Condolences for Pat Anderson Mulvey


Jeffrey and Nancy Hand posted on 7/14/20

Jeff and I visited Pat and Betty in January 2020, and as it turned out it was our last visit with Pat. But, as always he was a dapper gentleman. Welcoming with smiles and hugs. After forty years of sharing life’s ups and downs, this special couple’s love had grown exponentially. They brought out the best in each other. A wonderful bond of understanding and respecting the needs of one another. Pat was a wonderful stepfather, excellent chef, and loved his Elks Lodge. He was loved and respected by all and we will miss him greatly.


Jerry and Gloria Brown posted on 7/13/20

Dear Betty and family, We were sadden to hear of your loss; Pat was a great guy and he will always be aces in our book.


Lisa Koger posted on 7/9/20

Beyond selfishly dad passed away tonight, after a valiant fight against 3 different types of cancers!!!! He was so strong and filled with hope until this past Tuesday. He was my step-father but the best father I could ever want. He and my mom were soulmates and he was the example of how a true man should love a women. He spoiled my mom....we would joke he loved her so much he ruined her but that wasn't true. She spoiled/ruined him The unconditional love, loyalty and respect they both showed one another for over 40 years together taught me, made me grow up and most of all to appreciate the people that true love you!!!!! Pat Mulvey thank you for being my dad and tonight wasn't goodbye; it is see you later. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!! AND GOD KNOWS HOW MISSED YOU ALREADY ARE. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!


Daniel Icenhour posted on 7/8/20

I thought I would be able to see you one last time but had this dreadful feeling that wasn’t true. You declined faster than expected and even when I left I thought I’d be able to make it there in time. But that’s I’m glad your suffering has came to an end. I wanted to write you letter long ago to let you know that I think have developed so well because of the example you set. I didn’t get to see you one last time, but I’m glad I was able to speak to you one last time and tell you I love you and thank you for everything. Throughout my life you were the one man I had the outmost respect for. You got me into superhero movies when we saw the very first x-men movie together when I would come every summer to visit. After that, you always took me to see the new superhero movies every summer and those were my favorite times. You were overall a very quiet man but those times were quality and I thoroughly enjoyed them. After I enlisted we bonded more because we were able to relate more to each other. You were the male role model that I thrived to be. You were very successful and took care of my mother and grandmother, and I could always just see how enthralled and in love with you my grandmother was. As I grew older I learned about the depth of your taste in music...especially Pink Floyd, which I found to be another mystery to the dynamic of your personality. Through my eyes you took care of your family, treated everyone with respect, and at your core just a good person. I really wish you could’ve came to my graduation at USF but I know I made you proud. Just knowing you I kind of picked up on your work ethics or what I thought it was and incorporated it into mine. From our very last conversation, I promise you I will not stop my pursuit and will stop at nothing short of greatness. I appreciate you setting example of how to work hard and take care of your family. I never felt any judgement from you or Grandma and always felt safe in that regard. I appreciate that. I love you Grandfather, and I hope I could make you as proud of me as I am proud of you being my Grandfather. RIP Pat Mulvey.