Condolences for Carol Ann Campfield

Amber posted on 8/27/20

Your going to be missed.


Amber posted on 8/27/20

Your going to be missed!


Melissa johnson -pilney posted on 8/19/20

A very caring and sweet mother of my best friend growing up . I have had the privilege of knowing for 45 years. May you rest in peace and God cradle his arms around you.



Angel Marie Barnhill posted on 8/19/20

❣️❣️❣️❣️ Love you grandma


Angel Marie Barnhill posted on 8/19/20

Grandma , I LOVED YOU SO MUCH ! You were an amazing woman, grandmother, && friend . !!! I’m so completely broken first my mother , you’re only daughter , now you ! You were all I had left of my mommy ! This is not how our life was supposed to go ! I just don’t understand & I don’t believe I ever will until I make it to heaven to get there to be with you and moma and grandpa ! I want answers ! I want to know why I’ve been left on this earth to live life without the 3 main people besides my father that I loved and that I know loved me no matter what , that didn’t judge me & disown me for my mistakes & faults . You and momma and grandpa loved me so much unconditionally and now I’m left here ALL ALONE , with no one to truly love me like I need to be , no one to really show me how to continue to keep going even after I fall short of what I’m capable of . What hurts the most is now I know I have no family to spend holidays with , you were the backbone to the this family !! Our holidays will never be the same . I’ll be celebrating my own now in memory of you and moma and grandpa ! The family I had and loved so much are gone but your memory lives on ! Grandma I loved you so much ! You were amazing ! I MISS AND YOU LOVE YOU ! I know you were so glad to see your daughter , my momma ! I could only imagine the smile on y’all a face when y’all saw each other that faithful day ! God really must needed y’all more than I did , probably to show me just how short this life is and that it’s imperative for me to pick up in yalls footsteps ! I want to be just like y’all ! && love just as hard as y’all did ! REST IN HEAVENLY PEACE GRANDMA ! YOU WERE THE ABSOLUTE BEST ! ❣️❣️❣️


Erik posted on 8/8/20

The times we had with you here were precious. Every thanksgiving and Christmas gathering was one more year of getting to know an amazing and loving person like you. The Fourth of July was the last time I saw you, but I know one day I’ll see you again in heaven. You finally get the rest you deserve. You did a lot for us down here. All we would like from you now is to watch over us. I love you a lot grandma and thank you again for all the amazing times we had.



Denise R Haase posted on 8/8/20

Your never ending love for your friends and family will forever be cherished. Until we meet again.... ♥️


Carley Ehrenfeld posted on 8/8/20

Best Grandma in the world. Always cheerful and kind to everyone. Always made holidays feel warm and extra special at her home made the best food. Holidays will not be the same without her. She will truly be missed and was loved deeply by her family and friends. I love you and we will see each other again in heaven someday, I know that’s where you are because you were an angel here on earth.



Susan Rossiter posted on 8/8/20

Carol was a caring, kind and generous friend. She was also a worrier..always worried about her boys, her family, her friends, but that was just another way Carol showed her great love. She was always thinking of how she could serve and never hesitated to offer a helping hand. She was a blessing & joy to me and so many others and I will truly miss my dear friend. Rest in peace with Jesus dear one.