Condolences for Sonja Henry

Carie Craze posted on 9/7/20

The last time I saw Sonja she was looking for cat food for our homeless work cat. We didn't have any so she searched the office until she found a can of tuna and fed the cat with that. That was the type of person Sonja was, so amazingly caring that she would go out of her way to make sure a homeless cat wouldn't go hungry. I will miss you my friend and if you're listening, I will feed our cat.



Jackie Watson posted on 9/5/20

Sonja was such a positive and happy person. My condolences to all of her family, I know the loss is immensely painful.


Alan Brock posted on 9/2/20

My sincere condolences


Rhonda Hutson posted on 9/1/20

Sonya was a wonderful person, as it has been said so many times, I wish God could have shared that angel just a little longer, but he must have needed another angel in Haven to watch over us. We will miss her. God Bless her Family. I feel blessed for knowing her.



Jamie Napier posted on 9/1/20

Sonja was always smiling. She was always willing to jump in and give a hand or make you smile to brighten your day. She was very self-less. She will be missed.


Yandell family posted on 9/1/20

Sincerest condolences


Matt Wahl posted on 9/1/20

My deepest condolences to her family whom I know without a doubt were her most cherished of life. The sudden loss of Sonja comes as a shock and is a loss for everyone around. I will miss her and her sage advice and ability to stay positive in even the most challenging of circumstances. I'm honored to have had the time I was fortunate enough to have with Sonja.


Sarah Ridout posted on 9/1/20

Sonja was an incredible person who will be greatly missed. She brought so much to CCLCF and worked daily to help those in need. We will miss her compassion, kind spirit, laughter, and sweet stories about her family. I am grateful I had the chance to know her.



Jennifer Turnage posted on 9/1/20

Sonja was truly a light in our world. We will miss her and her beautiful smile.


Colby Proffitt posted on 9/1/20

Sonja was a true angel on earth! She had the most beautiful heart, and brought joy to anyone who met her. She will be missed greatly! Prayers, blessings, and love to her family and friends. Her son and husband were all she talked about, and were her whole world, may God bless them and bring them peace, love, light, and hope.



Jessi Burbank posted on 8/31/20




Rose Lanier posted on 8/31/20

So sorry for your loss!!



Richard Berg posted on 8/31/20

Her compassion for her family and the people that she helped at CCLCF...she was always smiling. Giving thanks and praises! Prayers to the family