so sorry to learn of the death of Mr. Carlos. May the Lord Jesus comfort you & give you His peace during this difficult time.


elnora jordan breashears posted on 7/30/21

to the family i no you miss him but he when lord noun god bless the family.



Frankie Mae D. & Louis E. Saunders posted on 7/30/21

Prayers for the Family.


Polly Spencer posted on 7/30/21

so sad to learn of Darleene's passing, she was a precious co-worker, much admired.


Bob Hack posted on 7/30/21

I met Danny and the rest of the family when I married his mother after his Father passed. We got along well from the Start. All any of us can due in our life time is make a difference. Danny sure did., Always going out of his way to help others.. Like his Father before him, with just the mention of his first name, most people knew who you were talking about. Big Ron & Danny. Just read these condolences. He made a big difference in his passing and will be missed by many..


Jackie Daniels-Hack posted on 7/30/21

To my #1 SON! Danny, how I loved and will miss you. I know you are happy with your father. Give him a kiss for me. You should never have died before me. Please take care of me in your soul and rest in peace with your father. Motherxoxo


Maurice & Maryan Formy-Duval posted on 7/30/21

Carlos was not only my 1st cousin, but he was also a brother in Christ. He was one of the most transparent and authentic Christians I have known. I could share my heart with him and he with me. More recently he would say "I'm praying to the Lord that He will save our country," a prayer we Christians should all we praying. When we closed our conversations, Carlos would say,"If I don't see you before, I'll meet you around the Throne. I love you" to which I would echo the same. COME LORD JESUS. The best is yet to be. Maurice & Maryan Formy-Duval


Gina Ray posted on 7/30/21

My heart is SOO heavy right now! Prayers are said for your family & all your friends!



Robin Fajen posted on 7/30/21

2222 I miss you so much. You left us way to soon doing what you love best. Until I see you again. Ride On Babe


Marjorie Reeves Buranakitipinyo posted on 7/30/21

Prayers for Your Family


Marjorie Reeves Buranakitipinyo posted on 7/30/21

Prayers for Carlos Family Much Love tou You and Yours


Sandy Kreuter posted on 7/30/21

We will miss that heart warming, make the world better again smile of yours Patrick. It would light up the world.



Amy and Jeff Smith posted on 7/30/21

Uncle Carlos you will surely be missed. We know you are rejoicing in heaven. We have fond remembrances of you as such a kind and faithful servant of God. You were so knowledgeable in the Word of God. Heaven just got a little more sweeter now that you are there❤️


Maxcine Bullock posted on 7/30/21

You will be truly miss my Sister-In-Law Mary...This is Howard Sister Maxcine Bullock...Rest Easy Hunnie I will always love you...Maxcine Perry Bullock and The Family


Joe and Beverly Balser posted on 7/29/21

I know this isn't easy for you. Just know that we are here and we love you very much..



Frances & Blainey posted on 7/29/21

Please accept our sincere condolences. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends during this difficult time.


Jimmy English posted on 7/29/21

Worked with Danny many years at DuPont.He was a good man in every aspect of his life I loved his knowledge of Andy Griffith!! We will meet again.


Ray and Yvenia Croom posted on 7/29/21

Sorry to hear of the passing of Carlos. Thoughts and prayers to the family during this most difficult time.



Tina Benton posted on 7/29/21

“Rest In Peace Mike “


Angie & Roger Connor posted on 7/29/21

Mr Carlos was a family friend that meant the world to us. He always had a good word and a kind heartfelt smile for us when we saw him. He and Ms. Esty, they were always together and he treated her like his queen and took great care of her. They always treated us like part of the family and he will always be remembered! We have a lot of memories with Mr Carlos and his family and will always love him dearly and we are thankful for the wonderful son he raised that years ago became the brother I never had. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family that became our family through marriage, friendship and love! We love you all!❤️


Trina Rome posted on 7/29/21

The thought that you are gone is unbelievable.You will always hold a special place in my heart and on my arm. You were truly one of the happiest people I ever knew, and when I needed you you were always there. My prayers to your family and friends to help them heal this hole your departure has created. Fly high and know you will always be in all our hearts and memories.


Karen posted on 7/29/21

Scott...You shared this thought with me months ago when I was missing someone I loved and lost... "It's okay to feel sad. If it were me looking in on you from the other side, I'd want you to celebrate our time together and the wonderful and beautiful family and memories we created, and remember me with joy. "... I am so sad that you are gone. I hope you are looking in on me now, knowing that I am grateful for the special times and love we shared and that I am remembering you with joy. I will miss you. Rest in peace!


Betty Webb posted on 7/29/21

I just found out about Danny tonight and was really surprised and sad. My family and I met Danny and Becky in the 1970's at Long Leaf Baptist Church. One of the sweetest couples I have ever known. Danny was a gifted and obedient servant of the Lord, always helping in any way he was needed. Becky, Katherine, and Brett my heart breaks for you...but knowing Danny is shouting around God's throne in glory brings me joy for him! Can't wait to see him again one day. My love and prayers to all the family.


Joe and Michele Bellis posted on 7/29/21

Our deepest and sincere condolences for all of your family and friends! Thoughts and prayers are with you all!


Connie Smith posted on 7/29/21

I had the pleasure of working with Darleene. She was such a beautiful lady and everyone loved her. For what she lacked in height she made up for in spunk. She loved her family, her dogs, and a good purse. My heart aches for the family left to grieve.


Linda Johnson posted on 7/28/21

I know you are looking down on your family with the good Lord and all of his angels. Although I never met you, I have heard so many good things about you from my son. We will meet one day in God heavenly home.


Stephen Walker posted on 7/28/21

Danny you were a great friend from when we first met and played football in the seventh grade all the way through high school coastal Carolina is where I went and you were down in Wilmington in Charleston and we stayed friends through all these years then when you move back up here we stay friends you look me up I appreciate your brother always love you rest in peace my good friend



Lydia Dennis Brown posted on 7/28/21

Thank you for the Happy memories we had with all our friends at Wild Wings Cafe you always made me smile. I will truly miss you Patrick. Fly high and keep on riding. Love u Lydia.



Suzanne Hickman posted on 7/28/21

Rip Angel


Jackie Daniels-Hack posted on 7/28/21

Danny Daniels


Linda Barber posted on 7/28/21

Memories of all our years with our children being friends and the friendship we formed over the years have flooded my mind since reading this obit. I called recently to set a lunch date and never got an answer and retreat we didn’t get a chance to meet. I am so taken back over the news and shocked over the family’s loss. Our prayers are with you all that God’s loving arms will comfort each of you in His special way. I will miss our lunch times together. Love to you all.


Waddell Evans posted on 7/28/21

I worked with Danny at DuPont for many years. Danny was the absolute image of a Christian brother, he lived his profession of faith in his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To Becky and the children my prayers are with you that God will fill Danny's vacancy in your lives with his great love and presence. Danny was a great man.



kelly dawes russell posted on 7/28/21

fly high an ride the clouds


kelly dawes russell posted on 7/28/21

prayers for all the family , he will b truely missed thats for sure !!iv known him 30 + years an he was always smiling an happy ..he could cheer u up in a minute an say everything will b ok .. so hard to believe . im praying for youll


Alexandra Evans posted on 7/28/21

Danny was an excellent neighbor, helping others often. He shared stories of our neighborhood when he and Becky first bought their house. The neighborhood will miss him dearly


Vernell Bailey posted on 7/28/21

My condolences to an awesome friend who will be truly missed


Doug Hempfling posted on 7/28/21

I have the fondest memories of Amy being absolutely the sweetest kindest soul, friendly and kind to everyone. My deepest condolences to all her family and friends. The Lord has truly received an Angel.


Monte Hutchins posted on 7/28/21

I first met Danny playing on the same little league football team. We remained friends for life. Your friendship will be missed!


Monte Hutchins posted on 7/28/21

Rest in peace my Friend!


John Leutgens posted on 7/28/21

Danny is an all around great guy and friend to many. We spent a good amount of time reminiscing at the class of 75’ 20 year reunion at St. Regis resort at North Topsail. He spoke very highly of his family and his faith in the Lord. Rest in Heaven Brother Danny, you will be missed by all of your family and friends and remembered for your positive legacy that lives on..


Hollyn Lindsay posted on 7/28/21

Light a candle for Darlene and family



Susan D Chadwick posted on 7/28/21

Patrick once told me that if you died doing what you loved, then you were really just LIVING! ❤❤


James D. JohnsonJr posted on 7/27/21

William, sorry to hear of your loss. Your dad was the one who I was paired with when I went into shop at Corning. I remember the night we went to Ball Head Island to fish and northeastern came up. I had to drive the boat as he told me he couldn't see at night when we all left to come back, He loved the water and he will be missed.


Tom Laurin posted on 7/27/21

O Danny Boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling – and way too soon for you, my friend. I’ve known you since the fifth grade, and ever since then you were always quick with a smile or a joke. I moved away when we were young, but I'll never forget my NC connections. We face our own mortality every day, but we lost one of the good ones this time. Rest in eternal peace – Dolphins and Cardinals forever! We shall meet again …


Marcy and Moe Maley posted on 7/27/21

Bill and Judy were great neighbors for 27 years. We have mutual grandchildren. Lots of memorable history. So sorry for your sadness



Beverly Payne posted on 7/27/21

It was just a few months ago when our paths had crossed again…so sorry our new journey ended so soon. RIP Danny ❤️


Tim posted on 7/27/21

Dear Ed, Kathie and the Walser family, My condolences on the death of your father/grandfather. No words of mine can console your sorrow at this time. I know the pain you are going through. Only time is the great healer. Have courage. Take care.


Raquel posted on 7/27/21


paula nobbs posted on 7/27/21

I will miss our Saturday night phone calls. I love and miss you so much. Your First cous always. Paula


Rebecca Gurganus posted on 7/27/21

My deepest sympathy to the Daniels family in the sudden loss of Danny. His smile, humor, stories and conversations will be missed by your IOP friend. Thoughts and prayers are with you all during this time.


Sandra Cobos Albillar posted on 7/27/21

My memories of Danny go way back. I was 10 months old when Danny was born. My Mother, Lavaun Tompkins Cobos, and Danny’s Mother, Katie Tompkins Best, were sisters. Since Aunt Katie, at that time had no kids, she would always carry me when she and my mother would catch the bus to go shopping. We were always close. As Danny, my sister Paula, and I grew up, we were together constantly. Going to our Grandparents house in the country was a Sunday event. At the age of 8, my family moved to California but that didn’t stop us from staying in touch. On visits back to NC, Danny would be ready to go out to the country to spend the nights with us while we were there. As the grownups gathered in the house, we cousins would gather together on the front porch of whichever relative’s house we were at. It was good times for all. As time passed, Danny joined the Air Force. While he was stationed at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Arizona, my parents and I went to visit him. We had a great time going to Old Tucson where they filmed western movies (which Danny loved to watch). We also went to Tombstone. It was a fun trip with a wonderful cousin. Through the years we visited back and forth and have always kept in touch with weekly phone calls. Danny was a very special person and a wonderful cousin. I miss the calls and hearing his voice but I know I will see him again.I love you.


Dwight Crainshaw posted on 7/27/21

Met Danny at Dupont, where he was a shift mechanics . Called him many times to “fix stuff” at night and weekends Later knew him as a member @ Long Leaf Baptist Good memories of a good man


Mike Michalowicz posted on 7/27/21

From the time Danny would stop by frequently to see my Nana (Auntie Irene) on Glen Forest Drive, I got to know Danny well as I just lived three doors away. He seemed to really take a liking for me and was dedicated to get me out of my shyness which he and Uncle Jimmy strived to do on a memorable night in Strathmere. From then, he stayed in frequent touch with me and was always hoping I did well. When he came through Richmond, we would meet and I would listen and greatly enjoy his absolutely hilarious stories. He always wanted for our extended family to stay close and I really respect him for that. I will greatly miss you, Danny.


sabrina todd posted on 7/27/21

I’m so sad about this , so sorry I just found out , Dempsey was such a sweet Christian man, he came and serviced my home for years , he always had kind words and would talk about his beautiful wife and there vacations, I will truly miss this kind smile



Ellen McLemore posted on 7/27/21

Sore with the eagles now Brandon you're free from the demon that you had on your back God loves you we love you and you will be forever missed May some good come out of the sacrifice that you made in life. In the arms of an Angel now ❤️



Shanetta Bunting posted on 7/27/21

Sending prayers to the Heglar and King families. Sad to hear of a fellow JTH Viking passing away. May you find comfort in the arms of our Lord during this time


Beverly Johnston Wiley posted on 7/27/21

Danny was a good friend in Jr High and high school to a lot of people. Since we graduated everytime I saw him he still was Danny. We need a lot more people like Danny. You will be missed friend.



Shanetta Bunting posted on 7/27/21

Sending prayers and condolences to the Small family. Wendy and I attended Hoggard together and I am truly sorry for your loss classmate. May you find comfort in the arms of our Lord during this time.



Brenda Adams posted on 7/27/21

Danny was always such faithful servant and would help you in anyway he could. Jay and I will truly miss him. I loved hearing him and Jay catch up on all the old westerns and Andy Griffith episodes .Becky we love and are praying for you all.


Jack Whitley posted on 7/27/21

I will always remember the years we surfed, worked and had lots of fun together since childhood days. We all will miss you my Friend. RIp Danny


Linda Starr posted on 7/27/21

Danny you will be missed.I’ll always treasure the times the cousins got together which was not often enough


Jim Myers posted on 7/27/21

Our prayers and thoughts are with the Daniels family, Danny was a good person and great friend to many, May God Bless you


Susan Bardin McInnes posted on 7/27/21

Thanks for always making me laugh Danny. You had a certain way that not many others do. Rest peacefully with your Savior. Until I bust through those pearly gates also, God Speed!



Deborah French Jukoski posted on 7/27/21

Your sweet soul will be missed.


Robert Kerns posted on 7/27/21

RIPBe Blessed, Know yoy are in Gods hands. Peace Strength Mercy Comfort for all your fa3 and friends


Dee Dee Paliotti Lloyd posted on 7/27/21

Met Danny back in the '70's at the Pirates Cove, beside Surf City campground. We were there every weekend playing foosball. We knew he was there before we got to the door. After 40 yrs of not keeping in touch we found each other on Facebook. He has always been a good guy and loved by so many. RIP my friend. I will miss you checking up on me.


Jimmy hill posted on 7/27/21

Goodbye ole friend


John Starzynski posted on 7/27/21

Never a Dull Moment, lots of laughs, Danny never quit thinking,,you are already missed!! Lots of love Brother!! Rest In Peace old Friend!


Gale Davis Allanson- Morton posted on 7/27/21

You are missed already my friend. I was shocked to hear of your passing after spending so much time reminiscing our life as classmates and Northwoods memories. We had just made plans for you to go see my mom you hadn’t seen since we were in high school. I had 3 voice messages when I checked answering machine today from last week. So glad we got to spend time together after the reunion on the 17th. Prayers for all your family and friends. We will all miss you so much . RIH Danny



Ricky Meeks posted on 7/27/21

I remember Danny several occasions at Long Leaf Baptist Church past few years also my youth days my last visit Danny we shared some laughs had a wonderful memory. God Blessings his beloved family and friends. In Loving Remembrance


Suzanne posted on 7/27/21

Sincerest condolences to Gloria, Karen, Tom and their families: I have known Jimmy/Jim since I was around 12 years old. I was/am friends with his younger sister, Karen. Jimmy was always kind, respectful and had a great smile. He was part of our original “brook gang.” A place where a large group of us kids hung out and were like a family. Even though Jimmy was a couple of years older than Karen and myself, we all hung out together and I don’t ever remember them arguing. I have fond memories of Jimmy and Bobby using their culinary skills in the kitchen. My own children remember visiting Mamie’s/Gloria’s house where Jim would have his food truck readily available for free unlimited hotdogs and drinks. Rest peacefully Jim.


James Dille posted on 7/26/21

Sorry to hear about Dan's passing. I always enjoyed working with him on his bottled water projects. My condolences to his family.


Danny and Su-Anne Avant posted on 7/26/21

Never a better mentor than our Christian Brother, Danny Best. Perhaps without realizing it, Danny showed me how to follow Jesus more so than telling me. Such great memories working on Christmas and Resurrection Day programs with him could not have been made by any other means. Becky, please know that your husband held you in absolute highest regard, as I am sure he made known to you. Su-Anne and I count you as Danny's equal in all of life and service to our LORD. Katherine and Brett, your Father never of either of you except with a love that only a Father can offer. Thank God for your parents and trust HIM for the balance of your days. Thank you Becky for sharing your dear husband so selflessly.


Tracy Bua Smith posted on 7/26/21

Amy was a beautiful friend who I loved chatting with on the soccer side lines, on the phone or text messages. She inspired me and I know she touched so many lives besides my own. Amy, like we talked about on the phone, I’ll continue to remember to trust in God’s plans for our lives. Amy I love you and miss you. Continued prayers for the King family. Eternal rest sweet friend.


Johnny Hunt posted on 7/26/21

Danny was the absolute epitome of a Servant of God. No was not in his vocabulary. He meant the world to me in the early formation of my Christian life. Becky, Kathryn, and Brett, I am praying for each of you! I will NEVER forget Danny, a precious brother in Christ.



April Krajnyk posted on 7/26/21

Amy was always a precious angel kind to everyone that crossed her path. I know that she will continue to be that angel that watches over all. My thoughts and prayers are with all.


Joey Hall posted on 7/26/21

To a young lady who loved all and was accepting of all. Glad that I had the opportunity to have met you.


Leesa Hatlestad posted on 7/26/21

Rest in Peace Danny.


Eric and Rebecca Knight posted on 7/26/21

We were so heartbroken to hear about the passing of Denise. Mark, please know we are thinking of you and your family.


Rachel Smith posted on 7/26/21

Praying for you King Family! Eternal rest grant unto Amy, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon her. May all the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace, Amen. Romans 8:28



Martha Knotts Pittman posted on 7/26/21

Danny Dan you were loved and you are so missed right now rest eternal in the heavens love your forever classmate and fellow Cardinal..Martha Knotts



Anita King posted on 7/26/21

Prayers of comfort and peace to Dr. Wynne's family. He will truly be missed. Dr. Wynne was such a brilliant instructor. He had such a way about his teaching that he gave something extra that most instructors don't. Dr. Wynne made his students want to learn more and you really enjoyed learning the subject matter with him. His students knew they could always come to him with questions and if Dr. Wynne did not have the answer he would always tell you where you could find it if an answer existed. I really loved that about him. He was very approachable and a very kind and considerate human being.


Nicholas Johnson posted on 7/26/21

I've basically watched Michael grow up in my bowling center. He was a gentleman, just a all around nice guy. Here's a large Dr Pepper with no ice for you my friend! I'll surely miss him, a lot. Fly free my friend!


Robin Bunch Cromartie posted on 7/26/21

Mr. Best was always so kind to me. Throughout my childhood and my entire life. One of my fondest memories of him is when my little dog was run over and he and Mrs. Best came to the road to my side to help me. She consoled me while Mr. Best gently picked up my pop and took him to bury him. Such a kindness to a young girl. He was a great man and I know you all will miss him dearly, as will I. Praying for all of you as you go through such a difficult time.


Cathy Dixon Boles posted on 7/26/21

So sorry to lose you long time friend. There is no one like you Danny. You will be missed in a LARGE way. You are LOVED just as large. By all of your sisters and brothers in the JSHS Class of '75. Rest high on that mountain Danny. Our loss is Heaven's gain.


Walter E. Finch posted on 7/26/21

My mother and Danny's Aunt Lavaun were very close friends. I remember on many occasions when Lavaun came home to visit, she would always come over to visit us. Danny would come with over with Paula, Sandra and Lavaun. When I was born, ( I am 4 years younger than Danny), my parents bought Danny's old baby crib from Katie for me to use. Many years later when someone would ask Danny if he knew me, he would chuckle and say, " Somehow it all goes back to the two of us having the same baby crib" I loved his sense of humor. I worked at Lowes the last 20 years before I retired. Danny would come in and we would have a good visit, talking up a storm which we both could do! When my wife passed away 4 years ago, Danny would call me every 3 or 4 weeks for about a year to check on me. He knew I was having a hard time with my loss. I guess it all boils down to this," A FINER PERSON I HAVE NEVER KNOWN!" There's an old saying that you really haven't lost someone if you know where they are. We all know where Danny is! With his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!! Rebecca, not sure if I've ever met you, but know this, my Heart and Prayers are with all of you! May God Bless and keep you. Sincerely yours, Walt...


Kimberly Rowe posted on 7/26/21

I was so very sorry to hear about your loss. I wish you peace and comfort during this very difficult time.


Becky B Carter posted on 7/26/21

You will be greatly missed. There truly was only one Danny. Prayers to the family.


Carolyn Uliase posted on 7/26/21

I am so sorry to learn of Danny’s sudden passing. I have fond memories of him and his stories. In fact I have at least one great memory from each time we were together. He is a legend. So sorry for the Daniels family and Danny’s many friends.


Nancy Pearson posted on 7/26/21

In honor of Michael...


Nancy Pearson posted on 7/26/21

My Heart aches for Colleen and all of Michael's family as their lives are forever changed without the JOY of having Michael in it! Blessings and Prayers for God's comfort and peace to bathe your hearts today and in the future. Much Love! Nancy Pearson


Stacy Walser, Jr posted on 7/26/21

as first cousins, we shared many memories growing up in a small mill village, Yadkin.


Ross Osterritter posted on 7/26/21

I met Dan as an Elder of Peace Church, he worked tirelessly for the church and loved the church like no one else I knew. Dan Rest In Peace the works you began will continue.



Robin Rosa posted on 7/26/21

RIP my friend



Maria M Bernwinkler posted on 7/26/21

RIP fellow Northwoods kid


Melissa R Smiley posted on 7/26/21

Amy was an inspirational woman ever I met her. I missed her so much. I missed her smiles and conversations. My thoughts and prayers to Aaron and family.



Djamila Krause posted on 7/26/21

R. I. P Denise


Ellen Crane posted on 7/26/21

A kinder, less judgemental, more positive, accepting, loving, loyal soul could not be known. I will always miss her. She was a true friend for many years. Heaven has her back. Gone too soon. She'll be missed by all who had the honor to know her.


Amanda Morse posted on 7/26/21

You will be truly missed. Such an amazingly strong woman. Was wonderful meeting you. My deepest condolences to your family. Love you.


Michelle Carithers posted on 7/26/21

May God give his comfort during this time. Praying for y’all!!


BARBIE DEDRICH posted on 7/26/21

We are so very sorry to Mark Melanie and Jason and the whole family. Denise was a lovely person .We all miss her and know that she is in a wonderful place . A beautiful angel flying high.


Bob Bear Messercola posted on 7/26/21

Prayers & Thoughts .


Robin K Gabriel posted on 7/26/21

I miss you & your smile.



James P ERMOVICK posted on 7/25/21

And I was just beginning to get to know your voice and humor again. Hope you are flying high with everyone and everything you loved here on earth. Tell Grandma hello for me and I miss her too.


Jill Palumbo posted on 7/25/21

Amy will always be my interpreter. Amy is known with grace, smiles and lots of laughs. She shows the light and shows kindness with so much passion and love for God. You will be sorely missed here on earth but we will meet again. Love you so much Amy. Jill Palumbo



Kay Malpass posted on 7/24/21

Amy was so kind and warm. God is still in control. May God's grace bring comfort to you Aaron and the family



Jenice Bass posted on 7/24/21

Michael was a wonderful soul I met at Bitty and Beaus during my first week in Wilmington. He was a special light and made my day when I visited at his job.


M. Lee Henning posted on 7/24/21

She wasn't "Vernnelda"! Long ago she had learned Vernnelda the only child of overly generous mother and an overindulgent father. Vernnelda was a stinker, but Joyce as good a cousin as anyone could hope. I'll see you soon, Micky


M. Lee Henning posted on 7/24/21

Micky Henning


Debbie posted on 7/24/21

I will miss you Scott. Our time together will always be remembered.


Frances Deabenderfer posted on 7/24/21

Mrs. Peggy & family I am so sorry for your loss. Please accept my sincere condolences. Melissa was beautiful.inside & out. I met her in 1989/.1990 at Needhams. She made my.cats & I so comfortable. Yes. I remember meeting Dr. Needham.&.Ms. Peggy. I was from.out of town & stupid me did not know the connection all. Later on Melissa.&. I met at a mutual Her & Reggie. & my hubby & I. We just adored her. A few years went by.. Oh my I saw.her with her son & she saw me with with mine. It was like we just caught up so quickly. We were smiling & laughing. I adored Melissa . Again she was a beautiful person inside.& Out. She had such character. She was one of a kind & will never be forgotten. She loved her family & son's dearly. I am so thankful that I knew her & could call her a friend. My thoughts & prayers are with all of her family & friends. She was such a great mother & loved her son's dearly.


Sophia C. Schwarz posted on 7/24/21

Thinking of you all today and praying for the peace of God to rule in your hearts. So grateful for Mike's contributions to make this world a greater place. God bless and be with you all.


Christine Garvin posted on 7/24/21

All my love and prayers to you Colleen. I love you!


Tomasina Holliday posted on 7/24/21

Colleen you have my condolences praying much for you and the balance of your family love you much.


Jim and Maxine Yeager posted on 7/23/21

Faye, You and Harvey made Brookside a better place. Both of you are greatly missed.


Jim and Maxine Yeager posted on 7/23/21

Faye, You and Harvey made Brookside a better place. Both of you are missed.


Karen, Jordan & Matthew Townsend posted on 7/23/21

Our family is so saddened by Michael's passing. You are all in our thoughts and prayers.


Debra Wooten posted on 7/23/21

Enjoyed the visits that she and Uncle Ron made and the conversations on the phone during the pandemic.


Debra Wooten posted on 7/23/21

Aunt Lillian was a kind and caring person. I enjoyed our conversations on the phone. Her laughter will be missed.


ROLAND HAMBY posted on 7/23/21

Amy was a true light in a dark world. Gone for now but never forgotten. We WILL see you again in glory!



Jessica Callahan posted on 7/23/21

For you my love . May your truth turn people towards the light.


Frances Hamilton posted on 7/23/21

I am Hamilton Jones' grandmother and he truly loved Michael so much! They had art and music in common and Hamilton often talked about the things they did together! I am so sorry for his family and friends, but he truly is "flying with his Angels now". Much Love and Condolences!


Jessica Callahan posted on 7/23/21

My husband Brandon was a good man. He loved his family very much and fought his addiction everyday. He loved his girls as he called us. He was overcome by his struggled with addiction and with trying to make peace with everyone in his family. His life was torn apart by greed and selfishness, by having to try to please everyone and our daughter Cameron Marie Callahan was taken by that same monster. He was a great father he did his best to try to make it. It's very sad to me that our family was ripped apart. He was sad too. Our daughter Cameron was born out of love . I got pregnant with Cameron by choice on Valintines Day of 2010 and she was born Thanksgiving Day of 2011. I loved my husband so much and he loved me. Brandon fought his addiction everyday. When Suboxone came out he was one of the first people that made an effort to go to get it. He wanted to be clean . Over the last few years he did his best to do this that. He loved his other daughter also. He told me he was so afraid that he would loose her too. That the mother would run off with her and his heart wouldn't be able to take it. I just wanted him to be happy. I hope he was. I meet Brandon and Donna in 2002. The truth is that we couldn't be together because of everything that happened and now it's over. I hope that nobody else has to go threw this and have there life torn apart. Brandon loved life , loved , music, fishing and he was just cool. That's why I married him. He would have wanted everyone to know what happened to him and to learn from it. Simmer down he would have said. Don't do to much. I hope all of his friends read this and take it to heart. Don't forget to check on your friends and loved ones to see if they are ok and doing well. I checked on him 11 days ago to make sure he was ok. My phone got broken then I got a new one and the first message I saw was from Alex . He was my husband's best friend and it said in bold print Brandon is dead . It broke my heart. Try your best everyone to make sure this doesn't happen to you and your family. Brandon would have wanted to have peace and love . His voice is crying out in his death to tell everyone to make sure your path is straight up and don't hold grudges and to love your life. All he ever wanted was for everything to work out. That's all he ever said , " Don't worries everything will work it's way out." I hope we can all do our best to honor and respect his words. Even after everything that happened and the new life's we have threw Jesus Christ our Lord and savior. Always and forever , I love your Brandon. Xoxoxo , your wife ,Jessica Callahan.


Pat Hickman posted on 7/23/21

Dearest Colleen and family, I am so sorry to hear about Michael. What a beautiful tribute to him. Hugs and prayers to you and your family and all of Michael's friends.


Bill and Barbara Lathan posted on 7/23/21



Vicki Callari posted on 7/23/21

You are in my thoughts everyday. I miss you so much. I felt more of a Mom to you than a sister in law. You had the best smile. You will always be in my heart. Until we meet again



Dana Bell-Witt posted on 7/23/21

My deepest sympathies and condolences to Michael’s family!


Rhonda Fenner posted on 7/23/21

My thoughts and prayers to you and your family during this difficult time. May your many wonderful memories with Michael bring you peace in the days to follow.


Lisa Sanders posted on 7/23/21

Sheila you and all of your family are in my heart and prayers ,,I LOVE YOU Sheila I know God is with you Today makes 4 years since Allen Ray went to be with the Lord I miss him and it's hard


Megan Thomas posted on 7/23/21

The lose of my brother, my baby brother, my only brother is so devastating that it is truly hard to find the words to describe what I am feeling. Robbie was always a joyous light, full of humor ever since he was a little boy. He was the light and laughter in our family. He was a complicated person, not always aware of the true joy he brought to people and how important that was. He was someone so very valuable who never realized how much we all treasured him. I hope he realizes now how empty our lives are with out him. I will miss him forever and treasure all of my memories of him.



Peggy B. Singleton posted on 7/23/21

Gayle, so sorry to hear about Billy death. He always was a kind and friendly person when I saw and spoke to him at church. I pray you will find peace knowing he has no more pain and he with our Heavenly Father.


William Bertolet Jr posted on 7/23/21

Scott you will be missed my friend!!! R.I.P


Tim Jones posted on 7/23/21

Jade, Jessica, Tyler and Nathan. So sorry for your loss. Robbie was an amazing person. He could get anyone to laugh and lit up the room every time he entered one. He had an infectious laugh. He will be missed.


Belinda Machler posted on 7/23/21

Our deepest sympathy and prayers go out for you and your family during this time.


Elmer M. Wooten,Jr. posted on 7/23/21

We will miss you Aunt Lillian. Thanks for introducing my parents to each other. God Bless.


Nancy and Tony Coleman posted on 7/23/21

So glad I was able to spend some time with Melissa on her final birthday last year and then come by for a brief visit and hug during her last week. She was truly blessed to have the special care and love that her mother and her brother gave her 24/7. True love is patient and kind. She will be waiting for us looking beautiful and healthy when we meet again..and so very happy. I send my condolences to the family for now.


Grainne O’Sullivan posted on 7/22/21

So sorry for your loss Colleen, saying a prayer for you and your family at this very sad time.


William O Johnson posted on 7/22/21

I'll miss Amy's smile and and cheerfulness She was always kind to everyone Fly high Amy!


Karen and John Rectenwald posted on 7/22/21

Our hearts go out to Michael’s dear sweet family during this difficult time. John has many wonderful memories of Michael at Bitty and Beau‘s. He remembers mostly how helpful Michael was with him at the coffee shop with whatever he needed. I remember Michael from Laney and that smile of his was so infectious! Into the arms of Jesus he has gone.


Christine Dwyer posted on 7/22/21

Colleen my deepest Sympathy to you and your family! A big heart felt huge to you! A loving mother a son could ever have! Prayers ❤️


Judy Sharp Dobbins posted on 7/22/21

Lillian was such a fun and funny lady. I know she will always be remembered with joy and laughter.


Marsha and Tim McCarthy posted on 7/22/21

Colleen & Family In times of immense tragedy and grief, it is hard to find the right words. I hope you feel surrounded by much love. May the good memories of Michael, comfort you.


Stephen Poe posted on 7/22/21

I can’t believe my buddy is gone. I hope you are in a more peaceful and happy place. I am devastated and so sad by your loss. You were truly one of the good guys and such a caring guy.


Nick Gill posted on 7/22/21

May God Bless Richard and all the many people who were blessed to have known him.


Dr Chester Palumbo posted on 7/22/21

Dr Kevin was a friend of mine and we went to Chiropractic College together. I enjoyed the many times of sharing our thoughts and the laughter of just being together with our classmates. Kevin will be missed, I wish I would have had more contact with him over the last 4-5 yrs. Kevin was a special person, he will be missed.


Amy and Vinnie Caliendo posted on 7/22/21

Colleen and family, Our condolences to you. Although I never met Michael, his personality is shining through in your memories shared, his art work, and I’m sure the music you will here. May he Rest In Peace, flying free. Prayers and peace to you Colleen and family.


Dan & Linda McDonald posted on 7/22/21

May the road rise up to meet you. May the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face; the rains fall soft upon your fields and until we meet again, may God hold Michael in the palm of His hand.


Ann Piecham posted on 7/22/21 deepest sympathies to you and your family. May your beautiful son Michael Rest In Peace.


Teresa Holloway posted on 7/22/21

Condolences to the family and friend Rebecca. May God continue to give you strength and peace.



Shabrea McElroy posted on 7/22/21

God's continued blessings to Michael on his journey and to Colleen and all of his family and friends.



Mary Satterwhite posted on 7/22/21

Richard and his wife are great angels. They have been helping to build homes for persons in foreign countries who are homeless. They help with food and clothing for those without. He will be missed a lot and my thoughts are with his wife and family❤️❤️



Maria Derby posted on 7/22/21

My condolences to you and your family Colleen.


Ron & Liz Chmielewski posted on 7/22/21

So sorry for the loss of this great man. Prayers of comfort to his family and friends.


Ron & Liz Chmielewski posted on 7/22/21

So sorry for the loss of this great man. Prayers of comfort to all of his family.


Man and Susan Glass posted on 7/22/21

Jade and Jessica , Max and I are praying for you. We love you and the boys.


Samantha Kroes posted on 7/22/21

Gabriela, Jade, Jessica, and all of Robbie's family.. my sincerest condolences for your loss. I never had the pleasure of meeting the man you all loved so dearly, but I can see how much he means to each of you by the kind ways you speak of him. He truly seems one of a kind. My heart breaks for you all and I hope there is some form of comfort to be found in having the opportunity to know such a great man in this life. My love to you all.


Don High posted on 7/22/21

God, please wrap your powerful arms around this family and give them the peace and comfort only you can provide.


Bernadette Kroes posted on 7/22/21

Jade, I am so very sorry for your loss. You and your family will be in my prayers.


Gabriella Bisesi posted on 7/22/21

My love my life my soul mate I will miss you so very much. Love you Robbie


Gabriella Bisesi posted on 7/22/21

He was my soul mate my love my life. I will miss him very much. Love you Robbie


Kyle & Linda Crawford posted on 7/21/21

Hillary & John, We went to Calvary Baptist with your family. We are so sorry to learn of the death of your Dad, Kevin. He was a kind man that loved the Lord, his family & patients. We pray God's peace & comfort for you.


Ed Spencer posted on 7/21/21

It was a shock today to learn of Dr. Wynne transition to heavenly rest. He was my trusted chiropractor since the passing of Dr. Lang several years ago. He was both a great person and chiropractor and will be sorely missed. Deepest condolences to Dr. Wynne's family.


LTC Gil Dunnagan posted on 7/21/21

Be at Peace my friend. Glen served with Post 10 Honor Guard as our bugler for many years, always ready to serve. God speed.


Gene Ikner posted on 7/21/21

I can remember him when He was young in 1988 , his stepdad and I were building his grandparents house in wood berry forest . And then as he became older he worked with us on a few occasions . Always had a good heart and respectful. I saw him and his brother Brice about 2 years ago and , I was really happy to see them both as young men . Our hearts and prayers go out to his family. He will be missed.


Meg Davenport posted on 7/21/21

Lou - want to tell you, Mike Jr. and Rhonda what a wonderful service it was for Mike on Monday and what a great tribute you all and Mike Lauter put together to honor him. He was clearly a special man that you were all lucky to have and he will be missed by all. Just wanted you to know that I am thinking of each of you and the rest of the family.



Ricky Meeks posted on 7/21/21

Peggy & Family, Bill was a wonderful person beautiful smiles. I remember his days at the Boys Club. In Loving Remembrance


Rachel Hebert posted on 7/21/21

Uncle Glen was my favorite Uncle. He was always kind and showed me how a man could love his wife and family. I’ll always remember on one of Aunt Elaine and his anniversary I was visiting them Uncle Glen had surprised Aunt Elaine with One of the first microwaves that ever came out at that time. The joy and excitement and love they had for each other made me want that when I grew up. So glad to have known him.



Felicia (Whack) Betancourt, Willie’s Daughter posted on 7/21/21

My condolences to our family. May you find peace during this time and May God bless you. Amen.



Domenic Puleo posted on 7/21/21

RIP Scott, climb the mountain of DEW!


Malcolm Swain posted on 7/21/21

I served with Glenn on Post 10 Honor Guard.. He was a fine man and a fellow Chief Petty Officer.. Please accept my condolences for your Loss.. Malcolm Swain...


Brian Clarke posted on 7/20/21

Rest well my friend. You will be missed.


Bryan & Stephanie Bolick posted on 7/20/21

We are blessed to have known Dr Wynne as our trusted chiropractor. He was a genuine and kind soul and will be sorely missed. To his loving family, we send our a sincerest condolences and prayers for your comfort and healing during this difficult time.


Bubba Goble posted on 7/20/21

My condolences for the family I worked with Jeff for several years on and off at Harrellson he was one of the best men I've ever had the pleasure of knowing my thoughts and prayers are with y'all!!



Yolanda & Tina and our families posted on 7/20/21

We were saddened to hear of Darlenes passing May she Rest In Peace



Yolanda & Tina and our families posted on 7/20/21

We were so sorry to hear of Darlenes passing May she Rest In Peace


Jesse savage posted on 7/20/21

Billy was a great friend and hunting companion whom I loved like a brother and will miss immensely


Barbara Bass posted on 7/20/21

Diana, I am very sorry for your loss. Steve taught me what a "clicker" was. He always put a smile on my face. Much Love, Barbara


Susan Mccarley posted on 7/20/21

I loved Miss Betty. I did her hair for several years and we always enjoyed chatting and catching up. She was a wonderful lady. Prayers to her family



Arty & Frankie posted on 7/20/21

Praying for the family.


Donna Bell Lewis posted on 7/19/21

Peggy, My heart is broken for you. She was a beautiful young woman. I pray that God will heal your sorrow.


Donna Spinelli posted on 7/19/21

My heart is broken, I was one of her “homeowners” for 9 years she was a trusted friend, a confidante, hardworking, loving mother of Trent and Jeff caregiver for many years to her Late hubby Bobby. She was like family to Emil our son Joe and like a sister to me. I don’t think I will ever get over it. My thoughts are with those she left behind. May she rest in peace. Kim Marsh, a life well lived a rest Well earned.


Ann Carroll posted on 7/19/21

My thoughts and prayers to the family.


Suzanne Foster Carroll posted on 7/19/21

Angie, Lori, Cheri and family, I am very sorry to hear about your mom’s passing. I remember so many great times spent around your kitchen table late into the evenings. Your mom would join us teenagers around the table and laugh at our antics. She had the sweetest southern accent and always quick to give her opinion about things. Both your parents were great to all us girls in the neighborhood and we were so lucky to grow up in Runnymede. You all are in my prayers during this time.


Clay Weed posted on 7/19/21

I had the honor and privilege of knowing Kevin as he was part of our Connections Team at Generations Church. Kevin had a heart for helping people be their best: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Kevin had joined our team to follow up with individuals regarding their spiritual gifts. He wanted to make sure that people were serving where they had been gifted because only then would they experience true joy in serving others. His passion for this was clearly seen during our lunches that we had together, as we sat and talked together, dreamed together, and shared vision with one another. Because of his profession of faith in Christ, there is no doubt that he is in the presence of Almighty God, worshipping our wonderful Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. This is not goodbye…this is see you later! Sandra, I’m praying for you and the family. Let us know if you all need anything.


Sheila (Horrell) Ball posted on 7/18/21

I grew up with Kevin in Calvary Baptist Church. He and his mom and dad were friends of our family. He was always such a kind, considerate, and quiet person. I would see him occasionally later in life and he was still that same kind man I knew growing up. I know he is with Jesus in heaven now. Praying for his family at this difficult time.


Doris Skipper posted on 7/18/21

So very sorry for your loss.


Vic Hall posted on 7/18/21

Hi Tammy. So sorry to hear that Betty had passed away. She was a wonderful lady. Goodness, I had no idea that Debbie had died. I must have been out of town when it happened. My thoughts are with you and your family. Vic Hall


PeeWee Moore posted on 7/18/21

Mike was one of the easiest going person that I had the pleasure to be friends with.I sure enjoyed the time together with him and Tink at the races at Bristol.He sure will be missed. Prayers going out to the family.


Jim Kleoudis posted on 7/18/21

Deepest condolences to the family of Dr. Kevin Wynn. Dr. Wynn was a great person and Godly individual. You could always count on Kevin. He will be sorely missed. Gone too soon my friend. May God Bless you.


Sue Grafton posted on 7/17/21

To all the Cotters, we send out our prayers. Barbara was a spunky fun lady who fought the good fight. Let her new found peace bring you all peace as well.


Philip Van Campen posted on 7/17/21

Just as I was pulling into a parking spot at Chris’s Restaurant is when I received a call from Dr. Demetrious letting me know that Kevin had passed away. I will never forget that moment. Having known Kevin for many years, I was shocked and saddened at hearing the news. Kevin was a brilliant human being, his quiet kindness and compassionate nature known by many. He was also a very well respected Doctor of Chiropractic, sharing his knowledge freely and generously, and treating each of us with compassion and understanding. He has been an inspiration to so many people, and his spirit will live on and in our memories for a very long time. Phil Van Campen, DC, FIANM


Mary posted on 7/17/21

I met a lady receny that has a certain fighting spirit aura about her that made me think of Julie. I looked her up and just learned of her passing. I’ve thought of her over the years when things got challenging, always remembered our chats and even thought to myself “What would Julie do or say?” I’ll never forget what she taught me with her upfront honestly and to take things one day at a time. I always appreciated that about her and have rarely met anyone with such grace under fire, patience and fortitude. It’s a rare combination I admire. She will be missed.


Estelle & David Karp posted on 7/17/21

We are so saddened by the loss of our dear friend Barbara. We were so blessed to have her in our lives for over 40 years. She was a beacon of light wherever she went and to ever she touched. Memories of her will always put a smile on our faces. She loved life, people, animals and dancing. She left this world a better place. We will miss her big heart and big smile. Our deepest sympathy to Harry, Liz, Laurie, Chris, Harry, David and her beautiful grandchildren.


Patsy posted on 7/17/21

To my BFF!! We certainly had our share of laughter. Usually at ourselves. I am going to miss our Belks run, lunch and last but not least Dunkin Donuts. We could solve everyones problem over a cup of coffee. “The Sisters” as we were called at Vintage Values. People came in to hear us talk…Barb, I will miss you more than you will ever know. Until we meet again .. I Love You❤️


Wanda Edens posted on 7/17/21

Dr. Wynne (Kevin) you will surely be missed by all your friends and patients. You were a wonderful friend to all who knew you. I will miss you for talking about dancing and if I would be able to dance after having decompression treatments. Loved your assurance and kindness. May You Rest In Peace.


william peacock posted on 7/17/21

to the russell family sorry to hear about the passing of mr russell i had the pleasure of knowning mr russell on long leaf dr and seeing him on castle hayne rd at handy hugo's he was a hard workin man with the duraclean carpet co he will be dearly missed by friends and family


Deb Dineen posted on 7/17/21

Barbara was a beautiful person, both inside and outside. She made everyone feel special, and I loved our conversations when she would call the office looking for Harry or David. So kind and caring. Harry Sr always talked about how she took such good care of him. Barbara will always be in my heart, and heaven has gained a beautiful angel.


Jim McCune posted on 7/17/21

Would love to talk with you. Your dad and my mom were connected, maybe through family.


Jim McCune posted on 7/17/21

Hi Beth. I would love to contact you. It turns out your dad and my mother exchanged Christmas cards. "Darby" is the name of our youngest daughter, and it shows up[ in Walters write-up. I'd love to know more about how they knew each other. I felt bad that I couid not answer his Christmas cards after my mother passed.


Donna Yott Johnson posted on 7/17/21

Kevin it was a shock to tear of your passing. Kevin & I have know each other since Jr high school days at Noble. Then it was off th Virgo then off to Laney where we a awesome class 1st 3 year class to graduate from Laney . You were a awesome man ,had a great personality,& always care about others . May god welcome your into heaven with open arms.. So sorry you were taken so spoon. R.I.P. Kevin . May we see. Each other one day ..


Barbara Van Houten posted on 7/17/21

To know her was to love her. Barbara was a beautiful person inside and out. She will be dearly missed. Rest easy my friend.❤️❤️


Karen Sorio McGowan posted on 7/17/21

Missing Elaine every day. She was a force to be reckoned with. Her patients loved her and always asked for her when they come back. She truely cared for them and they felt it. Elaine also shared her family with her co workers making them one blended family. She always talked about her boys, grandkids, sibling, nieces and nephews. Thanks to Elaine for inviting down to the beach every year. Great memories were made. Its an honor to have worked with her and to call her my friend. She’s an inspirational person both professionally and personally. I smile every time I think of her.


Ruben Holguin posted on 7/17/21

Sincere condolences for Betty's family. She was one of a kind!



Teresa and Howard Evans posted on 7/17/21

RIP Jeff


Carol Anne MacCurry-Malicki posted on 7/16/21

Dearest Aunt Barbara, your love, spirit and caring have touched all of our lives. So glad we had Mother’s Day together this year. You’ll be missed but always in my heart


frederick russell posted on 7/16/21

Sending thoughts & prayers ,much love Alan & Linda


Jean Hurdle Grubb posted on 7/16/21

Janie, you left us too soon. You've always seemed so young. I know you are already walking on heaven's beach, your feet not hurting anymore. I loved and will miss you. You had such a fun spirit, a truly boundless love for animals, creative talents, a thoughtful, generous heart. My best, oldest memories of you were the amazing clothes you made my Barbie dolls! And your party hors d'oeuvres! You were a born talent, and you did pass it on, to your very talented children. Love, your niece Jean.


Allyson Lawrence posted on 7/16/21

Such sweet memories of Mike and Tink through the years. Answering calls for Duraclean through my employer, seeing their smiling faces in local restaurants and growing up with the kids. Tink, Rooster and Rhonda, my condolences to you all.


Marion Napurano posted on 7/16/21

Love you dear friend, always have, always will. I was blessed to have you in my life and call you friend for over 50 years. You will be missed so very much. Until we meet again Barb.


Reid McLamb posted on 7/16/21

A wonderful and caring soul! Betty will be missed immensely by everyone who loved her. She is now pain free, dancing with her beloved sister, Richard & Debbie on Hallelujah Blvd. My prayers go out to Tammy, and the rest of the family.


Janis Mottershead posted on 7/16/21

Some people have the gift of making you feel like you are the most interesting and important person in the room. Laura and Liz, your mom was one of these people. Her smile, her laugh, and her bubbly personality literally lit up a room. I am so deeply sorry for your loss…. She was one of a kind. With lots of love, Janis


Patricia Kouten posted on 7/16/21

Dear Laura, Liz and all the Cotter children and grandchildren, and especially Mr. Cotter, I am so very sorry for the loss of your beautiful mother and beloved wife. Your mom was always so full of life, kind and exuberant! She had a zest for life that we should all try to emulate! Deepest sympathy and prayers for you all!


Margaret Riano posted on 7/16/21

I went to red hats yesterday, just thinking of all the dear friends that we have lost. I thought of Bridget and how wonderful his smile was. The wonderful sound of her voice soothing and calm. I certainly miss her.


Carol Costello posted on 7/16/21

My favorite memory of Mom is going to Chicago, staying at the Barrington house! Both Mom and Dad always treated me like one of the family. The two little dogs she had peppy and pippa could read the sign l had on my head that said sucker, they always sat right by me when we ate dinner! Mom said Carol don’t worry about feeding them it happens all the time! I loved her dearly! She will be missed terribly! Love to all of the family!


Susan Moody posted on 7/16/21

RIP uncle Mike, say hello to dad and the gang Prayers for peace and comfort for Aunt Tink and family ❤️


Colleen Hatala posted on 7/16/21

When Laura and I first became friends at 16, I remember going to the house after school and always feeling so welcome by Mrs. Cotter. It was a house full of love and laughter and that is was because of her. All my love and prayers always. Love, Colleen


Carol Costello posted on 7/16/21



Laura Houston posted on 7/16/21

The best, most loving mother I could ever have been blessed to have. I will miss you forever mom ❤️


Cheryl Ryan posted on 7/16/21

To the Cotter family, my heart is broken for you. Although it’s been many years since I saw your mom (and I so regret not coming to visit NC over the past few years) I have so many wonderful memories of your mom. In high school I spent many nights sleeping in the downstairs bedroom with Liz. Mrs. Cotter was always so warm and welcoming. Despite the fact that she had six children at home she never minded having me there often for a sleep over. My vivid memories of Mrs Cotter are that she was funny, full of energy and always so happy and joyful. I am so so sorry for your loss. She brought you all so much joy, Keep her spirit alive by sharing your memories and stories often. Love Cheryl (Read) Ryan


Holly & Ralph Konrady posted on 7/16/21

We will miss Kevin. I met him 30-ish years ago & partnered with him on some fitness tips for the public. He was great to work with and the only one who could put Ralph’s subluxation in place! We will miss him.



Butch Edens posted on 7/16/21

I met Kevin over 44 years ago and we became good friends. He was a good friend one I knew l could count on. We had a lot of laughs and good times hanging out. I’ll never forget those times we had. And like I told you I’m not saying goodbyeI’m just saying I’ll see you later my friend.


Barbara Mershimer posted on 7/16/21

Barbara was the first person/ friend I met in the Neighborhood. I liked her instantly. She got me involved with Vintage Value volunteering and the time we spent there together was a happy time for me. I know how much Barbs family meant to her and how much she meant to them. Harry and Barbara really were Soul mates. The Loves of their life’s . I’ll miss and remember Barbara Always. She will fit in as the Angel that she was. My sincerest condolences to you all. Rest In Peace Barb ❤️. Love Barbara and Mike Mershimer


Michele LaPaglia Musgrove posted on 7/16/21

Lori, Angie and Cheri, I am so sorry to hear about the passing of your mom. She was one special lady. I have so many fond memories growing up in Runnymede. I remember all the long conversations and laughs we had in your kitchen, it makes me smile. I am sending lots of love and prayers to you and the entire family. Love, Michele


Debbie Gillen posted on 7/16/21

Heaven gained a beautiful angel who brought so much joy and laughter to all who were blessed to know her kind and generous spirit!


Debbie Gillen posted on 7/16/21

Heaven has gained a beautiful Angel who brought so much joy and laughter to all who were blessed to know her kind and generous spirit!


Brad Wasson posted on 7/16/21

So sorry for your loss and praying God’s comfort for your family. Kevin was a High School friend and always a good guy!


Jenny posted on 7/16/21

Barbara was a second mom to me; she took me into her home when I was young and vulnerable. She fed me, loved on me and treated me like one of her own. I was changed for the better and thank her for humanitarianism to a scared, desperate young girl. She will forever hold a place in my heart and will never be forgotten. She was the woman behind the scenes that took care of others and was humble in doing so. Her beauty on the inside and out was legendary. I looked up to her and considered her my own, private rockstar… as I believe many people did. An unforgettable woman with class, style and the utmost integrity. I love you Barbara and look forward to seeing you on the other side.


Betty Ann Crawford posted on 7/16/21

I graduated with Kevin from Laney High School. He was a wonderful mild mannered man. Prayers for comfort to his family.


Elizabeth Kramer posted on 7/16/21

My mother Barbara Cotter was the light in every room. The world is a little less bright without her in it. She will be greatly missed.


Steve and Sharon Mathis posted on 7/16/21

Deepest condolences to the family.


Steve Moore posted on 7/16/21

Mike Sr. was a great role model to the boys of Wrightsboro. His door was always open and he was always genuinely interested in his extended “family.”


Steve Moore posted on 7/16/21

Mike Sr. was a great role model for young boys of Wrightsboro who were fortunate enough to know him. His door was always open and he always had a genuine interest in his extended “family.” I had the pleasure since I was about 8 years old and always felt “at home” in his home. He was a blessing to us all.


Callie Hill posted on 7/16/21

Mike was such a wonderful man and grandfather. I watched how much he cared for Maddie and in turn, cared for me. I always loved going over to visit him and I am so sad to hear of the family’s loss. I will be keeping all of you in my prayers during this time.



Nikki Ratliff posted on 7/15/21

I had the blessing of taking Dr. Wynne's class at CFCC. He had the most genuine spirit and I will always remember his words of encouragement, wonderful sense of humor and advice he gave us all. He cared about everyone succeeding and told us he hoped to be a stepping stone on the way to our new career. He really is because he had a special way of teaching that reached everyone. My Prayers are with his family for comfort and love always, God Bless You.


James Demetrious, DC posted on 7/15/21

It has been my privilege and honor to know Dr. Kevin Wynne. He was a highly respected colleague and friend. Dr. Wynne was a brilliant and caring chiropractic physician of the highest order. He served his patients and profession with dignity and honor. He alleviated the suffering of his patients for decades. Dr. Wynne was a gentleman with whom I held in the highest regard. I admired him greatly. The world has lost a great man in his passing. My prayers are with Kevin and his family. May he rest in everlasting peace.


Robert Van Note DC posted on 7/15/21

I have had the pleasure of giving chiropractic care to Kevin when he was a young man. Dr. Norman Lang (deceased) and I took care of Kevin as a youth,we offered a free children's clinic,every Tuesday from 4 to 6 p.m. Kevin would come regularly since he lived not far from the office. I feel that doctor Lange and I had a part in Kevin becoming a chiropractor and I am very proud of him. Rest in peace my fellow chiropractor and say hi to your mom and dad for me!


Linda Jackson posted on 7/15/21

My Dearest Friend Peggy. My heart is full of love for you and you are always in my prayers. You have endured the loss of Doc and Melissa with grace and love. I am so proud and extremely lucky to have you as my friend.



Kelly Renee Coffey posted on 7/15/21

The only time I had the opportunity to meet Kevin was at their wedding. Sandra is a good friend of mine. I've never seen her so happy. I brought my sister with me to the wedding. I will never forget the love and warmth that was extended to us by Kevin. He treated me like family and had just met me. This breaks my heart into for my friend and her entire family. I wish I didn't live so far away so I could be there more often for her. I know that she is loved by many and is strong enough to get through this. God will give her strength and when needed will carry her through this tragedy of loss. My deepest sympathy and prayers go to Sandra and the family. May God bless all of you in this time of need. I didn't have the pleasure of being able to really get to know Kevin but I knew in my heart that he was a really good person. First impressions mean a lot to me. I knew that Sandra had picked a wonderful man. It saddens me that God took him at such a young age. Kevin will be missed but never forgotten by many. May he walk through Heaven with joy and love and never feel any pain. With all my love, Kelly Coffey


Brian Nunn posted on 7/15/21

Kevin and I went to Laney High School together graduating in 1979. We we're in the first graduating class that finished 10th-12th grades there. He was a great guy with a mild demeanor and I admired his drive. He was fondly considered one of the "Fellas". Rest in peace my friend.


Jeanette & Tim Buchanan posted on 7/15/21

Dr. Wynne was a kind and caring soul. We feel extremely fortunate that he shared his talents with us as an instructor at CFCC and as a physician over the last few years. May God bring healing thoughts of love, peace and comfort to all of those who are mourning. Rest In Peace Dr. Wynne. Your earthly presence will be greatly missed.


Deborah Johnson Brown posted on 7/15/21

Aunt Janie you were always my wild and funny aunt. Dad always called me Janie when he was upset cause I reminded him of you. You and Dad, Aunt Margaret,Aunt Peggy and Uncle Buddy, Grandma, Pawpaw are together again. I'm glad the time we had together . I love and will miss you. Your Niece, Deborah Johnson Brown.


Carol Bailey posted on 7/15/21

Rest In peace, Kevin. We will be there for Sandra.


Jeni posted on 7/15/21

I had the pleasure of being in Dr. Wynne's Medical Terminology class at CFCC this past fall. I had no background or experience in this field, but he made me feel as though I could excel and go far with the knowledge he shared. His teaching method was excellent and he was patient and kind. He truly loved teaching and it showed. A couple of favorite memories are his stories of learning the nerves of the body while he was in school and the music he played while giving us terms to study for our tests. He took time to answer questions and showed a video about building resumes because he wanted all of us to have to best chance possible to achieve our career goals. I had hoped to be able to share with him when the time comes that I had made it and landed a great job, but I think he will already know. May he continue to watch over us as his former students and I truly appreciate the chance to learn from him. CFCC has a hole in its heart, but his memory we will all cherish. Rest in peace, Dr. Wynne, and thank you so much for all that you did to make learning the best experience possible.


Tammie Parris posted on 7/15/21

Kevin Wynne aka "Batman" was my colleague and my friend. I will miss his to the point and often "witty" advice. He was professional and his passion for his practice, teaching, and serving others were characteristics that I loved about him. More importantly, Kevin was a Christian. He often would say that "God was in the restoration business". You have been restored my friend. Rest easy with our precious Lord and Savior and I cannot wait to see you again! In Christian Love,


Linda Salonia,Quentin,Samantha, Jody,David, Regina posted on 7/15/21

Hearing the news about my cousin about my cousin Michael Kevin Wynne has deeply saddened me but I know that this is far from what you are going through right now. You are in my prayers and thoughts. My heartfelt goes out to you and our family.


Christi Weed posted on 7/15/21

It wasn’t too long ago that I met Kevin at a Connections Response team meeting at Generations Church. However, God had already used him to impact my life through the gift of his book. The 40 day journey through that book drew me closer to our loving Creator and guided me through some major transitional days in my life. I will forever be grateful for the growth found in those pages. I pray that many lives will continue to be impacted through Kevin’s legacy and book. The morning following Kevin’s passing, my husband, Clay, and I, while shocked and saddened were driving down the road admiring the most beautiful sunrise sky and started talking about Kevin’s new heavenly perspective and joyous joining with our Heavenly Father. Completely healed, he now is experiencing fullness in the presence of Jesus!



Bob and Brenda Hoffee posted on 7/15/21

Rest In Peace, Kevin.


Yolanda Rhodes posted on 7/15/21

One of the best instructors I know!!!! I will miss our last minute coffees at Port City Java before class. Dr. Wynne touched so many lives with his passion and dedication for healthcare! Great Colleague! You will be missed. Rest in heaven Kevin.


Theresa Johnson posted on 7/15/21

Denise I always enjoyed our visits, you will be missed. Sending thoughts and prayers to your family and friends. RIP


Diane & Buster Baysden posted on 7/15/21

Hi Jackie and family, we want ya to know how sorry we are that you lost your Son! I heard from Renee so I went on his page so I could let you know how sorry we are! Please know ya are in our hearts, prayers and thoughts! Please take care of each other!! Sincerely diane & buster


Gwen Behen posted on 7/14/21

Bob was a delight to be around and he added a lovely tenor voice to choir. He and Bert made everyone they met feel comfortable and loved.


tammy posted on 7/14/21

dr wynne was a great guy .. took his anatomy class at cfcc .. will miss his funny laughter ... rest easy friend


Melanie posted on 7/14/21

I miss you so much!


Sarah Costello posted on 7/14/21

I first met Chunky on a film in Winston Salem. Actually I met his lurchers first as they slunk around my office scoping it out. As a fellow ex-pat Brit we celebrated him getting his American citizenship. Much love Chunky and Nini. Xx. Sarah



Katrina Cowan, CMA - Dr. Fonebi's team posted on 7/14/21

I am truly saddened by the loss of Denise. She was one of my favorite patients at Zimmer Cancer Center. Sending thoughts and prayers to all of her family and friends. Please take comfort in knowing that she is in peace.



Linda Von Cannon posted on 7/14/21

Sabra, I've been thinking about what to say about Tommy. Me and Barney lost contact with you and Tommy but never stopped thinking of you. We still loved you both even though we were not together. I did not find out Tommy had passed until Barney passed. Just wanted you to know I'm thinking of you and would love to hear from you. Elizabeth Daniels who is a funeral director here has my info. Please if you can I would love to hear from you. Love to family and friends of Tommy! Me and Barney had some great times with Tommy and Sabra way back when.


Michael Dolan posted on 7/13/21

I enjoyed Shaun tremendously. He was always upbeat and had one of the world's best smiles. He had a positive effect on people and was always giving his best effort at whatever he tried to do. I'm am deeply saddened by his way too early passing. I will miss him.


Brian and Donnel Landis posted on 7/13/21

God needs another angel and he got Shaun I know because I saw Shaun as that angel in the clouds tonite. he let me know he is at peace. I will share the photo with you! Also, a photo of Shaun at our wedding he was a special help and was a great friend. Thank you, God, for sharing Shaun with us but his life was cut too short! His smile was infectious, always helping someone! So sorry to his family for the loss of a great son, brother, cousin, and person that Shaun was!


Corinne posted on 7/13/21

17 years later I’ll never be able to meet you like I wanted. I just don’t understand life sometimes. I’ve waited all this time to turn 18 so I could finally be able to see you but I’ll never have the chance to do that. I can’t believe you never wanted to to except me as your own and I’ve had to live with a missing piece in my heart of why my own dad didn’t want me. I hope you can at least watch over me and see the great person I am since we never got to physically meet.


Michael McIntyre posted on 7/12/21

I socialized and played golf with Harvey at Brookside country club. He was always in a good mood and provided laughter for all. A kind and gentle man. He will be missed. I’m sure he thought it was corny, but I called him the invisible rabbit after an old movie.


Kathy Maddox