Condolences for Harper Anthony Turek

Taylor posted on 8/25/21

Anytime Harper was around, I knew I could count on smiling. He offered such great wisdom and kindness, sprinkled with humor. I will never forget his commitment to a good joke. It was impossible to dislike him, and I am grateful to have met him. He made the world a greater place, and for that, he is incredibly missed.


Liz G posted on 8/25/21

I'm so sorry for your loss. Please take care and know you are not alone. You will be in my thoughts and prayers.


Nikolina Boskovic posted on 8/25/21

Meeting Harper at App State and being privy to his energy, kindness, and sweet nature was a gift. Harper had a way of making people, myself included, feel seen, heard, and profoundly understood. His humor was unlike any other and his ability to say the right thing every single time was incredible. I feel this loss so heavily and my condolences are with the family and each person who had the joy of having Harper in their life.


Wills Maxwell Jr. posted on 8/24/21

Harper is one of the funniest people I’ve ever had the pleasure to know. I wish he knew how often he had me cracking up looking at my phone or computer. He was a sweet person and a talented writer. I’m very sorry for your loss. Harper was a light.


Carson Schubert posted on 8/24/21

I have nothing but fond memories of Harper, a wonderful cousin and even better person. The world is a worse place without him here, but I know he is making others smile in the next world.


Julie Fisher posted on 8/23/21

Kelly. So very sorry to hear about your son Harper. Sounds like he was such a great guy and loved by all. My heart breaks for you .. please know you are in my thoughts and prayers. Julie Fisher (Crystal’s class)


Beth Trice posted on 8/23/21

Kelly, I am so sorry to hear of your sons' passing. Please know you and your family are in our prayers during this difficult time. Sending hugs from your YMCA friend.


Derry Monks posted on 8/23/21

Oliver Monks and family sends all our love and light... I'm so sorry Kelly.....


Virginia Reed posted on 8/23/21

I met Harper at Appalachian State - he was part of the Rotten Appal founding team as we started an online satire magazine. Mostly, the club was just an excuse for all of us to goof off and make each other laugh. Harper was always the best at the latter. A lot of people in my life, including myself, are loud. People who want to get the last word, or who will use as many words as it takes to get their point across. Harper didn't mince words. He was quiet, thoughtful, and didn't open his mouth unless he knew what he was about to say was perfect - and it always was. Harper kept us all in stitches, and as he and I fell out of regular communication, his online presence brought a smile to my face more often than not. It had been a while since I spoke with Harper, but I was still gutted to learn that he had passed. That's the kind of impact that Harper had on people. To know him was to love him. He was unfailingly kind, curious, thoughtful, loyal, and funny, and he is gone too soon. My thoughts are with all of you and all who knew and loved him.


Bonnie and Ron Klaus posted on 8/23/21

So sorry for your loss. I know heaven is a brighter place now with Harper there


Michael Rudman posted on 8/23/21

Harper was one of the most positive people I have ever met in my life. He had a huge heart and was very kind to everyone. He will be deeply missed, my prayers and thoughts go out to his family.


Tracey Kruger posted on 8/23/21

Kelly, Dan, and Nathan, I was so sorry to hear about Harper. You are all in my prayers.


Vinny posted on 8/23/21

RIP Harpoon You were and will continue to be a light in this world. Love you bro


Nicole Lancaster posted on 8/23/21

Kelly, Dan, Nathan, and family, I am sending you deep love. Harper was such a sensitive and beautiful-hearted young man. Please know that your family will remain in my prayers in the coming days. May you be strengthened and comforted. So much love to you all.


Davidson-Pattishall Family posted on 8/22/21

Our family grieves for yours. May the love and light that was Harper’s carry your sweet family through these dark days. Heartfelt condolences from the Davidson-Pattishall family.


Martha M Mullins posted on 8/22/21

I'm holding you all close to my heart and lifting you before the Lord. I know that the Lord is very near to all of you, and pray that this service will be deeply honoring to Harper, to the Lord, and to all of you, and a deep comfort. I wish I was there to be with you and embrace each of you, but know that it is so in spirit. Much love to a very dear and special family. Martha Mullins


Chance Michael posted on 8/21/21

Harper wuz there 4 mi wren no 1 elsa wuz.


Mariann posted on 8/21/21

Harper was such a genuinely kind soul. During a recent chat with him, he spoke about how he cared for his community and peers. That, along with his sense of humor, was my favorite thing about Harper; his ability to make those around him feel seen and cared for. His presence will be deeply missed.


Chalmer and Linda Wilkins posted on 8/21/21

Our prayers and thoughts are with the entire Turek family. We are so saddened to hear of Harper's death. Our deepest sympathies and love to all of you.


Philip Arthur Jackson posted on 8/21/21

After reading several of the condolences, I am very sorry that I did not know Harper or ever had the privilege of meeting him. He seemed to be such a kind and individual. I am so sorry for your loss and cannot imagine your grief at this time. Kelly and family, I will pray for your comfort and peace...from the ONE who gives it best.


John Donohue posted on 8/21/21

The Echo family joins with me in sending our condolences. Take strength in having him with you for 27 years.


Chrissy Turley posted on 8/21/21

I was deeply saddened to hear about Harper. Harper was a wonderful person. He had the hugest heart and always made others happy with his presence. He truly cared for his peers and was always there to help us out. I always loved when he showed me his funny tweets and hearing him talk about stuff that excited him. He will be greatly missed.


Kat posted on 8/21/21

What a kind and gentle soul. Full of laughter and wit. He will be missed around here. Prayers are being sent for the family.


Amber posted on 8/21/21

Harper will be dearly missed! I have nothing but wonderful memories of him. The way he cared for his peers was like no other I have seen. The energy he had was uplifting, supportive, and comforting. Harper was hilarious with that dry sense of humor and he was impossible to not like. Losing such a wonderful kid has been devastating and my heart hurts so much for his family. I know there is nothing that will take the pain away but I pray for the universe to provide the comfort and strength needed to get through such a tragic loss.


Keenan Cromshaw posted on 8/21/21

Even though I didn’t see Harper as much as Nathan, I could never forget his radiant laugh and smile. My deepest condolences and you are in my thoughts and prayers.


Katie Franzer posted on 8/21/21

Harper was the sweetest and most genuine person I've met. He cared so much for others and always checked in with friends. He opened up and brought laughter and joy to every person he encountered. He was and always will be someone who impacted my life greatly.


Lynnda Hutchins posted on 8/21/21

I am so sorry to hear of Harper’s passing. He was a nice young man and always smiling. I’m very saddened. Prayers for his family for comfort and strength.


Gil Cromshaw posted on 8/21/21

I have nothing but wonderful recollections of Harper as he and Nathan grew up with Keenan; such a wonderful, tender soul. Heaven is richer with his presence. My very deepest condolences to my longtime fantastic neighbors;. Keenan and I love you guys very much


Peter Jurasik posted on 8/21/21

"Sweet Memories of Harper as a boy and later as a kind young man who cared about others. Dan, Kelly and Nathan have our most sincere sympathies and support in this troubled time and always. Rest in Peace, Harper P, B & Ben"


Shannon Mansfield posted on 8/21/21

Love and Prayers for the Turek family. Thinking of you Kelly.


Ellen Poisson posted on 8/21/21

I am so sorry for your loss. I will be praying for your family.


Kasey Valente posted on 8/20/21

Our family is devastated to hear this news. We first met Harper and the amazing Turek clan at Parents’ Community Preschool, where Harper stole our hearts. Many years later, our daughter Jo, caught back up with him and we learned what a wonderful, smart, funny young man he had become. Rest at peace sweet man!


Maria Age posted on 8/20/21

Harper was such as joy when he stopped by to the office at MGCS. He always brought a smile to my face and had some interesting tidbit of information to share with me. He was a kind and gentle soul an will be missed. Praying for your comfort as you go through this time.


Gary Smith posted on 8/20/21

Kelly, I am very sorry for your loss. May the Lord comfort you. Gary Smith


Cam posted on 8/20/21

The most genuine and kind hearted person I knew always brightened everyone’s day and was hilarious!!!! Praying for the family


Sherrie Hiatt posted on 8/20/21

Harper brought such joy to us at CCHS. As a freshman he seemed quiet and a little lost…trying to find himself. Spring of his sophomore year he wandered into my classroom, at the end of the day, at the beginning of musical practice, GodSpell. I asked him to stay and join us. Tentatively, he did. He wasn’t in the chorus, but, he sang the best he could. (He had the potential to have a great voice.) Although he had a minor role, he helped out anyway he could with a humble, giving spirit. The first night of the musical, he awkwardly took the stage following the lead of the experienced performers and blending well with the cast. The afternoon before the second night of the musical, we received word that one of our principal players would be out due to illness. No one could fill, Paul Hatch’s shoes. Desperately, I went to Harper and asked him to fill in. I told him we would make cue cards and get him excused from all afternoon classes so that he could prepare. He sweetly agreed. But, he told me, “I’m terrified, not sure I can do this, and you may not get what you’re expecting.” Moments before curtain call, with trepidation we turned to God. We all laid hands on Harper during our production “circle time”. (After the prayer, he kind of glowed. He had found his school family.) But! He was right. His first few lines were spoken shakily, it looked like he might not be able to handle the pressure. Then, the students on stage…his new family grinned at him and he took a deep breath and Harper SHONE! He took the lines given to them and put comedic expression to them. The crowd laughed, and laughed, and laughed. (I’m pretty certain those lines were not supposed to be comedic.) But, that was Harper! From that point on, Harper was a hit at CCHS. We all wanted to be around him and have his sweet spirit with us. The grief I now feel…can’t be expressed. But, I thank God for giving all of us those special times with him. Turek family, you are in my prayers, I grieve your loss, yet, rejoice in the memories. May God keep you all under the shadow of His wing. May the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, bring you into the fruit of God’s Spirit. May you know the fullness of God’s peace and love. Amen.


Courtney Scholz posted on 8/20/21

While I only met Harper a handful of times he left a last impression on me. His contagious smile will be permanently engraved in my brain. My love and support and continious prayers go to his amazing family.


Catheryn Thomas posted on 8/20/21

My heart aches for your family! Harper was truly a gently and lovely soul. He will be missed!


Kathi Hibbs posted on 8/20/21

Oh dear Kelly, my heart hurts for you. I am so sorry for your loss. Know that you are held in prayer and so much love.


Grace Stewart posted on 8/20/21

Benjie and I are sending love and prayers to your family! We celebrate Harper’s beautiful life and welcome listening to and enjoying stories about his time on this earth! Much love


Bill Sutton posted on 8/20/21

What a pleasure & joyful addition to life and to Wilmington and to our family- Harper was one of a kind in his kindness, gentleness and hilariousness. His loss is immeasurable indeed So heartbreaking and prayers/ love for Kelly, Dan, Nathan and all…


Kirk Nielsen posted on 8/20/21

Harper was a kind and funny person and a student who was a delight to be around. I still have one of the music videos that Coach Scheffel produced with his film class with Frank the Pirate entitles “Student Life.” Harper took some foil and put it on his front teeth as his “grill” and did a rap–I think he was one scene he was on one of the modulars. This would have been at the original CCHS campus on George Anderson Dr. My prayers are with the Turek family with a grateful heart that I was allowed to be a part of Harper’s life while at Coastal. Peace!


Alekxi Drakon posted on 8/20/21

I knew Harper during high school and he was the kindest person. He took the time to get to know everyone around him. I was fortunate to have been a part of some theatrical plays with him and shared many good times. You will be missed my friend


Elmore family posted on 8/20/21

Harper probably did not know how much he was loved by all of his classmates during middle and high school, but he surely was. He made everyone laugh and feel good about themselves. Harper accepted everyone for who they were and was always there for them. He was a great friend to my daughter and they loved running cross country together. His mom and dad were always present at school supporting him in all he did. Such a wonderful family and young man who will be missed dearly.


Mark Gilmer AKA Stan Gribbles posted on 8/20/21

I remember first meeting Harper as a wee baby boy at JDC, where I worked. So fragile, but bubbly. As he grew up, he (barely) tolerated Dan and I casting him to act in our small screen epics, reluctantly stealing the scene. His face always made me smile, every time I saw him. Very few people have done the same. His wit was intelligent, razor sharp, funny, but always kind. Such a gentle soul, he just felt good to be around. I will miss him dearly, but his far-reaching ripple effects will continue to ebb out.


Chris moseley posted on 8/20/21

I’m so sorry for your loss Dan. I miss you buddy hope to see you soon. Prayers for you and your family


Kristen Breyfogle, Lily and Carson posted on 8/20/21

Harper’s kindness and wit were a joy to experience. Sending our sincerest condolences and love to your beautiful family.


Rachel Mangum posted on 8/20/21

My sincerest condolences to the Turek family. I remember when he came to visit on the set of The Conjuring and he was such a beautiful soul. The world is a little less bright without him here.


Christy Register posted on 8/20/21

I remember Harper as a tiny little guy in the nursery at Bible study and then as a student at MGCS. He was a delightful child- I am so very sorry for this huge loss. Will be praying for you Kelly and your entire family and Harper’s many friends.


Macie Sueuga posted on 8/20/21

One of the wittiest humans I’ve ever known! He brought such laughter to Coastal with his morning weather reports. It was hard not to smile around Harper! He will be greatly missed.


Lee and John posted on 8/20/21

Anyone who loves cats and dogs so much is a friend to all mankind. He took the joy they gave him and spread it to the rest of the world.


Darrell Sheldon posted on 8/20/21

Colleen and I send our love to your entire family. The grief is immeasurable but the loving memories will last a lifetime. He is embraced by his creator and is joined by many greats of this world. He and Robin Williams are having a time. Hugs to you.


Cat F Leatherwood posted on 8/20/21

Rest easy Harper. I didn’t know you personally, but you’re apart of a big family. I hope the Turek family can find peace.


Kristen Martin Faust posted on 8/20/21

I’m devastated writing this… yet I want to contribute towards commemorate him. What a gift to have Harper on this earth…even for the too-short time we did. The lad was hilarious – coming from such a stellar parental team. I remember his sweet little boy voice and kind friendships…and humour. Discovering his sharp wit and legacy… My heart to my friends who mourn an unimaginable loss… he lives in US. Peace be with you.


Ellen Kiernan- posted on 8/20/21

We send Kelly, Dan and Nathan, as well as their extended families our deepest sympathies and prayers for peace. Your loss is immeasurable. Harper’s wit made all he touched laugh and appreciate him. He will be missed by his all in his Y soccer family.


Heather posted on 8/20/21

Harper made people laugh wherever he went. He was such a gift to this world. Much love to all of you. You are in our hearts. With love, Adam, Heather, Yumi, Thomas, and Zachary Alphin


Jose Melendez posted on 8/20/21

I remember the first time I was leaving town for a convention trip and had Harper with us, he was the most clever, witty and funniest gentleman I have ever had the pleasure to be friends with. I will always cherish our times together and keep him in my heart and prayers.


Colin posted on 8/20/21

You will be missed


Amy sutton posted on 8/20/21

Not a funnier, wittier, kinder fella have I ever known! His friendship to everyone will be a lasting treasure for all of us. Prayers for the Turek Family being sent by everyone!


Stephen Deck posted on 8/20/21

Harper was one of my best friends from college. He always made me laugh, and I miss him terribly already.


Savannah Kerr posted on 8/20/21

Harper is deeply missed by his friends. We carry him with us now and always.


Joe D’Alessandro posted on 8/20/21

Harper was a bright light. Happy, funny and caring. We will miss you but you will be forever remembered in our hearts and minds. Love, Joe – (aka Mister Joe) Barb and Giancarlo D’Alessandro


Jerry and Susan Coleman posted on 8/20/21

Harper’s dry, witty, wonderful sense of humor will stay with us forever.


Ginger and Mike Shehan posted on 8/20/21

What a wonderful, sweet young man he must have been! Mike and I are praying for all of you fervently during this horrific time. May God hover over each family member and cradle them in His merciful arms. We love you all.


Shannon Hart posted on 8/20/21

I’m so sorry for your loss! He sounds as if he was a joy to know. Praying God’s mighty strength and comfort from His Holy Spirit for you today and in the days to come.