Condolences for Geoffry Martin Goldston

Jenny Perry-Estrada posted on 8/6/20

James Perry the son of Geoffrey Goldstone. Prayers for the brothers - Cody , James and the sister Haley. God bless them and be with Geoffrey mother Theresa


Jessica Pearce posted on 6/28/20

My precious...It has taken a bit of time to even read or look at this...Geoffry just mentioned of speaking to loved ones more and getting closer with time. I am so proud he was doing his best and sometimes choices or other plans the Lord has for us. I know I'll see him again with that big smile and of course lets say lady's man but baby looking grin of his..


Teresa Godoy Goldston posted on 6/26/20

Teresa Godoy-Goldston Geoffrey's Ma-Ma Home Number: (910) 350-062 Cell Number: (910) 515-8627 e-mail: Hope to hear from You anytime.


Teresa Godoy Goldston posted on 6/26/20

Geoffrey was Ma-Ma's Baby Boy. When I lost him many years ago, I had lost a Big Part of Me, and the purpose I had for living, but there was Absolutely Nothing I could do except pray everyday for him, his safety, and that one day he would come home. I Thank God that three weeks before My Baby passed away, my Dreams almost came true. On Mother's Day I received the Very Best Gift, I could have ever asked for. Geoffrey called me to Wish Me, a Happy Mother's Day, and he told me How Much He Loved Me. We spoke for hours, about so many things, and how we were going to spend the rest of our lives making up for Old Times. I was so happy that all I could do was cry. After that we spoke everyday, or texted one another, and OH, HOW WE LAUGHED ABOUT SO MANY THINGS, and cried about others, but we did it together, and made Big Plans about being together on the 4th of July; but God had other Big Plans for My Precious Boy, and decided to take him home to Rest In Peace with the Other Angels. I thank Chris, who I love like he were a son of mine, for all he did for his Best Friend, to make his final weeks a better place to live, and to All of His Friends who have expressed their condolences, and Unconditional Love. I'm sure Geoffrey is in Heaven, watching down on all of you. I will be having a Memorial for Geoffrey. Please feel free to call me at (910) 350-0629, and this way I can inform you of the date, time and location of the Memorial, if you would like to attend.


Braxton Liles posted on 6/4/20

Geoff this is definitely surprise I was going to remember the good times we had took me to the state fair back when I was young kid used to help me for extra money in my pocket when we got to do side jobs laying carpet in doing other little Home Improvement jobs I was hoping to see you this time around but obviously the man upstairs had different plans I definitely will cherish the memories we had you were like a brother to me you will be missed bro more and more everyday I'm starting to see that nothing is Promised in this world so I go to work today with a heavy heart I just don't understand rest in peace my friend



Sherry Garner posted on 6/4/20

I met Geoffry about 10 yrs ago i went to c ricky liles another time we were separated ricky was still drinking heavy n he didnt act interested but geoffry couldnt keep his eyes off me one thing led 2 anothe4 n bfore i knew it we were enjoying itvagain at age 52 with a. 20 something boy n was caught by ricky he kicked him out n he ended up tagging with me 4 the next 11/2 yr. He had so much love 2 give i didnt no how 2 take i met his dad n mother 2 very special people i want mom 2 no i never stole her rings we both no what happeed i tryed to get him to.put back. Sturborn he was lukevhis dad never thought his love was sufficient i finally got away q n we went separate ways it was 5 yrs later n i seen him again things wete never bc the same he wasnt the jeoffry that fell n love with me i never 4got n it broke my heart 2"hear this love u pierces sheree'