Condolences for Richard Wayne Roberson

The Garcia Family posted on 11/27/09

"Grandpa Rich" will be greatly missed by all of us. Lynda will always remember him and miss him more than we can ever imagine. She alway thought of him as her Grandpa. Grandpa Rich was a great man, and raised two great sons. I don't know Tod very well but Lendy is and will always be a tribute to his father. We all send our love, and prayers to all of you.


Kim, Terry and Christa Degrechie posted on 11/27/09

When I think of " Grandpa Rich" so many wonderful memories come to mind, but tonight I am reminded of a special night in my back yard with Toni and Lendy and Dick when we were sitting chatting about shooting stars and right on cue we all saw a star shooting across a clear sky! For the rest of my days when I look to the stars I will think of Dick and remember him fondly. He brought a very special friendship to our lives and we are so much more having known and loved him.


Kim DeGrechie posted on 11/28/09

Thinking of "Grandpa Rich" I am reminded of an evening sitting in my yard chatting about shooting stars with Toni, Lendy and Dick when as if on cue we saw a star flash across the sky. All my memories of you dear friend are good, you touched so many and taught me so much about Arabian horses, friendship and life. I will miss you "Buddy" and think of you fondly always. "Kimmi"