Condolences for George T. Hepbron, III

Austin Kuklinski posted on 9/10/21

George will forever be my hero. Every single time I visited Helen and him, he was always there, smiling. He has done so much and I will never forget him. I will miss him so much.


Patricia Robbins posted on 6/2/21

Dear Helen, I am so sorry for your loss and that of your lovely and large extended family. I only knew George through you and your news of the big family events when all the girls were coming to town, and always noted the wonderful devotion and closeness of your family. Please know you are in my thoughts at this sad time.


Roger and Judy Evans posted on 5/23/21

We got know George over the last 12 years and more recently as a neighbor across the street. He was a soft spoken and gentle soul and always smiling. We are still finding it hard to deal with the loss. We know Helen is devastated and relishes her memories of their long and faithful relationship. We so appreciate the opportunity of knowing him as we did. He made our lives better.


Susan Hepbron Tantum posted on 5/15/21

It is next to impossible for me to sum up my fathers life in just a few paragraphs... He blessed this earth and each life he touched for 93 years..... his legacy will live on with each and everyone of his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren he leaves behind. A friend asked me “ What kind of father was your Dad?” He was a very gentle, kind and compassionate father.... ALWAYS funny... always making us laugh.. He never talked negatively about anyone... He had a strong faith in God (his faith helped to lead me in my spiritual walk...for which I am eternally grateful). I was blessed these past few years to be able to spend time with him.... getting to know him better... (He and I were like “buds”...always looking forward to going out to eat for breakfast...then lunch...then dinner!! That was the highlight of his day!) I always knew (in my heart) that my time with him was limited so, I cherished each moment I had to spend with him.... even up until the last breath he took on this earth.... I was blessed to be with him and pray with him as he made his transition from death ... to life eternally.... he has a new more pain... Yes, Dad...I will see you one day again... We have a void in our lives without his presence with us....but, we also hold onto the promise of God that we will one day be united with him in heaven... Praise God!!!!!


Kathleen and George DeFusco posted on 5/13/21

Truly a Gentleman for all time, prayers and love to your family, with peace in your hearts, from a little Hewins kid class of 1969, from Hightstown, Nj


John Rawdanowicz posted on 5/10/21

My memory of the George begins around age 14 when the family of George and Mary Hepbron lived on Lincoln Avenue in Hightstown where many of my school friends lived and played and swam in the Millstone River a stone throw from the Hepbron home where George and Mary raised a large family of six girls, all as close as a year apart, one just as beautiful as the next. My first one on one conversation with George was when I was sent to the principal’s office for scrapping on school property, I was terrified as I opened the door to his office knowing the consequences would mean suspension but oddly the meeting left me with the impression of a kind and gentle man dishing out my penalty only to face a different tone of justice at home by my dad. Fast forward from 1962 to 1969 when George and Mary’s #3 daughter Debby (16) and I (20) locked eyes and hearts at first site on Main Street Hightstown now I’m spending days and dinners with George and family at their Dover Lane home in East Windsor, NJ my favorite was Mary’s pot roast where their pooch Eunice began sacrificing the left overs with a competitor. The years and careers flew by for all of us unfortunately throwing a curve ball that struck at the heart of George and Mary’s union of many years yet neither never skipped a beat at being a dedicated, loving and caring parents though not together. George and I shared countless times together for example trips to Canada, Lake George, Florida Keys, and days at the track having a beer and hot dog or Atlantic City enjoying comps of great steaks and lobster tails. George was my go-to guy when going through my own difficulties as a young man growing up and finding my way as a new dad and trying to be the best I could be. Our conversations, and by his example, gave guidance to who I am today as I looked up to him as a model of near perfection. Fast forward 1982 in the middle of a law enforcement career and ending a twelve-year military obligations Deb and I had the first of our two girls Jamie and Jenny both joining the ranks of the Hepbron grandchildren that blossomed over the years to a herd of great grandchildren where George dedicated his life to nurturing in so many ways many whom I suspect will share their own special relationship with George in their memorials. George and Helen did a wonderful job carrying on the traditions the family grew accustomed to especially during the holidays and family reunions that took place. One most notable reunion given as a farewell gift to all the family was that by our dear Aunt Adele Hepbron, sister to George’s father, who brought us all together one last time at Silver Bay Lake George N.Y. Adele was loved and adored by all who knew her it must be a family trait since George exemplifies everything beautiful in Adele who was adored and loved by so many. It’s difficult to pay homage to someone you’ve known for nearly 50 years in a few short paragraphs and in a memorial to a man whose personality and wonderful character was so large. I can only say “I hope to have done you proud as I tried to be half the man you were.” Goodbye George you will be missed beyond words as you leave a void in so many hearts, we know you are in a better place and one day we will all meet again in spirit maybe even at our beloved Silver Bay Lake George.


Debby Hepbron Rawdanowicz posted on 5/10/21

I am still having a very difficult time with loosing my father I was certain he was going to pull thru this....he has always been a strong willed person! Full of life and always joking around. Being raised in a family of six girls (no boys) was a priceless experience that I will always cherish. Having my dad as my principal was a challenge for me yet a special memory as well❤️ I imagine it was the same for my dad..I have so many happy memories of growing up with my dad....camping trips...Drive In Movies..Halloween parades...summers in Silver Bay, Lake George with my Aunt Adele.. our Volkswagen Van...trips to my grandparents house in Connecticut..but as life takes each of us on different journeys it did for George as well... Helen now had the task of keeping the family gatherings together. She and George did a wonderful job and we continued to have our sisters reunion every summer..keeping the special bond that’s sisters have with each other Dad I miss you terribly and still cry when I realize you are gone I am happy you lived a long happy life that you can be proud of just as I am to be your daughter ‘‘Goodbye and Godbless’’ Until we meet again.... love you Forever Debby Hepbron Rawdanowicz


Jamie Forrest posted on 5/10/21

George – was the grandfather who believed in imaginary pets (when our dog passed away when I was younger), he let the grandkids “style” his hair, he let me map the course for a 3 hour road trip across eastern North Carolina (I was under 10 years old)….we may have taken the back roads and a lot longer than needed, but that was George - full of love, life and laughter. For George family was always a priority and him and Helen opened their home to organize family holidays, summers for the grandkids, or organized family and sister reunions. George touched so many people in his life in such a positive way.


Jenny Rawdanowicz posted on 5/9/21

I will always remember my Grandpa George for being a fun loving man, full of life, ready to enjoy every single moment. I can not picture any memory or moment with him where there was not a big smile on his face and love pouring out of his heart. He was always so full of joy, laughter, love and life. George made Christmas so special as a kid with all of the cousins. George would always find fun activities for all of us grandchildren to do and he made sure to show love and attention to each and every one of us too (17 cousins)! That’s a lot of love to give and George was the perfect man for the job. I am grateful for the recent memories I have had with him over the past few years, as well as the bond he had with my father John and the influence he had upon his life too. He loved his 6 beautiful daughters so very much and taught me so much through his heartfelt dedication. It is no surprise that each of his daughters (my Mother Debby and my five wonderful aunts) are just a wonderful and loving as their father was too. His legacy lives on in the lives of his 6 beautiful daughters and all of their families as well. We are so very blessed for George’s roots and influence in and on our family tree. His girls are a direct representation of who he was, I am blessed to have 5 aunts and a wonderful mother who embody the best pieces of George too, including his great big heart! It is so comforting to me knowing that his girls were the ones there with him by his side day and night comforting him, and lifting him up in love right up until the very end. Loyalty and love runs deep in the Hepbron family and it all stems back to George. Forever grateful for the blessing of his earthly spirit, and now forever grateful for the blessing of his Heavenly spirit too. I love you George. Until we meet again, in Heaven..


frank zoltanski posted on 5/7/21

George was a very bright and clever man who loved his family very much. He seemed to know a little bit about evrything and was happy to converse on any subject. He was very witty and i am extremely happy that his jokes were worse than mine.


Derek Woods posted on 5/7/21

If anyone has any pictures of George or would like to record a voice recording of a fond memory with him, im putting a special video Collage together for him. Please feel free to send anything - pictures, memories, videos, to me at My Grandfather, my friend... GEORGEY PORGEY... the youngest 93 year old to ever walk this earth. You taught us all how to enjoy life. You were my best Golfing Buddy, the reason I play (and you always beat me even in your late 80’s... hitting the ball straight down the fairway every time) And That was George... just like his Consistent Golf game, he was consistent in life. You always got the same George. George was the definition of FUN. I’ve never seen George mad or sad... George never dwelled on the negative, he just lived and lived well and when he walked in a room, the room got brighter. You have 12 grandchildren and 19 grandkids who all saw you as a Celebrity - who all loved your company. You can’t say that about a lot of 90 year olds. George could make you smile just by looking at you... there’s more I can and will say one day... But George I think about you Everytime I’m on a Golf Course. Your legacy will live on forever in your 6 strong daughters and their families. I think we’re all just so happy we got to call you our dad, Grandfather, and friend. And I hope there’s 1 day old black Coffee for you in Heaven - LoL - I’ll never forget how you always drank a coffee that had been been roasting in a 90 degree car overnight. Just one of a thousand funny memories I have of my very special Grandfather We love you ‍♂️


Barbara Swann posted on 5/7/21

George was a fine man who was devoted to his wife and family. He was also a good friend. Jsck and I spent many a Monday night at our special booth at K38 on taco night He will be sorely missed.


Robin Wright posted on 5/7/21

Jon and I want to offer Helen and George´s girls our deepest sympathies. We always enjoyed our visits with them in Wilmington reminiscing of our New Jersey days. We will miss him. Our thoughts are with you. Robin Wright


Misti Britt posted on 5/5/21

I always loved seeing Mr Hepron and his beautiful dog when they would come to Walgreens. (I always wanted his dog, lol) He was always such a sweet man.