Condolences for Capt. James “Buster” Yost

Cecil Willis posted on 10/21/18

I knew Buster first as a student in my courses at UNCW and later as a police officer at WPD. Throughout the years I remember him as outgoing with a kind and generous spirit. He was a person with an insightful intellect married with a common sense view of the world. My sincere and heartfelt condolences to his family. He will be truly missed.


Charles R Stainback posted on 10/21/18

Lived two doors down from Buster, in of all places, Owls Lane in Castle Hayne NC during 1973 -74. He was a fun guy to be around. At that time, he was in the air police at the local air force base. My sympathies to his family and friends.


Chuck Bost posted on 10/20/18

Buster Yost was a mentor and a friend. A fellow Air Force vet, he was my Captain in BLET and CID and was always there to help me. He continued to help me at CFCC and the SFST Program for several years. I greatly admired and respected him, he always brought a smile to my face, never talked to me as a "rookie" or subordinate - he leave a huge void in my life and will be sorely missed!!


Bain Williams posted on 10/20/18

I'm very sorry for your loss. From what I knew of him he was a great person that always did for others and served us all with HONOR and DIGNITY. Rest in peace Buster


Fred McKinney, SBI Retired posted on 10/18/18

"Good work Buster." Worked with him for many years. Buster was always kind, forgiving, and easy to work with. I will miss him.


Susan Hall Rossiter posted on 10/17/18

When I think of people that are full of kindness, I have many fond memories of Buster. Always a smile, a kind word and helping hand. Heaven rejoices at his homecoming, and here on this earth we morn a great loss. Peace to the family and may God hold you especially close at this time and in the future.


Vicki Gibson posted on 10/16/18

I was shocked and saddened to hear of Buster’s passing. My sympathies go out to Sue, Chris, and all of his family.


Rick Mason posted on 10/13/18

RIP Buster. You really did have a smile on your face every time I saw you. My prayers for his family.


Jean Lee Cherry posted on 10/13/18

Prayers for the entire Yost family. Such a kind, caring man. Thinking of you Sue and sending love.


Verna Atwood posted on 10/13/18

Buster was a very laid back and Cool co-worker and friend. I'm going to miss him. Rest in Peace my friend.


darnell and john hughes posted on 10/13/18

sorry to hear about the passing of Buster.He will be missed by everyone.May god be with you .


Kathy Wilson posted on 10/12/18

Lots of technology fun during my time with City IT. He sure taught me a lot. Rest easy Buster.


Kathy Wilson posted on 10/12/18

One of my favorite WPD friends who taught me much more about technology than I knew. And I worked in IT. We shared a lot of stories and also became friends. Rest easy Buster.


Sid Jordan posted on 10/12/18

Rest In Peace Buster. Prayers for you Sue.


Jim Varrone posted on 10/12/18

A good man and a good friend to all that knew him. Rest in peace.


Jim Varrone posted on 10/12/18

I will certainly miss Buster: A great man, and a good friend to all that knew him. Rest in peace.


Harry Humphries posted on 10/12/18

He was great to work with and will be shorly missed by everyone.


Scott D. West posted on 10/12/18

Buster Yost was my mentor, an outstanding leader and a friend whom all of us will greatly miss. Thoughts and prayers for the family during this trying time.


JIM & BECKY FOWLER posted on 10/11/18



Bob Harris posted on 10/11/18

What can you say about someone that everyone liked. That's my friend Buster, if you needed him he was there. Gonna miss his smiling face. Love you bro.....


Melissa Hartman posted on 10/11/18

RIP Buster! My thoughts and prayers to Nikki and the entire family! Heaven has definitely gained an amazing angel and this is such a significant loss for this community!


Tina Swanno posted on 10/11/18

As a retired cop and faculty at CFCC I am so sorry for your loss and he will never be forgotten.


Woody Henderson posted on 10/11/18

RIP, prayers for Sue and family


Joe Boyer posted on 10/11/18

Buster and I shared past lives in several areas, Recently we Shared a floor at NHRMC Both fighting for our lives, Cancer and Other things. Buster was a good man always a smile and a chuckle. This news is sad for us but he no longer struggles with his earthly ailments. Rest Easy my Brother, Happy for your new digs. Prayers for Grace and peace for your family and friends who are dealing with a large hole...


Woody Henderson posted on 10/11/18

RIP, prayers for Sue and family , the law enforcement community in heaven just got better


Skip Hedge posted on 10/11/18

What a huge impact this man made in so many lives including mine. His positive influence will last generations. This is such a loss to our community.


Bobby Long posted on 10/11/18

I enjoyed working with Buster at WPD, he was always helpful and kind. My thoughts and prayers are with Sue and to all of Buster's family.


Tasha Tate (Hooper) posted on 10/11/18

Prayers for the family in this time. Heaven has another enforcer!


Ruth and Randy Lesley posted on 10/11/18

Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family



Debra Pearce posted on 10/11/18

Too many stories between Tommy Pearce and Buster to tell them all here. Buster will be missed but we know the streets in Heaven are well patrolled! Sue I will be praying for you and the family.


Elinda Crowningshield posted on 10/11/18

I was greatly sadden to hear the news of the passing of such a wonderful man.


Robert Clatty WPD Retired posted on 10/11/18

I worked with and for Buster over the years. He was a leader that always led from the front and never over supervised. The quiet one. If you did your job efficiently he would stay out of the way and let you do your job. Rank never went to his head. He was always just Buster. This is a great loss to our LEO community and the community is a lesser place without him. His family can be proud of his service to our country and the community. See you on the other side Buster.


Stan Crowder posted on 10/11/18

Buster was a cop’s cop. I never saw him without a smile on his face, and he was always glad to see you. He will be greatly missed. Sending love and prayers for his family, most especially Sue.


Jeff Skordas posted on 10/11/18

Very sad news. Buster Yost was a great person. I went on went on many drug raids with him. Before the scanners were encrypted. On Friday nights, I would wait in the newsroom at WWAY for he and his team of Vice and Narcotics officers to start talking. I knew their call signs, so I knew when they came up on the radios and scanners. All I needed was one or two location reference points and I would know right where they were setting up. These were not easy points to figure out. Quickly, I could get to their location, many times, before they entered the drug house. Hiding behind a car, tree or another house with Buster. His team would make the entry. Buster would make sure there was no initial gun fire. Then he would say to me, " Let's go". I was able to follow his team into the house. Many times, they were still fighting with the drug dealers, preventing them from destroying evidence. The smell of feces was over powering. The term house is used very loosely here. There was not much inside that would make the building habitable. After the take down, and sometimes the fighting was still going on in a back room. One of his officers was assigned to secure the TV and VHS machines. 9 times out of 10. They had recorded themselves making or doing drugs. What better evidence. I can still hear one of the officers, a former Marine. Who's assignment was to secure the upstairs. Running up the stairs and yelling, "Get down, get down!!!!!!" The images and sound I captured were incredible, to tell the story of the Wilmington Police and the war on drugs. Of course, News Photographers cannot do this today. Buster and I often talked about how society was changing. He told me, "When I first became a Police Officer all I had to do was tell a kid. We are going to talk to your parents. The kid would beg him not to. When I met, then Lt Youst in the early 90's. He said, now a days, the kids do not care about their parents or going to jail." Buster, was a down to earth person who truly cared about the people of Wilmington and their safety. He will be missed.


Annette M. Applewhite posted on 10/11/18

I met Buster while working with Pender County Sheriff's Office. He always had a smile on his face and made my day brighter with his conversations. Heaven has indeed gained an Angel. RIP my friend. Will miss you.


BettyRae Hinson(Thacker) posted on 10/11/18

Jimmy was a good friend growing up in school. Garinger homeroom! I will be praying for the family.


Debbie Carter posted on 10/11/18

I will miss your smile and your forever kindness ❤️



Kristy posted on 10/11/18

You will be missed by so heaven has a great angel



Synarra posted on 10/11/18

R.I.P Buster


Bill Ratcliff posted on 10/11/18

I worked with Buster for many years and he gave me great confidence when I was just a rookie a very long time ago! Rest easy, you will never be forgotten.



Dennis W. Gause posted on 10/11/18

RIP James Yost


Patty Clark posted on 10/10/18

Sorry for your loss and of our Garinger Wildcat classmate of 1969. Prayers for your family and friends!


Linda S. Kopotic posted on 10/10/18

Buster was such a great person. We worked together for many years at CFCC & he never slowed down! He had a heart of gold & always saw the best in people. He always had a smile on his face & loved to laugh. Buster was the person you wanted as a friend & I will miss him greatly! He was always the first to help when someone needed it & never complained about anything even when you knew he probably should. RIP my dear friend!