Condolences for James Wesley Fogleman

Christian J Fogleman posted on 1/1/22

To my favorite uncle. I love you and will always miss you. I have had many instances to laugh and cry about. I was his mob security one time. It's an inside joke, with him and me.



Christian J Fogleman posted on 10/29/21

He was a great uncle. We had many fun adventures when he lived in Alexandria Va.


Chris Comaduran posted on 3/13/21

I got my hair cut by James, I always thought his name was Jim due to the name of the barber shop. My grandpa had his own barber shop and coming into Jim’s barbershop, it felt like home again. I always enjoyed the conversations we would have while getting my superb haircuts from Jim. He would tell me stories about traveling around the United States with his wife, which states he preferred. Told me stories about his training in Tahoe, California that prepped him for the snow, how they had to learn how to survive for his marine training. Sometimes he’d tell me some life lessons I needed to hear, whether he knew he was telling me or not. I’m usually a person who gets there haircut once every 2 months, that’s just the way I am but I remember one day he asked me if it was for financial reasons and I feel he was going to lower his price for me, but I obviously couldn’t accept and it was just my routine of when I get haircuts. (He obviously didn’t ask in a rude way either, it was polite as could be) . He was a kind and great man and I appreciate the short amount of time I was lucky to spend with him. I’m sorry for his families loss, I’m sure he is missed but never forgotten.


Robert Vogt posted on 4/20/20

We moved here from Alaska 10 years ago. First chores: new doctor, dentist, Church and barber. Qualifications were good haircut, consistency and gift of gab. I struck it rich with Jim! Those 3 plus real family man, Christian, ex Marine, answered all of my questions about politics, living in the South, Wilmington history along with sharing feelings of everyday life and it's rewards. I'll see you up there and certainly miss you. Thanks for making my life so much better.


Paul Rhinehart posted on 4/16/20

I have many fond memories of visiting with Jim every two weeks over a period of probably at least ten years. We were fellow Marines. We both liked to ride bicycles and did so together from Empie Park or we would travel by car to other areas to ride. We talked of many topics such as the car you bought him, your hiking trips to the mountains, his work-out routine and equipment, playing with your German Shepard, "Wolf ", our time in the Corps and many others. Jim touched many lives and left us all better for having known him, His passing is so unexpected. I will miss him.


James Holdford posted on 4/16/20

am so sorry to hear of Jims passing. He cut my fathers and my hair for a long time. I always got a summer cut when I went to see him. He treated everyone with a lot of respect.He thought the world of my mother. She would go in and wait with dad to get his haircut. Thank you for your service, Jim, and may you rest in peace. .


Lindsay Maitland Shumway, Eric and Jesse posted on 4/15/20

We are so sad to hear about Barber Jim's passing. Jim was always so kind and attentive. He always had plenty of knowledge to impart. We know that you have many happy memories.


Everett Ward posted on 4/15/20

Rest in peace. Well done. 'Always a pleasure to be in your shop.


Roland L Jones posted on 4/15/20

I am very sad. "Barber Jim" as my son and I called him was a special friend. We got our hair cut for many years at Jim's. There was always good and spirited conversation and we will miss him greatly. Our sympathies to the family.


Mike Prevatte posted on 4/15/20

My heartfelt condolences to Jim's family. I was a customer for many years. I looked forward to "getting my hair cut", but enjoyed the conversation even more. Without doubt I know this about Jim - He loved his Lord. He loved his family. He was proud to have been a Marine. I was proud to call him my friend. May the Lord give you comfort and peace in the days ahead.