Condolences for William Edward Sweeney

Larren (Larry) Calderwood posted on 4/26/21

Bill was one of the nicest guys I knew and worked with at Prudential. He was known throughout our Group Sales Department as someone to emulate and look up to. He will be remembered by all of us with a smile and great memories.


Donna and Tony posted on 4/19/21

We will miss Bill very much. Seeing Bill walking his dog and reading on the beach made Summer official in Chadwick Beach.


Carol Banks posted on 4/18/21

There are many great memories of Bill at Pru, the Jersey Shore, the Hunt and the many social gatherings where Bill enjoyed being with all of us and earned the title "last man standing". I will miss his visits to our house at the shore and his kind, gentle nature. He will be missed but will remain in our hearts and surely will be remembered at our future get togethers. Condolences to Rosie and the family. With love, Carol


Trish DeMallie posted on 4/18/21

I have such fond memories of working at the Prudential New Jersey Group Office with Bill. He was intelligent, kind and funny. A Pru after work party always improved after Bill arrived. Condolences to Rosie and his family. Trish DeMallie


Jane Jacobs posted on 4/18/21

So unlike Bill to leave these giant holes in everyone’s heart. Always kind, fun, funny and ageless. We will miss you dreadfully and toast you often.


Randy Morehouse posted on 4/15/21

I have known Bill from Farleys Point for all of my life. He was also smiling and quick to laugh. It is impossible to think of Farleys without thinking of Bill. His passing feels more like the loss of a family member than the loss of a friend. He will be sorely missed. I am so sorry.


Dan Mcintosh posted on 4/15/21

A GOOD Friend!


Bruce, Jen, Mitch, Jill De Vita. posted on 4/15/21

Billllllllll!!! He will always be remembered as Billllllll! Parties at Chadwick Beach will never be the same. Bill and Rosie would walk across the street to our house, after a few Dark and Stomies, sitting outside to all hours of the night,laughing always. Our house, our parties at 56 Bay Way will never be the same! Billlll was one of the "good guys " and a true friend. He will be greatly missed. RIP!❤


Russell Haywood and family posted on 4/15/21

Hey Rosie, it was so awesome having you and Bill as our neighbors in the tides. Bill was always a positive light in all of our lives. Every day he was out and about walking the dog and always has something nice to say. His smile and attitude were infectious. Always willing to share a story or a beer with anyone. I will miss his milk punch at the New Year’s Day party. He made it so special by stirring it with his hairy arms. St. Patrick’s Day parties were the best! You couldn’t ask for a better time with the coolest people in the best neighborhood. It was so sad when we found out that Bill was fighting cancer. I cannot tell you how grateful I am that you invited Carla and I over to spend time with Bill during his last days. Those days will always be in my heart and I am so happy that Bill was surrounded by many friends and family in the end. Bill will certainly be missed by many here on earth. It really makes me happy to know he’s now in heaven hanging out with Tim drinking red wine, laughing and looking down on all of us knowing one day we will all be together again. Thinking of you and the entire family during these challenging times. I’m glad he did not suffer and he went peacefully into the arms of God. May you be touched by goodness and grace and hold the memories close to your heart. Condolences from Russell, Carla and Ella


Paul Cimino posted on 4/14/21

My sincere condolences to Rosie and all the family. Bill was a wonderful person, full of life, and always made you feel welcome. From Pru days when he was a mentor without trying, to making the Hunt a special event, when you spoke with him, his attention was toward you. I am grateful for his friendship and for all I learned from him which will stay with me always.


Gwen Glazier posted on 4/14/21

It's hard to describe how friendships grow with the people you work with, but over time you get to know the person, their family and what drives them the most. Bill always handled it all so well. Bill, thanks for staying in touch over the years and including me (not just in the work), but in the fun -- it was my pleasure to know you! Always in our hearts......gwen


Pat Beyle posted on 4/14/21

I have a book full of memories from when Bill was growing up. My mother and his mother were best friends. Bill drove me to the church in my bridal gown to get married in Syracuse on April 13, 1957..



Gwen Glazier posted on 4/14/21

A friend indeed -- thanks for taking the time to keep in touch Bill & Rosie! May Bill's light always keep shining! Always in our hearts, Gwen


Sue and Mike Ziegler posted on 4/14/21

The twinkle in Bill's eye will be missed by all. It was special. Bill was always in the midst of fun at Farley's and it will never be the same without him.


George Slocum posted on 4/14/21

What a great guy! I go way back with Bill to friendly summer days at Farley’s Point and college days on the hill at Cornell. All The Best to Rosie and the boys!


Geoff Childs posted on 4/14/21

Farleys Point has lost one of its finest residents, a man who expressed generosity through his smile, good humor, and endless supply of odd tools. His water ski wipe outs attained legendary status, and who can ever forget the antics with spuds and accelerants? Rest in peace, my friend. Farleys Point will not be the same without you.


Frank Corsi posted on 4/14/21

I knew Bill from his Pru days. He was a gentle and kind man. At company social functions, when he spoke to you, he looked at you and actually listened and thought about what you said, a rarity. Bill and Rosie were always a fun couple to hang with at conferences and social events to share laughs and good times. Most importantly, Bill did not advance himself by making someone else look small.


Nancy Day and family posted on 4/14/21

I was so sad to hear of Bill’s passing. Bay Way won’t be the same without him. He was a great neighbor and I always enjoyed our conversations. I’ll really miss seeing Finn walk him down the street several times a day. You’re in my thoughts and prayers. ❤️


Ann Servais posted on 4/14/21

I learned so much from Bill while working with him at Pru. I know some of us still remember the annual canoe trip that he and Roger hosted and it was always great to reconnect at The Hunt. My condolences go out to you Rosie and your family.


Cookie posted on 4/14/21

It was always the highlight of my summer when you all would arrive to Farleys point and make the trip to Pumpkin Hill! I am so thankful that I had the pleasure of seeing you at Treleaven and my prayers are with you Rosie and your family.


Claire Morehouse posted on 4/13/21

I never heard Bill say anything negative about anyone! Rosie, Bill, and Kevin, Know I am thinking of you. He will be missed by so many.


Ray bascio posted on 4/13/21

So sad to here of Bill’s passing. A fellow Pru group rep of legendary status.. I enjoyed many great times with Bill . Please accept my most sincere condolences.