Condolences for Jerry John Roberts

Rick Stallard posted on 6/28/20

To my life long friend, we grew up as neighbors and spent all of our childhood birthdays together, went to school together, and we were more than brothers. I am thankful that we reconnected in the last couple of years. We talked many times on the phone and I will be forever grateful for those moments. I can still here your voice on my message's giving me crap to send you those T-shirts, I am thankful that I took the time to send them to you and Helen. Very hard to think that most of your siblings are passed as well as your mom and dad. I was a true blessing to have grown up next to you and your family, SO MANY GREAT TIMES. Go rest easy my brother, I will always love and miss you!! My god bless you.


Karen Marsh posted on 6/15/20

Thank you my long time friend for many great memories and for being a part of me and Larry's life for so many years. Your kindness and friendship so pure. Truly one of a kind guy . Good friends are hard to find like a diamond in the rough very rare. You got your wings now soar, I can hear you and Larry laughing and talking about the good old days. Rest easy my friend . My condolences to your family may God comfort you with peace and love a d wipe your tears away


carrie turner posted on 6/12/20

Uncle Jerry, We thought of you today, But that is nothing new, We thought of you yesterday and will tomorrow too. We think of you in silence and what it meant to lose you, Only those who love you know. Remembering you is easy, We do it everyday, Its the heartache of losing you, That will never go away. Love and miss you


Sarah posted on 6/10/20

Uncle Jerry you have brought so much love and positivity to my life. I'm so grateful to have been able to be a part of your big wonderful family. Jack misses you and we all miss you we love you so much♥️


Randy W Stallard posted on 6/1/20

My brother, my life long friend, I'll miss you more than I can put into words, no matter where you were at, you were always in my heart, thought and prayers, I love you Jerry, and, untill we meet again, ride on brother, the winds always at gonna be at your back now ~ I'm glad you were in my life, I'm the better for it ~


Karen Nice posted on 5/30/20

Jerry, I have loved you 32 years. We have an amazing son. I will always miss you. Karen


Karen Nice posted on 5/30/20

Jerry, I've loved u 32 years. We have an amazing son. I will always miss you


Jeremiah Roberts posted on 5/30/20

Ill make you proud


John Swigart posted on 5/30/20

You were there the day I was born. my uncle was your best man at your wedding, and you were one of my father's closest friends. you and Gi were the only two men I ever loved because I knew you loved me too. I've spent every day since you left thinking of you I try everyday to be a good man because you told me bad guys get nowhere but prison and I promised you I'd break that cycle you were the first person to see my son came in the hospital I'll never forget the nurse asking if we knew a tattoed biker guy and I told them they better let my uncle Jerry in right now we came to Grandma's the first day out if the hospital with him you were more then my uncle you were my friend and I'll always love you and you were right I should have took more damn pictures gone but never forgotten until we meet again tell GI he's a dick but I love all of you.


Annette Strickland posted on 5/30/20

Wow this seems like a bad dream. Can't believe you went and left us. But now your in a Bigger, brighter and beautiful place and with your Dad,Mom and George and Dale. What's Billie gonna do? Lol I remember the times we would sneak over to BradyLake and you and Billie would come swoop us up and we ne having drinks and just talking about life. Then the time we all was at Bill Bush's and it was snowing and car decided to come hit his house. God Bless you hug you momma and George for me. RIP MY FRIEND


David Brashear posted on 5/30/20

I am sorry for the loss of Jerry. He was my best friend and I considered him my brother. I am going to miss his weekly phone calls asking for advice more then he will ever know. I will miss his laugh and calling me a dumb ass more than anything. Over the last to years I can't tell you how many times he had told me to turn to god with all of my problems and things will get better. He was an amazing man and an even more amazing friend. I will never forget the night my wife and I spent at the house with him and his mom putting up the Christmas tree and decorations we gave them. I will never forget the love he had for his mother and the tears he had in his eyes when he seen how happy and proud she was of him. Out of all the things this amazing man taught me in my life the most important thing was to have unconditional love for friends and family. My wife and I are deeply sorry for Jerry's families loss. Fly high Jerry, be my Guardian Angel and look after me buddy, and don't be a stranger it is okay to check in from time to time but don't stay long because heaven needs you. We will love you for ever brother.