Condolences for Racheal Diane Allen

Charla and M posted on 7/5/20

Racheal, your father and I can’t believe you’re gone. It’s incredibly heartbreaking for the kids. We will do our best to make sure they grow up to be strong and confident adults. Rest easy. We love you.


Lil Jill posted on 7/4/20

My HEART IS ANNIHILATED RACHEE...This is soooo tooo very hard...U are my Person..& its killing me I cannot pick up the phone & call you bc Thats what we do when anything & everything happens to us...Ive lost my sister...Ive lost my best friend.Ive lost my soul mate...I am broken...I know uve already given mwama a huge kiss for me..I already miss u too much. I love u Rachee.


SUSAN MARCHESE posted on 7/2/20



Grace anna heisterborg posted on 6/30/20

Such a precious soul gone to soon. So happy you came into my life. I will never forget you


Grace anna heisterborg posted on 6/30/20



Adriana smith posted on 6/30/20

I love u mom


Adriana smith posted on 6/30/20

Dang mom I cant believe your gone it make me so sad it feels like ur going to walk in the door any second but ur not I don’t want to believe it I love u and miss u


Janice Smith posted on 6/30/20

Racheal, I will miss you so much. You made my life happier just knowing you. Rest in peace you sweet little girl


Elizabeth Lilly posted on 6/29/20

I'm finding it very hard to put my thoughts into words. Even though our lives took us down different paths, you were and will always be my best friend. In the past few days, I've been overwhelmed with so many emotions. You left us too soon and I know everyone wishes for more time with you. You are loved and will be missed dear friend.


Jeff Smith. Your babe posted on 6/29/20

Baby I love and miss you so much. You gave me the priveledge of becoming a father to Adriana and Wiley. You were and are the love of my life and my best friend. I will remember all the great times we shared together. I promise to always protect and care for our kids. I will always love you until the day I get to see your beautiful face again. I'm so glad the last thing we said to each other is I Love You. Rest easy beautiful until I hold you in my arms again.


Wendy jordan murray posted on 6/29/20

Mark I am so sorry for your loss I know how you feel and how bad it hurts we lost our baby about 12 years ago due to the same thing he was 24 I can't say it'll get easier all I can say is you will start accepting that but you just learned to bring them into your life by talking about it even if its 12:15 years later you bring them into your life talk about things they used to do that were funny or sweet that's like I remember when Rachel was born at Cape Fear Hospital I still remember that night but it it won't get easier but it will get better because she was your first born about my mom and my sympathy Wendy


Cindy Goodwyn (Nana) posted on 6/29/20

I know you and your Mom are listening to Journey and dancing together. I'm sure, at first, she was upset with you for being there way too soon. You will be missed by so many. We love you. We will take care of Wiley and Adriana. ..."the word is on the street that the fire in your heart is out" but your light will shine in our hearts forever.


Becky Powell posted on 6/28/20

A precious life, gone to soon-may you now rest in peace...Love you from Uncle Bobby and Aunt Becky