Condolences for Gigi Olive Gambrell

Susan Morrison Dodson posted on 8/11/20

James, Family and Friends I write this with a heavy heart but I would feel horrible if I missed the opportunity to say something about Gigi. She was many things to many people, but to me she was a cousin, a friend and foremost a wonderful person. Her light shined bright enough to light a room, which it did every time we were together. I will miss her but never forget her. She was a true gem. Love you Gigi.


James MItchell posted on 8/4/20

I worked out at GE last year and had the privilege to meet Gigi and she was the nicest and sweetest person. I was just told about her passing and my heart is heavy. I'm so sorry for your families loss, Heaven has gained a wonderful soul.


Carla and Stephen Romanelli posted on 8/1/20

It was our honor to know Gigi years ago. What we remember well is her beautiful smile, gentle soul and how much she loved her son James.


Neal Dixon posted on 7/29/20

Gigi was such a sweet and brilliant young lady ,woman and friend We attended High School together along with several music programs especially on the weekends. It's no wonder she achieved greatness in life. I will always remember her smile. Prayers to her entire family. Rest With God.


Barbara Reed posted on 7/27/20

I attended elementary and high school with Gigi, she was always quiet and focused on academic excellence. One of my fondest memories, Gigi had a lead role in the elementary school musical "Charlie Brown" where she played Lucy, everyone was amazed at her talent and onstage presence. She was a quiet and gentle soul, my condolences to the family.


Carlos Miller posted on 7/26/20

I’m sorry to hear that GiGi has departed this place. She was an amazing woman that help achieve many successes. I will miss working with her and learning from her amazing mind.


Crista Glover posted on 7/25/20

So many memories we shared, my cherished Aunt Gigi. It's hard to pinpoint what stands out most. I think about summer vacations with our family, you, and James. I remember holidays and visits in Pittsburgh. I think of all the fun family reunions. But probably the most precious memory we shared was our last one when you attended my wedding. I didn't know then that we wouldn't have much more time. But I truly thank God that we shared that moment of joy and celebration. I'm so blessed to have you as my aunt. Every glass of wine I enjoy in this life, I'll raise to you. I will love you eternally, G.


Tammy Charles posted on 7/22/20

She was one of the sweetest young ladies I knew. We went to Wilkinsburg schools together. My condolences to the family as I known she left you with an awesome legacy that is to be celebrated for generations to come.


Daniel Zimmerman posted on 7/20/20

Oh my god ... what a profound sadness. As I approach my own retirement, I was just googling my best memories of GE and came across this truly sad news. We were cubicle neighbors. As I read through the other memories, I was reminded of Gigi's quiet brilliance passion for technology. Of course, her first passion was James. We shared a reverence for Star Trek and I remember she, James and I went to a Star Trek Convention to see James Kirk (aka William Shatner) back in the 80's. A brilliant smile extinguished ... condolences to James and her family.


Rita West Story posted on 7/20/20

R.I.H Gigi, I went to Wilkinsburg High School with Gigi. She was very sweet and kind. I remember eating lunch and laughing with her. She made me smile.



Barbara Jackson Burris posted on 7/17/20

Condolences to her family, she was my high school classmate, always very nice with a sweet spirit, may she rest in eternal peace.


Susan Dodson posted on 7/13/20

My memories of Gigi will remain with me until the end. She was a great person and a great cousin. Her Richardson sense of humor was a bit quieter than other family members but she was a Richardson all the way. See you on the other side Gigi.


Barbara N King posted on 7/13/20

Our sweet cousin Gigi, was the youngest family member of the 4th generation of the Richardson Family. My brother Rocky, and I had many great memories growing up in Pittsburgh. We loved going to Olive and Bill Gambrell home for family gatherings. Gigi, Rocky, and I loved having fun in the swimming pool in the backyard of the Gambrells. There were large cookouts many times of the year at the Gambrells. Gigi was always with my brother and myself having fun, and always laughing. I enjoyed seeing Gigi at the Richardson Family Reunion every two years. Gigi was always smiling. Seven years 6/22 to the day my mother ( Boots) passed on 6/22, Gigi was united with her and the angels. We loved Gigi very much. .


Tyna Eichman posted on 7/11/20

Gigi. Just her name makes me smile. Hers was the most authentic friendship I've ever known. I met her at a wine tasting in West Chester, OH in 1998 and we became fast friends. She has such a quick wit, great sense of humor, wisdom from hard experiences in life and a giving heart. But she managed all theses trials with grace and dignity. She was so self sacrificing even to her harm, even when it hurt. I have not met a more kind soul. There are so many memories that I will cherish of her. I thank God for allowing me the opportunity to call her my best friend. Like Jonathan said to David, "You will be missed, because your seat will be empty" 1 Sam 20:18. Gigi, save a seat in heaven next to you because we'll have a lot of catching up to do. Some great memories that are truly Gigi. Cooking was not one of her favorite hobbies, but she didn't want me to be alone for Thanksgiving one year when my husband was away for a funeral so she invited me to join her and James for dinner. What a lively conversation over turkey. I had experienced one of her passions: politics. She and James conversed like a tennis match. It was wonderful! I remember going to Pittsburgh and staying at her parents home, sleeping in bunk beds in the room Gigi grew up. We fell asleep giggling like school girls. We woke up with the beautiful smell of breakfast compliments of her dad. This was one morning she spoke before her coffee...;). There was a tree in the back yard that her dad showed me. He had planted it the year Gigi was born. Her love for music was inherent and began with her parents. She educated me in New Orleans that there is a BIG difference in Jazz and Blues and she liked jazz.  But not all jazz, a very specific style.  Who knew there were so many differences? I watched her enjoy music through dancing early in our friendship. Then as the cancer progressed, I watched her enjoy listen to a jazz eyes closed, tapping her fingers to a 3 piece band in Pittsburgh last fall. We nearly closed the place down but she was having such a good time, we didn't want to leave. Her love and kindness was demonstrated when she graciously listened to my grandson play his saxophone for her in an impromptu recital after dinner at my son's house. Who wants to listen to a 10 year old play music other than an grandma? Gigi did and she unreservedly praised his "tone". I imagined that she had said those same words many times to James as he practiced. What a gracious lady!!. She had a way to make you feel like the most special person in the world. She was truly a beautiful gift from God. I will miss her greatly.


Cheryl Laley Anderson posted on 7/9/20

I graduated from Wilkinsburg HS with Gigi. I remember that she was very sweet and very smart! I am so sorry for your loss.


Cheryl Laley Anderson posted on 7/9/20

I graduated from Wilkinsburg high school with Gigi. I remember that she was a very sweet and very smart young lady. I am so sorry for your loss.


John and Robin Ertel posted on 7/6/20

I'm not sure where to start.... I met Gigi around 1989 at GE and began working with her soon after. Gigi was a brilliant and beautiful person, but so very humble. We worked on many projects together over the years and I was able to be part of 3 patents with her and a few other coworkers. We traveled to Japan a couple of times training inspectors on the system that she had developed special software to analyze inspection data. We were a good team, and I learned so much from her. About 13 1/2 years ago our female Lab had six puppies, Gigi mentioned that a friend wanted to get a pup and asked if she could take one, we were happy to give one of the black males a new home. A couple of weeks later, Gigi told me the friend decided not to take the pup and asked if I minded if she kept him, of course I said she could, and this turned out to be the best gift we could have ever given her! Buddy (Which she named him) became her Best friend! I could go on and on with memories of our friendship, but I'll keep it short. I considered Gigi one of my best friends, we laughed and cried together, and even after she moved to Wilmington we always kept in touch. We had lunch whenever I made it down for a work visit and often were called on to help out with problems on the inspection system she had such a huge role in developing. I miss her smile and our talks, and I as you can see from others comments, I am not alone. The last thing she said to me about a week before she went home was "I'm in God's hands now" and she certainly is. Gigi I'll see you later! God Speed!


Mary M Cheers posted on 7/1/20

Gigi was truly a gifted and remarkable person. Her light shined brightly in this world. We are better off for having the opportunity to know her. Gigi's physical presence will surely be missed. Focus on the good time and the good memories. Her spirit will be with you always. The family is in my thoughts and prayers.



Debbie Howard posted on 6/29/20

When ever I saw Miss Gigi at work. She would always give me a smile and a hello. She had such a beautiful smile. Rest In Peace


Bobby Schultz posted on 6/29/20

I interviewed Gigi for a robotic engineer job in Wilmington, She was so shy and quiet I was afraid the shop would not be a good place for her. The last thing I asked her in the interview was “why do you want to leave the lab and work in a shop”. I’ll never forget her answer” I need to push myself to overcome my shyness and learn my trade hands on”. I was sold on her then. She quickly became my fav because she never backed down. Inside that shy lady was a heart of a champion, We are are better for knowing her. You just don’t meet that kind of person everyday. RIP my friend


Jim O'Connell posted on 6/29/20

The one thing that always comes to mind when thinking of Gigi is her smile. She always had one for you no matter the situation and it was infectious. There was never a time you did not want to stop and talk with her....about anything. She will be sorely missed and I know God has her in his arms.


Cathleena Fonville posted on 6/28/20

I had the pleasure of meeting Gigi when I worked at General Electric. I always enjoyed our meaningful conversations on various subjects which continued after I left GE. She always had a humble and sweet spirit which radiated from the inside. Her presence will surely be missed. To the family, may The Comforter be with each and everyone of you while you cherish the memories of your loved one. She truly will be missed.


Kathleen Durr posted on 6/27/20

Mark Pfouts (my fiance) & I met Gigi years ago at a wine tasting dinner & we continued to enjoy Saturday night wine dinners through about January of this year. She was an amazingly smart, fun, & lovely woman & we are sorry we did not see her before we moved to Florida this past March. Our sincerest condolences are with James & her family & friends.


Rob Kesecker posted on 6/27/20

I do not have the words to express the sadness and heavy heart that I feel at the loss of such a sweet kind person. I will remember her beautiful smile that was always on display. It was a pleasure to sit by and work with Gigi. To her family, I am so very sorry for your loss . I pray for God to comfort you in this difficult time.


Dave Dombrowski posted on 6/27/20 don't picture her, say her name or thing of her without hearing her voice, or seeing that smile and gleam in her eye. I had the pleasure of being on teams with Gigi at GE for 28 years. I spoke last with her April 23 when spoke of old times and her look ahead to her upcoming retirement. With tears in my eyes, Heaven gained an angel 6/22 and we lost one. Gigi, rest. Your journey has had many stones and rocks in the road, which you navigated as you did every day with smiles, grit, and grace. Your educational accomplishments attests to your goal and determination to never lose site of your goals and purpose. Rest in His Peace Gigi....and I know, you will continue your goal to provide for your family and friends with a new level of ability you now have attained.


Clifford Sneed posted on 6/27/20

I had the pleasure of working with Gigi for over 25 yrs. at GE in Cinti. Oh., her easy going spirit made her a joy to work with. Smart and articulate, she could make you laugh or cheer you up with a few kind words of encouragement. She loved God and she loved life and faced its challenges head on, which made her the woman she was. Gigi, go peacefully into that good night my friend, we'll see you again on the other side. Clifford and Alice Sneed


Jud Rouse posted on 6/26/20

I had the great pleasure of working with and getting to know Gigi while working at Ge. The kindest, sweetest person I ever worked with! She supported our team tremendously with robotics and edge contour. I never called her for help, day or night, that she wasn’t there immediately. One of the best people I ever worked with. Our prayers are with the family, RIP Gigi you were a blessing to many!


Belen Bothwell posted on 6/26/20

Gigi Gambrell was so beautiful inside and out. Always kind and positive. She will truly be missed by all who knew her. Sympathy and prayers for her family.


Kevin Riggleman posted on 6/26/20

So sad to hear this news. Gigi was one of the nicest people I ever met during my years at GE. A special person who displayed the best attitude no matter her situation. My thoughts are with her family. You will be missed Gigi.


Brent Cowan posted on 6/26/20

Had the honor of being on her team for several years at GE. Always a sweet soul and uplifted everyone around her. Thoughts and prayers to her family and friends, she was one of a kind and a really special lady.


Jessica, Brian, Marin, and Addie McCloskey posted on 6/25/20

We've lived next door to Gigi for over 5 years. She has been the best neighbor and friend one could ask for. Gigi was hands down one of the sweetest, kindest, and most humble people I've ever met. We became such quick friends and she has been a huge part in our families milestones. She helped my husband plan his proposal for our engagement, was the first to know the gender of our daughter as the holder for our gender reveal party, always there for birthday parties, and just hanging out in the yard. Our dogs were all best buds and she always came to play with her "grand neighbor ". She was always so much fun, wonderful sense of humor, so smart, and never ever complained about a thing. We will miss her immensely and there will never be another friend or neighbor like her. She was so loved and I pray that she and her family can find peace in this difficult time. We miss you so much Gigi.


Ron Fortin posted on 6/25/20

Gigi was one of the most kind hearted person i have ever been around, always grinning, greeted everyone all the time with a wave and a smile. She had a way to brighten your day just saying hi... you will forever be in our hearts Gigi baby!


Johnny Whitley posted on 6/25/20

Gigi was such a sweet soul, always nice and polite no matter whether it was a good day or not. I loved to hear her laugh and see her smile. The world needs more people like her. Already miss her. Romans 8:37-39


Amy Whitfield posted on 6/25/20

I will miss you my friend. I’ll miss our conversations and I’ll miss you. We supported each other through some really tough times. You never ceased to amaze me. You were so strong and courageous. Never complained! Always so laid back and that sweet smile. You were a comfort to me and I thank you. You fought a tough battle with a great attitude. You were so smart. Your GE family will surely miss you. It’s been an honor to call you my friend. My prayers have been answered because you are now healed. Fly high and kiss the sky. No more pain! ❤️


Greg and Janet Trenum posted on 6/25/20

We worked with Gigi for almost nine years. Such an easy person to work with and very knowledgeable. She was an amazing person with an amazing kindness. She will forever be in our hearts. Our deepest sympathy to you at this time of such great loss. May God give you peace that passes all understanding.


Joel Adams posted on 6/25/20

I sat next to Gigi for several years at GE before my retirement at the end of 2014. She was a funny and very bright lady. I am extremely sorry for your loss.