Condolences for David Dewar Sims

Claire Thomas posted on 10/15/21

I met Dave in 2019 when my boyfriend and I moved in next door to him in Pine Valley. He was so kind and fun, and so full of life. We chatted with Dave almost daily through the fence when our dogs got into barking matches and talking to him would always leave a smile on your face. Dave will be so missed. Sending so much love to Mary, Reiner, and Sherry.


Susan Clarke posted on 10/12/21

Heart felt condolences to Dave’s family. Words cannot express the grief felt from David leaving too soon. Loved him since high school.


Mike Samson posted on 10/11/21

I was an editor/videographer for Dave at Time Warner. We lived in the neighborhood too. He opened his home to me and was a good friend. My memories of Wilmington and Pine Valley are weeknights at his house tossing some horseshoes or talking about the Orioles after work.


Jen Kozik posted on 10/9/21

I feel like I knew Dave my whole life. He was my dad’s best friend and was like a second dad to me. I remember going to his house throughout my childhood and would make sure to visit him when back in Wilmington. He helped my family during difficult times and was *always* there for my sister and me. After my dad passed, I asked Dave if I could contact him whenever there was an event that I would’ve shared with my dad. Dave was a wonderful, giving person. I will miss his presence and his laugh. He loved you, Mary and Reiner, to the moon and back. ❤️


Julie Carpenter posted on 10/9/21

Everyone’s got that one cool uncle.. and weird uncle. “Uncle Dave” was a perfect combination. He was an all around good type of guy, always smiling, and always up for a good time and a good laugh. My heart goes out to the whole family. I hope you reach for all the great times you had and my heart breaks for the time less had.


Roxanne Rivenbark posted on 10/9/21

Your dad was always nice to me the short time I knew him, So sorry for your loss.


Ken Turlington posted on 10/9/21

Dave and I were great friends in high school. Dave and Wife Sherry were in our wedding. Had been talking and texting Dave about the Reunion! Great guy!! Will be missed!!


Kristen Kozik posted on 10/9/21

Dave was like a second father to me. My father and Dave were inseparable and best friends for many many years. Dave watched me grow up into adulthood, keeping in touch with me for years. I’ll never forget the unwavering love and respect he had for my father and my family. He was a dear good man and will be forever missed.


Cookie (Roberts) Morin posted on 10/8/21

I have know Dave since elementary school, he was best friends with my brother Denny. So sorry to hear of Dave's passing. May he rest in eternal peace. I am sure Dave and Denny will be jamming in heaven.


Carrie Carpenter posted on 10/8/21

David was such a lively person. I enjoyed working with him before his retirement with Time Warner. Such a great person. He will be missed.


Chris Muhly posted on 10/8/21

David taught me laughter in elementary school. Funnest (aka most fun) guy I knew. By seventh grade it was rub-hurting laughter every day. What a guy.


Chris Muhly posted on 10/8/21

David taught me laughter in elementary school. Funnest (most fun) guy I knew.