Condolences for Dixie Lee Lawton

Fld posted on 5/22/19

The pain of losing a love one is always difficult to bear, may you find comfort in God and his loving care. I pray that you find relief in God's promise that sickness and death will cease and he will restore life to all who exist in His memory, Isaiah 26:19, Revelation 21:4. Though Dixie will be sorely missed may you speak of her often and cherish your many fond memories. My sympathy for your loss.



Liz Weingart posted on 5/19/19

Dixie's personality was so like a candle that burned brightly for all those around her to see...and the glow of that lovely light of a very lovely lady will always light up in my memories of her. Growing up, Dixie and I bonded in Hamilton High School, Hamilton, Illinois, while we spent countless hours rehearsing with Miss Helen Anderson, our English/Speech Coach during the four years of Speech Contests in Illinois. Dixie was a natural in her Humorous Monologues, while I always competed in the Serious Monologues. Never at a loss for words or with a clever quip, and always a quick wit, Dixie had a kind heart. Her caring for others was real--in high school and throughout her life. After my son moved to VA, on visits there, I would go visit with Jack and Dixie in their home, I saw the love they shared, and a marriage that had matured as beautifully as the orchids they grew that thrived in the sunny family room. How many times Dix and I would laugh and quote Edna Vincent Millay's "My candle burns at both ends. It will not last the night. but ah, my foes, and oh, my friends, it gives a lovely light" the context we used it, that candle signified Life, Life was to be lived to the fullest in whatever capacity we had, as long as we could, no matter the circumstances. Dixie did just that. Dixie Lee Thomas Lawton burned that candle as long as she could, and now the glow of her life remains with family and friends. Rest well, my friend. God Bless!


Bonnie Hart posted on 5/19/19

My deepest sympathies. Psalms 94:19 reminds us "When anxieties overwhelmed me, you comforted and soothed me".