Condolences for Laura Warthen Avery

Laura Lambert posted on 5/22/20

I am blessed and happy for her life of 100 years here but happier for her that now she is with her loving parents, wonderful husband, devoted children and adoring family. I will always smile and feel the love when I think of her!


Nisca Warthen posted on 5/22/20

Aunt Bobbi has been an important part of my life for so many years. Since childhood when I visited then later when I lived in Maryland she was there through many different seasons of life. I miss her deeply as I know so many others do. She gave great love and joy to many and her laugh was infectious. Prayers and sympathy to all who got to call her family or firend. She will be missed.


Patricia Gursky posted on 5/20/20

I've loved and admired Aunt Bobbie for 60+ years. I am blessed to have had her in my life for so long. So many memories... Sending my thoughts, prayers, and love to our entire family.


Allison Wells posted on 5/20/20

God blessed you with a wonderful, long life! You will be missed.