Condolences for Scott Sanford

Shelley Hayes Dehne posted on 12/27/21

Incredibly sad to learn of this loss. The laughs, shenanigans, life lessons…so much love and always a friendship that no amount of time or distance would change. Scott you were a game changer in my life. I am so grateful for our time together and now am here only wishing we had more! No one takes the place of someone like you. There will forever be a spot in my heart where all of what we shared will be kept safely tucked away as a reminder of you, of us and what an incredible person you were for me. Until we meet again, Scott. Meanwhile, I hope you are knee-deep in the water somewhere!


Karen posted on 7/29/21

Scott...You shared this thought with me months ago when I was missing someone I loved and lost... "It's okay to feel sad. If it were me looking in on you from the other side, I'd want you to celebrate our time together and the wonderful and beautiful family and memories we created, and remember me with joy. "... I am so sad that you are gone. I hope you are looking in on me now, knowing that I am grateful for the special times and love we shared and that I am remembering you with joy. I will miss you. Rest in peace!


Debbie posted on 7/24/21

I will miss you Scott. Our time together will always be remembered.


William Bertolet Jr posted on 7/23/21

Scott you will be missed my friend!!! R.I.P


Stephen Poe posted on 7/22/21

I can’t believe my buddy is gone. I hope you are in a more peaceful and happy place. I am devastated and so sad by your loss. You were truly one of the good guys and such a caring guy.



Domenic Puleo posted on 7/21/21

RIP Scott, climb the mountain of DEW!


Brian Clarke posted on 7/20/21

Rest well my friend. You will be missed.