Condolences for Christina Diane Barnes

Brian Whitley posted on 12/22/18

I remember taking long walks with Christina and angel she was such a sweet soul I told her many times she was an angel now she really is one she will be greatly missed I asked many times to pray for me I figured if he listened to anybody it would be an angel it always got better just being around her would lift your spirit I'll never get over her passing


Shannon Carlson posted on 12/18/18

Chris was my best freind. She was such an amazing person and we shared so many wonderful memories its hard to think of just one good one. We loved the ocean. We would RUN into the ocean and just soak up the salt water any chance we could! I remember last summer we were both floating holding hands just so happy and peaceful. It was very calm. Then a huge wave took us both under and we tumbled underwater a few times and both came up coughing from the salt water and getting swished around in circles several times. When we collected ourselves we started laughing hysterically how we we so relaxed floating then got taken out and washed ashore by a huge wave out of nowhere. I will cherish so many good times we had my baby Barney! My heart aches for your family. Please know she was such a special person and so many people loved her. She was one of a kind, she was like a sister to me. I find comfort knowing she is at peace. Until we see each other again my amazing freind! Love u always and forever!


F. Ward posted on 12/17/18

"To the family of Mrs. Barnes I offer my sincere sympathy at this time, May Jehovah the God of all comfort by means of His Holy Word help you to bear this loss. Soon all things that cause us pain, especially death will be brought to an end. Tears of pain replaced with tears of joy as we see our loved resurrected by means of God's greatest miracle. Better days are ahead, It is His promise." 1 Thessalonians 4:14, Revelation 21:4, John 5:28,29,


Tawny Maldonado posted on 12/17/18

Chris was my hairstylist for a year and a half while she was at Daniel and Co. It was always great time with Chris! On one occasion, my mom also came for a haircut/style. Chris took my mom’s scrunchie out of her hair and told her that it was outdated. Of course, she said it in a funny, sweet way. Mom threw it away right then and there and she has never worn one since. Mom was so sad to learn of Chris’ passing — Chris always made mom laugh. For me, there are so many more memories and conversations. One conversation that I recall had to do with our moms (my mom was not there for this one). We agreed that moms (in general) can be overbearing at times — but she said, “My mom is the best mom anyone coups ask for. And I know that.” I agreed that her mom was awesome. She knew that Donna is a mentor/friend of mine. It was a mildly serious moment in a fun-loving conversation during one of my 3-hour hair appointments. Chris, you are a sweet soul. I look forward to seeing you again one day.