Condolences for Stephen Michael Kempton

Dorothea Williamson posted on 4/5/21

Dearest Liz &Dean I just heard about Stephen's passing today Easter Sunday.I am so sorry.l have fond memories of him as a young boy when I would visit with you.If I can do anything for you let me know.Just know the both of you and Lisa are in my prayers.My hear is do sad for you. Love


Kenny McKee and Family posted on 3/14/21

I will remember Stephen's fun-loving and calm spirit. I have wonderful memories of hanging out at Stephen's house when I was a kid. I knew I had the coolest cousins (Stephen, Lisa, and Brian), and I looked up to them so much. We send our love to all of Stephen's loved ones. We are sending you all peace and comfort.



Sue Rinaldi posted on 3/13/21

I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I wish I had the words to comfort you but there are none for a time like this. You are in my thoughts and prayers.


Larry Kempton posted on 3/13/21

Dear Stephen, I will always remember our childhood as you were more of a brother to me than a nephew. I remember when we were kids and getting caught smoking your moms cigarettes and she said that if we wanted to use tobacco we could go to the store and buy some chewing tobacco and gave us a couple of dollars. Boy did she teach us! We were so sick we had to lay on the ground along side the road. She really taught us a lesson! That night we camped in the back yard and practiced chewing just a little bit so the next day we could show her that we liked it! I can say that was the last time for our tobacco chewing days! I also remember being in the boy scouts with you and camping. On one camping trip, we woke up to discover that you were covered in chigger bites head to toe! That ended the camping trip and I remember your mom putting clear fingernail polish all over you. I remember one Christmas while your sister Lisa was playing with her doll house, we took her easybake oven and made some cakes. Man were those good! The only thing is that we used all of the cake mix that came with the oven and when Lisa found out she was furious with us! (sorry Lisa).I remember us catching this big bullfrog and took it back to the house and wanted to see what it would do if we threw it in with the chickens! The poor bullfrog let out a scream and you were in there saving its life! We returned the bullfrog to the creek with our apologies. I remember later in life when I had moved to Winston Salem, I would get a call from you and your brother Brian and ask me if you could come visit. I would say sure when are you coming? You would reply right now! we're sitting in your driveway! There are so many more memories that I will cherish in my heart and will keep you in my heart as that young kind hearted, mischievous, fun loving boy. Until we meet again rest in peace...Uncle Larry