Condolences for Monika Z. Tippins

Yvette Flounoy posted on 7/27/07

To Catherine, I admired your mother a great deal. She was a good friend and co-worker. She always made me laugh. We often emailed one another since she left IIS, often talking about our children. Being single parents was our common bond. I will miss those exchanges with her. Like you, I lost my mother at a young age. Keep Monika's memory alive by remembering the happy times and always remain appreciative of that time that you did have with her. Whenever you get blue, it doesn't hurt to talk to her. Her spirit lives on. I will continue praying for you to have strength and that you will grow to be a wonderful human being, like your mother. Best regards always, Yvette Flounoy


Hannah Hall posted on 7/29/07

I was fortunate to have met Monika at work and was so impressed with her spirit and enthusiam for life. Just talking to here was always uplifting and I truly believed she would survive. I want her daughter, Catherine, to know that the loved ones we lose, are always with us throughout our lives, always watching over us, in our hearts, and waiting for us. I feel very blessed to have known Monika, and am sure she will be one of the brightest stars in the evening sky. Sincerely, Hannah