Condolences for Linda Kuharcik


Janet Langston Odom posted on 5/15/20

She was one of my "regular" customers at Monkey Junction Wal-Mart. She would buy our half dead clearance plants. And the next week, she would tell me about the plants that she revived. Lots of Love and Prayers, Janet


Dana Maltba posted on 5/10/20

Linda and Bill have been our customers for over 10 years. She was such a sweet and caring individual. Her presents will be missed.


Susan Kuharcik Choi posted on 5/8/20

Linda was a lovely, talented person. I have so many fond memories of my childhood visits to Ohio. She was kind and it was always fun - dogs, cats, and her horse Calico Kelly. After she and Bill moved to Carolina Beach we were able to take our boys to visit as well as get together for family reunions. She was a wonderful aunt and we will miss her.


Lisa Kuharcik posted on 5/5/20

As I go through some pictures of Aunt Linda, I always loved that she and Uncle Bill were present for big life events and holidays. From First Communion to Commencement, Christmas and Easter she was there, her bright smile and beauty always present. She quietly lit up a room with a confident reserve. She was creative and a thinker. I admired her love of nature and the outdoors. She had a beautiful soul and a kind heart that I loved. Rest In Peace, Aunt Linda


Michael Talley posted on 5/4/20

I have so many fond memories of My Aunt Linda dating back as far as I can remember. She was truly beautiful soul. One of the kindest, most soft spoken persons I've ever known. The Kuharcik family is vast and spread out but she touched us all and will be sorely missed. Rest in Peace Aunt Linda and say hi to Uncle Bill. I know you are together again.


Janet & Henry Capillary posted on 5/3/20

Linda was our neighbor for 8 years at Carolina Beach. She was a very warm, gracious friend who was fun to be around . It was always good to talk to her about gardening because she was so knowledgeable about it. We use to go to various thrift stores together. I will miss her!


Jennifer Talley Soares posted on 5/3/20

I have such great memories of going to Uncle Bill and Aunt Linda’s when we lived in Ohio. We used to go out to the pasture and talk to Calico Kelly and play with all of their many pets. I wanted to be just like her. She was so artistic and loving and kind and strikingly beautiful. She made the world a better place. I will always feel a warmth in my heart when I remember Aunt Linda and Uncle Bill. I am so thankful that my cousin Kathy Russell was able to be there during Aunt Linda’s final days. Such a wonderful thing to do for her. She helped me say goodbye by phone. I’m sure Aunt Linda heard me and I am grateful to have had that opportunity. I hope you’re with Uncle Bill now listening to his corny jokes and laughing. Much love to all that knew Linda.


Anna Marie & Rob Talley posted on 5/2/20

Linda was like a beautiful warm light in this world; Good, Kind & giving , Linda added the sparkle To our family with her creativity & love of painting & art. & many talents. She and my brother Bill will be remembered always


Janeen williams posted on 5/2/20

Linda and her dog Majik were a very big part of Majik beanz and we will miss her dearly. One of the sweetest people I knew, Rest In Peace miss Linda, thank you for everything.


Staci and Lux and Shawn Franklin posted on 5/1/20

Linda was the most giving , selfless people I have ever met. She gave so much to my family, I'm so glad my son had her as an example for kindness. We love you Linda. Rest Peaceful, and tell Bill we said hello


Laurie Taylor posted on 5/1/20

Linda was a very dear friend and I really will miss her I miss our nights at the boardwalk and going to Britt's donuts and enjoying just time together she was a very dear dear friend she could take anything and make something special out of it and I enjoyed her creations. I will definitely miss my friend Special K


Patricia Lyerly posted on 4/30/20

So sad, lovely lady and so kind. Linda will be missed.