Condolences for Helen Hazel Keith Peckworth

Jane Lochner Zabel posted on 11/9/19

In 2009 I drove Mom and my kids to Florida for a dual 50th Anniversary celebration. On the way, we stopped to visit the Peckworth’s. Despite their life-long friendship and the many times I remember the Peckworth visits to Annapolis, it was the first time Mom had actually visited them! I don’t know why other than Mom and Dad seldom traveled. But I do remember Mom and MRS Peckworth swimming laps in our pool and enjoying their friendship


DOROTHY E Camp posted on 11/9/19

Helen, Was a wonderful friendly person. I only knew her a short time, but she made my life richer with her warm smile and always gracious greeting when I would see her in the halls of Cambridge.. Dana, your in our prayers, she will be greatly missed by us all. Dick and Dorothy


DOROTHY E Camp posted on 11/9/19

Dick 7 Dorothy


Janet and David Lawson posted on 11/9/19

We only knew Helen for a short time, but have been inspired by her by her grace and strength. We are grateful to have been a small part of her life.


Susan Peckworth posted on 11/8/19

One of the things that makes me smile is that my tiny mother-in-law had a fierce love of chocolate. She'd ask Dana to hide it for her to make it last as long as possible. A box of Frango Mints and chocolate fudge were must sends every Christmas. She also had a fabulous sense of humor and sent us the funniest presents for our pups every year. You will be missed!


Ruth Lambert posted on 11/8/19

Margaret and I are 3rd generation friends, and I know the two generations now all together will continue to watch over us. In 1978, I met my husband far from home, yet by visiting the Peckworths,who lived in the area, they passed their approval on to my folks:). She was my mother's best friend, her opinion was golden. I know that as a wife, mother and grandmother she will be missed dearly.


David Calhoun posted on 11/8/19

I was her "other son" and she was my "other mom." In a strange twist, before I ever knew her daughter, she worked for the "Company" and interacted with some of the ABC alphabet folks I took orders from during my tour as an advisor in Laos.