Condolences for Beatrice Marian Schlageter

Carla Anderson posted on 7/6/21

Mom, Not a day goes by that I don't think of you. I wish I could call you just to talk. I miss very much.


Carla Jean Anderson posted on 3/9/19

Mom, thinking of you today. Tomorrow it will be one month that you left us and it seems like just yesterday. I think back about that day and really am so thankful that I was with you by your side. Thank you for that moment. As hard as I thought it would be it really was a blessing and comforting to know how easy it was . I always had a fear of dying but now I can say I have none. I love you, I miss you, I feel you with me each and every day. Until we meet again , I will keep you in my heart. LOVE , Carla.


Carla Jean Anderson posted on 3/6/19

Mom,,, I miss you so much. You were the best mom ever. It just doesn't seem right knowing you are no longer with us. They say life goes on and it does , but its just missing someone very special . Life isn't the same without you in it. Thinking of you today,,and every day. I LOVE YOU .


Carla Anderson posted on 2/28/19

A Mother's Love Song As you look into the mirror and wipe away the tears A reflex looking back at you sends memories through the years. Of wondrous times and glory Each moment we strum along Whispering tunes play in our hearts of our life and it's own Love Song. Each note has a special meaning The tempo moves up and down Every spoken word the lyrics form on the carousel of life spinning round. As you look back into the mirror A beautiful lady will appear She is humming to you "A Love Song " of all those glorious years. A Mother's Love shines within us The reflex you see will never part For it is she looking back through the mirror Whispering tunes that will comfort your heart. Her wish for you is true happiness And to know that she'll always be near Deep within your heart you will hear her Humming "A Love Song" which she holds dear. In memory of mom.. by Carla Anderson You will always be in my thoughts and in my heart..and I will never ever forget you and the life you gave me.


Carla Anderson posted on 2/27/19

Mom,,, I wanted to call you today to let you know how my day was. I made some of our favorite potato salad and thought about you while I was eating some. I was going through some of your clothes that I put into bags to use for quilts, which I know you would have a fit knowing I am going to cut them up...but its for a good cause. But anyways,, when I opened the bags, I could smell your perfume. It was so nice and almost as if you were here. I hurried and put them back in the bag and tied it up tight so the smell would not get out . Now I can go back tomorrow and open them up and smell you again. Not a day has gone by that I haven't thought about you or wanted to call you. You were always my first phone call if I had something to say of any importance or no importance. Didn't matter what I talked about, you always listened and never judged me about anything. Who will I call now ? Who will even care what I have to say like you cared ? No one, that's who. Monday I painted my bedroom before I moved in your dressers. I think you would love the color , a soothing blue grey. It really looks good with your bedroom set. Danny loves your recliner. I told him that you wanted him to have it. He truly appreciates it. Spring is on its way . My pear trees are blooming. .. though I cant seem to enjoy them at this time. I truly truly miss you Mom. If only I could call you . If only I could hug you one more time. Well, really just wanted you to know that I LOVE YOU and that I went to call you today to tell you .


Barbara Parks posted on 2/27/19

I want to thank all of you for being here to celebrate our mom. She was a true role model and lived her life in a positive way. She had the kindest heart of anyone I know. Everyone that knew her loved her. She was a loving supportive and unselfish woman. She was known as Bea and Beebee to friends and to me she was mommy. I was lucky to spend as much time as I did with her. Our Friday trip to the pharmacy and grocery store, " she just needed a few things , bananas, milk, coffee." But she'd be in there over an hour and would come out with bags of groceries. She loved shopping at Belk's and going to get her Clinique makeup there that she swore by wearing along with her Ponds Cold Cream. Everyone that met her could not believe her age. I would take her to her Doctor appointments and she would tell me she was sorry to be a burden to me and taking up my time. She was never a burden I told her. I am going to miss all the times we had together. She was so amazing, she endured so much but kept on going. Her mind was strong but her body was tired and weak. She told me numerous times she was ready to go. I just hope I can be as amazing as you mom. You will always be on my mind. I miss you so much but I know you are at Peace and no longer suffering. I knew your time was coming but not so soon. I wish I had one more time to say Goodbye and I LOVE YOU. Your loving daughter , Barbara


larry parks posted on 2/19/19

I am thankfull to have the memories of Bea, an awesome mother-in-law. Bea made a difference in my life, and I will miss her


Lucy Targia posted on 2/19/19

Bea was a dear sweet lady and a good Friend and I miss her so much; but I know she is Home safe now and smiling on us Bea; my dear sweet friend I miss you so much and you will always be in my heart: But I Know you are safe at home now where you belong, with the LORD. My thoughts and prayers go out to all your loving family.



MARYANN SMITH posted on 2/16/19




MARYANN SMITH posted on 2/16/19



Nan Rodano posted on 2/15/19

Thinking of you.


Stephanie Temmer posted on 2/14/19

Rest in Peace Great Aunt Beatrice! We will always love you and remember you!



Miss Stephy posted on 2/14/19

Love is not always in the flesh it's in our hearts when our loved ones reach heaven..So sorry for your lost. So beautiful


Sharon Weinmeyer posted on 2/14/19

Dear Carla and family I am so very sad to learn of the loss of your precious mother Beatrice, what a beautiful woman, she had a long happy life greatly loved by you all. I so enjoyed you sharing your stories of her with me. Please accept my most sincere condolences , may her memories be Blessings. Sending love, Sharon


Iris Kroll posted on 2/13/19

My thoughts and prayers are with your family. May she Rest In Peace


Ann Rogers posted on 2/13/19

Thinking of you during this most difficult time...a beautiful lady with her lipstick and pearls! I know your family will miss her forever.....


Debbie Jones posted on 2/13/19

Jennifer you and all the family are in our thoughts and prayers.


Linda DePietto posted on 2/13/19

Cj. I’m so sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family