Condolences for Claire Marie Patrick

clarice d maggio posted on 3/20/20

I do not know of anyone who was more proud of their Irish heritage than CP. She was the essence of every Irish saying... Happy go Lucky... light up the world brighter than a rainbow and made everyone feel like they found a pot of gold when she first met you. Her laughter was constant and you could always find her in a crowd by everyone joining in around he. She was kind, generous and caring. She made everyone and every living thing feel that it had a purpose. When she reached in she changed your life forever in a way that defies dictionary definition. She was my four leaf clover. Till we meet again



Cathy Brennan posted on 1/30/20

Wishing you a Happy Birthday in Heaven my dear cousin, didn't know you had passed, today is your birthday, Loved you dearly. I will see you again one day. Hugs & Love to you sweet Claire.


Brenda Hope posted on 11/10/19

Dewene, I am so sorry to hear about Claire passing, she was a very sweet lady. I know she has not been herself the last couple of years and know-how hard that can be on the people that are so close to her, I will be thinking about you and will keep you in my prayers. Love you!


Kusheina Gibbs posted on 11/10/19

MS. Claire made me smile everyday I saw her. I'm gonna miss her and I will continue to keep you in my prayers Dewene!!!!


Dale Sauls posted on 11/9/19

Thinking of you Dewene. Was so hoping I would get to spend some more time with Claire and you, but time goes by too fast. Claire was right about living life to the fullest and spending time with loved ones. I will miss Claire’s sense of humor and her personality. Wish she had more time, but it was not to be. God bless you Dewene.



Michael Caputo posted on 11/9/19

My sweet Claire, I will miss your laughter and your hugs.


Jimmy and Becky Stephenson posted on 11/9/19

Dewene, So sorry for your loss. Claire was a unique person. So glad we were able to see her a little while back at Dawn's. We will remember you in our prayers.


Lynn Greener Hanna posted on 11/9/19

To Claire’s extended family my condolences, prayers and many hugs. Claire was a unique girl and a real hoot to be around!!


Jeanmarie McGill Schuler posted on 11/9/19

I will never forget my dear friend Claire. She made my life fun every time we were together. She was always there for my family in bad and good times. As her partner, Dweene said, "There will never be another Claire" and that is for sure. Very sad week.


Kathleen Lillicrapp posted on 11/9/19

My forever friend,Claire Bear,losing you is like losing a sister. I will never forget you.Rest in peace until we meet again and then we will party up there.


April Rouse posted on 11/9/19

Claire was so full of life, and such a fun person to be around! She knew how to bring laughter to any room... Such a sweet person to know, she will be missed deeply!


June Thomas posted on 11/9/19

Dewene I am so sorry to hear of Claire's passing - I had no idea she was sick.


Dan Nolan posted on 11/9/19

Friends since grade school. Remembering god times ,pranks and prowleing the neighborhoods. God Bless you Claire♡



John Caputo posted on 11/8/19

Claire, my friend, you will be missed.


Dottie (Uslin) Hennessy posted on 11/8/19

Clo Clo Clo! Que pasa? Que pasa? (Claire is laughing over this!) God bless her for the many laughs we shared so long ago.


Nancy Pidliski posted on 11/8/19

No finer friend.....Dear Claire(PooNoo)..I will never forget you and the friendship that we shared.You were "true blue".....Put in a good word for me up there....Much love!!!


Brianna Rouse posted on 11/8/19

I’m so sorry for your loss Dewene. I might have been young but I remember all the times you and Claire came to visit and drop off Sadie with dawn! I hope you find comfort and I’m praying for you. Claire was just too funny and so fun to be around. With love, brianna.


Jane Sorrell posted on 11/8/19

Dewene, I am so sorry. I have many fond memories of the times we all spent together. Especially the Kenny chesney concert and all the many other times. I hope you find comfort in knowing you did all you could to make this easier for Claire. She will be missed dearly and I love you both. You are in my prayers. Claire was definitely one of a kind.



Debbie Grady posted on 11/8/19

Claire was so giving and caring. I wish this world had more people like her. We were always glad to have her at our home for Christmas. Such a wonderful person!!!



Jane Caputo posted on 11/8/19

In my heart forever. An honor to call you my friend.


Debra Granger posted on 11/8/19

Dewene - I will always cherish the good times we had - our sleep-overs and girls night out. Hold on the happy memories - we certainly had some! You are in my constant thoughts and prayers.