Condolences for Else Maria Honan

Maya Cobb posted on 1/12/21

I have had the pleasure of getting to know Maria for the last four years. I was her caregiver, but she treated me as her own. When I first met her I thought there was no way I could care for someone with so much attitude, she told me when I walked in her house for the first time that I could turn right around and leave. Maria and I quickly became friends.. family. She had the kind of heart that could look right through you. As well as the kind that would do anything for you. Even on her worst days, she was always sure to ask me if I was okay. There was never a day that passed that we didn’t share a laugh. I hope you’re laughing. I’m going to miss you so much Maria. Thank you for the honor of knowing you. You will live in my heart forever. P.S. Love you more.


Gene Gilmore posted on 1/10/21

I first met Mrs. Honan around 1985. I was in High school and had signed up for a typing class, thinking it would be an easy yet boring class to fill up my credits. I was wrong on both wasn't easy...and because her son, Martin was in that class with me, it wasn't boring either. Martin constantly made me laugh and as a result, we were constantly in trouble. We became friends immediately. The first time I went to Martin's house in College Lakes (Fayetteville, NC), I experienced Mrs. Honan's commanding presence and instantly knew that I'd better be on my best behavior. As I hung around his house more, I started to experience her sharp sense of humor and understood where Martin had gotten the gift. I had nicknamed Martin "Beaker" after the character from the "The Muppet Show" because he was so tall and thin. Although, I think she would have chuckled, I never dared call Martin "Beaker" while Mrs. Honan was around ;-) I never had the privilege of getting to know Mrs. Honan as much as I would have liked, but I see her in one of my best friends. My condolences to the entire family and friends of this unforgettable lady.



Jenny peak posted on 1/9/21

In memory, we love you Maria, and we will see you when get to heaven.


Jennifer Peak posted on 1/9/21

I have known Maria for over 20 years. Her son is the father of my daughter, Faith Elizabeth Peak. Maria had a very unique sense of humor. She was loud and fun and always cracking a joke or being a total smart ass. She was fiercely loyal, generous, and strong. We shared a love of seafood, the beach, dolphins, and her son. I have many fond memories of her; watching the dolphins in HHI, screwing around with the gator in her pond to piss off the neighbors, and heart to heart conversations about her son, Martin Junior. We loved to eat out together and I would often call her just to chit chat and check-in and have her make me laugh or tell me a goofy story. I know that Maria is in heaven and we will see her again soon. Love you. Jenny Peak


Philip Hedgepeth posted on 1/9/21

A good heart has stopped beating, but a heart that has touched so many lives can’t help but live on in those she loved. I will never forget your kindness and all the great times Martin and I had sitting around upstairs talking and laughing with you. Thank you for never being too busy whenever we needed you. Thank you for teaching us that the honest truth is spoken in total candor. A wonderful soul, full of love has gone to heaven. Helen Keller said it best...” With every friend I love who has been taken into the brown bosom of the earth a part of me has been buried there; but their contribution of happiness, strength, and understanding to my being remains to sustain me in an altered world.” Mrs H. you will always be alive in our hearts and memories. My condolences Martin and to all your family.


Barbara Profenno posted on 1/8/21

I remember Maria visiting Maine with my brother, Marty, many times. Maria loved the seafood. She loved the Italian sandwiches. She and Marty enjoyed Sebago Lake and Old Orchard Beach. They enjoyed visiting relatives while they were here, in Me. I will always remember those visits with great fondness. Lots of laughter. Rest In Peace, Maria. We love you. Bob and Barbara


Jason M Smith “Jake” posted on 1/8/21

I spent time with Aunt Maria a few times when I was little at our camp in Sebago Maine, she was the life of the room and fits all the descriptions listed in this obituary. My most fond memory was when I got to spend time at the house in wilmington after graduating from Parris Island in 1992, with my mom and uncle Martin during the Beaufort SC during the christmas festival (dec 4, 92). She will be missed and I remember how much we looked forward to seeing them! The time was short but memorable and she will be missed!