Condolences for Wilford Wallace Patterson, III

Corinne posted on 7/13/21

17 years later I’ll never be able to meet you like I wanted. I just don’t understand life sometimes. I’ve waited all this time to turn 18 so I could finally be able to see you but I’ll never have the chance to do that. I can’t believe you never wanted to to except me as your own and I’ve had to live with a missing piece in my heart of why my own dad didn’t want me. I hope you can at least watch over me and see the great person I am since we never got to physically meet.


Renea Harrelson Walker posted on 4/19/21

Janet my heart is heavy for you as I read the passing of your son. In months to come I hope you can overcome the grief and cherish the memories you have of being his Mom.


Barbara Griffin posted on 4/13/21

Wally I’m so sorry hearing about Little Wally .I hope you are doing ok My thoughts and prayers are with you I have heard good things about him.I know he is with your mama and you know she will take good care of him.l love you very much and may God always be with you.Your Cousin Barbara


Billie Edwards posted on 4/12/21

Wally has always been such a free spirited person! Always had a smile on his face as he would work on cars and joking with the high baby no more pain. You will be truly missed by family and friends!!


Johnnie Whaley posted on 4/12/21

I hope you have that tire store in haven you always wanted. Thanks for all the Knowledge about tires you gave me.



Dale Lovitt posted on 4/12/21

I have many memories of Wally growing up through the years! I will miss him always.


Ryan c posted on 4/12/21

Wally made me a better musician and I have not one bad memory between us.he was an awesome friend and it hurts to see him leave us all.


Timmy blake posted on 4/11/21

I love you brother I'm going to miss the hell out of you I'm just glad I got all of our good times to rember.



Kim posted on 4/11/21

You were always so sweet and respectful to me and Terry - I really do wish I’d had the chance to know you better- God Speed to Heaven


Michelle posted on 4/11/21

RIP Wally, you were one awesome guy, I will miss and love you always !!! Prayers for the family !!!


Jennifer Lovitt posted on 4/11/21

I can't believe your gone its unreal to me I will always remember our last conversation it will stay with me forever cousin I love you and will always miss you rest in peace.


Daniel Philip posted on 4/10/21

I met wally while we were in kindergarten living in Grants mobile home park he was my oldest friend I love you man you will be missed


Brayton Oakes posted on 4/10/21

Wally was part of our crew in highschool. He was a good dude. Funny, generous, good hearted. I'm glad he was part of my life. R.I.P. Wally



Pam posted on 4/9/21

Such a good respectful young man gone to soon but will never be forgotten



Pam posted on 4/9/21

Such a sweet and very respectful man you dont meet many ppl as respectful as he was


Kimberly Bryant posted on 4/9/21

I will always remember how you had my back growing up, you were like a big brother, my protector. Rest easy Cuzzo


Kimberly Bryant posted on 4/9/21

I’ll always remember how you had my back growing up, you are my big brother, my protector. Watch over your mom, and will take care of her on earth. Rest easy Cuzzo


Kimberly Bryant posted on 4/9/21

I’ll never forget how you always had my back growing up, you’re my big brother my protector. Watch over your mom and will take care of her on earth. Rest in peace Cuzzo


Samantha Lovitt posted on 4/9/21

I love you cuzzo and will forever cherish all the memories with you. Fly high and watch over mama, we'll take care of her down here.❤


Morgan Mitchell posted on 4/9/21

You will forever be in my heart. You gave me the greatest gift ever and I will always have a part of you with me for the rest of my life. You will be missed greatly.. Rest in peace babypie..



Diane Gunter posted on 4/8/21

Prayers for the family and may you Rest In Peace


Pam posted on 4/8/21

One of nicest most respectable people anyone could have ever met RIP little Wally fly high



Anne & Odell patterson posted on 4/8/21

You will be miss


Shirley Patterson Lovitt posted on 4/8/21

Miss ya much and love without end. A beautiful, respectful young man gone to soon.



Shirley Patterson Lovitt posted on 4/8/21

I know you're gone but Im gonna miss ya much. Most respectful baby ever. You will always be in my heart.