Condolences for Charles Edward Bickham III

Mark Bryant posted on 1/22/21

Ed was an extraordinary man. I had the privilege of being his caregiver for over a year. He was a fighter and fought to the very end. Ed will be greatly missed. Thank you Mrs. Bickham for allowing me invest time into Ed's life while being his caregiver. May God bless you and your family.


John Rooney posted on 1/14/21

Abby, Robin and I were so sorry to hear about the passing of Ed. I was very fortunate to work under Ed as an EMS Officer for many years. He was an awesome guy, a great boss, and one of the best paramedics and instructors I’ve known. Ed always had that great smile and wonderful sense of humor. Luckily I was the subject of just a few pranks like the one Denise mentioned earlier when Ed and John Gilbert were interrogating me under a spotlight. The many Parascopes were educational and a great time because of Ed and the many other dedicated committee members. Unfortunately we can’t mention too many of those stories in this forum (LOL). Ed also taught many CPR classes for me and Robin and we received many, many compliments about his classes. Numerous people were touched by Ed’s life and we are all better people for having known him.


Mary Lou, Bill and Andy Graham posted on 1/13/21

We are saddened to hear of Ed's passing. May he rest in peace. We have said more than once the YOU Abby have gained your wings for heaven for the love and caring of Ed these many years. Ed always wanted you with him. We have so many memories of gatherings at your pool or ours and various celebrations for birthdays, anniversaries, family reunions, etc. Ed always made the best baked beans. He was a good cook and King of the BBQ. As couples we shared many nights out for dinners. Even went to Hawaii a long time ago. Together we cared for both Harry (Dad) and Fannie (Mother) through the years (as well as our sons contributing to (Fannie's) care . Together we managed the sale of the family home which eventually came together. Now we wish you a peaceful and fulfilling life in the years to come. Ed was your "ROCK" during some trying times. Ed will never be forgotten!! Especially his wonderful smile and humor. Prayers for you both.


Nancy and Phy Sandison posted on 1/11/21

Abby, We are so sorry to hear about Ed’s passing. We’re praying that he’s finally now at peace. We’ll always remember the fun times getting together and sharing a bottle (or two) of champagne with you both at our homes on Fripp Island. It’s been great having you as friends and neighbors. You’re in our thoughts and prayers. Warmest regards.


Roger M. Stone, M.D. - MCFRS EMS posted on 1/11/21

Dear Ms. Bickham (Abby). Eddie was an icon here, and I remember him as the gateway to the later modernization of the Medical Director position in the 2000’s. He graciously hosted my short rotation in 1997 within the first EMS fellowship in Maryland, so I got to study EMS supervision, and perspective on the system allowing my start in 2001. He remains a fixture in all our memories. Hoping the knowledge of how big and adoring his extended MCFRS family is will bring comfort to you in these difficult times. Roger


Laura Trumm posted on 1/11/21

Sending prayers to Abby and her family. I will always remember that big smile he would get on his face when he would see Abby . It was a great pleasure to help care for Ed. Wonderful man


Laura Trumm posted on 1/11/21

Sorry for your loss Abby . It was a pleasure to help care for Ed .I will always remember that big smile he had . He was a wonderful man . Sending my condolences to you and your family.


Colleen Crown posted on 1/10/21

So many great memories of Eddie-both professional and social! He was an outstanding paramedic, a conscientious instructor, and a fine Officer. So many wonderful social times with him. Monty and I both extend our heartfelt condolences to you Abby, and your family. Eddie will long be remembered


Rick Long posted on 1/10/21

Dear Abby, I am so sorry to her about the passing of Ed. He was a good friend and golf partner. From the beginning days at Wheaton till our final days together on the 12th floor it was an honor to work along side of Ed. My fondest memories were the pranks we pulled together and the ones we pulled on each other. I also remember the many golf trips he and I took along with Dan. It was a privilege to have Ed as a partner, supervisor but most of all as a friend. Abby, you will be in out prayers.


Denise Pouget posted on 1/10/21

Dear Abby and family, Pat and I miss you and love you. Ed was so fun! We have so many memories. We love you both for attending our holy union in 1996! A funny Ed story (there are so many)...I will never forget the day Dan found Beth's (our daughters) tights for dance in the EMS car! Poor John Rooney....we will leave it at that! If I had a dime for everytime we laughed I'd have a fortune! He was a great boss, had a great sense of humor and was such a joy to be around. Live, hugs and prayers to you all.


Sheri M. Weisgerber posted on 1/10/21

I was so sorry to hear of Eddie's death. I remember him when he visited Station 8 in the early 80's. He was always so nice and easy to talk to. May he Rest in Peace. With condolences, Sheri


Sheri M. Weisgerber posted on 1/10/21

Dear Abby, I was so sad to learn of Eddie's death. I knew him in the early 80's when he did station visits to Station 8. He was always so nice and easy to talk to. He will be missed. May he Rest in Peace. With condolences to you and family, Sheri


Pat McTighe posted on 1/10/21

My thoughts and prayers to Ed's family. It was an honor to work with Eddie when he was the 'B' Shift Chief and I was the 'B' Shift Scheduler, his compassion to help someone either at work or off the job was real. Thanks Eddie for everything RIP


Pat McTighe posted on 1/10/21

My thoughts and prayers to Eddie's family. I was privledged to work with Eddie when he was the Shift Chief and I was the B shift scheduler. He was there to help me in my personal life and I will never forget that.


Marcine D. Goodloe posted on 1/10/21

An outstanding man who I believe was either the first Paramedic or one of the first ones.. He shared his knowledge and I never saw him without a smile on his face or a kind word.. God rest his soul.


Jon Fiedler posted on 1/10/21

Abby, deepest condolences, thoughts and prayers to you and your family. Eddie was one hell of a person. Always caring, thoughtful and fun to be around. I will always remember the EMT instructor revert where he and I were paired as partners. We hadn’t practiced together and didn’t do well in the Hare Traction splint station but he was like oh well we will do better next time. I have thought of him many times sine her retired and unfortunately for me didn’t stay in touch. May he Rest In Peace and your family always have the great memories of him.


Linda Dowdy posted on 1/10/21

I worked with Eddie on the 12th floor at Headquarters. He was such a funny man and had a great sense of humor. He was so kind to everyone. I'm sorry for your loss.


Bob Reams posted on 1/10/21

Edward will be missed by all of the people that he interacted with. Specially the medics that benefited from his encouragement and help. May he Rest In Peace.


Lynda Edwards- Foster posted on 1/10/21

Abby, there are no words that convey my heart ache for you. Ed was a delightful man and a joy to know. You are in my thoughts and prayers. All my love to you and your family.


Bob Stephenson posted on 1/10/21

Abby, I am so saddened by the news of Ed’s death. He will be missed. Blessings to you and the family.


Jim Resnick posted on 1/9/21

Abby and family: I join others in sharing our condolences on the passing of Ed. I had the honor of working under Ed for many years as a paramedic and then as an EMS officer, and there was never a time that I spent with him that was not pleasant, professional, but above all, fun. Even as we worked on budgets and other miserable jobs, Ed's wisdom and sense of humor made the work enjoyable. And as others have mentioned, as a paramedic and as a paramedic instructor, he was absolutely tops. May the memory of Ed Bickham be a blessing to all who loved him.


Willa Little-Gratz posted on 1/9/21

Dear Abby, I was so conflicted to hear of Eddie's passing. I hope that you know I am thinking of you and the family. You know how much we all loved Ed. He was a a good man to work with for 25 years. He was intelligent, an excellent PM and Instructor and well liked by all his students and personnel he supervised. He had a great sense of humor too. One thing I will never forget was at a PM recertification I had my rabbit, Hugs there and Ed being the gentleman tried to hold the carrot for Hugs to eat. Hugs thought he was taking the carrot and chased Ed across the foyer of the academy. It was funny to watch...I have so many great memories of Ed and you that I can reflect on You are in my thought and prayers..


RVFD posted on 1/9/21

The Rockville Volunteer Fire Department (Rockville, MD) passes along it's condolences to Ed Bickham's Family. Ed was a good friend to our Department, he took care of us, passed his EMS knowledge along to our members and we thank him for that and his service to our Department and the Rockville Community. May he rest in peace.


Mike Hall posted on 1/9/21

Dear Abby and family — Donna and I want to offer our deepest sympathy and condolences on the passing of Ed. He was a terrific colleague, friend and an outstanding officer who was well respected and revered by all those whom he worked with. Ed was a pioneer in emergency medical services and contributed so much to the evolution of our nation’s EMS response. Please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.