Condolences for Christopher Blake Fiskin

Mary Gard posted on 5/5/20

Chris was one of my first true "guy friends". He was smart, funny and most importantly to me, he was spontaneous and adventurous. I remember one time he suggested that we just take off in the car -I had an old Volkswagen beetle and I don't even know if it would have made it to Tulsa but he was game for anything and that made me feel good to know that he was willing to just take off with me just in the name of adventure and fun. I'll always remember him with a smile on his face and that certain look in his eye that said "hey what's next?" He always had my back at every turn, even when it meant he might upset one of his Bros, he did the right thing and was honest with me. I'm glad that he was able to have a family and find a place in this world where he felt like he fit in. I'm glad he was able to get out of Oklahoma too. I'm so sorry that he's gone and to hear he had a chronic illness. He will be missed but more importantly fondly remembered by all.


PJ Doherty posted on 5/4/20

I miss my friend. Our sons played together. We were yin and yang. Chris was the fun loving, few rules, full-of-life loving hippie. I was the short hair, polo shirt-wearing banker. Somehow, we were like peanut butter & jelly - or maybe more like goat cheese and quince paste with fresh herbs and local honey. I will never forget the time we drove my Honda deep into Baja Mexico. I wish I could share with you in words the look and the expression on the border patrol’s face in Mexicali when she took one look at the two of us. Chris beamed with pride when he bought Chanda the Volvo station wagon, which they road-tripped up the East Coast to Maine with the kids. My parents’ house on the St. Mary’s River MD was their final destination. We all had an incredibly joyful fun-filled family time. Chris was sitting by the pool when my mom came out with a serving of her famous crab dip. He looked at my mom with wide-eyes and said, “Karen I could eat my weight’s -worth of this stuff”. Pretty sure my mom’s yellow squash casserole made Chanda‘s family cookbook recipe list from that same visit. Thankfully I am long on memories but my favorite soul-filling thoughts are of Van & Mason playing. The fact that we went from 20 somethings to the family men who loved our children, no matter the hurdles, makes me feel like a warm summer day. Like when you just get over the dunes and the ocean breeze makes it all go away - if for only a minute. I love you Chris and I am thankful that even after some (not so smart) decisions we were wise enough to always depart saying I love you hippie - I love you too yuppie!



Roger Sims posted on 5/4/20

My Prayers are with the family in the time of this loss of a loved one.


Jenny Black posted on 5/3/20

I do not easily relate to people. Attachment isn't in my skill-set. Chris was different for me. He was an easy friend who stood beside me through my painfully changing life, always with a grin. Years & circumstances have separated us, but he has never, will never leave. He lives in me. He lives in his numinous children, beguiling Sierra & benevolent Van. He lives in his love, Chanda, the most lovely & STRONG. Still, this hurts. Rest easy, brave friend.


Sandy and Clark Archer posted on 5/2/20

We mourn with his family for Chris our Son-in Law; he was very much a part of our lives for many years. He helped us with projects at our "camp Archer" which he named. We enjoyed many beach times and outdoor activities over the years. He was a sweet and helpful to us and our family especially the children . We miss him greatly and remember the good times. We love you Chris.


831 Swedenberg Rd posted on 5/2/20

Chris will be greatly missed! On behalf of the Archer family and the Hope family, I can say that we all loved Chris and enjoyed family gathering with him, as he exuberated a love for life and all around fun disposition. We have special memories of camping and hiking with him and Chanda, Sierra, and Van in Maine and NC. My kids always looked forward to Uncle Chris’s shrimp boil when we visited them in the summers! May his creative and loving spirit be carried on and cherished by all that knew and loved him! And may Sierra and Van be infused with his light as they continue their journey in this life! We love you all and offer our sincere condolences to you! With love, Tina, Willy, Emanuel and Marina Hope


831 Swedenberg Rd posted on 5/2/20

Tina Archer Hope


Katie Lynch posted on 5/2/20

I will always remember Chris as a funny and caring man that I meant in Colorado. He was the funniest dude I have ever meant. I will always be Katie Bug to Chris and his family. My prayers and love go to you all. Chris will never be forgotten. Rest In Peace Chris - Love Katie Bug.


Lisa Overby-Dosier posted on 5/2/20

Chanda and kiddos- my heart breaking for you. Stay strong. I hope to lend an ear when you are ready.


Gary M Perryman posted on 5/1/20

My deepest condolences to the all and may peace and comfort be with you. I remember Chris as a young boy in the extended Hubbell family and wish I had seen him as an adult. My warmest regards and empathy to you.


Trent and Kristi Breshears posted on 5/1/20

We had more memories to make, my brother Chris...more trails to walk, rivers to float and good talks to talk. Rest In Peace. To the Fiskin Family, our hearts, prayers, love and sympathy are with you during this difficult time.


Hans posted on 5/1/20

Just want to say condolences to my friends. I remember Chris from better days. Climbing in the garage and laughing like life was completely awesome. I know how this feels when you lose a younger brother so Todd hang in there. I know it tough for all so I am hoping for peace for all friends and family