Condolences for Hazel Marie Platter

Chuck Savidge posted on 1/10/08

Phil, I was saddened to hear of Marie's passing. The thoughts and prayers of my family are with you and yours in your grief. Sincerely, Chuck, Jeanette, and Matt Savidge


erin wiggins posted on 1/10/08

Marie has been a vital part of my family ever since I can remember. My earliest memory of Marie was when I spent the night at her house one cold January night because my mother was in labor with my brother Geoffrey. She lived across the street from us and she helped raise my brother and I. She was famous for her sweet tea and her grilled cheese sandwiches. Marie always kept a watchful eye on us. She always kept us in line. Marie was a second mother to my brother and I when we growimg up. I wish I could have let her know more how much she meant to our family. Throughout the years, Marie would come over every Thursday and help us clean the house. She was a master cleaner to say the least! She always found my brother's hidden pizza boxes and let him know she did. :) God blessed us for so many years by having in our lives. I have so many great memories of Marie. She will be missed so much. I wish I could of told her more how much she meant to me. You are loved and cherised and in my thoughts always Marie.