Condolences for Agnes Elizabeth Hart

Patricia Jaffee posted on 7/22/20

My sister Agnes was like lightning, when she was around things happened. She loved her family fiercely, her children came first and she was so proud of them. When they were first married Agnes got a monkey as a pet. She would dress him up and take him out and of course got lots of attention. When they went out they had to get a sitter for Maynard. One nite it fell to my Dad. He was watching TV and Maynard was in his cage which he got out of and before my Dad could react Maynard took a can of bacon grease that was in the counter and dumped it all over the kitchen. Luckily Agnes and Tom came in to find my dad chasing Maynard and they took over. Needless to say my dad never was asked to monkey sit again. They had to get rid of Maynard when Tod was born because they were afraid that he would hurt Tod. Agnes loved her animals with a passion. I loved my sister with all my heart and will miss the phone calls. I will miss her beautiful face and her sense of humor