Condolences for McKenzie Addison Bell


Lisa Cunningham posted on 5/25/20

Deborah, so very sorry for the loss of your son. Remembering what a kind and gentle soul he was. I’m so glad I got to know him. Heaven has gained a very special angel who will never be forgotten. Sending you thoughts and many prayers for peace and comfort. In deepest sympathy, Lisa Cunningham and Family (Mother of Jacquie and Ian)


Dana Maltba posted on 5/10/20

One of the sweetest people I have had the pleasure of meeting. Thankful to have shared in knowing him!



Tanner Summers posted on 5/7/20

I know there is metal in heaven.. farewell brother.



Jud Crowe posted on 5/6/20

I loved talking with McKenzie...he always brightened my day. Love and light.


Layne Lockamy posted on 5/3/20

Deborah I am so very sorry to hear of your loss. You and yours are in my thoughts and prayers. Much love. Layne


christine box posted on 5/2/20



Candra posted on 5/1/20

I met your amazing son at Kohls. We found kindred spirits in each other, we have been friends ever since. He made me laugh after all of my bad dates. He made me believe in myself and my own self worth. We both loved soccer, and would get together for the womens soccer teams matches. I'm not sure how I can watch soccer without texting him on bad calls, or awesome plays. I loved your son dearly mama, and know deep in my soul that he loved you so much. He would talk about you with the utmost respect and an all encompassing love. I will miss him dearly. As all of us will.


Gale Durham posted on 5/1/20

Debbie, I was so stunned and saddened to read of your sons passing. Although I had never met him, I can only recall how proudly you always spoke of him when we would run into each over the years. I can only imagine the heartache your going through, but rest assure he is at peace, and his memory will live with you for ever, not even God can take that.


Jeremy Wells posted on 5/1/20

" And the heavens will bless not those stars who shine the longest.. but those who shine the brightest ".. you will be forever in the hearts of everyone that knew you brother!


Jeremy Wells posted on 5/1/20

You were such an amazing know you was to love you. I will miss you always brother. " And the heavens will bless not those stars who shine the longest, but those who shine the brightest. "


Laurie posted on 5/1/20

Debbie as I sit here and cry my heart goes out to you. I cannot believe he’s gone. As a mother I can’t even imagine how you must feel. You are in my thoughts and prayers. I love you, Laurie.


Amy (Brown) Watkins posted on 4/30/20

There are no words. As I look past my tears to type, I keep seeing those blonde curls and that smile. He is a precious soul. His mother is too. Debra you have been lifted in prayer. We love you.


Tyler Badgett posted on 4/30/20

McKenzie was one of the greatest guys I’ve ever known. He was kind to EVERYONE; always supportive. Phenomenal musician; pillar of the Wilmington music scene and beyond. Such a huge loss. RIP buddy.


April (McLaurin) Dies posted on 4/30/20

Aunt Debbie, I am so sorry to hear of McKenzie's passing. My heart and prayers go out to you. I remember the last time I saw him (at the family reunion a couple years ago) and it was great to catch up with him. He was so easy to talk to. You are in my thoughts! Much love -


Sherry and Charles Ussery posted on 4/30/20

Deborah, I didn't get to know your Son, but always heard what a great musician he was, the times I did see him, he was a very loving person. He was a handsome man, My heart breaks with yours, There is nothing like the love of a Mother, I know McKenzie was your world. I also know what a great Mother you are. IAM praying that our merciful Father will give you the strength and peace you need. Know you are not alone, IAM here if you need me. Love, Sherry Ussery


Kim & Keith Baltezegar and family posted on 4/30/20

Debbie, Words cannot express how sorry our family is that you have lost your precious McKenzie. Although we have not seen him in quite a while I remember that curly blond hair and bubbly personality that used to bounce around church. He was such a talented young man even from a young age and I know that he is going to be greatly missed. When I last saw you at the office, you shared how well he was doing and I could just see how proud you were of him. Our family sends you all of our love and prayers. When you are able to have a service for McKenzie we would count it an honor to be there. We love you!


Ann Sholar posted on 4/30/20

Deb, you are in our thoughts and prayers. McKenzie was such a sweet soul. Sending you hugs of comfort. Love you, Ann & Fred


Marie Reingold posted on 4/30/20

Sending my love and prayers to you Debbie.


Brandon Eaton posted on 4/30/20

The hole left in this world and my heart is huge from this. McKenzie was truly one of a kind. From his sense of humor and kindness, to his ability to be great at everything (which I often teased him for). I was lucky enough to make music with McKenzie that I can always go back to for a smile, and I am so thankful for all of the memories of just being in the presence of such a wonderful person and friend. And I can promise you this, every friend he has knows that he has a wonderful mom, which he adores, because he made sure everyone knows you are special! I wholeheartedly believe in Heaven and I know McKenzie is there, with no pain and surrounded by people he loves who left here first. I love you and I miss you brother, but I will see you again!


Linda Allen posted on 4/30/20

Deb my heart is broken for you this I know all to well :( what a hard thing to face and keep going ........All these loving thoughts these people speak of says what a fine job you did raising such a gentle giant ! I’m here for you you you need ANYTHING


Bryan S posted on 4/30/20

I always admired his ability to play multiple instruments well. We went to high school together and from there would be the friendly face at the music loft as we got older. He was an incredible person and will be missed greatly.


Gery Vaughan posted on 4/30/20

Deborah, I am so sorry for your loss of McKenzie. I never got to know him but reading others responses he must have been a kind, loving person. Please know my thoughts and prayers are with you. I'm praying God will give you the comfort you need during this time.


Sylvia Nucci posted on 4/30/20

Debbie My heart is breaking for you right now. I remember so well the day this baby was born. He was your everything. I have so many pictures of him as a baby. I truly hate that we lost contact with each other. I love you and if you need anything please let me know. RIP baby boy


Angel & Page Morales posted on 4/30/20

We all are so sadden that your not here McKenzie Bell . I always called you by your first and last name . You have been an extended part of our family for 20 years . We had some really fun family cookouts !!! We all loved you so much . You gave the best hugs . You Made the Best chocolate Chip cookies for my Christmas Eve Party One Year !!! You have touched a lot of peoples hearts , I Will miss your smiling sweet face and your strong bear hugs . You will be missed very much . We are thinking of your Mom Our Hearts go out to her .


Patty Max posted on 4/30/20

I’m so sorry for your loss. Prayers to your families. I had the pleasure of meeting McKenzie many years back when I visited my son in Wilmington when he was off to Afghanistan. Very nice young man. I remember the guys in the kitchen cooking. McKenzie will be sadly missed.


Eric Bryan posted on 4/30/20

One of the best guys I've ever had the honor of knowing. A fellow musician and loved by so many. You will not be forgotten brother. I'll always remember how kind you were. Thank you for the memories. God speed.


Chris Cain posted on 4/30/20

Wilmington has had a few people over the years, that are interwoven into every scene, every subgroup, every walk of life. Our area produces a lot of musicians, but few shining stars, out of the darkness. McKenzie was definitely, a bright shining star, who brought light to every life he touched. Our community was hit hard with the news of his passing. In times like these, we should all learn to be better to one another. We should realize how closely knit our community really is and that people like McKenzie Bell are the thread that stitches us together. His portfolio of music lives forever, but his genuine presence, along with the light he shined on others is the legacy he leaves and will eternally be remembered by all of us, here on earth...and in heaven. I pray for peace in the hearts of his family and friends, that we can take something good from this tragedy and celebrate McKenzie's life. I pray that God wraps his family in comfort during this time and reminds us all to do better, try harder. We'll see you again, McKenzie. Until we meet again....shine bright.


Kaitlyn Cabe posted on 4/30/20

Debbie, Thinking of you daily during this time. I think of all the laughs you, McKenzie, and Our family had when we got together. He was always so happy! Smiling, always! He was a wonderful person. Love you!


D’Arcy Tournoux Smith posted on 4/30/20

My fondest memories of McKenzie are of watching him bowl and a few times going into Music Loft and watching him interact with the customers. He had such a kind soul. I ran into McKenzie about a year ago and he was telling me about his struggles from his accident and the one thing he said that will forever be with me was what kept him going, was his mom, she was his strength. Take comfort in knowing that he loved you dearly. Prayers to you and your family, his memories will live on.


Tiffany posted on 4/30/20

Rip dude, me, Andrew, James and jack will miss you. The Simmons family


Jared Boyd posted on 4/30/20

Debbie, you raised a son that others admired and looked up to, myself included. He was passionate, loving, and had a great sense of humor. McKenzie was naturally gifted, and conquered everything he put his mind to. He will have an everlasting impression on how I approach music: with proper technique, laser focus, and unbreakable determination. Thank you so much for sharing him with us, he will live on through all of us in our hearts and memories.


William Baker posted on 4/30/20

I have known you for almost a decade. I've given you rides to and from work (Uber). I've stood and asked musical advice from you in the middle of a busy store and you'd say, "No problem!" Throughout the years you have single-handedly propelled this music scene forward without any regards to a reward for yourself. I am surely going to miss you my friend. Rest easy man.


Nick Meyer posted on 4/30/20

McKenzie and I played in our first band together. He was an amazing friend when we were kids and he stayed amazing all throughout the time I’ve known him and as we grew up. I have so many fond memories of being at his house with his wonderful mom Debrah, jamming out music. We all love you brother and we all miss you. You’ve had such an impact on so many people. I pray that Christ be the families strength and comfort in this sudden time of loss. And if there is anything they need we are all here to help. Love you McKenzie and Bell family.


James Cox posted on 4/30/20

I met Mckenzie for the first time in 2008 whilst visiting friends in Wilmington after I had been travelling. It's rare that someone sticks with you in deep corners of you mind for being genuinely so kind and lovely that you wish to carry that energy with you forever. Mckenzie was one of those people, now having not seen him for over a decade I still remember so fondly the time I spent with him all those years ago. I am so sad to hear of his passing and from what I have seen and read since I heard the news makes it obvious he had this effect on everyone who knew him. May he rest easy and peacfully. Much love to his family in this time and forever. With love James Cox, London, UK. xx


Trish Peters posted on 4/30/20

So sorry for you loss. I had the pleasure of meeting McKenzie quite a few years back while visiting my brother, Pete. He had a great energy about him and you can tell many people adored him. May you all find peace and comfort in this difficult time.


Ricky leary posted on 4/30/20

You will be missed bro on and off the lanes. Many memories from the bowling alley and randomly running into you all over town. And having random drinks at rack em you will truly be missed by many. R.I.P BRO


Jake Ecker posted on 4/30/20

A great person and the type of man that always made me try harder to do better, not because of competition but out of respect. I’m lucky to be a recipient of his “big ole hugs,” his strength, his passion, his kindness; is something that we all can take with us as to honor a great person.


Sarah posted on 4/30/20

My heart is breaking with yours. McKenzie is so special to us and no one will ever replace the love we have for him. You will be in my thoughts and prayers.


Michael Benton posted on 4/30/20

Aunt Deborah, while life has taken is down different paths I can assure you I kept up with McKenzie and from time to time even shared a drink with him. He was a kind person with a great heart. Please know your family is here for you, praying for you, and love you. May God give you peace, understanding, and wisdom during this time.


Colleen Crossman posted on 4/30/20

Deb, my thoughts & prayers are with you. I am so sorry about McKenzie's passing. The special bond you share is unending. May the love you shared with him be a source of comfort now.


Janice Maruszak posted on 4/30/20

Oh my dearest cousin Deborah. My heart is broken for you. I can only imagine your grief. I see McKenzie still as that precious little guy with wavy blonde hair, full of joy with lots of smiles and laughter. Please know Jimmy, Ray, Teresa, Gary and I are a call away. You're in our thoughts and prayers.


Diane Shields posted on 4/29/20

Oh, wow, Debbie and family! How it saddens me to share your loss of McKenzie here on Earth, however, I thank the Lord for your great faith! And now, this day and going foward, share in your joy and celebration that he is with Jesus - singing in the heavenly choir of angels! You are all in my thoughts and prayers! Love you so much!


Heather posted on 4/29/20

He was the light of every room he was in. Everyone not only liked him, they adored him. The world is a less happy place without his hugs, humor, and laughter.


Rick & Tanya Little posted on 4/29/20

What beautiful words! You don't meet very many truly kind and positive people in life so we're glad we were able to cross paths if even for a short while. Sending prayers and good vibes.


Tammy Devane posted on 4/29/20

This sadens my heart to hear this, Worked with him at sams club, such a kinf hearted young man, I enjoyed having coversations with him on breaks, He will be remembered, prayers for his family.


Ryan Kazantzis posted on 4/29/20

Debbie, My heart is broken over the loss of your incredible son. He inspired me, pushed me, and helped me, since I first jammed with him when I was 15. I had the distinct honor of sharing a stage with him for 6 years and recorded an album with him and it was one of the greatest experiences I have ever had. He helped me through songs, through relationships, through life. He was one of my best friends and I will miss him dearly. Thank you for giving us such a wonderful human in this world. I give all my family’s love to you and yours. -Ryan Kazantzis (American Americans)


Madeline Kazantzis posted on 4/29/20

Debbie, My mama-heart goes out to you. They say men are what their mothers made them...McKenzie was an unconditionally loving friend, brother and “uncle.” Most of all, he adored you. Sending my prayers and love.


Dorothy Mintz posted on 4/29/20

Debbie,so sorry for your loss,and yes he made such a handsome man .I know you are so proud of him,know that I'll be praying for you.


Sara Hays posted on 4/29/20

I love you, Ma.. you are one of the strongest women I know. I will always be here for you, day or night. ❤


Franny and Russ Brown! posted on 4/29/20

Debbie, I do not have words for what you are feeling except in so sorry! Please know that we love you and are here for you if you need us! ❤