Condolences for Peggy Farrell

Savanah Holmgren posted on 11/8/21

To Michele Hernandez- Peggy’s granddaughter here. I believe my father was in that picture or my brother (both are named Dan(ny). If you would like to send the items you found back to us that would be so very thoughtful. You can email me at, and we can talk there:) thank you again for bringing this to our attention! All the best, Savanah Holmgren Black.


John Fleming posted on 10/14/21

I met Peggy around 1995 when I taught a creative writing course at the Wilmington Community Arts Center. She was working on a novel based loosely on her own childhood. I'll remember her as a warm, smart, talented person with a wonderful sense of character and humor. I greatly enjoyed our many long discussions about her novel. My wife and i visited her at her home a couple of times, and she brought us to her mind-blowing costume shop where I could have spent days. We kept in touch for a few years after I moved to California in 1997, and she continued to send me chapters of her novel. I hope she finished it! I don't think anyone who met Peggy can forget her. She'll be missed, but her costumes and designs and the warmth of her character will stay with us for many years to come. My best to her family.


Michele Garcia-Hernandez posted on 10/13/21

Hello, I am sorry to bother you. My name is Michele, I am a nurse and I had the honor of attending an Estate Sale at Ms. Peggy's beautiful home. I purchased a large blue suitcase for one of my patients. When we were getting ready to pack the suitcase I found a wallet that was in a hidden area. In the wallet is a birth certificate, a small black and white picture of a woman and a little girl and another picture of two young people named Danny and Heather from 2003. I tried to find the name of the company that ran the sale but was unable. I would like to get these items returned to the family. Ms. Peggy seemed like a wonderful lady. Thank you for your time.