Condolences for Marianne Taylor

martha winder posted on 10/5/07

She will be missed by many people who know and love her.


Missy & son Joe posted on 9/14/07

My sympaties go out to all of you. We loved Aunt Mary very much and wish we were there sharing this moment of sorrow with you. Love, Missy and son Joe


sandra formby posted on 9/19/07

Boy..still always well done with her make up on.. i miss you m its been awhile a long while but i know your in a better place. and you lived a full life. catlin gave you a beautiful greatgrandbaby..and fika is a champ ill never forget the way you were with tessa. and with me when i had to come home from Oregon.. little things that the wind has taken but that i will never forget. love you mom. fika always her for you...Sandra


Rod & Sandi Hollis & family posted on 9/14/07

Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.


sandra formby posted on 9/19/07

Sept 15 is my birthday m. and its the day you reach heaven. Tee. keep strong. I cant be there to share the tears. but as i blew out the candle on my cake. my wish was for all of you.. i love you fika, Cat.


Bill & Kathy Abel (cousin Bill ) posted on 9/15/07

Just wanted you to know how very sorry we are of the lose of Mariann and that she is now at peace.Our condolences and love to the family. God Bless


Robert C. Williams posted on 9/18/07

My heart felt sympathy goes out to the family and many friends of Marianne. i haven't seen her since she was a little girl in Sharon Springs, but i do remember her as a darling little child full of laughter. i shall remember her this way always. (cousin)Robert C. Williams


Joe Di Muro posted on 9/14/07

Aunt Marianne: we are glad you are finally at peace and with your loved ones. Michele & Joe


Juanita and Duane Turnbell posted on 9/18/07

Our condolences go out to all family members. May Marianne now rest in peace.


Barbara Montrone posted on 9/15/07

Marianne you are loved by all who know you. I know that I will miss you.I have enjoyed the time I had with you. We have shared lots of memories. good ones along with the bad times and sad times. but one thing is true we are sisters save a space for me


Joan And Greg posted on 9/13/07

We were so very sorry to hear of Mary's passing away. Both of us have fond memories of Mary. Please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers. Joan and Greg


Shafika posted on 9/15/07

Mom, I hope you enjoyed your service today. As you know, there wasnt a dry eye in the place. I'll see you in heaven, Mom! I love you and I will miss you every day of my life. Love always and forever, Fika (Foo-Fee)


Chris posted on 9/13/07

Shafika I am so sorry you had to suffer this loss so quickly! Just know I am thinking of you and I am sure your mom is in a much better place with your other siblings. Big hugs!


Sandra Hollis posted on 9/15/07

Tee, Shafika, Stephanie & Grandchildren, Your Mom Loved all of you. Iam sure you all have found memories that you will treasure and help you get threw some hard times. Mare was my best freind as well as a sister, she will always be in my heart and mind, she was the life of the party. I will miss her smile & laughter,but I will carry her memories forever. Love Sis,or Aunt Sandi


Heather posted on 9/13/07

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.... may your sadness be one day replaced with the joy of having had such a wonderful gift in your life.


Monique & Breanna Robinson posted on 9/16/07

Dear Aunt Marianne, I will never forget your laugh and smile. You are a beautiful lady! I will miss you. To my family we love you all. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.


Patricia Montrone posted on 9/13/07

My Thought's and prays are with my Family, God has shined his Ray of Light Upon my Aunt and Gave her -Her WINGS to Fly HOME. Welcome Home AUNT MARIANNE. GOD SPEED... WITH ALL OUR LOVE PATTY,LES,DAVID,JASON,JAMES XOXOX


Maureen Priest posted on 9/16/07

Dear Aunt Marianne, thoughts: staircase: hair in kitchen: clock: school nurse "MOM": cards: laughter: Love: you will be missed. All my love, Maureen Love from Ashley and Alecia


Sharlene Minnoe posted on 9/13/07

You leave me with many, many fond memories and so many good laughs. So many to cherish and hold close to my heart. I believe your pain and sorrow have turned to happiness. Your laughs and smiles are deeply true, and knowing your not alone, gives me comfort. It makes me smile to look back and think of the 4th of July at Sandi's remember you steeling my "buttery nipples". They were good weren't they? Make sure they have plenty there in heaven and try to save me some for when I see you again. I know you will, cause you can do anything. Good night and I love you sis! Love always and forever, your little sis


Sandy posted on 9/13/07

You all know how sorry I am for your great loss. I'm also very sorry that I can't be there for the shoulder to cry on and arms to return much needed hugs. All of you are in my heart and prayers. I love you all Love Sandy


Lorelei Jessick posted on 9/13/07

Nana was like a grandmother to me. She always greated me with a smile and open arms and treated me like one of her own. I will never forget her kindness and how welcome she made me feel. I loved her very much and wish i could have been with her more. Nana will always have a special place in my heart and will never be forgotten.


Janice Falconer posted on 9/13/07

I offer my condolence to Mary's family. Mary was a great internet friend to me. I will miss her very much. I would like to offer the family a poem which I wrote. Light He offers light at the beginning of time. He offers light as we grow and shine. Light shines so bright when we age. Light gives life and love. He offers light to eternity. Light is bright at the end of time. By Janice Falconer


Kenny B. posted on 9/14/07

My deepest sympathies to you and your family


Deanna posted on 9/14/07

I will miss your mom so much. I remember your mom and my mom taking us to the beach and it seemed that we could never go the the same beach twice. Those 2 always got lost. Shafika and Stefanie you have had so much loss in your lives but you both are such strong women I know in time you will pull through this as well. I love you both Love Deanna


Denise Schooler posted on 9/23/07

I don't think us girls will ever forget the wooden spoon. We all got it for staying up tlaking and laughing, its sonething to laugh about now. I will always love and miss her.


Fran & Harold MacPherson posted on 9/14/07

Dear Marianne, You are a wonderful sister, and we will miss you terribly. We know you are now with Valia and Michael and are finally at peace. We love you, Sis. May the Good Lord Bless and Keep you always. Love, Fran & Harold