Condolences for Mike Adams

Shelley Keenan posted on 8/6/20

Thank you Mike for standing up for the unborn. Thank you for telling the truth of abortion.


Denise Owen posted on 8/5/20

My heart goes out to Mike's family, as I know first hand how it feels when a brother takes his own life. For all those who may read this, please remember all the good Mike did in his lifetime and celebrate the life he led, not the death he endured. Know that God is merciful and understands that we are all in need of forgiveness and most of all, Love. May he rest in peace with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Sincerely, Denise Owen, UNCW Class of 1987


A friend posted on 8/5/20

God Bless you Mike


Moorad Alexanian posted on 8/4/20

Mike Adams was a colleague at UNCW albeit at a different department. He was a gadfly, one that is actually of extreme value, quite beneficial, and much needed in every campus. Beneath all the academic accomplishments, success in fighting campus politics and the many avenues Mike used to express his strong views based on his Christian faith must have laden a fragile human being with all the burdens that are part of all our lives. Mike fought for strong academic programs, not frill courses and programs that do not add much to neither scholarship nor benefit students’ success in life. In a word, the commercialization and thus the lowering of academic standards in our universities appalled him. Mike was a stalwart warrior of free speech for both faculty members and students alike. The Christian faith is based on a loving and a forgiving God, Who said of Mike, I am well pleased.


The R S Kiel Family posted on 8/4/20

Words fail us. We did not know Mike but his story brings tears to our eyes. We cannot imagine how he must have felt. Bless the family.


Mary Serowik posted on 8/4/20

I wish I could have known Mike. I looked forward to reading his articles and admired him, his resolve, his faith, his logic and wisdom. I pray he rests peacefully in the arms of the Lord. Thank you Mike. You were and are an inspiration.



Jackie Price posted on 8/3/20

My heart is heavy at the loss of one of the sharpest minds this world has ever been privileged to have. Our country was privileged to have Mike fighting for freedom and true tolerance. His departure is our loss. May we learn from him for years and the minds shaped by his teaching help to truly free the minds of our country. My deepest condolences to his family and fiancee. I hope to meet Mike one day in heaven and thank him for being so bold.



Thomas J. Fortunato posted on 8/3/20

I never met Dr mike but did converse online one time! I loved reading his articles and books! He was a gifted writer and speaker! I was truly shocked by his death and given the current political climate ram not convinced he committed suicide! Rest In Peace Mike


Tracy posted on 8/3/20

I met Mike at Summit Ministries several years ago. I visit Summit Ministries every summer and always make a point to listen to Mike lecture. Watching him with those students was awesome. He became what a consider to be a friend, he considered me to be crazy (chuckling). I heard of his passing that Thursday evening and immediately was in disbelief... not Mike, couldn't be. I was sad, I angry. We have lost such incredible warrior for Christ, a champion for the unborn and for free speech . I will miss his humor, so often I would fine myself bursting out in laughing at his satire and his many puns...he was the master of puns for sure. Heaven has welcomed home an incredible man, Mike is eternally at peace. He will be greatly missed.


Emory Morris posted on 8/3/20

Rest easy, my friend. We'll get that dinner and a cigar in a kinder and happier place. Prayers to the family.


Jordan posted on 8/3/20

Where to start? I got to UNCW in 2000 as a lazy college student just looking to skate through college while having fun. It was then I met Dr. Adams in Criminology 101. From the first day of class I knew this was a man I wanted to follow. This was a man God put me in my life for a reason. I took every class he offered. I met with him individually to discuss his class and my others classes. We had long talks about the struggles I was having in college. He was always there to listen and talk. I graduated in 2003 and the one staff member I would miss would be Dr. Adams. I wanted to stay in touch but figured he would be too busy. Enter 2006 and Facebook. When I signed up I remember repeatedly looking for him. One day he popped up and I was the first person to friend request him. He always remembered to give me that credit as his following grew. Im about to be 40 which means for half of my life, Dr Adams has been a huge influence in my life and my decisions. I admired his strength, his faith, his acumen and his desire to fight for the unborn. I will miss him dearly. Until we meet again Mike!


Jennifer Croom posted on 8/3/20

It sounds like UNCW lost one of the, if not, the BEST Professor they ever had. I appreciate the stand Mr. Adams took, and pray for more godly men to start taking the same stand he did. Based on his testimony I feel confident as a Child of the King myself I will one day have the honor of shaking his hand and thanking Him personally! I am praying for his family, fiance, and friends to find the peace and comfort that only God can give. I pray you all have your own personal relationship with Jesus Christ so you too can see Mr. Adams again in Heaven! 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18


Erik B posted on 8/3/20

I didn’t know Mike personally, I only spoke to him once briefly through email a decade ago but read every column he ever wrote. I will miss him and his wit immensely.


Gloria posted on 8/2/20

I am with heavy heart and saddened by the news of Mike's passing. Although I did not know him personally, I heard him speak a few years ago; very impressive, brilliant, direct and witty. My deepest condolences to his family and friends who loved him. He was a man who left a legacy of speaking the truth, when many did not have ears to hear. A man to be greatly admired. RIP Dr. Adams. You will be missed by many.


Cathey Johnston posted on 8/2/20

My most sincere condolences on the loss of Dr. Mike Adams. I have always supported the diversity of his opinions. I was so sorry to hear of his passing.


Susan Suits posted on 8/2/20

Rest In Peace Dr Adams. For his family, just know he was admired by so many. His wit and fight for the Lord especially for the rights of the unborn have made in incredible impact on my life. You are so missed already.


Robert Rangel posted on 8/2/20

Although I never met him, I have greatly admired Mike Adams ever since I first read one of his articles some years ago. I have few heroes in this world but Mike was definitely one of them. The courage he displayed in eloquently speaking his mind was a thing of beauty. God Bless his soul and peace to his many friends and family.


Judy ankney posted on 8/2/20

Mike grew up in clear lake city and has numerous connections here still.. My son Scott and Mike we’re friends for 40+ years..My daughter Lisa and Mike were life long friends.. Needless to say we are heartbroken.. Mike was a strong Christian and a true warrior for the First amendment... We continue to love and cherish our time with him..


frank montgomery posted on 8/2/20

Unfortunately, I did not know Mike personally, but have followed him through all his battles with UNCW (my alma-mater) and many others. I think he would have been "my kind of guy" . Rest In Peace Mike!


Sandra Borowiec posted on 8/2/20

I did not know Mike, but have been following his story closely as I am really saddened by it. I wish I had known him and my husband now intends to read all his books. To his family and fiance, I am so sorry and feel so sad that this happened and grieve with you.


Jim Geiger posted on 8/2/20

I did not know Dr. Adams personally; however, he was a good, honorable and courageous man. He will be missed by those of us who cherish freedom.


Harriet Guyton posted on 8/2/20

Mike was a believer. Sadly, freedom of speech does not apply to everyone. Sadly, the liberal media had its agenda to destroy him. His faith has led him to the Heavenlies.


A.A. posted on 8/2/20

To the family of Professor Mike Adams, I am so sorry for your loss. He was such inspirational person in the impact he had on me as a student. He always made time for his students and taught life long lessons that will stay with me forever. His legacy is still there for all the types of students he taught.


Kay Chaney posted on 8/2/20

My sincere condolences to Professor Adams family and fiancee.My thoughts and prayers are with each and every one of you


Karen Batson posted on 8/1/20

God bless you, Dr. Adams. You are a very honest and courageous spirit. I admire how you conducted your life and how you supported and connected with your students. Many obviously were touched by your passion and singular commitment. We will remember you always. God will prevail.


Jeannie Updike posted on 8/1/20

We will miss you ,Mike, your work and your life among us. Rest with the Lord.


David S Sterrett posted on 8/1/20

Mike Adams was a smart individual who loved people and took a genuine interest in others (even if they were liberal!). Mike was a strong communicator and friend to many. He encouraged many people to trust God, forgive others, and take a stand for truth. I'm grateful our friendship, Mike. Mike encouraged me to complete a collection of pro-life stories, called We Choose Life. I was so honored that Mike contributed his powerful story. I'm very grateful for our times at Summit Ministries and that we were able to grab dinner in Minnesota and North Carolina. May Christ continue to bless the work of Mike Adams.


Sam Bodnar posted on 8/1/20

Mike changed my stance on abortion during the Fearless Faith Seminar at Calvary Chapel Chino Hills in the summer of 2017. Along with Frank Turek and J. Warner Wallace, Adams ignited a desire within me to actually take Christianity seriously. God's calling on the lives of these three men led me to give my life to Jesus at the end of my freshman year. Mike spoke with compassion and conviction and he wrote with a rhetoric that was satirical and sarcastic. He engaged audiences by inviting them to explore the contradictions in their thought patterns and desired real, gospel-centered change in their hearts. His passing hurts me and more importantly, his family, friends and former students. Dr. Adams, you will be greatly missed.


Henry and Nancy Allen posted on 8/1/20

We have respected and admired Mike over the years. He was a great patriot and role model for all of us. Mike had great courage and boldness during this time in our beloved America. His conservative voice will be truly missed and may we all have the courage and boldness to help fill the void of his departure from this earth. We believe Mike heard the words, when he entered his eternal home, we long to hear from our Lord; "Well done my good and faithful servant".


Lisa Padgett posted on 8/1/20

My prayers are with Dr Adams family. He was an awesome professor that I had the pleasure to learn from many years ago. I was so sad to hear of his passing. May he rest in the arms of Jesus.


Bob Tyndall posted on 8/1/20

It takes courage to stand by one’s convictions without wavering or compromise. Mike was a complex man who could strike like a lightening bolt inflicting hurt, while simultaneously holding deep and generous feelings inside. I experienced both. Please know that there was a reservoir of goodwill for many in his heart and a deep and silent pain that we could never touch. May you remember him in the full light of who he was. Deepest condolences to all who loved him.


Alec Burleson posted on 7/31/20

Dr Adams was my professor for five classes throughout my college career and I helped him do research for a book he was in the process of writing just recently, right before my graduation. I considered Dr Adams as a mentor in criminology and he was the only reason I continued on in the major after my freshman year. There are not enough words to express how truly sorry I am for the loss of Dr Adams. I had an immense amount of respect for him and deeply admired his dedication to his students and his work. I would like to offer my condolences to the family of Dr Adams and express how much he impacted my life personally. He will be sincerely missed in a way that I have only felt about family members in the past. Rest In peace Dr Adams.


LEAANN BLITCH PLEMMONS posted on 7/31/20

I was one of Dr.Adams’ students and truly an admirer. He was amazing and unique - both an understatement. He will truly be missed and remembered. Please let us know when the memorial will be.


Jill Stedman Strickland posted on 7/31/20

Caught up a few years ago - great college memories that usually involved his guitar :) Rest in Peace - you fought long and hard, now you can finally rest. You will never be forgotten Mike - you made a huge mark. :)


Jon Sanders posted on 7/31/20

I'm just shattered by Mike's death. He was the classic happy warrior. Those who knew him knew his profound love and respect for his students. He was what a prototypical Professor was supposed to be: challenging, provocative, uplifting, and all those things with the deliberate instructive rationale to improve his students' minds and teach them, not only the subject matter, but how to reason — not what to think, but how to think. To his friends, he was warm, engaging, caring, and again, uplifting. His defense of the First Amendment was without parallel. These many comments here provide individual aspects of the loss we have jointly suffered. When the warrior was no longer happy, when the uplifter needed uplifting, I wish I had done more. It was unthinkable. It still is. I grieve our loss, and to Mike's family and other friends, I grieve for your loss, and you are in my prayers.



Wendi Gross posted on 7/31/20

I'm very saddened at Professor Adam's passing. He was my Professor in a Criminal Law class; which was the most informative; most interesting, and greatest learning experience I have had. He made it fun to be in his class and it was amazing to watch him teach. He spoke often of his Christian testimony; which I enjoyed very much to hear. The world has lost a great fighter; but oh the joy he is now having with Jesus our Lord. You will be missed Professor Adams


Bonita posted on 7/30/20

Mike, I didn’t know you and am very saddened to hear of your passing. Thank you for all the good you did and rest assured we will keep up the good fight with God’s help! Look forward to meeting you in Heaven my brother.


Al Raynor posted on 7/30/20

Mike was a regular at Rocco's Cigar Bar / Brookelynn Premium Cigars for years. I considered him a dear friend and thoroughly enjoyed his company, wit and good nature. I always said he was a very punny guy, considering he always had a good pun ready for comic relief. Godspeed, brother. I shall see you again someday. Be at peace with the angels.


gwinns posted on 7/30/20

In 2016, I was considering sending my son and one of my daughters to Summit Ministries in Colorado. When I realized that one of the staff that summer was Mike Adams, I signed them up immediately. Having followed Mike's writing on for years, I was just hoping that my kids would be able to listen to him speak. Not only were my hopes realized, I have a nice picture of my son and daughter on either side of Mike, all three smiling – it's something I will cherish for the rest of my life. Apparently my son received some “demerits” at Summit and had to spend some time in the kitchen where Mike wandered in and engaged him. He relayed that Mike was really smart, and very nice to him. Although I never had the privilege to meet Mike in this life, I am looking forward to thanking him soon in Heaven. Mike's testimony is one the Irresistible Grace of God, drawing His people to himself, and thereafter living for Him. Thank you, Mike! And thank you to those of you who loved him dearly.


Emily S Rascoe posted on 7/30/20

I was deeply saddened to read of Mike's death. I read his columns on Townhall and found them very thought-provoking. Those lucky enough to have had him as their professor were certainly blessed. God be with Mike's loved ones now and in the weeks and months to come.


Deborah Stai posted on 7/30/20

I didn't know him personally but I'd read about him. He was great mentor to many young Americans. I'm so sorry for all those that love him and miss him. God be with him! He is saved!


Carmela Martinez posted on 7/30/20

For work I would drive down to UNC to meet students of conservative groups to help with resources for their groups. I was told of this professor who would help me identify more conservative students. Mike never hesitated to meet with me and talk about what was going on on campus. In fact, his kindness went as far as getting lunch whenever I was there, letting students know why and how I could help their groups succeed, and keeping in touch even when I came back to Arlington. I asked him several times to come up to Arlington to speak at different events but he was so busy, spending his time, selflessly helping so many other people. I’ll never forget how he looked at life with a sense of humor and a childlike innocence, despite everything he had gone through in his life. We will miss you.


Vanna Lynch posted on 7/30/20

So sorry for your family’s loss. The world was certainly a better place with Mike Adams in it. ♥️


Marion Horton posted on 7/30/20

Mike was a brave soldier who died in a war that was not of his choosing. He served his country with passion and bravery that very few possess. He had a towering intellect and a quick wit. My daughter and I met him at a speech at UNC Chapel Hill and we will always be grateful that he was willing to share his profound talent. Please know that he will be forever missed, we will be forever grateful, and your family will be in our prayers.


Ashley posted on 7/29/20

I am so sorry for your loss. I was able to work with Mike for several years at Summit in Colorado. He always had a smile on his face and brightened our days in the office. Such an amazing man who really made an impact in this world! You are all in my prayers.


E. Ryan posted on 7/29/20

My sincerest condolences to Prof. Adam's family. I never met Prof. Adams, but I admired his ability to articulate his views and was inspired by his courage to defend free speech and the unborn. I am deeply saddened by his passing. Our country is a poorer place without him but richer for having had him.


Chase posted on 7/29/20

I never met Dr. Adams, but really appreciated his courage to stand and speak against the wind. He reminds me of a saying from Gary Haugen, "courage is contagious." Mike made me feel brave. I am deeply saddened at his loss.


B. Livingston posted on 7/29/20

Mike Adams was brilliant and funny and passionate and caring and a brave and true patriot. We did not know him personally, but we were blessed to attend his debate with Willie Parker and it was nothing short of amazing. We are saddened at how the mob continually came after him and extremely disappointed in UNCW to say the least. Mike has the victory in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ and we look forward to seeing Mike again one day as we worship the Lord all together in eternity.


Colonel Gaylon L. "Loren" Kravig posted on 7/29/20

Devoted reader of Mike's columns from distant Fort Wayne, Indiana. He was an eloquent and persuasive voice for life and liberty. I will miss him greatly. The country has lost patriot when patriots like him are needed as never before. Rest in peace, Mike.


Hunter posted on 7/29/20

Dr. Adams was one of the best professors I have had the privilege of learning from. He made class interesting and thought provoking. I’ll never forget the two classes I took with him!


Mary Lynne posted on 7/29/20

Professor Adams taught me life lessons that will never be forgotten. He was always quick to help his students and instilled a quest for justice that will stay with me forever. He was truly an incredible man who fought for change and will be missed by many.


Laura Morrison posted on 7/29/20

Hi, my name is Laura Morrison and in 1994, I met Mike Adams during my first criminal justice class. I thought he was just another student walking in, and when he asked "is this everyone?" I thought, "this guy's weird"..... he actually ended up being the professor, I think he was 29 at the time. It was during summer school and at the time, that was the most fun I had ever had in a college class. He was absolutely amazing at what he did - the amount of supreme court cases I can still cite is unreal, and all his students loved him (the ones who took his classes and knew him). In 1994, I was majoring in foreign language study and it was quickly becoming clear that wasn’t my thing. In 1996 after taking a year off and trying to figure out where I wanted to go with my life, I thought back to Mike Adams and decided to study criminal justice. He made it fascinating, he made it fun, and he made it easy to learn. So I switched my major because I found criminal justice and the law so fun, it was easy for me to comprehend (unlike French). I spent years learning from this man and some other amazing professors (who are no longer at UNCW). Mike taught with gusto, with enthusiasm. He knew how to get your attention and he wasn’t afraid to say controversial things. Loudly. He taught us about the disparate criminal justice system and how change was needed and how the stats just don’t make sense. He taught us to recognize racial bias when we heard it and also when we saw it in ourselves. And he took the time to do his best to ensure it wasn't repeated. Some summers he spent travelling abroad and attempting to help countries with disastrous prison systems. Seeing the types of atrocities that can really break someone’s heart from the lack of humanity. He taught young people who would be going out into the world and were expected to treat other people fairly, and hopefully make a difference. Sometimes you have to make a lot of politically incorrect statements to get it across to people how bad things are and how bad they can be. The vast majority of kids in college just have no clue what poverty and racial injustice are doing to this nation and just how long its been a big problem. They just think its something that will make them look woke when they bitch about it on Twitter and Youtube. Mike taught those of us who would be going out and making a difference in communities. I went on to spend a decade in Tampa, investigating child abuse and working with juvenile offenders. I was good at it and I know I made a difference. I remembered the lessons he shared (his lessons stuck with you!) and would discuss these theories with the kids I worked with. I would hold groups on the lessons he taught on "Commitment to Conformity." And idea he and Dr. James Johnson expanded on in a book they co-authored and was used in one of my college courses. In the lesson he used the movie "Boyz in the Hood" and how committing to yourself and your own future is why Tre got out of that car at the end and why Doughboy did not. Its a very complex thought that is easy to break down and help middle school and high school kids understand and it uses an example that is familiar to them. I was unaware of Mike’s social media presence, but I can say, that didn’t make him who he was. He won teacher of the year twice, for a reason. Go look at the academic works he published. I’m so very sad that he’s ended his life in this way and that all anyone will ever see is this current rhetoric. I'm heartbroken that the word "vile" is being used as a descriptor for my dead friend. Mike Adams was a good man who had an amazing talent for teaching. I never met anyone who didn’t love his classes. They tended to be filled to the brim each semester. Outside of school, Mike became my friend (and yes, just my friend). You would always see him out with his friends because he really loved to socialize. He really loved people. He really did want what was best for people. Don’t let today’s social media bullshit blind you to who people really are. I think there are plenty of examples in modern society of a "social media personality" not matching the actual human person. Don’t let the media’s love for a gory story full of a white man’s supposed bad words turn you from the real accomplishments of this man. Mike Adams was a man, who is spite of his social media posts, has left the world a better place. Tangibly. College kids and humanity in general right now need to grow up and grow some balls. College kids CERTAINLY don’t need safe spaces. They need to be confronted with reality and if they are going to be going out into the world of law enforcement, social work, or any criminal justice/sociological work, they need to be confronted HARDER. I watched a lot of people run away scared within weeks from hard jobs. I only left the field because I couldn’t afford to live on the salary they pay people who matter and after giving 10 years of my life to what can be such consuming work. But, I am so proud of the work I did, and it was all inspired by Mike Adams being an amazing professor I wanted to learn more from. I hope soon that the media, social media, and these "social justice warriors" that are so quick to espouse their own ideals as being righteous and grand and the absolute answer understand what it took me a very short time to learn working in the community. There are no right answers, humanity has evolved in a way that both far end view points are important and integral to society and that inevitably, humanity must meet in the middle. Right now, it feels like no one listens to anyone else to understand their point of view, they just listen so they can trash it. Compromise is America's only way forward and the left is going to have to understand the right and the right is going to have to understand the left. Mike Adams knew that. He knew I was a liberal, he knew I was a feminist, and I was still one of his favorite students. I would be very interested in how Dr. James Johnson is currently feeling about this right now. They were friends and collaborators on ideas and work for many years. I just found out that UNCW fired him in 2012 and chased him all the way to teach in Fiji. Dr. Johnson was another amazing educator. A few years ago, I looked forward to trying to convince my nieces to go to UNCW when they were ready for college. It was such an open minded place full of good professors and so much fun to be had........ now, I doubt I'll even mention it. My heart is going to be broken for a long time over the death of Mike Adams, over what turned out to be a suicide, and over how vilified he has been in the media despite that he was just a normal man who had some, at times, extreme opinions. I to, have some extreme opinions at times, I guess they are just on the right side of the media. But at the end of the day, in a real friendship, you understand you're not going to like 100% of everyone and you just do your best to just love people while they're around.


John Schmidt posted on 7/29/20

Dr. Adams was an inspiring professor when I knew him in the late 90's as a CRJ student at UNCW. Getting into one of his classes was not easy because students from all other major's wanted into his classes. He was passionate and his enthusiasm was appreciated by all. It's sad what has transpired and my thoughts are with his family.


Ed Hathaway posted on 7/29/20

I did not know Mike personally. I followed his writings. I'm so saddened by his decision to end it this way. I'm sure he probably felt all alone by the mobs that went after him. He WASN'T. HIs fellow professors weren't very supportive of him...and he was really an awesome educator. He didn't bow to the mob, he stood up to them. The mob was so destructive to his life....I noticed even his fiance didn't want her name published. Mike....RIP my friend. You were a true American Patriot...representing the good of America - and standing up to the evil and destructive. I'm sure you were just worn out and needed a long earned rest. We will miss you were truly one of a kind.


Philip Tatler posted on 7/29/20

I am so saddened by Mike's passing. I'm having trouble processing his sudden, violent death. He was such an uplifting influence in my life and I delighted in his sense of humor while speaking such insightful truth. I guess I can only look forward to spending time in Heaven with him now...


Zach Schwarz posted on 7/29/20

As an alumni of UNCW I remember Dr. Adams as the faculty advisor of the pro-life group and when I restarted College Republicans in 2003 Mike served as our advisor there as well. I wish i had reached out to him to give him words of support over the past few weeks. God Bless his family and all of us that grieve this great loss.


Angela Hanchey posted on 7/29/20

Dr. Adams as a C.S. Lewis of our apologist. He obviously loved the Lord and our Constitutional Republic.. A tragic loss...the liberals who scream TOLERANCE and DIVERSITY actually have no tolerance and squelch diversity. Prayers for his loved ones...a loss for all of us. Heaven welcomed him ...well done, Dr. Mike!!


Hunter G. posted on 7/29/20

Dr. Adams, you will be missed by many. I was honored to take your class this past spring and it was by far the best course at UNCW in the criminal justice curriculum. I will always look up to you. Thank you for teaching us to stand up for our rights!


Jeanna Cooper posted on 7/29/20

Dr. Adams was the best professor I ever had. I thank him for all he taught me as well as his endless mentorship and guidance. I wish I could reach out to him now as I start law school—a goal he helped me achieve. He will not be forgotten.


Wendy Hobbs posted on 7/29/20

I signed up for every class I could taught by Dr. Adams. He made a huge difference in my education and life. I am so heart broken to hear of this tragic loss of such an amazing hero. My thoughts and prayers are with you.


Tami posted on 7/29/20

I am still stunned and having great difficulty processing this. How can a person feel such deep sorrow and loss for someone she never met? Yet I feel a hole in my heart as if I'd lost a dear, longtime friend. Rest well, Mike Adams. You left the world better by your presence, and I am happy that you have now escaped to an infinitely better one. May your family find some peace in the knowledge of the joy you brought to so many.


Brian G. posted on 7/29/20

Mike, You've left an imperfect world for a perfect one and into the arms of a loving touched many for Christ good and faithful easy.


Leah Jane Brower posted on 7/29/20

My heart is broken for your loss. I live in Utah and heard about this courageous man’s death in the news. The loss of this man of truth and integrity is a loss to the world. His influence is far reaching and his courage will be an inspiration to the rest of us as we try to figure out how to navigate this craziness that has beset our country. He is a true hero.


Elaine Justice posted on 7/29/20

Goodbye to Professor Adams. He was a great American, a gentleman who loved his country, defended all of our rights, and was dedicated to the young people of North Carolina. Whether we knew you personally, or just knew of your words and deeds, we are all the worse for your passing. God bless.


Missy Massey posted on 7/29/20

Rest In Peace Mike! ♥️


Leslie cockrell posted on 7/28/20

Diversity should be part of a university education. It seems that is not happening these days. The movie..Edward scissorhands is a reminder of how people can be. Saddens me.


Amber Sowell posted on 7/28/20

2 years ago, Dr. Adams met me in his office for office hours. I was nervous about taking his Criminal Procedures course because I had just been diagnosed with ADHD and his course rejected the use of technology and I was nervous that I’d miss important notes, seeing that we only had 4 grades (10-question T/F tests). He gave me a mini speech that, in the moment, I found slightly offensive. After going home I realized that his speech was to teach me to not let things hold me back from success, even though they are things that I can’t control (I.e., my adhd). He also spiked my interest in becoming a DEA agent in order to get drug dealers off the street. Before Dr. Adams, I didn’t think I could become a DEA agent, I didn’t think I was strong enough. After Dr. Adams, I know that as long as I push forward and view obstacles and opportunities I can accomplish anything I can set my mind and will power to. I’m going to get my DEA badge, in honor of the legacy Mike Adams left in my life. It’s been hard to see his controversial satire form negative opinions of him by people who had never met him. Dr. Adams was my favorite professor and such a great man with a genuinely kind heart. I’m so so sorry for your loss.


David Lee Odom posted on 7/28/20

Mike ! I love you like a brother ! You excelled in anything you did .We all just marveled in your talents and your bravery to help those that could not defend themselves . You left a huge mark of goodness here . I hope those angels hand you a killer heavenly guitar and we will see you when we get there brother ! Love you man


Amy Brownewell posted on 7/28/20

Mike was one of my most favorite professors. I loved coming to his criminal justice class. He helped foster an open mindedness in his students and I will forever be grateful for his influence. I am lucky to have known him for even a brief period of time. I thought he was genuine and kind. He made me laugh and he made me appreciate learning new concepts


Kirk Huneycutt posted on 7/28/20

I’m saddened by the loss of Mike. I had Dr. Adams for criminal justice my freshman year at UNCW in 1995 and even though academics weren’t my main focus at that time, I remember thoroughly enjoying his class. I have great respect for Mike in that he boldly expressed his thoughts and beliefs even if they weren’t popular in an increasingly liberal collegiate and political atmosphere. Obviously a brilliant man and I didn’t know he was a guitarist. May God be with your family at this time. Rest In Peace


Raymond Adams posted on 7/28/20

I am heartbroken over Mike's death. I followed Mike on Facebook and Town Hall for quite some time and was the recipient of much learning from his writings. Although it has been many years ago, I knew his Father, Joe Dee, Jr. and Joe Dee, Sr. was my Grandfather Nathan Adams's brother. Joe senior was a great friend of mine whom I loved greatly. I didn't discover where Mike was until a few years ago when my Brother, Roy Adams, discovered his mother on Ancestry. Sometime later I wrote his father a letter, at Mike's request, shortly before his death. Mike was concerned that his father was not a Christian and was attempting to witness to him. Although I never met Mike, I feel his loss in an acute way. His work on defending free speech and his work defending the unborn is a loss, not only to me but to so many others that followed him. That work will not be in vain as the many followers, like myself and those much younger than me, will echo the principles that he lived by for years to come. I have been praying for the family and wish I could meet some of you in times to come.


Ron Woodard posted on 7/28/20

In memory of Mike and his fight for freedom and liberty.


Megan Cernek posted on 7/28/20

Mike was an incredible man. I had conversations with him after his Summit lectures over the past several years. He was always kind and witty. I’m quite sad at his passing as I respected and deeply admired him. My sincerest prayers are for his family and those that he loved.


Sandra Claire Albarado posted on 7/28/20

I remember Mike from high school with his sharp wit and devilish smile. Seeing his face in the news made me smile. Reading of his passing made me cry. My heart goes out to Mike's brother. Losing a sibling leaves a void that can never be filled by another. RIP Mike. You will be remembered.


Anthony Bruno posted on 7/28/20

Mike did what few do, put is career on the line to defend the right to speak freely. He was and will continue to be an inspiration to those willing to speak even when what they have to say will be attacked. Rest in peace, Mike


Jenna A. Robinson posted on 7/28/20

I last saw Mike in December when he came to Raleigh to speak about the importance of freedom of expression in higher education. As always, he was witty and inspiring. I will miss his courage, tenacity, and wisdom as I continue to stick up for the freedoms Mike defended.


Jennifer Dahl posted on 7/28/20

My condolences to Professor Adam's family. Although, I did not have the pleasure of knowing Mike personally, I have followed his writing for many years and feel I knew him through it. Mike's passing is a terrible loss to this community.


Jennifer Lee posted on 7/28/20

What a sad and tragic loss to us all. I pray for his family and fiance, and hope to be able to attend a public memorial for such a great man. Mike, I loved you as a brother in Christ even though I never met you. You will never be forgotten and it gives me peace knowing you are in the presence of God for eternity.


Tim Brauer posted on 7/28/20

Mike Adams was a brave man who stood up for his and others' rights. His passing is a great loss to us all. Godspeed.


Jody Ward posted on 7/28/20

Mike, you are gone from us far, far too soon. I wish that I had time to thank you for the impact you had on my children and for speaking boldly to defend the precious unborn. You were a stellar example of courage, faith, and clarity of thought, demolishing arguments and every pretension that set itself up against the knowledge of God. For us, this is a great, great loss. May you rest in peace, in the presence of our beloved Savior, until we meet again before the throne of God, singing, "Worthy, worthy, worthy is the Lamb!"


Tammy Warren posted on 7/28/20

I was deeply saddened to hear about Mike’s passing. I never met him, but followed his passion for freedom of thought and speech in the universities as well as all society. His death has left a great void in championing those ideas. My condolences to all his family and friends.


Wojciech Rojek posted on 7/28/20

I did not meet prof. Adams, but have read about him. That is a great loss. Please, accept my prayers


Ric Stanley posted on 7/28/20

Mike was a nice guy!


Ric Stanley posted on 7/28/20

I always enjoyed talking with mike. I would see him at slice of life. What I liked and remember most about mike is that he really liked me. Sounds odd to say. But I liked him b cause I could tell he really liked me. I miss mike already. I thought he was a really nice person. I’m sorry and I miss you mike! Wish I coulda been there for you.


Jane Crowder posted on 7/28/20

I did not know Professor Adams but the loss of a loved one is a tragedy. Please accept our prayers and condolences in your time need John and Jane Crowder


Jennifer Wilkins posted on 7/28/20

My deepest condolences to his family. Mike was the reason that I pursued a Ph.D in Criminal Justice. I have known him since the mid 1990s, and he was a brilliant man. May he rest in eternal peace.


Maria Power B, class of 99 posted on 7/27/20

Professor Adams passing is an enormous loss, his bright, witty discourse made class exciting, interesting. His passion for educating was clear. He was an inspirational professor, the kind you never forget. To his family and friends, I am truly sorry for your loss. May he rest in peace.