Condolences for Gerard Cucci Bradley

Angela & Richard Grano posted on 9/15/20

Gerry and his wife, Susan, we’re dear friends of ours in SeaScape. The first time, we ate at their table, we were amazed at the most Italian “gravy” sauce he, a nice Irish gent made. Sitting around the table was always enjoyable with plenty of laughter. Gerry had a kindred spirit and a gentle way about him. I’ll never never when he volunteered to be the Head Chef at our community, SeaScape for an Italian Night Special event. Once again, his “gravy” was delicious beyond words. He received many kudos from the “gravy” to the Lemon Chicken Cutlets to the Meatballs. Needless to say, the event was the best and a very memorable one at that! We will surely miss our dear, sweet friend, Gerry! Our condolences to his sons, Gerard, Stephen, Chris and Drew and their families. May he Rest In Peace!


Jim Kuhn posted on 9/15/20

So sorry to hear of the loss of your Dad. Gerry was a neighbor in Seascape and a very good friend. We played b-ball together and loved discussing politics. My wife Liz and I had many nice dinners with your Mom and Dad. Gerry was a very caring man and I know he was a wonderful Dad. When we became friends none of you boys were married and he kidded about never having grandkids! Boy did that change!! He always loved talking about his family. He will be greatly missed.


Jerry Cople posted on 9/14/20

In reading through the emails and in comments here, the word "friend" is used by all. Yes, Gerry was a true friend, not just a good guy but one you could trust and/or count on no matter what. So two big guys, one with a "G" and the other with a "J". one from metro New Jersey and the other from a small farming community in California but we both worked in Brooklyn! God love ya Gerry Bradley. Rest in Peace.


Jerry Cople posted on 9/14/20

Remembering Gerry Bradley


All our love joe and marie monico posted on 9/14/20

Dear Gerard we were so sorry to hear of your fathers passing,our prayers are with you and your family. May he rest in peace


Bill Niemann posted on 9/11/20

To The Bradley Kids! Very saddened by the news of your Dad's passing, so many of us at SeaLand, Maersk, and within the industry considered Gerry much more than a business associate but a true and loyal friend! Am sure you know that Dad and you guys were in Korea when I was there circa 1982-84 but we all go way back to his NYC/ELZ days and Japan/Korea/Taiwan and on and on. He was a regular at my poker matches in Morristown (Rod was there as well?) plus more games at his NJ house which may have included both Rod and Chris? A man of personal integrity, respect for others, a tireless worker.....he will be missed by so many of us, a true friend always!


Chris Dianora posted on 9/10/20

I met Gerry my very first day at Sealand back in 1988. He, along with Frank Caradonna, took me to lunch – 3 days that week to get me acclimated to my new surroundings. It was then that I realized he had the storytelling “gift” and I was an eager subject listening and learning. He made me laugh (many times), but also took me under his wing to show me the ropes. I worked with him again at Maersk, and will always be thankful for the two World Series Tickets he gave me in 2001 when the Yankees beat the Mets in the Subway Series; tickets no doubt destined to a sizable customer! He was a good man to the core, and watching the tribute video was heartwarming to see the love he had for his family and grandchildren. He will be missed. My condolences to Gerard and all of the Bradley family.


Joseph E Monico Jr. posted on 9/10/20

I only met him once, he seemed nice and had very a wonderful smile and soft skin.


KENNY MOORE posted on 9/10/20

No one could ask for a better friend than Gerry Bradley. I worked both for and with Gerry at Sea-Land. We remained close post Sea-Land and into our respective retirements. We talked about every 3 weeks or so and I will so miss those conversations. My joy is that he is with Susan again. Rest In Peace, my dear friend.


KENNY MOORE posted on 9/10/20

Gerry was the best friend a person could ask for. I worked for and with him at Sea-Land and we remained very close post Sea-Land and into our respective retirements. We talked about every 3 weeks or so and I will so much miss those conversations. My joy is that he is now with Susan again. Rest In Peace, my friend.


Larry Yunt posted on 9/10/20

Gerry Rod, I am so saddened by the loss of your father. I was blessed to have worked with Gerry at Sea-land for more than 30 years. We and our families shared a wonderful experience when living in Taiwan in the late 80's. He was a gentle giant who kept everyone in the room at ease with his great stories and non stop deep laughter, Was fortunate to have spent the better part of a week with Gerry at Spring training in Phoenix following tragic loss of your mother. I don't think I ever laughed so much exchanging Sea-Land memories with he and Kenny Moore while our Dodgers repeatedly took down the Giants. Gerry was a good boss and a wonderful friend. He will be missed by many.


Michael Thompson posted on 9/10/20

It was always so exciting to see Uncle Jerry. He would keep the local Chinese restaurants in business, and couldn’t wait to school me in a game of darts. Extremely accommodating in his home, if you didn’t feel welcome, well then you were just at the wrong address. I will miss him dearly, and wish the best for my cousins and their families.



Gloria and Jorge Jimenez posted on 9/10/20

Gerard and M. Belen, We are so sorry for your loss. My condolences for the Bradley family, With love, Gloria and Jorge


John Joyce posted on 9/10/20

I had the pleasure of working with Gerry for several years. He was a mentor to many, admired and respected by all. His infectious laugh is what I remember most vividly. He was such a good man. My deepest condolences to his family.


Melissa Ryan posted on 9/9/20

Afterglow by Helen Lowrie Marshall “I’d like the memory of me to be a happy one. I’d like to leave an afterglow of smiles when life is done. I’d like to leave an echo whispering softly down the ways, Of happy times and laughing times and bright and sunny days. I’d like the tears of those who grieve, to dry before the sun of happy memories that I leave when life is done.” Our deepest condolences on your sudden loss. With love and compassion, The Ryan Family - Melissa, Jim, Joseph & James


Robert Schorr posted on 9/7/20

Gerry been my friend since 2009. We had lunch and shopped for furniture on Friday the day before he passed. We talked and laughed. Often vehemently disagreeing on politics we remained good friends throughout these stressful times. Gerry and I travelled to Las Vegas and took a trip to Cuba. We enjoyed going to restaurants. We played poker with friends here and in Holden Beach. His poker buddies thought highly of him though he often took everyone's money. He will be missed by all of us.