Condolences for Shawann Denise Williams

Laurie Gardner posted on 3/30/20

I had the privilege of working with Shawann who treated everyone with respect, dignity, and with great compassion. She was a champion for her patients. Shawann spoke frequently and proudly of her son. I am deeply saddened that our world has lost such a wonderful person.


Shakikki Craig posted on 3/29/20

I knew Shawann from high school class of 94. All I can say is she went hard for her son and seeing all the comments I know she was well loved. SIP Shawann.


Sheri Perez posted on 3/27/20

When I heard of the terrible news, my heart dropped. I meet Shawaan at HHH and worked closely with her on the children's unit. She was such a beautiful fun- loving spirit. You will be missed by many and may you rest in peace. My condolences to her son to whom she loved dearly. I am so sorry for your loss. I will remember your beautiful smile dear friend.


Diane Galloway posted on 3/27/20

I cant say goodbye but I will say that I will miss you so much. I will always remember how we would find the craziest things and laugh. It doesn't seem real writing you and saying I want forget you. Rest in peace my dear friend.


Jeff Price posted on 3/26/20

Shawann was my childhood friend, lived two doors down from me. She was absolutely one of a kind. I’ll miss her tremendously.


Libra Woods posted on 3/26/20

My dear friend Shawann. We met at HHH and instantly became friends. She helped me when I went back to school for my BSN and we had so many plans to travel the world. She loved her son so much, she was so proud of him. She was also proud of herself for raising him to be such an amazing young man. Shawann was such a loving, smart, hard working mother and I love and miss her dearly. My deepest and most sincere condolences to the family.


Charmina Turner posted on 3/24/20

Shawann was so caring. We first met at children Hospital at Holly Hill. She was the weekend day nurse supervisor. She will always encourage me to go back to get my RN. Always willing to help her staff. A kindhearted lady. To the family so sorry for your loss. Shawann will be missed.


Elizabeth Deaver posted on 3/24/20

I was really saddened to hear of Shawann's passing. We worked together at UNC Hospitals for a short time before I retired. My prayers are with her family.



Don Artis posted on 3/23/20

I went to High School with Shawann and briefly reconnected in N.C. Shawann was truly a great person to know. She was a proud mom and cared for her son with all her heart. My condolences to your entire family.


Synetta Lawson posted on 3/23/20

Was a very dear friend. And a wonderful nurse. She was my assist nurse manger a UNC Healthcare . She had a great spirit and she brought do much to our team and Unit. She was also a friend that I learned a lot from . Even thought she was no longer at UNC we still would talk on a weekly bases. I will really miss talking to her.


Annette Smalls posted on 3/23/20

I met Shawann while we were studying to earn our BSN. We remained in contact and would call each other at least once a week. She was a loving and caring person. She was passionate about her son, pet and career. I will miss my friend. My condolences to her family.



Nichole Duncan posted on 3/23/20

Such a super cool and smart nurse! One of the first people to influence my psych career! For that I will always be thankful! Prayers for your family!


Alice Eastman posted on 3/22/20

She was always so kind and caring. I worked with her briefly at Holly Hill Hospital. She will be missed by all.


Aqua Burrell posted on 3/22/20

Amazing, loving, kind hearted and compassionate nurse. You always pushed me to be more than “just a nurse” and for that I thank you. I hope I made you proud. I will miss you eternally my friend. Rest in His arms.



Krystal Berry posted on 3/22/20

One thing I can say without a doubt Shawann was about her money and her son. She was a great mentor and an admirable person overall. My condolences to the family. I pray that you all remain strong through this tough time.


NESHA jenkins posted on 3/21/20

Passionate sweet caring lady work with her in sep 2016 @hhh to know her is to love her my condolences



Nikia king posted on 3/21/20

A loving spirit, a doting mother she always talked about her son and her dog.. a hard worker and a friend. You will truly be missed. My condolences to her family and friends..



Good hearted, funny, and a hard worker.. you will be truly missed.. loving mother, always talked about her son.. my condolences to her family and friends.. posted on 3/21/20



Maria Susann posted on 3/21/20

I miss my friend Shawann. We met at Holly Hill Hospital in 2015. She and I worked in the Children's area. Many times she and I laughed to make the long shifts pass. After I left to work elsewhere she and I kept in touch with a dinner, phone calls, and texts. She called me her "weekend warrior". I miss her very much. I love you Shawann.


Shawn Davis posted on 3/20/20

Shawann was very dear to me. We were friends since high school and when I moved to NC and realized she was here we reconnected. She was positive, she was strong willed and she loved her son. She encouraged me many days for greatness. I will miss our dinners and convos and will never forget them. Love you and miss you forever Shawann.