Condolences for Esther Cameron Rosier

Pamela Allen posted on 7/18/19

Aunt Esther I don't have many words left. I will always remember your words of wisdom ND the warmth of your hugs. Thank you for being a great friend ND family to each of us! Now as I listen for the pager to sound off again, l'll know it's not you in need of me; because your new home is where you been waiting to go ND you are finally there.. You can lay down your cross and except your wings. We will take it from here forever in our hearts & memories, love, Pammie Sue!


stan posted on 7/18/19

I Am Learning How To Live by Jamey Wysocki I am learning how to live In a new way Since that day You were taken away. I am learning how to live With the things left unsaid Knowing I got to say them With every tear that I shed. I am learning how to live By embracing the pain Knowing that you live on Through the memories that remain. I am learning how to live Knowing I will never again see your face And I have peace knowing You’re in a better place. I am learning how to live Knowing you’re in God’s care It gives me the strength to move on And makes the pain much easier to bear. Michelle & family, My heart breaks for you and my thoughts are with you always. love you and take care.


Linda Johnson posted on 7/17/19

So sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family.


Kara posted on 7/17/19

Thank you Esther. Thank you for being a wonderful, supportive, cheerful, and caring person. Thank you for being the light at family dinners. Thank you for gifting us with your amazing smile and laugh. I know I didn’t see you as much as I could have. But I love you.


Phyllis Dillon posted on 7/17/19

No better friend than Esther we shared our good times and our bad times for 30 years or more. We laughed together we cried together. We watched our girls become beautiful young ladies. I miss you my friend!


Helena posted on 7/17/19

Aunt Esther, you will be missed dearly. I should have visited more often. Thank-you for always being so kind and patient with me. ((Hugs))


Jackie Eason Jr posted on 7/17/19

Aunt Esther even though I didn’t get to see you a lot I always loved being around you. You always had a smile on your face and made me laugh a lot you will be missed so much I love you ❤️


LaDonna Tartt posted on 7/16/19

Aunt Esther you will truly be missed. Your smile and laugh were always a delight. I remember being younger and getting all excited knowing you and Uncle Jim, Laura and Michelle were coming to town. I think you so much for not only continuing to be family to my mom, but being a best friend to her. Many memories will remain with me. Please give all the other family that has passed a hug and especially give Aunt Chris a hug for me. Enjoy your new journey~!