Condolences for Donald William Theusch, Sr

Maggie&Glen Knight&famly posted on 10/3/07

Dear Carol and famly so sorry to hear about Don We will miss him .I think often about the Times we had snowmobiling up north and the camp. Those were good times and great memories . and I will never forget the racing and the fact that if not for Don I would not have been able to race. Iwill tell every one I know about Don


Karen Henderson posted on 10/3/07

The Doctors and Staff of your vets office, Hanover Regional Animal just wanted you to know how much we loved Mr. Theusch's visits. He was certainly a character and will be missed. We know that Queenie, Tiki, Chop Chop, Casper and Kim will miss him too.


Sara and Derrick posted on 10/2/07

Sonja and Kelly-we are so sorry to hear about your loss. You both are some of our closest friends and we are here for you. Your grandfather must have been a man of such integrity because it shows in you Sonja. I am sorry we never got to meet him, but know that you both are in our thoughts and prayers.


Sonja and Kelly Henry posted on 10/1/07

Grandpa, We love you SO much!!! You were my Rock and EVERYTHING that stood for good. My Dad, My Hero, My Grandpa, My Everything! You were always there. The Jack of All Trades. The Teacher. The Mentor. "Not bad for an ol' Truck Driver" was my favorite saying of yours. I miss you winking at me and your "Rabbit Face". To my Family~We are here and we love you!!! Stay strong for Grandpa! To my Grandma~He loved you more than life and is still here for you...Don't forget that. You have all of us to rely on...Aunt Marie, Aunt Madeline, Mom, Aunt Donna, Uncle Billy, Me & Kelly, Garrett AND all of your grandkids and great grandkids. We love you Grandpa and rest for us. We will make it. And, don't worry, we will take care of Grandma! I promise!!!! Sonja


Donna and Gil posted on 11/16/07

Dad. Still forever thinking of you. We put a beautiful plaque at your site with all the other beautiful things that your loving family has placed there. We are all holding on to each other and our memories will forever go on as time passes. Mom still has her moments as we all do. However, we all are there for her no matter what! We love you! Gil and Donna


Mike and Louise Smith posted on 10/1/07

Our thoughts are with you in this time of sorrow.


Donald w Theusch jr posted on 11/20/07

We love you Mom we are are all here for you.We all try to play it off like Dad and act like we are tuff like he taught us, but we are as not as good as he was we still show are hurt. If you look at all your kids I think you will see a lot of Dad in us and maybe you will see good I see great we all have learned from the best teacher there ever was. I love you Mom and we will forever be there for you


Denise, Norman, & Brandi posted on 10/1/07

I never meet another man with such a strong presence, only to find he had the softest of hearts. Uncle Don has always held a special place in my heart....and he always will. My heart goes out to the rest of the family and expecially to aunt Carol. Please know that I am there in heart & mind and only wish you the strength to help you deal with your loss. I miss you all & will miss uncle Don dearly. Lovingly, I remain, Denise


Jess posted on 2/2/08

You know, I was telling a friend about you the other day. I mimicked the way you would talk when you would "speak in different languages" and 'til this day I don't know if it was or not, but we shared in a laugh... And that friend said, he must have been a great guy... and I said, " you don't know the half of it."


Carol Hughley posted on 10/1/07

Tammy, I'm sorry to hear about your dad but just thinking about his birthday party at the hospital surrounded by soooo much love puts a smile on my face! May you cherish the wonderful memories that you and your family have with your father. I will keep you in prayer. Love, Carol


Jess posted on 12/9/07

hey gramps, was thinking of you today. I was sitting down at the table and I dazed off into a day dream, as if to live our last conversation again, maybe it is you not allowing me to forget it. I asked you if the food was good, you answered as if you expected me to ask it with a prompt "No." Normally in the past you would pick on me, or speak to me with a stern voice, I know out of love. But this time, this time was different. You spoke to me as if I was as close to you as a friend. The calmness over your voice made me feel as if it would be ok. Even though I know you are ok, it still hurts to think what I could have said, how I could have made that trip down to see you, how I could have, would have, should have... I guess Im trying to say, thank you for our last conversation, and you owe me a fishing trip. J


donald w theusch jr posted on 11/16/07

My Dad, I talk every day to you and I feel that you are there with me ,you always have and always will be, its not the same but I know that it will have to serfice , you will always be there to teach me and guide me like you have done and I hope when I see you again you will be proud.I miss and it will be a great time when we are all reunited ,I love and miss you DAD,It takes time to not feal the pain but , or so Im told ,but it is not better .I miss you so much,rest We will be there, and enjoy time and eternity together


Ol' timers in NH posted on 12/14/07

You probably wont remember us but we remember Donald and Carol and the kids from town here in tilton. Wanted to say sorry for your loss. Your family is in our prayers. God bless


Donna posted on 10/27/07

Dad, I have thought about you every day. I love you and please understand my tears have turned to MOM I know you would want Gil and I to take care of her. We will do our best. Our cacoon will shed soon and we will be back together again. I promise to try Catfish!!!!


Donald William Theusch III posted on 12/17/07

Dear Grandpa, I love you and miss you dearly. As a child growing up I saw you grandpa as a hero in so many ways. As I got older and got into problems weather in school, parents or even with the law you showed me tough love.In my ignorince I saw a tough,strong grandfather giving me a hard time, but as I got older I learned its your way of showing love because you want to see me do good and make some thing of my self.Theres so many reasons I want to be a strong willed man as you are. And to this day I cry and try to stay stong for you. Along with that, try my best to live up to you name here on out! We all miss you and Ill help grandma any way I can. Yall are my heart. And to this day you are still my hero! I love you grandpa and cant wait to meet you there!


Donna posted on 11/2/07

I miss you everyday DAD. However, I know we all must go on until we meet again. We are trying, but there are times that we can not make sense of the situation. We are working hard to help other people from having to suffer such as you. I know that is what you would want. We love you dearly and will be with you when the time comes. Love, Donna, Gil, Julia, and Jack


Jessica posted on 10/28/07

The grass was a green, we will never see here on earth. The rolling hills took me to a lake of clear light blue water, a slight breeze caused the water to ripple on the edge. In the distance someone sits, under an old oak tree. The leaves sway in the breeze as the petite clouds pass ahead. Everything seems perfect. The sight is refreshing. I walk towards the person sitting in white under the tree. It is him. Fishing, not to catch anything, just to pass the time. He is waiting patiently to be reunited. "It is ok here. I am home. I will meet you all at the gates. Don't be sad for me. I am home." At this moment I realized I was standing next to you Grandpa. The colors of the place you call home was so inviting. You are home. The smile on your face was so calming. I sit next to you, looking over the water. For a split second I was home. Bringing myself back to reality, for I am not home yet. But I'll never forget my visit with you Grandpa. Together, at home.


Donna Pope & Steve McAllister posted on 9/30/07

You are in our prayers. May your precious memories bring you peace in the days ahead.


Donna,Gil,Jack, & Julia posted on 9/29/08

Dad, it has been a year with out you. We are all doing our best to absorb our loss and to care for our mother. You would be proud of your kids. We love you so much!! Donna, Gil, Jack, & Julia


Jackie Watson posted on 10/1/07

Carole, Tammy & Family: My thoughts are with you through this difficult time. If there is anything I can do let me know. Jackie


Donna,Gil,Jack, & Julia posted on 9/18/08

Hey Dad, We miss you and have not forgotten. We know your birthdate is soon approaching. However, we wanted you to know that we are thinking of you and you will always be in our hearts. Life is short and the travel is tedious...we will see you soon. Love you, Donna,Gil,Jack, & Julia


Donna posted on 10/13/09

Dad, I miss you very much. Mom is doing better and has done what you have asked. Not all family members are pleased. However, this was your final wish as you have told it to me and Gil. We love you and always will. I know you are waiting for us and we all will be there soon. Love Donna, Gil, Jack and Julia


Donna and Gil posted on 10/6/07

Dad, May you rest in peace as we make our closure today. We all love you dearly no matter what the circumstances. As I heard on TV the other day, "you are in our future and our family is in our present". We will all be together again. Love forever Donna and Gil


Jessica Burbank posted on 10/26/10

I can't believe it has been three years Grandpa. I miss you and wish you were still here. I know it is selfishness but I can't help feeling that way. If not for me, for those who really need your guidance. Garrett is doing well, I know you are proud, I have done my best to coach him as I know you would have but maybe not as hard lol. I just want you to know you are greatly missed and never forgotten no matter what comes up you are still and always will be the backbone to this family. Thank you for that.


Jessica posted on 10/5/07

We are a product of whom we came from; I truly hope I make you proud grandpa.


Donald W Theusch jr posted on 10/4/07

Thanks Dad for everything, you were my best freind and my teacher,you will be missed. you will never be gone you will be in are hearts and minds forever.Rest up Dad so we can go fishing again. Love your son and Family