Condolences for Jane A. Webster


Cawanua Keeling posted on 12/4/19

Many years ago Jane and I taught together at West Millbrook Middle School, One year, during the Holiday Season, Jane was my Secret Santa. Her most delightful and valuable gift to me was a pair of earrings that she designed and made. I still have them. I think of her every time I see them. I remember her as graceful and composed.


Teresa Coleman posted on 11/12/19

Jane, Jane, Jane....Little did i know seeing you at the reading of The Love Letters with Ryan O'neil and Alli McGraw would be my last earthly encounter with you. Guess one should never take "life" for granted. Peace and hugs and kisses until we meet again.


Kathleen Vezzetti posted on 11/11/19

I didn't know Jane for a long time but knew that she was someone very special and was loved dearly by close friends. I enjoyed all the travel stories she shared and am sorry not to have been able to spent more time with her. Blessings and prayers sent to all who will miss her.


Penelope Whitworth posted on 11/11/19

Sending prayers for all those left behind. Jane was a special, sweet, talented woman who will be missed


Kris Endres posted on 11/10/19

I taught with Jane for many years at West Millbrook. Sometimes during my planning period, I would stop by the art room to say hi to Jane and view the wonderful projects she was doing with her students. She was always a joy to interact with. I was saddened when she told me she was moving to Wilmington, but happy for her too.


Tere Duperrault posted on 11/10/19

It was an honor to know Jane. She was a special person and I thank her for being a friend, mentor and mother to my Brooke. Jane, you will be missed but you are in heaven with your loved ones.


Paula Jackson posted on 11/10/19

Jane and Darby ...... Right across the street. We chatted, giggled and she allowed me to love on Darby on her daily walks. The type neighbor that everyone would love to meet and call "friend". I'm so gonna miss her smile.