Condolences for Charley Lea

pdavis posted on 2/4/19

My deepest sympathy for your loss. Knowing your grief my heart goes out to you. Your mother will be dearly missed. May you find it a comfort to know that our Heavenly Father Jehovah hates death, views it as and enemy, 1 Corinthians 15:26, and has promised to end sickness and death forever, Isaiah 33:24, Revelation 21:3, 4. He longs to restore life to all those asleep in death who are in his memory through his beloved son Jesus Christ, John 5:28, 29, Job 14:14, 15. May you look forward to the time when your mother will be restored to life whole, and young again in paradise on earth, Psalms 37:9-11, 29, 34. see for more scriptural encouragement and do cherish the memory of your mother May the God of all comfort keep you in his loving care.


Ellen Jones Gibbs posted on 2/4/19



Jan Minter posted on 2/4/19

My memories of my Mother, from as far back as someone my age an remember, are all positive and uplifting. She was kind, fun, sweet, thoughtful, accepting...even when one was undeserving, funny, boisterous, competitive, loving, protective of her loved ones, athletic, loud ( in a good way), loyal, faithful, full of Faith, charitable, hard working, an excellent role model, silly, clumsy, witty, a good cook, adventurous...she would try, go, or do anything, anywhere legal, morally, or ethically acceptable, she was a “ham”! She loved unconditionally. Mom was honest, trusting, a “confidante” to many of us. I’m sure she took many of our secrets to her grave! Her ways were virtuous, as much as a Human with innate flaws could be. She was “absentminded”, which she passed along to some of us! She was whimsical, a a laid back way. She cared for everyone and took care of many. She was a “character” and had character, as well. She was a good friend. She was my best friend! She was my buddy and sidekick once I became an adult. She was a leader but never would have believed she had followers. Her leading was by example and the way she lived her life. She was a very special person and I was blessed, so very blessed to have her as my Mother and my friend. I miss you more than I ever thought possible. I know you’re in Heaven with our Saviour and all our family and friends gone before us. I miss you Mom but know I’ll see you again soon. You’re now whole and healthy, no longer suffering. Praise and thanks to our Heavenly Father! I love you, Mom with all my heart ❣️


Elaine Finchum Lawson posted on 2/1/19

Tilley, You always opened you house up for the bunch of nutty teenagers and always made us feel welcome. Thank you for that (and Bob). One day we will see you again and celebrate with laughter , love, hugs and joy that overflows. I know you are doing that and more right now. Love is everlasting!


Joel Denson posted on 2/1/19

Some say it doesn't matter if you are a kind-hearted and loving person. As long as you are "saved", then that's the only thing that matters. Missy, you were both. It does matter. Not all Christians are good people, but you were. I'd like to believe that there is an afterlife where I may see you again. If there is, I hope you are surrounded by people who are as kind and loving as yourself. It doesn't matter who is saved and not saved. The only thing that matters is love. You inspire me to try and be a better person. You were and are one of the best people I've ever known. I love you. Forever and always.



Joy Kitchen posted on 2/1/19

So fortunate to have met you. You were beautiful inside and out. May you rest in peace.



Shannon Lea posted on 2/1/19

I'm thankful I got to spend those few years with you. You always were tough, yet gentle and sensitive. You made me laugh ALL THE TIME, and I learned to make some incredible dishes all because of you! You are, and always will be a beautiful soul. Until we meet again..I love you