Condolences for Brandon Joel Callahan

Paul Schaller posted on 9/20/21

Sorry for your painful loss. I hope you both stay strong and are able to accept and move past this. Donna and Bryce a sincerely hope this tragedy brings both of you closer and you realize just how short and important life is. Love each other EVERY day, don't ever go to bed with a grudge. Huge and tell each other how much you love each other EVERY day!!! You're both very special people......


Donna Davis posted on 8/20/21

Without you is hard. I wake up every morning with your beautiful face in my mind and can’t believe you’re gone. You were my first son oh how I loved you. You were my joy, you gave me such happiness when you were growing up. You were my earth angel and no one could ever know the emptiness I have without you son. You were my reason to keep going. I miss you so much it hurts so much. I love you son and I hope you knew that, I hope you felt my love. I have flashbacks of all the good times, smiles and laughter we had. Thank you for being with me, your Mom, that last week you were here with me. It was a wonderful, fun week that will never be forgotten. You will never be forgotten for you have a special place in my heart. Until we see each other again baby. I love you, MOM



Gracie Barfoot posted on 8/5/21

Brandon and my Sister Katie Diggs were close friends. The way I met Brandon was in a strange way- I was living in Kinston and he had come there to see some friends at the home in which I was living. Somehow my sisters name was brought up and my boyfriend said to Brandon well “ I’m dating Katie’s sister.,Gracie.” From that noment on we were instant friends and sometimes in my darkest hours of missing my sister Brandon and I would talk and share memories of her and laugh. I only wish I could of been there for him like he was for me in his darkest hours . Thank You Jesus! Brandon is totally healed now., and maybe he and my sister are walking the streets of Gold and he was telling her I missed her terribly too- But by the Grace of God they are both Happy,Healed andHome Love you Brandon



Ellen McLemore posted on 7/27/21

Sore with the eagles now Brandon you're free from the demon that you had on your back God loves you we love you and you will be forever missed May some good come out of the sacrifice that you made in life. In the arms of an Angel now ❤️



Jessica Callahan posted on 7/23/21

For you my love . May your truth turn people towards the light.


Jessica Callahan posted on 7/23/21

My husband Brandon was a good man. He loved his family very much and fought his addiction everyday. He loved his girls as he called us. He was overcome by his struggled with addiction and with trying to make peace with everyone in his family. His life was torn apart by greed and selfishness, by having to try to please everyone and our daughter Cameron Marie Callahan was taken by that same monster. He was a great father he did his best to try to make it. It's very sad to me that our family was ripped apart. He was sad too. Our daughter Cameron was born out of love . I got pregnant with Cameron by choice on Valintines Day of 2010 and she was born Thanksgiving Day of 2011. I loved my husband so much and he loved me. Brandon fought his addiction everyday. When Suboxone came out he was one of the first people that made an effort to go to get it. He wanted to be clean . Over the last few years he did his best to do this that. He loved his other daughter also. He told me he was so afraid that he would loose her too. That the mother would run off with her and his heart wouldn't be able to take it. I just wanted him to be happy. I hope he was. I meet Brandon and Donna in 2002. The truth is that we couldn't be together because of everything that happened and now it's over. I hope that nobody else has to go threw this and have there life torn apart. Brandon loved life , loved , music, fishing and he was just cool. That's why I married him. He would have wanted everyone to know what happened to him and to learn from it. Simmer down he would have said. Don't do to much. I hope all of his friends read this and take it to heart. Don't forget to check on your friends and loved ones to see if they are ok and doing well. I checked on him 11 days ago to make sure he was ok. My phone got broken then I got a new one and the first message I saw was from Alex . He was my husband's best friend and it said in bold print Brandon is dead . It broke my heart. Try your best everyone to make sure this doesn't happen to you and your family. Brandon would have wanted to have peace and love . His voice is crying out in his death to tell everyone to make sure your path is straight up and don't hold grudges and to love your life. All he ever wanted was for everything to work out. That's all he ever said , " Don't worries everything will work it's way out." I hope we can all do our best to honor and respect his words. Even after everything that happened and the new life's we have threw Jesus Christ our Lord and savior. Always and forever , I love your Brandon. Xoxoxo , your wife ,Jessica Callahan.


Gene Ikner posted on 7/21/21

I can remember him when He was young in 1988 , his stepdad and I were building his grandparents house in wood berry forest . And then as he became older he worked with us on a few occasions . Always had a good heart and respectful. I saw him and his brother Brice about 2 years ago and , I was really happy to see them both as young men . Our hearts and prayers go out to his family. He will be missed.