Condolences for Thomas Dewi Rowlands

Stephanie and Bob Schreiner posted on 7/31/19

Bob and I met Dewi after he married his beloved wife Marti. He was a quiet man with a quick wit and stunning intellect. He followed Marti around the U.S. while she gave readings and talks for her book The Widow Spy. You could see how proud and awed he was of her, and how much he loved her. And, you knew, seeing them together she felt the same. The world has lost a bright light.


Gwynn Honeycutt posted on 7/4/19

Dear Marti and family, Just a note to say we are thinking of you, and hope your faith, and the love of family and friends will help you through this difficult time. Larry and Gwynn Honeycutt


Jerry and Terry Ellis posted on 6/30/19

We met Dewi through Marti and were fortunate to trade several visits and get to know each other. In his time together with Marti they shared a love of life and a determination to give back to the community for their many blessings. He led a full and useful life and brought joy and laughter wherever he went. He is now resting with the angels.


Katharine (Brown) Bulloch posted on 6/28/19

Really heartbroken to hear the news. Dewy Rolands was one of my favorite people growing up and being the daughter of one of his best friends. My heart goes out to his family and especially Francine, Michael and Carys with whom a lot of my best childhood memories were made. It makes me smile to read all of the comments from friends and coworkers who were also intimidated in the beginning by his size and ‘larger than life’ personality. I remember being afraid of his booming voice and welsh accent when he was getting after one of his kids(Michael) for doing something dumb. I also remember how kind and unselfish he was and how comforting it was to know he always had your back. The last time I saw him he and Martha had driven a long way to my parents house in Virginia for a celebration of life for my mother. He was obviously not well and had a lot of difficulty getting around yet he was there(thank you Martha) because that was the kind of person he was for his friends, and strangers for that matter. He and the Rowlands family will always have a place in my heart.


David Dorman posted on 6/28/19

I am so sorry to hear that we have all lost the remarkable man that was Dewi and agree totally with all the warm tributes paid to him. My first recollections of Dewi was when I was seconded as a junior PR chap to the BAC PR team at Arlington, VA, in I guess 1975 to help Leo Schefer and his colleagues in working the PR angles to get clearance for Concorde to operate into the USA. At first, Dewi could appear daunting, but it didn't take long to realise he was a special man. I got talking to him one day about his passion for fires - not the pyromaniacal passion , but the extinguishing passion and so it came to pass that I visited the Farfax County Fire Station with Dewi to write an article about them and specifically Dewi for the BAC house newspaper 'Airframe'. Over the years our paths crossed on occasions and it was always a pleasure. It was when he became head of the Marketing Operations Centre at Stevenage/Hatfield in the early 1990s that I first worked pretty much directly with Dewi and compared to the previous management regime he was a breath of fresh air. After one initial meeting with Dewi and John Loader to discuss plans for the Farnborough Air Show (which had always been fraught), I recall John coming out of the meeting and saying simply to me: " I can work with that man'. He gave people the latitude and confidence to express themselves and thus contribute even more to the greater good. A wonderful man, fondly in my memory.


Tony Quintana posted on 6/28/19

I worked under Dewi for many years at BAE Systems Regional Aircraft, and he became more than a boss; a mentor and a friend. Anytime he would see me around the office, he would quickly say: 'what are you doing here, if you are here (in the office) you are not with the customer where you belong'. Dewi was a Welshman, and he made sure you knew inside of the first five minute from meeting him. Strong as an ox, but sweet as honey; you failed his instructions the sensation you felt in the rear of your pants was his boot up your tush. Once the pain resided you learned to love his true desire to guide you along the right path in a field plastered with land mines. An Aviation soul no doubt, Dewi will never be forgotten, and a soul for sure I look forward to reuniting with someday. May your soul rest in piece and ride comfortably in the Concorde you help build. Adios amigo, Tony Quintana.


Tony Kioussis posted on 6/26/19

I met Dewi upon joining British Aerospace, Inc. in the Spring of 1983. To be honest, his mere presence at meetings initially terrified me. However, in short order, I learned to appreciate his professionalism and respect for those around him. Dewi evidenced passion in whatever he did and, if attempts to resolve a problem were not meeting with success, he would often just press on, convinced “the wit of man” could resolve the most challenging issue. Dewi had a wonderful sense of humor and impeccable timing when delivering a punchline. One time I recall a colleague at BAe explaining how his expensive sports car required $400 tires. With a perfectly straight-forward voice Dewi replied “each tire? Sell the car.” Very few people in my life have left such a lasting impression, and like everyone that had the good fortune to enjoy time with Dewi, I will truly miss him.


Stephanie Butkiewicz posted on 6/26/19

I have very fond memories of camping at Myrtle Beach with the Rowlands family when I was young. And dinner parties at our house-where we kids had to “stay in the kitchen” out of the way of the guests. Mr. Rowlands would quietly peek in and ask what was happening on Emergency!, the coolest show at that time. Much later, my son had a project in elementary school. He had to bring Flat Stanley, a paper doll, home for a week and report on his adventures. Mr. Rowlands heard about the project and offered to take him to Chile since he had a trip planned that week. So off Flat Stanley went in his suitcase! He brought back photos with this paper doll sitting in trees and on seats next to Mr. Rowlands! He loved sharing his world with everyone, always with a smile and laugh. I’ll remember him as a warm and caring soul, full of life.


Dr. Barbara Todd posted on 6/26/19

Francine and Family, So sorry to hear of your loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.


Hamish Davidson posted on 6/26/19

A colleague, and mentor who became a great friend. I worked with Dewi for many years at BAE and initially butted heads with him as he was the head of sales and I was what he considered part of the anti-sales team which often opposed some of the rather "racy" deals that were put on the table. Later, I worked closer with Dewi following his retiral from BAE when he undertook a consulting project in Buenos Aires for the Company. I relished my regular visits to meet with him as notwithstanding the difficult issues at hand he made work and moreso the "after work" memorable. I shall always have very fond memories for Dewi and for the guidance he gave me over the years. A true character and a real gentleman who knew how to treat everyone from the CEO to the apprentice in exactly the same way and by doing this earned the respect of all those who had the pleasure to work with him and to call him a Friend. Your Kilted Friend Hamish


Stuart Carter posted on 6/26/19

Marti, I am so sorry for your loss. We at Habitat very much enjoyed working with you and Dewy and have missed you both. Please know that my thoughts are with you.


Anthony Ennis posted on 6/23/19

I first met Dewi in 1981 when I came to work in the US. I immediately liked him. I think I went up in his esteem when he challenged me as to whether my bow tie was hand tied. It was, and with great bravado I undid it to show him and then retied it without a mirror to his amazement (and mine) - a feat I had never achieved before or since. We missed a plane together once, heading off to see a customer, because I was running late getting the proposal ready. Dewi was furious 'Ennis , I have never missed a plane in my life !" I remained quiet ....seconds later his face turned red and he said " Oh yes I have -and that was your fault as well !#@!". He was right. We were once on a large conference call with Dewi the other end. I thought he was wrong and quietly muttered words to that effect...suddenly booming out of the speaker phone came " Ennis , I heard that you ****** "- but later he agreed with me. He would sometimes say " I am madder than heck - so you are probably right " My favorite was when, at a major conference, he dragged me off to a dinner with some journalists that I didn't want to go to. Caviar was on the menu so I petulantly ordered it and Dewi looked at me and said "Ennis I will win in the end " so I changed my order to soup. Larger than life, warm, kind, generous and forgiving. He was always someone you could go to if you had a problem. He was a great leader and he will live on in the thoughts of many whose lives he touched.


Lynne Merritt posted on 6/22/19

First a great boss, caring and thoughtful, a friend always sharing stories, laughter and kindness. Although time and distance grew I always felt and will continue to hold the memory of Dewi in my heart with the highest respect and admiration.