Condolences for Charisse Christine Boice Jones

Shaunda and Randy Blake posted on 8/8/20

Your smile and the ability to reach out to those around you made you special. As your neighbor I considered you a friend. Our family was heart broken to hear of Charrise’s passing. Your family will be in our thoughts and prayers.



David and Donna Henning posted on 8/4/20

In memory of a young, vibrant lady who will be sorely missed by her family and friends


Patty Darragh posted on 8/3/20

God bless the family! I have just learned of this sad tragedy. Little did I know I know this family! Chrissy, I am so sorry for the grief and ache you are all sharing. I hope that we can re-connect from year's gone by....I remember Charrise as a little one! Prayers, peace, calm, love and blessings to you all!



Karen Carden posted on 8/1/20

I have so many great memories of Charisse. She was a beautiful, one of kind lady. She has a special place in my heart and I will never forget her. My sincere condolences to the family, my thoughts and prayers are with you all. My heart is broken but I am grateful to have known her and called her friend. I will never forget you Charisse Boice Jones!


Antonio Davis posted on 8/1/20

You are one of a kind. There will never be another Charisse like you. Working with you at night in the ER i just new it was gonna be a good night and so much fun. Lockdown will never be the same without you during hurricanes and other storms that come through. I miss you and its still hard to even believe that you are no longer on this earth! RIP my friend!


Vickie Shivers posted on 8/1/20

Charisse, I helped raise you as a baby nurse. You were a handful and kept me on my toes. I will never forget when we were in the peds area and the child in the first room had a fever. You took liquid Tylenol in and the mother asked if it had red dyes in it. You didn’t know and told her that and the mother started saying that well we are vegan and can’t have red dyes. You looked at her oddly and said well I am Presbyterian and your child needs something for his fever The resident that was behind me started choking and I had to keep a straight face It’s been a great story I have shared of you for many years. I will miss you in this world but your memory will always be with us.


Kim Garner posted on 8/1/20

This world has lost a beautiful soul. RIP beautiful angel. ❤


Carol tucker posted on 7/31/20

Chris ,Jason and jerry. I. Wish that I could do something to ease your burden. Just know that my heart weeps for Charisse and her children. She was a person lovely on the outside and a wonderful child of God in the inside. Gods grace will see u through this. Love to all of u


Carol tucker posted on 7/31/20

I remember Charisse as a beautiful caring teenager. I loved her sparkling eyes ful of fun and a beautiful smile for everyone. My heart is broken for you,Chris’s and Jerry. I wish I were there to hug you and ease your burden in some way. Just know that God’s grace abounds for all of his children. I love u both


Linda Nelson posted on 7/31/20

Chrissy, I am so very sorry for your loss. Please accept my sincere condolences to you and her family.



Malynda Mize posted on 7/31/20

Rest In Peace.


Theresa Cromling posted on 7/31/20

Sending love and prayers for family and friends.


Danielle posted on 7/31/20

Charisse, there were far too few memories made with such a one of a kind individual, but those that I do have, I will cherish forever. Even though it has been years since I’ve seen you in person, not a month goes by that I don’t tell one of the hilarious memories I have of you... I can see you now at the Thanksgiving table asking if you have anything in your teeth (when in fact you have tons of broccoli in them;)... I can hear you saying, “Homey don’t play that,” when you disapproved of something, and I can remember so many hilarious encounters you had while working at the ER....And let’s not forget the summer you watched us when Mom was out of town... Dear Lord you drove like a race car driver! You left us too soon.... please continue to shine down on those you love and fill them with laughter and fond memories of their time with you... xxoo. (PS. Give Grandpa Joe big hugs from all of us and tell him I’m still waiting for that bill)


Maryellen Macrina posted on 7/31/20

Chrissy and Jason, I am so sorry to hear about Charisse. I was so shocked when Joey called to tell me of her passing. My deepest sympathy to you and your family.


Amy posted on 7/30/20

This news was so hard to hear. It has been years since we met in the Duke ED, but never have I forgotten you and the fun and laughter that followed wherever you were. So many stories and jokes for days. The memories of Ithaca and comparisons of who we knew. This is all so very hard to imagine. To her kids and family, my deepest condolences. I am proud to have had the chance to meet and know her.


Nikki Reiber posted on 7/30/20

I did not know you but can imagine how much you will be missed by so many! My sincere condolences to your family. I hope memories of you will keep them forever strong. RIP


Beth Mims posted on 7/30/20

Many prayers and so much love to you sweet kiddos, Christian and Madi. Your mama was a hoot, and had just the best smile!! Ms. Beth loves you both!


Jeri Graham posted on 7/30/20

While I did not have the honor of meeting and getting to know Charisse, I know how much she has meant to her Mom and family. Sincerest condolences to all. My prayers are with you a;;.



Pat Oliver posted on 7/29/20

RIP Charisse



Pat O posted on 7/29/20

RIP Charisse


Sheryl Pacelli posted on 7/29/20

Being a friend of Charisse's was like being in a family. A friend of mine was in the ER at Cape Fear Hospital with a broken hip which required surgery. I called Charisse to get information about the surgeon assigned to the case because I knew she would be as concerned about my friend's care as I was. I was relieved when she said the surgeon was excellent. When I thanked her for sharing her opinion she said "That's what family does".


Paula Peace posted on 7/29/20

I worked at GMC with Charisse and we had the best time together. She would always bring me lunch and was always I mean always making me laugh. I remember her always sending out thank you cards for thank you cards she would receive from others when she sent them or gave them a gift for what ever the occasion was. ME: “Charisse, what are you doing ? “ CHARISSE “ writing a thank you card” ME “ why ? They sent you a thank you card. CHARISSE “I have to send them a thank you card for the thank you card” Me “ well you’ll we be sending thank you cards back and forth” I haven’t talked to her in awhile but I will never forgot or will forget her. She was a very special person to me.


Bob Philpott posted on 7/29/20

My heart breaks for you and your family. Please know you are in my prayers. May time and God’s healing grace bring you peace.


Jim and Bonnie Carper posted on 7/29/20

Charisse, Bonnie and I did not know you personally, but know your Mom well. We know of her love for you and the place you and your children hold in her heart. We know you will be missed by all. May you rest in Peace.


Kristen posted on 7/29/20

I worked with you when you were just a baby nurse at Duke. I always admired your energy, enthusiasm, dedication and commitment. You were truly a one of a kind person. Your zaniness kept the ER interesting and fun. RIP. You will be missed.


Del and Robin Carroll posted on 7/29/20

Del and I want to offer our condolences to the entire family that lost such a beautiful woman and mother.


KERRI posted on 7/29/20

For anyone who EVER met you, our lives will never be the same. I will never forget the first time I saw you, bounding out of the house you grew up in in Durham, to greet your Mama, and me. I was instantly in love with your infectious personality & your beauty. You were the first person on the earth that Larry & I felt comfortable with taking care of of our firstborn son, Michael. I watched you grow into an amazing mother of your own children. I'm not sure I've ever seen any Mama who loved their children, & whose children loved their Mama, as much as you & yours. Except, of course, your Mama, aka Mamie. Please watch over her & your children, & all of us who loved you so much. There is a gaping hole in our universe right now. We loved you so much. Peace.



Aunt Lauree posted on 7/29/20

We will love you forever, Charisse....., and miss you deeply......, and I'll take care of your mom! XO


Teri Sutton posted on 7/29/20

To say that we will miss you is an understatement. You cared for us as if we were born into your family. Sail on dear, beautiful friend.


John Vann posted on 7/29/20

This is horrifying news. Charisse was well respected, inside and outside the ED. This is a greater loss to the community than you could have imagined.


Debbie Meachum posted on 7/28/20

Praying altitude sickness in heaven is cured and if not just look for the shiniest Porsche you can find. (Inside joke) Until we meet again baby girl I ❤️ U more...



Amber and James Brekhus posted on 7/28/20

Charrise you were such a light. Anyone who knew you felt like family. R.I.P sweet angel


Meredith Prutzman posted on 7/28/20

Charisse (Celeste), it has been years since I work along side with you as nurses in the Duke ED. But those memories have remained all these years and I still get tickled thinking of you. Like the one time We hid together in that big box to pull a prank on JB and boy we got him good. You will be missed greatly by so many people. Many lives who you touched directly and indirectly as a nurse and a friend. Prayers, hugs, and strength to Christian and Madison as well as the rest of your family.



Kim Slingwine posted on 7/28/20

Charisse-I bet that you have everyone laughing in heaven. Rest In Peace. You were so much fun to work with and you loved your children with all of your heart ❤️



Rebecca Overbey posted on 7/28/20




Marilyn Dinkins posted on 7/28/20

R.I.P Charisse



AlliBug posted on 7/28/20

Love you ❤️


Barbara posted on 7/28/20

You brought sunshine into any room you entered. AMEX seems like last week. You always took leaps for yourself, went to school, got your Nursing degree. Charisse, you dropped sunbeams along the way with your smile. Love, Hugs and prayers for your family. You will forever be their sunshine!



Tammy Rogers posted on 7/28/20



Mike Meachum posted on 7/28/20

Can’t believe this happened! So many memories working together at Amex and all the fun we had with our friends on the weekends. Thank you for babysitting the boys when help was needed. I know you’re in God’s hands. RIP my friend.


Dawn Kirk posted on 7/28/20

Charisse, I have wonderful memories of working with you at were one of the funniest people I've ever met! God you were gorgeous, inside and out...praying for your angels and sending Love and light to your family.


Sarah Rupp posted on 7/28/20

You were my first friend in North Carolina and I just knew it was the best decision I ever made. I love you so much and will never forget the amazing times we had together and our talks and laughs. You were truly an amazing women.


Patrick Nichols posted on 7/28/20

To say she will be missed is a great understatement. What a fun soul to work along side in the Duke ER. Many a fun shift. My prayers to the family.


Bonnie B. Dermer posted on 7/28/20

My baby girl. You were loved by so many but cherished by your family. I remember the day you were born. You have been a ray of sunshine in our family since that day. I know that your Dad is holding you in his arms. Our hearts are broken. Love to you always, Aunt Bonnie.


Buffy posted on 7/28/20

I smile remembering working at AMEX together in RTP. We became friends and then roommates. You were always there with support, a hug and that amazing smile. You will be missed by so many and loved by all who were lucky enough to know you.



Deana (Stephens) Kiser posted on 7/28/20

RIP sweet Friend! ❤️❤️❤️



Deana (Stephens) Kiser posted on 7/27/20

I knew Charisse when she worked at Pizza Hut in Durham, NC. She was good friends with my Cousin. I will always remember her for her smile, her work ethics, her beautiful eyes and her kind heart. RIP my friend. Gone to soon!!! ❤️


Becca Sudduth posted on 7/27/20

I will have fond memories of you for the rest of my life. From our days carpooling from Leland to work when I was precepting you, to our countless shifts together providing forensic and emergency services to those that needed it in the middle of the night, to comparing our Catholic upbringing‘s, to our double date at Port City Chop House, to our love of motherhood. Although, I was always envious of your parenting skills. My favorite quote from you was when we went outside to see the orange moon and you said, “there’s more orange on my fingers from those Doritos then there is in that moon!“


Tammy Davenport posted on 7/27/20

Oh Charisse , what can I say ? I was just talking about you with a friend and telling them about our crazy shenanigans, we could run A side with a 2 to 10 ratio and then meet before work with everyone for dinner ❤️My heart is sad the world has lost a great Nurse , beautiful human and wonderful Mother . Till we see you again


Tyler posted on 7/27/20

You were there to take care of me when I ended up in the emergency room. We laughed because even though I had pipes for veins you missed (I’ll always believe you did it on purpose). You always greeted me with a smile! From the first day I met you we always laughed and joked. Your sarcasm was always betrayed by the look you gave when I questioned what you were saying. Going to miss you!


Bertie Belvin posted on 7/27/20

Oh my, so hard to believe you are not here with us anymore but you are another reason for me to try to be a good person so I'll see you again. You took such good care of me in the Duke ER in 2005. Jim and I will always be thankful your loving care. I'm sure you're are as beautiful as an angel as you were a mortal.


Emily posted on 7/27/20

Oh Charisse, so many memories...picking on Sam, pranking you with plastic/rubber snakes, the comments we’d make at work, Durham (pronounces Derm). I absolutely loved working with you. The support you gave me when I went back to school I am forever grateful for. I cannot believe you’re doubt you’ll be watching over your beautiful babies. Rest easy my sweet friend


Mitzi Tompkins posted on 7/27/20

My mentor, my therapist, my friend, my advocate, I can't explain the hole that is in my heart and my life now that you are gone.


Renee G posted on 7/27/20

Our Dear Charisse, I never thought our last visit would be our final goodbyes and our last hugs. Your smile will stay in my heart always. It was an honor to help you build your collection of colored pens throughout the years. Thank you for continuously texting and bringing so much laughter in my life. You taught me to laugh regardless of what I was going through. I love and will miss you Charisse.


Michael Herbert posted on 7/27/20

Charisse was such a kind, and gifted nurse. When Sara had to go to the ER, and when Isaac broke his first arm, she was the one that took care of us. She was so awesome. So caring. So skilled. What a loss to our community. We grief for her family and her little children. ❤️ #RIP


Alexis McRae posted on 7/27/20

Charisse, was one of the first people I met when I relocated to North Carolina and she welcomed me with open arms. She was one of the kindest, most loving and generous people I’ve ever met. She will truly be missed.


Allison Jones posted on 7/27/20

I will miss you so much. You were my other mom and I’m so thankful for the way you looked out for me and treated me like your own. I wish you weren’t gone. I love you. Always. Until we meet again.


Pat Oliver posted on 7/27/20

Charisse...What can I say. You where an awesome and delightful person to work with. Thank you for being there for me(2014)you kept me calm. I love you and will miss you dearly. Sweet dreams my angel.You have your wings.


Danelle Hawley posted on 7/27/20

Dear Charisse, I didn’t know you very well but the short time we spent together on vacation was enough to know that you were a good friend and a great mom! R.I.P.


April Oakley posted on 7/27/20

You were a beautiful person inside & out. You loved your kids with everything you had, you even loved mine as your own. You were the best nurse even was able to get my veins. I will miss our talks our text. I only wish we could had been able to get closer. Cause as we put it us outlaws have to stick together. Thank you for being there for allison. Love you girl. Keep watching over us all.


Tammy Rogers. TT posted on 7/27/20

My beloved beat friend and sister from another Mother. I am missing you. You were the beat Nurse, daughter, friend but more than anything The BEST MOTHER!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️