Condolences for John McDonald Giles, III

Dom & Viv posted on 2/16/21

We were so sorry to hear about John’s passing. We first met John when we were doing a walk-through to clean his property. We were called and greeted at the door by Marianne, who through our witness has proven to be an angel by his side. At first John came off as a very stern individual who clearly was not happy strangers would be infringing on his person space lol. But after spending some time here and there to get to know John, we realized there was a beautiful person within his tough exterior that loved to reminisce. The best stories come from those who have lived them and in those stories we were privileged to mentally experience them as if we were right by his side in history. We’ve learned that John has experienced more about living than most people would in multiple lifetimes, and in that we find happiness knowing that he always followed his heart.


Birdy Hartman hall posted on 2/16/21

Hi Marianne. Lyles did I are so sorry to hear of John’s passing. Lyle told me memories of a great Bahama cruise with you and John. I know how special you are to the boys and Michelle. I will always be thankful of the care you and John gave her when she moved back east. My best to you. Xoxo. Lyle and Birdy


Carol Kacmar Collns posted on 2/16/21

Marriane, Checking on FB this evening .The only news of course in bad News. Sorry to see the passing of John. Sounds like the two of you made many good memories together. Until you meet again May John R. I. P.