Condolences for Julia Ivanow Kreer

Mary posted on 7/17/21

I met a lady receny that has a certain fighting spirit aura about her that made me think of Julie. I looked her up and just learned of her passing. I’ve thought of her over the years when things got challenging, always remembered our chats and even thought to myself “What would Julie do or say?” I’ll never forget what she taught me with her upfront honestly and to take things one day at a time. I always appreciated that about her and have rarely met anyone with such grace under fire, patience and fortitude. It’s a rare combination I admire. She will be missed.


Francine P. Williams posted on 3/7/20

I missed you when I moved from Lovettsville to North Chesterfield, VA (out side Richmond, VA). I always wanted to drive down and visit you. We were good friend when you were in Lesssburg and I was in Lovettsvikke Francine


Linda Reese posted on 3/6/20

Julie was an amazing person and will be missed terribly. Our memories will keep her alive in our hearts.


Jennifer Lucas posted on 3/5/20

Julie i know you are watching over your family from above. You'll be missed my dear and always remembered fondly!!!! You know those extra exclamation points are for you my friend. :) Blessings to family and friends


Carol Boysen posted on 3/3/20

While Julie and I were friends in high school a long time ago, I clearly remember her. AlwWays a positive, sweet girl, she was a good friend. We shared Ocean City weeks, Beverley Beach trips with my family and laughs....lots of laughs. What a great thread in the fabric of my life! Thank you Julie, you made my life better!


Eva Dempster posted on 3/3/20

Julie was always a person I enjoyed seeing everyday at work. She was someone I knew I could always come to and talk to about anything. She was smart, witty and professional, yet very cool, laid back and fun to be around. I knew how much she enjoyed retirement and was so happy she could retire near her happiest place on earth - the beach. She will be missed. God Bless.


Johnnie Puckett posted on 3/3/20

Julie was a valued employee of my nonprofit, but she was so much more. She was a Friend who shared her wisdom freely . I already miss her very much . She was a Joy to be around.


Gary Musolf posted on 3/2/20

Julie was the first girl I met at O'Connell H.S. I knew her well, she was a wonderful individual and greatly helped me grow as a person. I always looked forward to seeing her at each of our five year reunions at O'Connell. So much time has gone by, but you can always jet back in time in meeting your classmates. The first two graduating classes were so close together in spirit. Yes Julie, you met a great deal to me. I'm sorry you had to leave us. Look forward to seeing you again.


cathy delcoco posted on 3/2/20

Sorry to hear about Julie's passing. She was a wonderful addition during her decade at CBRE. She added a sparkle to the work environment and was always so supportive. We remember her fondly


Patricia Donnelly posted on 3/1/20

While I am sorry that Julie Kreer has passed on, I would remind you that she is Home with our Eternal Father and worshiping Him. She is missed by all who knew her and we look forward to seeing her among others at our own Home-going.


Maureen Farran posted on 2/29/20

I am so saddened hearing this loss. I never knew Julie lived here in Wilmington. She was a wonderful gal and very special indeed. She certainly will be missed by so many. Go's bless you my friend.


Karen Gaydos posted on 2/29/20

Julie was an amazing woman and friend! Truly an incredible loss and my heart breaks for her friends and family! May the wonderful memories give everyone comfort during this difficult time.