Condolences for Richard Edward Lavin

LindA Sides posted on 12/2/20

W I had known Dick for 40 years as a friend and a romantic partner. We shared lots of time together and enjoyed being together. He was never honest about his family but I knew that. I'm glad he is at peace now.


Frank Szyklinski posted on 11/21/20

Dick, so sorry I missed the Super Bowl party in Pittsburgh. I still remember the raid you pulled on our troop at Toad Hollow. The last I heard of you cousin, was that you joined the Corps. It was our competitive spirit that influenced me to do the same.


Al and Susie Vliet posted on 9/8/20

I met Dick at the Red Cross in Disaster Services many years ago. We quickly discovered that we were neighbors and that he and Liz lived around the corner from our family. I always admired Dick’s dedication and love for the Red Cross. Times could be stressful during disaster operations, but he went about his work quietly, always willing to help and offer a supportive hand. When you approached his desk, you could expect that sly smile and the “lowdown” on what was really happening. It was a privilege to work alongside Dick during many disaster relief operations, but it was even better that our family got to know Dick and Liz as friends.


Hank and Kathy Mitchell posted on 8/31/20

So sorry, Liz, for your loss. When duty is done, here on earth, angels take flight. Fair winds and following seas, Dick. You will always be in our thoughts and prayers. God Bless.


Hubert & Mary Jo Strachwitz posted on 8/29/20

Dick was a true example of a man who loved his country and proved it with his service in the military and in retirement. Hubert John and I will never forget his support and encouragement during a troublesome hospitalization. His antiquing knowledge was extraordinary and enjoyed. His survival from Viet Nam to his passing proved his bravery throughout his life. His memory will be saved for our boys, now men and their children. Hoping for Full Military Honors when laid to rest. Hugh will remember the time watching old Westerns. Thank you for your service.


Don Stephens posted on 8/29/20

I have known Dick (Sarge) since 1971. We shared a lot of great memories of the National Red Cross Aquatic schools at Camp Rockmont near Asheville NC. Over the years we shared and traded Red Cross emblems, chapter pins and other Red Cross paraphernalia. A great guy, I will cherish the memories. My sincere condolences to the Lavin family. Don Stephens (aka) The Squirrel



Karen James posted on 8/28/20

I had the pleasure of getting to know Mr Lavin her at Champions, it was certainly a pleasure everyday that I came into his room to administer meds or just to say hi and check on him


jennifer lins posted on 8/28/20

I enjoyed talking to him when saw him at parties or at bingo with my mom. My prayers are with his family and I love you all.


Margie Applekamp posted on 8/28/20

I met Dick and Liz through On the Rebound Bulldog Rescue. Both were/are very passionate about bulldogs and offered help and guidance when needed. You will be missed Dick. Hugs to you Liz and all your family.