Condolences for Jeremy Cole Morrin


David and joy webb posted on 8/17/19

We are so sorry for your loss. Our prayers fir the family



David and joy webb posted on 8/17/19

We are so sorry fir your loss. Our prayers for the family


Christine Adams posted on 8/17/19

My love and prayers to the family and friends. Love lives on and carries hope with it. My deepest condolences on your loss


Minta Clore posted on 8/16/19

Our sincere condolences go out to your whole family. We love you all and will keep you lifted in prayers. Rest easy Jeremy .


Mike posted on 8/15/19

I will never forget this guy after years of someone always around it's gonna be strange not knowing your around. The world was a better place having u will be missed sir!



Carol Meeks posted on 8/15/19

Your kind heart, always thinking about others. You are truly a man that I hold in high regards. Although it might not seem like you were thinking others when this happened the impact of this opens our eyes. Thank you Jeremy for opening our eyes. I love you. Aunt Carol


Amy Tumminia posted on 8/15/19

Thank you for giving me such a wonderful daughter. She will be one of your greatest gifts to this world. I wish things could of been different.



Andrea Teresa Benton posted on 8/14/19

I met him at his home in the back yard. I was visiting my friend and he was unloading his van and I introduced myself and help him he was such a sweet person he will be missed by all .


Jay Jay posted on 8/14/19

Dude I'm sure gonna miss you bro... I truly cant believe that your gone cuz.... So many memories from throughout our childhood and up until adulthood will be forever cherished. From crashing coll college parties as a teen to throwing our own and some of the Hotel partys O.M.G...... and some of the nights Fishing and gigging flounder (and the occasional skate or random fish that passed us ) and what about that night that mana ray went under the boat and was visible on both sides of boat.... that was a big guy.... So many memories through the years... Jerm you will be truly be missed bro


Lisa Trivett posted on 8/14/19

I will never forget the summer we met and spent together. That very first night hanging out in your Uncle Danny’s truck, just talking and listening to the music. Lord your Aunt Marie was so mad at us!! But it was worth it. I still remember the day you left, making sure you come to tell me bye and promising that you were just going back to pack your things and move here for good. I had always wished over the years that you had kept your promise. I can’t help but wonder how different our lives would be if you had came back. I never expected to receive this kind of news. Jeremy, I hope that you are watching over us now and you can see just how many ppl love and miss you.


Marie (Morrin) Cross posted on 8/13/19

Jeremy you were my little man. Going to Golden Coral with Uncle Danny and myself getting me my biscuit:s with cheese in it. that:s was when you were 8. And you kept that name and will always have that title. Also when you helped your Uncle Danny redo my Hope Chest. I am really going to miss you buddy. Or when you and your mother Cheryl moved out to Tennessee and collected rocks, So many memories I will Cherish. Loving you Aunt Marie



Christy Cash posted on 8/12/19

You are the love of my life. Memories of us will be forever treasured. I love you.


Renee Lucas posted on 8/12/19

I only knew Jeremy for a few years. Me and his sister became close friends along with his girlfriend Christy. I know he was a great guy and he would offer up advice to me when going through hard times. He even painted my house. I pray that y'all all will find peace. Love all of y'all. You will be in my thoughts and prayers. If any of you need me I am here. R.I.P. Jeremy


Chasity Dawson posted on 8/12/19

When I was younger Jeremy’s family was my second family. They were all so loving and kind. Jeremy and his family are wonderful people and my thoughts, prayers and heart are with all of you.